Nov 7, 2017

Still hunting for true leadership in Pakistan

Since inception Pakistan has been scarce with honest, sincere & loyal political leadership otherwise we are enriched with a lot in term of mineral assets, blessed with four-seasons, very fertile-lands, bunch of Scholars, Scientists, well talented in communication & computer technologies & most importantly well organized & immediate problem shooter on ad hoc basis in addition the aggressive role for permanent solution.
The problem that we did not get a civilian political leader to run the State sincerely or did not give time to such leader to keep the reign continue & 
encountering consecutive WAR THREATS from our foe who did not accept our independence and remained busy to victimize us - to split us at different fronts but our People and Soldiers took revenge for perceived wrong very meaningfully and recessed them back.

Due to wrong decision from Political and then Military leadership we lost one wing i.e. East Pakistan and since then offensive against us is continued but we are attacking back and still defeating them with military precision and a militarily significant scale.

this is the only state that is in WAR since 1947 - though we fought the WAR 1965 1971 & the KARGIL yet it does not end but the WAR ON TERROR has been imposed on us and we are fighting - the imported WAR where we have been ally and partner of US coalition to fight with TALIBAN

We are fighting Afghanistan WAR which purely pertains to Afghan - Afghan govt must make strategy to counter TALIBAN factor but its failure of Afghan Govt that 70% of Afghan territory is in hold of TALIBAN that is continuing since 2001 after 9/11 attack in US.

So our military exercise is continued as we are in WAR - our soldiers are not in Barrack but in the WAR FIELD - its good exercise so when the Arch rival thinks to attack

we have proven, well tested & charged Soldiers to retaliate spontaneously with heavy keep the military excise continue from dawn to dusk.

Oct 25, 2017

The Operation Cleanup Across The Board For ‘’ECONOMIC TERRORISM’’ in Islamic Republic of Pakistan 2017

Though it had been framed in 2012-13 but lately it became functional with all its zoom & pressures.

Now working aggressively with the only objective & outlines to address & cleanse Economic Terrorism that had weakened ‘’National Economy’’ rather pushed the country to the brink of bankruptcy.

The rattled economy were moving to and fro on bail-out package [which is continuing] such abruptness however came into notice of Pakistan Army who at one occasion [recently] mentioned through its DG ISPR that National Economy & National Security runs parallel we can’t detach it.

It is concomitant –interdependent or interrelated with each other – it’s a one coin with two sides so requite strength and stability is the core essential aspect that we must take care for national economy so that desired progression and prosperity may achieve.

However ‘’Operation cleanup’’ is continuing in the country - has extended its parameter to nab and nail all Corrupt Political leaders, Media Houses Executives, Business Tycoons, Real estate Businessmen, Money Changers, Stock Market Players, Land grabbers, Media personnel-anchor, Public services executives, Financial Center Executives, Loan approving and writing-off authorities, Building control authority, Illegal allotment of lands, Owners of high rising flats-complexes etc. are in queue to face ‘’NAB CLUTCH’’ those who earned or increased their wealth with wrong means or their assets are beyond means & limit will appear before National Accountability Bureau [NAB] manifested by Judiciary & NAB.

The heightening corruption in every state owned institutions [in the country] undoubtedly had made the institutions worthless - its credibility had been suspicious & compromised and even the given mandates of the Institutions were not conforming to the task the institutions were discharging - extreme mismanagement and lawlessness had been common practices by the stakeholders running or playing their part in the Institutions, a general complaints about the department and its employees.

In short rising irregularity, usurpation, bribes & delaying tactics for every single job had been the call of the day. Realizing all these hidden crimes [in white collar jobs] alerted the Judiciary and Pakistan Army to take drastic action against the criminals who were spoiling the institutions image and were busy in rampant unbridled crimes.

Operation cleanup is being carried indiscriminately it is not specific for any political forces or Institutions or any department but for all wherever Corruption is!

The screening process is unbiased, impartial and legitimate – all corrupt political forces now has come into the net of Economic Terrorism where assets are examined & whoever found involved in abusing authority [while holding public office] will be prosecuted through NAB.

Again, the scale of properties being hold by Corrupt Politician is accountable before NAB team and whoever found guilty will face the consequences. 

Now MNAs, MPAs, CMs, Premier are under investigation and it is continued across the board – every province will be brought into scrutiny process.

And they will be prosecuted and executed - their properties will be confiscated whether it is in Pakistan or in Overseas - all will be sold out by the NAB team and the sale proceed will be used to pay off NATIONAL DEBIT & other liabilities accrued payable by the country……………an open credential of Economic Terrorism to make Pakistan Corruption free.........a message we will be giving our generation to live here instead to go overseas love your homeland.

Sep 15, 2017

The reason of Nawaz Shareef disqualification to be considered in broad spectrum

While hearing the review petition by five judges bench in the Supreme Court [SC] of Pakistan - the petition filed by Senior Counselor Khawaja Haris representing Nawaz Sharif [NS] disqualification case.
The reason of Nawaz Shareef disqualification needs to see in broad spectrum that why he was disqualified?
a)  While holding the public office the premier had no permission to work either in overseas or even in his own country [Pakistan] i.e. two jobs at a time were not permissible as NS was already a public office employee or Chief Executive of the country - he had no right to cheat and fraud with the state by keeping his Dubai employment secret.
b) Not only dual job - being govt. servant personal business also was not permissible to run while holding public office
 c)  As it crops rather attracts ‘’conflict of interest’’ that stained the legitimacy of the position the premier was holding.

d) Being running a state business and parallel running personal business got an opportunity & possibility to use the power conferred to a premier

e)  A public office employee was not allowed to do another job simultaneously or at a time - by doing so he/ she broke the service rule and accountable before authority to clear his position.

f)   Being a govt. servant the employer could terminate his job and even could take punitive action either job termination or imprisonment or both charges could fix in case of breaching the standing instruction.

g) Even a govt. clerk or Time keeper working in central govt. department - In provincial or federal - restriction had the same procedure for not doing two jobs

h) If govt. employee committed this crime he fell under jurisprudence of cheat & hiding the information with the employer

i)    NS while holding public position as Prime Minister of Pakistan he was not authorized and eligible to work in overseas or in UAE simultaneously

j)   Does not matter if he was Chairman of his own business or that business was running by his son - as he was shown in AQAMA in professional column as Chairman - so he was a chairman in FZE company and that the reason he had a valid AQAMA for his ‘’Work permit or Residential permit’’ as UAE govt. gave its labors.

k)  The basic requirement of Labor ministry of UAE must be understood that for anyone who was employed in UAE/ Middle East he was hired through signing of ‘’Labor contract or employment contract’’ that validates the employee and employer status to move forward

l)    Job contract or contract of employment was submitted in ministry of labor & that contract enabled the employee to get access of govt. hospital functional in the region and financial matters in the country.
m)     AQAMA a permission to live in the country enabled the employee to get utility connections and could sign off real state contract for house/ flats in the country
n) AQMA signified visa status of the employee in the country which was embossed on individual passport, besides
 o) A plastic printed card known as ‘’work permit or residential permit [RP]’’ is issued by passport issuing department where at every stages RP such as opening account, auto loan, buying a car, for making driving license & its renewal, utility connection at home, applying for family visa or buying air line tickets & immigration clearance etc – without RP life is dead

p) If anyone got employment or recruited as Chairman of a company in Middle East - UAE - Saudi Arabia – Bahrain – Kuwait – Oman - Qatar he was supposed to sign a trail of documents for every single facility in govt. department or for employee own needs.
 q) To open bank account a confirmation letter from the employer is needed in favor of the employee authorizing him to open bank account in order to transfer monthly salary into his personal account

r)   Once salary is transferred in employee’s account whether it is withdrawn by the employee or not it becomes the property of the employee
The documents provided by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) looking into the Sharif family's businesses show that Nawaz Sharif did receive salary as the chairman of Capital FZE, said the Supreme Court judges while hearing the review petition
s)  The reason of disqualification on July 28th court verdict; the salary which had not been withdrawn by NS was not mentioned as receivable while NS submitted nomination paper to  contest general election in 2013 with Election commission of Pakistan such ignorance opens a deliberate act, misled or avoided to mention or hid it or kept it omitted etc.
t)   So such error being a chief executive of Pakistan was not ignorable but fell a serious question that why NS did it?
 u) Further NS took oath as premier of Pakistan so once it had been finalized neither another employment in overseas was applicable nor running business in any form in overseas – such act fell under jurisprudence of law of the land and he was disqualified?

v)  Such act also fell into the constitutional clause of 62 & 63 and that’s the Judges of SC did as he [NS] proved himself a distrusted, not reliable where SADIQ & AMEEN clause crops.
Justice Ejaz Afzal said that the employment agreement stated that a salary of 10,000 DH had been set for Sharif.
"The JIT documents tell us that Sharif had an account to receive the salary," said Justice Ahsan, adding that according to the findings, [Sharif's] first salary was drawn on August 01, 2013.

w)      Whether NS withdrew his monthly salary or not – the basic clause of NS how he could withdraw the salary if he was the prime minister of Pakistan so he committed crime or broke the constitutional clause which negates the demand of honesty, loyalty and sincerity with the country being prime minister of Pakistan. 

Sep 13, 2017

National Accountability Bureau Chairman Qamar Zaman Chowdery has been confederate of criminals who looted national treasury

Role of National accountability bureau [NAB]’s Chairman Qamar Zaman Chowdery [QZC] has been subservient, submissive, prejudiced & biased while preparing references against Nawaz Shareef [NS] and family in Panama matters directed by Supreme court of Pakistan in its verdict given on July 28th2017

QZC extra-ordinary favoritism to NS and family has been exposed in media that how he is gone out of track protecting NS from the clutch of Accountability Court [AC].

Ignoring the importance and image of NAB, stigmatizing and damaging institutional credibility over his friendship for NS, he [QZC[ says ‘’If it had been in my capacity I would not have signed on references against Nawaz Shareef’’ said loudly in the NAB Executive Body meeting while preparing references for AC.

QZC also misled & gave false information to media stating that he served notices to Sharif family to appear before NAB court whereas in actuality there was no summons issued by NAB Chairman, media reported.
On July 28th 2017 in a landmark judgment in Panama matters, a five Judges Bench [constituted by Chief Justice of Pakistan] unanimously disqualified Nawaz Sharif and asking
[1]   NAB to file references against him - his sons Hsssan Nawaz Hussain Nawaz - daughter Maryam Nawaz relating to the Avenfield properties flats 16, 16-A, 17 and 17-A, Avenfield House, Park Lane, London UK and Son-in-law Captain (Retd.) Muhammad Safdar and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar too, emphasizing NAB Executive Board to file these references in the AC of Rawalpindi and Islamabad within six weeks from July 28.
[ii]  The court also ordered to file reference against Nawaz Shareef, Hussain and Hasan regarding M/s Azizia Steel Company and M/s Hill Metal Establishment.
[iii]  The court also asked NAB filing a reference against Ishaq Dar for possessing assets and funds beyond his known sources of income.
[iv]  The SC also ordered NAB to include in its proceedings all other persons, including Sheikh Saeed [nephew of Dar’s wife] Musa Ghani [son of a retired officer from London Stock Exchange] Kashif Masood Qazi [Nawaz’s friend] - Javaid Kiyani and National Bank of Pakistan President Saeed Ahmed who have any direct or indirect connection with the actions of Nawaz, Hussain, Hasan, Maryam and Dar leading to acquisition of assets and funds beyond their known sources of income.
[v[   A reference was also ordered against Nawaz, Hussain and Hasan regarding the companies mentioned in paragraph nine of the judgment in the Panama Papers case.
The court also gave NAB the option to file supplementary references if and when any other asset discovered later that also to be accounted.

And SC further declared that one of its Jurist would supervise the NAB process to prevent relapsing as the Judges sensed well the NAB Chairman QZC unfair practices that unmasked before the bench when Panama investigation were continue in Supreme court of Pakistan.
SC clarified that trial would complete its proceeding within six months & NS if found guilty would be imprisoned and his assets the four Park Lane flats in UK that allegedly he bought with ill-gotten gains would be forfeited, said SC verdict.
The landmark decision of Panama matters was announced by five member larger bench of the apex court. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, Justice Gulzar Ahmad - Justice Ijaz Afzal - Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and Ijaz-ul-Ahsan were part of the bench.
The three member implementation bench of the apex court had reserved the decision on July 21.
On September 7, however NAB submitted four corruption references against Sharif family and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in Islamabad’s Accountability Court [AC] but Qamar Zaman Chowdery [QZC] deliberately provided ‘’incomplete and irrelevant information to Accountability Court’’ [AC] in support of ‘’references’’ against Sharif & family, the judge however ordered the Registrar office to scrutinize the references until September 14.

NAB filed four corruption references – 12 Cartons full of documents from NAB’s regional offices were brought by the prosecution team amidst tight security for submitting them in Islamabad’s Accountability Court-I and II.
But soon after submission the papers in AC, TV news channels started coughing that AC registrar when went through the papers submitted by NAB found ‘’incomplete after initial scrutiny’’.
As per Registrar’s office there were several mistakes & discrepancies in the ‘’references’’ filed by NAB Chairman Qamar Zaman Chowdry [QZC], there were duplication, many pages having with the same reference twice, some important pages related with ‘’references’’ found missing, some were without number while some papers had no legion to the reference filed, said Register office.

Howbeit AC Judge Muhammad Bashir, directed the anti graft [watchdog] NAB to submit complete documents along with references. It was said that the AC Registrar had raised objections to the reference pertaining to M/s Azizia Steel Mills and directed NAB to submit additional documents in this regard.

NAB Chairman Qamar Zaman Chowdery [QC]  his fishy, leery and un-trusting behavior has been very obvious to every sensible person that how he had been hiding & conniving the corruption cases despite getting very prominent & blatant evidences that he could arrest the criminal and prosecute through Accountability court but he went through plea bargain mechanism and been closing the cases.
Though Supreme court of Pakistan noticed it and obstructed him for not to do ''plea bargain'' the ill practices instead to collect back the recovered amount and put it back deposited into national treasury from the defaulters. 

Here one of the plea bargain example extracted from one daily is quoted where NAB Charmian QZC how he machinated and colluded with the situation

The Supr­eme Court came down hard on National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry for entering into a plea bargain with former Balochistan finance secretary Mushtaq Raisani, who was found in possession of approximately Rs650 million in cash and 3.2kg in gold.

“Prima facie, NAB stepped beyond its jurisdiction by approving the plea bargain since the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) does not sanction plea bargain on recovered amounts, but on money which was offered to it,” observed Justice Qazi Faez Isa, a member of a three-judge SC bench.
The bench, headed by Justice Dost Mohammad Khan, had taken up a bail plea of Mir Khalid Langov, former adviser to the Balochistan chief minister on finance, who was also arrested by NAB for his alleged involvement in the same corruption case - Langov, a co-accused, had approached the Supreme Court with the plea that though NAB released Raisani on bail after a plea bargain, he was still languishing in jail.
Under Section 25 of the NAO, the NAB chairman, with the approval of any accountability court, can order the release of an accused found guilty of corruption after he/she enters into a plea bargain or an agreement by returning the misappropriated money to the bureau.
Although NAB Prosecutor General Waqas Qadeer Dar was arguing the case, the court called Qamar Zaman Chaudhry — who was present in the courtroom — to the rostrum and inquired about his recommendation to grant Raisani a plea bargain, saying the way this provision had been exercised elicited doubts.
The prosecutor general clarified that the NAB chairman only approved the decision taken by the executive board in meetings, which were always presided over by the chairman.
But the court was bitter over the fact that the anti-corruption watchdog was affording concessions to a government functionary from whose custody a huge amount of stolen money was recovered.
The court asked Mr Dar to read Section 25 of the NAO, which requires the chairman to provide detailed reasons for granting a plea bargain, and deplored that the bureau did not want to follow the law. 
What were the peculiar circumstances that compelled NAB to allow a plea bargain in this case, the court asked the chairman and said this plea bargain could become the basis of a disciplinary action against him.
“Why does NAB always find it difficult to come out with the truth,” Justice Isa wondered. The bureau had, in fact, sold out the country, he said. 
“This shows how honest the bureau is,” the court regretted.
Here in NS & family case, QZC reportedly refused to put their names in ECL [exit control list] and also did not arrest them. If according to QZC that NAB served them notices but they [NS & family] did not appear - if this was the case then NAB QZC could arrest them but avoided intentionally and designedly allowing them to flee from the country.
Its undue favor from QZC gave NS & family, facilitated, assisted, aided and enabled them to travel to London and then he [QZC] started working on ‘’references’’ against NS & family asked by SC.
Firstly NS spouse [Kulsom Nawaz] went London to operate her throat cancer that were scheduled to operate then NS followed her and gave the excuses that he would escort his wife as an attendant during surgery - whereas NS both son Hussain and Hassan Nawaz had already left the country just after Panama investigation judgment in SC on July 28 the very next day.
However, the ball is in the judges’ court now and they can order the arrest of the former prime minister NS and his children and even Dar because the NAB only allowed them to leave the country instead to put their names on ECL and even arrest them if they did not report to Accountability Court despite sending notices.
Again, during Panama paper judgment SC had remarked that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not disclose the assets details of M/s FZE Company while filing nomination papers for the elections. SC bench ordered NAB to take action if anymore false documents come in the open.
A notification issued on August 1st stated that Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has nominated Justice Ijazul Ahsan as the monitoring judge to supervise and monitor implementation of the Supreme Court’s Panama Papers case judgment and oversee proceedings conducted by NAB and the accountability court.

Regarding biased attitude of NAB & FBR the judges’ frustration has been very much clear during Panama investigation in Supreme Court of Pakistan some remarks however is quoted below.

Is it our job to shake you out of your slumber?” Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan deplored with NAB Chairman - We are not asking you to go after people to arrest them but at least look into their cases,” Justice Khosa said

FBR Chairman Dr Mohammad Irshad also failed to meet the court’s expectations, leading Justice Khosa to tersely remark: “Thank you very much for not assisting the court.”

FBR Chairman told the court that the board only looked after tax matters, adding that it did not have a bilateral treaty with Panama a Caribbean tax haven.

Unequivocally it’s candid failure of the Institutions i.e. NAB & FBR did not follow up and take any action when the news busted in the media about premier and his family involvement in Panama cheats.

The court’s capable being perceived the whole scenario that how NAB & FBR did not play their due role - Justice Khan regretted that the court should have been disposing of a huge backlog of cases had the institutions done their jobs.

It is vivid that how the institutions have been paralyzed, deactivated or been dysfunctional - their integrity has been compromised instead to save the country they have become the part of corruption - mushroomed in the country and dismantled the state owned enterprises by their corrupt natured being accomplice.

Panama matter investigation started on Feb 21 and ended on July 28 five judges’ bench remarks for the negative performance of NAB & FBR that irritated the jurists they say;
That neither FBR nor NAB performed their jobs. "It has been a year and NAB did not initiate any investigation," said Justice Ijaz Afzal said. "Those who had been named in the Panama Papers should at least have been interrogated by NAB," Justice Azmat Saeed said. 
Chairmen National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) presented themselves in the apex court. 
Chairman NAB submitted references related to the Sharif family in the Hudaibiya Paper Mills and Raiwind Estate cases in the Supreme Court. The two references were filed 17 years ago during the tenure of military dictator General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf.
During the proceedings Justice Asif Saeed Khosa asked FBR about its role in offshore companies.
The FBR chairman replied that he had contacted the Foreign Office over offshore companies named in the Panama Papers. He said he had sent notice to 343 people in September 2016, of which 52 people refused ownership, while 39 were not Pakistani citizens. He added that 92 individuals agreed to owning offshore companies while 12 individuals have passed away.
To this the judges remarked that the Foreign Office was situated at a distance of only 200 yards from the FBR office. "It took the FBR six months to cover a distance of 200 yards," Justice Azmat Saeed said. He further asked, what reply did he get when he sent notices to the Sharif family.
The FBR chairman replied that Maryam, Hassan and Hussain Nawaz had replied to the notice on 21 November 2016. Maryam had said she did not have any property abroad. She did not mention being trustee to any property either, he said. Meanwhile Hussain Nawaz replied that he had been living abroad since 2000.
The FBR chairman said that the FBR initiates action after tax returns are filed. Currently, Pakistan does not have any agreements over exchange of tax information with Panama, he added.
Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked the NAB Chairman Qamar Zaman Chaudhry what action his institution had taken over the Panama Papers.
The NAB chairman replied that he was aware of his duties. He said that in 2016 the case came in the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
Justice Asif Saeed Khosa asked that in the PAC, NAB had maintained that investigation was not in its circle of authority.
The NAB Chairman correcting him says that he had maintained that NAB will initiate action after relevant authorities complete their formalities.
Justice Gulzar asked the NAB Chairman if anyone regulates NAB? The chairman replied that laws regulate NAB.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) asked the federal government to explain whether the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) Anti-Corruption Wing share the same powers or not.
Justice Shaikh Azmat Saeed, part of the two-member bench hearing the case, said "NAB is facilitating corruption in the country" by allowing wrongdoers to opt for NAB's voluntary return scheme.
Earlier in October 2016, the apex court took suo moto notice and barred NAB from accepting offers of voluntary return on ill-gotten money by a wrongdoer under the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) 1999.
It later issued notices to the Attorney General of Pakistan and the advocates general of the four provinces, among others, to explain why, as per NAB's remarks, "the provincial and federal governments did not take action against those who benefited from the voluntary return and plea bargain schemes under the NAB law".
Nawaz Shareef has maimed state owned institutions, he buys the institutional heads and even judiciary too, he has a lot of money where he breaks the efficiency and trust of people who repose on institutions and as such entity of different discipline goes dysfunctional, idle to perform and deliver to the people of Pakistan, Said Imran Khan opposition leader.

Generally NAB is known an anti-graft agency but it is not –it is a grafting agency where the word accountability has lost its essence, said Siraj ul Haq Jamat Islami chief.

It has been a bad luck for the country that whoever took the charge of NAB did not perform his duty honestly, sincerely and with loyalty, gave a severe loss to the Nation instead to nab and nail the criminals to book them for judicial enquiry - NAB did not do so but saved the criminals rather indulged and became accomplice instead to get the culprit ready for punitive action.

NAB disappointed not only common man of the country but Supreme court of Pakistan too who very categorically said that had the ''NAB taken action earlier we would not be hearing the Panama case on our table''.

Sep 2, 2017

KARACHI has been flooded with rainwater no machinery in KMC to rescue people

Heavy downpour submerged Karachi - it received 130 millimeters [5.11 inches] rainfall and within 3 days more than 30 lives lost.

The main hindrance is disposal of sewage & garbage that made Karachiites more dreaded and painful.

More than 30 people has lost their lives where the doctors of govt. hospital reported most of the deceased family did not allow to do postmortem but left hospital in haste with dead bodies so there were chances to get more deaths.

No machinery to drain rainwater – no boats to transport people stranded in flood water - no water suction pump to drain - no generator to operate the machine – no rescue team to meet the disaster neither from Sindh Govt. nor from Local govt. who is subordinated by Sindh govt.

Non availability of desired & workable equipment - no functional vehicle to rescue the drowning people & from swamped land to shift them at safer place & admit the flood victims in hospitals [timely] resulting more lives lost.

It’s a failure of Sindh govt. who avoids accepting Local Body Govt.[LBG] role in Metropolitan city Karachi – still does not release funds to make LBG active and functional 24/7 round the clock.

The machines and other equipment have been idle rather non-repairable due to its obsolete and weary status. Most of the equipment had been bought in 70s and 80s - The junk yard is full with outdated & fully depreciated machines - if timely repairing had been made we would have certainly some machine in hand to respond the situation to carry the waste matters to sewers instead to leave the city to swamp.

We need all basic machine and vehicles to cope over the crisis if erupted in the city. I have said so many times to Sindh Govt. to give us time to sit together to resolve the chronic issue that has clouded the department with people hatred but no solution at our end, said Mayor Karachi.

How to charge Sindh govt. for its failure who still has vengeance for not winning Local body election and giving hard time to Mayor Karachi who though wants to work but due to shortage of funds or blocking funds - unable to run the municipality/ metropolitan Karachi smoothly, said a family who had been stranded in flooded area and were sitting on the roof of their house in Surjani Town getting his household swamped in flood water.

Its Pakistan Army – Pakistan Navy – Pakistan Rangers & Ship building & National highway authority that came forward & rescued.

It is regretted that CM Sindh – Governor of Sindh were not in Karachi but in Saudi Arabia seeking God mercy - leaving its people to drown & die. 

Why this uncivilized and uncultured attitude of top executive running Sindh govt who were in loop that Karachi according to metrological forecast going to engulf with heavy rains with thunder and storm but instead keeping necessary arrangement in place they left for Hajj.

There is a consistent battle between CM Sindh & Mayor of Karachi.  Very old complaints against CM Sindh that he is not releasing fund to operate Karachi Municipal Corporation – all the department falls under Metropolitan business are idle and nearly has been dysfunctional having no fund at all to revitalize and its revival. 

There is unprofessional attitude on part of the Govt of Sindh] - CM Sindh, Minister Municipal and Mayor Karachi whose irresponsibility, talkativeness - non seriousness & blame game just mushroomed but in practicality the trio appeared unproductive & worthless.

The King of unplanned city CM & his cronies & Power less Mayor have no plan that how to tackle the crisis - how to resist rain disaster & improving road networks – releasing sanitary chocked lines and collecting waste & its dumping on daily basis instead leaving to pile and then jamming nulla resulting killing innocent lives for no reason

The crazy Pakistan people Party [PPP] busy in loot - making technique and mechanism that how to embezzle Sindh urban and rural budget and fraud in allocated funds meant for uplifting Karachi.

Busy in removing NAB existence in Sindh with the intention to save its MPA/ MNA who found involved in massive corruption – they either transferred funds in their wallet or shifted to their master Mr. Zadari in his personal account, said a sobbing mother who lost his younger son in leyari nulla – even not a single development works in Karachi is seen during its nine years tenure.

Situation of every municipal department is extremely worse – there is shortage of fire brigade, water boozer and snorkel to save human lives if there is a fire - efficient machine with number of efficient people is the need of the day to cope over the fire if breaks out.

There is no contingency plan available neither with Sind govt. nor local govt. to save its people either from fire or from flood. Govt. machinery has lost its trust.

Every department under Municipal Corporation needs new machine, new equipment to run efficiently – otherwise more disaster seems in conduit to hit Karachi once more.

Aug 30, 2017

Karachi population in new census 2017 is shown reduced just 14.9 million instead in practicality it is 30.0 million

Image result for image of karachiPopulation census 2017 where Karachi population is shown less - has it been done deliberately - very serious reservation among political parties living in Karachi and even Sindh [as a whole] the population census has been contentious.
Results released for Karachi in the provisional census conducted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics [PBOS] show that Karachi’s population has increased to [14910352] 14.9 million people in 2017 as compared to 9.39 million in 1998 which is also wrong as according to District at a glance census 1998 the population of Karachi had been shown at 9856318 persons instead 9.39 million.
There is hullabaloo; rally & protest are seen before press club and provincial govt. has asked to recheck whether it conform the sheet prepared between Pakistan Army [PA] and Pakistan Bureau of statistics [PBOS]......figure mentioned for Karachi population is unimaginable .
This sixth census 2017 the federal govt.conducted & earlier in 1998 it was carried out - Now the figure given by PBOS for Karachi & Sindh as a whole is totally unbelievable in practicality.
For Karachi it is shown that in 19 years Karachi got its population increased just 4.9 million which is no sensible person can accept. 
If we see that how Karachi horizontally scaled from north to south and east to west - how many houses/ flat complexes built - expanded its infrastructure in terms of civic amenities – road networks - flyover underpass & bypass - re-division of govt. offices & opening more branches/ outlets such as Passport offices – NIC offices govt. Schools & Hospitals for general public services were the reason to respond the ‘’extended area’’ or expanded population of Karachi.
Opening more Police stations & SP/ DSP offices accordingly at different zones – commercial banks branches – shopping Malls/ markets – private & public sectors Retail/ Corporate offices etc. came into being for the reason of rising population.
PPP leader Nisar Khoro pointing to federal govt. that it deliberately reduces the strength of Sindh - reducing its actual number in order not to increase the province’s share in the National Finance Commission (NFC) award we ask federal govt. not to treat us unfairly, said Khoro.
MQM-P & PPP are at the same page calling All Party Conference to raise their concern and remedial thereof in order to attain a correct figure of population so that everyone may benefit from state owned enterprises.
MQM-P Farooq Sattar said if the correct counting is not made then how we can raise the issue being countered by Karachiites in terms of civic amenities of life –basic mandated infrastructure and well equipped facility for the inhabitants living in Karachi - how to groom the city if the number of dwellers is not known specifically - census results have done injustice to all ethnic communities living in the metropolis, uttered Farooq Sattar.
Farooq Sattar MQM-P said that Karachi's population in actual is around 30 million whereas according to the Census 2017 it is shown 10.4 million which is unrealistic & unacceptable.
Political analyst also termed the Census 2017 for Karachi a design to cripple the one particular ethnic that is URDU SPEAKING & other communities who migrated from Afghanistan – Bangladesh Mayanmar - and people came for employment from across the country Pakistan - not showing them is to keep them away of their rights and robbing their status undocumented is not justifiable or a right way of census.
The MQM-P leader further alleged that certain localities of Karachi even had not been included while doing census - we are going to the court for wrong census that shows an intention to reduce the majority resides in Karachi and the provisional result released by PBOS is not consistent what exactly the population of Karachi is.
Federal govt. however rejecting the reservations rose by the Sindh political parties said the process of conducting the census was transparent.
Thirty-three per cent of Sindh’s 47.9 million-strong population lives in the province’s two major cities, Karachi and Hyderabad.
While the provincial capital’s population grew by 59% in nineteen years, Hyderabad’s population only grew by 0.6 million during the same time.
Pakistan's total population has been recorded at 207.774 million the sixth Housing and Population Census began after 19 years on March 15.
The census was conducted in 16 districts of Punjab - eight districts of Sindh - 14 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - 15 districts of Balochistan - five districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and five districts of Gilgit-Baltistan.
Again, how possible it is that in 1998 census Karachi population were shown at 9, 856, 318 persons [detail mentioned in District at a glance census 98] whereas in 2017 it arrived at 14, 910, 352 persons during the span of 19 years.  Are people following family contraceptive method and do you believe in it? said a retired public office employee.

It means that in 1998 census Karachi had population about 1. 0 crore & in 2017 it increased up to 1-1/2 crore during – so just increased 50 lakhs in 19 years – How ridiculous it is?

It indicates that there might have happened some error administratively & technically while doing a physical exercise- going at the house and knocking the door of the residents asking how many people living there. How are you and what you do or what is your religion even had not been asked, said political analyst. As one of the Christian reported that while visiting in their area religion had not been asked to give an exact ratio of minority living in a city and he himself introduced that I am Christian. 

If these were the case then minority has genuine reason that their total strength in the country has not been recognized an that impacting their due share in the country.

So Census 2017 has lacuna and immense reservation & angriness among political parties in Sindh where blunder is seen & needs correction to identify the actual population of every community living in the country.

Even total population does not cover minority – other area of Pakistan seem missing like Giigit - Biltistan & Azad Kashmir where major portion of minority has not been incorporated.

About Karachi is one of Pakistan's most secular and socially liberal city that embraces everyone whoever comes under its wing or travels from other part of the country.

It is most linguistically, ethnically, and religiously diverse city in Pakistan with an estimated population ranging above 30 million its greater metropolitan region.
Karachi is considered to be the 2nd largest after Jakarta within the Muslim majority and is the world 10th most populous urban agglomeration. Karachi is one of the world's fastest growing city and has communities representing almost every ethnic group in Pakistan  
We find here people of every language being spoken across the country Pakistan – under one window operation where we can see people not only from Pakistan but from other countries that migrated repatriated & settled in Karachi.
Karachi also homes over 2 million Bangladesh immigrants, 1.5 million Afghan refugees and up to 400,000 Rohingyas from Mayanmar are living in Karachi.

Karachi alone generating 70% revenue for the country – people all over the provinces comes here and gets employment – first they come alone and when they are settled they bring their family - its ocean of people that feeds every one without any discrimination.

The city management has been deficient because of its heightening inhabitants therefore authority must notice the high rise buildings all over Karachi metropolis - how real estate groomed its business in Karachi......does it not show that Karachi population increased

How the existing infrastructure are dysfunctional due to rising population not enough to meet growing needs of people & that's the reason correct population figure is mandatory to calculate the city expense and earning ratio.

The attitude of waste management & unmanageable encroachment mafia where the city of light has been converted into slum area this is due to unplanned constructions’ of houses/ flats coupled with other anomalies related with normal living condition in Karachi and that's signalling the rising population.  

Karachi is now Pakistan's premier industrial and financial center. The city has a formal economy estimated to be worth  $ 113 billion as of 2014 - Karachi collects over a third of Pakistan's tax revenue and generates approximately 20% Pakistan's GDP……….however in 2017 it has a rising figure. 

Approximately 30% of Pakistani industrial output is from Karachi, while Karachi's ports handle approximately 95% of Pakistan's foreign trade.

Approximately 90% of the multinational corporations operating in Pakistan are headquartered in Karachi - up to 70% of Karachi workforce is employed in the informal economy which is typically not included in GDP calculations.

Karachi is the largest city, main seaport and the financial capital of Pakistan. 

Karachi is one of the world's largest city in terms of population, 13th largest urban agglomeration (2006) - the 4th largest metropolitan area in the world - and the 2nd largest city within the Organization of the Islamic Conference. It is Pakistan premier center of banking, industry, and trade.

Karachi homes to Pakistan's largest corporations, including those that are involved in textiles, shipping, automotive industry, entertainment, the arts, fashion, advertising, publishing, software development and medical research etc.

The city is a major hub of higher education in South Asia and the wider Islamic world. Karachi is ranked as a Beta world city.

However the census 2017 ..........shows the breakdown that Punjab leads in terms of populace with 110 million - Sindh 47.8 million - Khyber Pakhtonkhwa 30.5 million - Balochistan 12.3 million - Fata 2.4 million and Islamabad Capital Territory 2 million….here Gilgit – Biltistan and Azad Kashmir has not been shown………..a biq question mark too for debate..

According to provisional summary of census 2017 conducted by PBOS the population of Pakistan has surged to 207.77 million having experienced a 57 percent increased since last census in 1998 needs a revision to show the exact population of PAKISTAN

It’s very disappointing that still we are living in Stone Age and believe in ''conventional style of enumeration'' by doing physical visits and knocking the door of an individual instead to adapt technology to make census more efficient and professional.

When we will be matured and sincere to impregnate our population census criteria through electronically operated apparatus that’s may available at finger tips instead to open the long ledger book and knocking the door in urban and rural area for data collection…..a procedure to be followed as European world following for its census.

For God sake please equip our Economic Administrative set up with computer oriented technology – we have expertise – hire it adapt it and adopt it  instead seem busy in corruption and corruption mechanism and throwing the country at the back burner for not flourishing advance technology, said Economic doctor delivered speech at open public forum.