Mar 11, 2018

Character building of our Children

first takes place from the lap of a mother that how she responds her child whatever the situation the child passes through.

A soft & swift mother must have traits of compromising, sacrificing, accommodating, obliging, showing a cheerful willingness to nurse the child – enabling & entailing a peaceful environment at home & outside home.

Role of parents is pivotal and vital and the child is incubated into the good environment at home, relationship of husband and wife, their education & living condition impacts [undoubtedly] into the child ‘s mind that is a clean slate where we write on it.

Only school [unilaterally] cannot be asked as child goes school for eight hours while it remains at home for sixteen hours so parents must take their responsibility to educate their child.

Parents become the role model when the child go - glow & grow. The child [he/she] copies the environment and surrounding where he/ she lives.

How swiftly & quickly the mother [at first place] & parents [both] are breeding, bringing-up, fostering, nurturing, raising, rearing, educating and training their child who want their children educated in a strong culture of respect, integrity and self-control.

We all want our children to possess those character traits like a loving heart, peacefulness, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness & self-control & being a parent, we will have to instill these habits [at an early stage] into the child mind.

Structured character education flourishes - as schools imparts & instill the values of integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty, caring, and citizenship in their students to strengthen the social fabric of the school and community.

In order to strengthen children character School based programs must be welcomed by parents, there are extra curriculum that helps in child growth that should not go un-availed & parents must come forward always - such participation makes the child firm, confident, persuasive, enduring, persistent & resilient that leads a good training for the child.

The qualities of character develop through an interplay of family, school, religious center, & community influences, and the child's individual temperament, experiences, and choices.

The parents must encourage and motivate the children, there are tools, mechanism and techniques using them will give the parents the joy and satisfaction of seeing the child grow into a person of integrity, compassion, and character.

Why the child goes intolerant? There are multiple factors that confines the child and they go insane – a seamless attitude we will have to show while sitting with child, talking with child, eating with child, traveling with child & sleeping with child. The house, the school and the environment are the predators that influences our children so we will have to be cautious.

Mother & family elders should always be respected and not be humiliated – due respect to the ‘’tutor’’ who teaches must be maintained – Scholars in every field to be read out to understand their research works and its adaptation in our future life.

Mar 4, 2018

The Unprofessional – Discouraging & Disappointing services of M/s Orison Movers & Packers (Pvt.) Limited Karachi

That failed to provide its agreed services to the client as prescribed in its ‘’Service Contract’’ who agreed to carry out household material shifting from Karachi to Rawalpindi in a more professional & systematic way at a flat rate of Rs190,000/=.

M/s Orison Movers & Packers claimed in its quotation to be ‘’a trusted moving company & experts in moving’’ could not satisfy the client rather thwarted expectation, mismanaged & marred the image developed about a mover and packer industry who is unaware of basic industry norms.

The client shared his ordeal with the scribe that how M/s Orison Movers & Packers treated its client unprofessionally and failed to honor the underlined clauses in its Contract.

In the Contract it had been mentioned very categorically that M/s Orison Movers & Packers will transport the Household material from Karachi to Rawalpindi and they will be responsible for packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and arranging the assembly of furniture as laid down in the contract.

It further adds, that the company will dismantle – will pack – will load in the container – will transport – will offload at the given location in Rawalpindi - will reassemble the furniture as specified but regrettably it is said that the Company could not comply its commitment but showed serious unprofessional-ism & misbehavior during loading and offloading the material, said the client.

As per client, it is a worst experience from M/s Orison Movers & Packers (Pvt.) limited which is still being faced by the family.
Even though the family have shifted from Karachi to Rawalpindi but still they are locating & searching their stuff and going individually [one by one] through every Cartons which had not been enlisted precisely.

The very basic criteria of a Mover and Packer Company that prepares a list of what is to go where and pack all the fragile, breakable things, decoration pieces, household china, kitchen utensils etc.

Extra carefulness of course in marked boxes while lining them with corrugated sheets & Styrofoam is maintained.

The Books go in one box, the Clothes in another, the Furniture, the Electronics, the stuff in Children Room, the Bed room # 1, the Bed room # 2 and so on, the Store, the Drawing and Dining room, the Kitchen utensils etc.

All are taken care minutely, ensuring hassle free shifting that is appreciated and acknowledged by the client and such commendable services certainly is referred & recommended to family and friend for future business that mushrooms Movers and Packers business depends that how smartly [in a professional way] the client has been attended.

Again, while wrapping and putting the goods in marked Carton ‘’showing the name and the area from where the goods collected for packing & numbering them’’ and then ‘’final list’’ mentioning the same number & name on the cartons in chronological order facilitating the client to locate the desired box conveniently instead agonizing the client.

For instance, if the client wants kitchen utensils, generally he goes through the final list, he checks the list and searches the desired carton boxes with the name and number allocated on boxes.

But unfortunately, the client still could not find its cattle, dinning plates, tea cups, cooker, fry-pans, jug & glass, spoon of different sizes even after week because the Carton Boxes and Final list was not prepared correctly.

Basically, the client had a plan and it was explained to the packers to mark the ‘’boxes name and number accurately’’ followed with a ‘’final list’’ so that whenever they would be in need of any boxes they could open it easily instead to open the whole lot.

The client had a small family and they preferred not to go through scale of boxes but just some whichever required.

But it could not listen by M/s Orison Movers & Packers and they marked the boxes wrongly - no conformity with the material inside the box and the content written on the box, a clear mismatch that caused the client to suffer.  

Box marked ‘’Fancy crockery’’ but inside the box client found Kitchen’s daily used material but not all - Was it packed in a professional way? Asked the client

Box marked ‘’Fragile box’’ the client got children room material, clothes, papers & one decoration piece

Box marked ‘’Store’’ the client got curtain and one lady purse.
Bed sheet still not found where it was packed?

Box marked ‘’Plant’’ the client got Bath room material

Automatic ‘Washing machine’ instead keeping it upright, it was lay down horizontally in the ‘container’ that’s damaged the machine, it is not working.

When approached to the Electronic shop in Rawalpindi they said due to lying it down its rotator has been jammed due to mechanical fault, the client reported.

The worst example of ‘shifting process’ through M/s Orison Movers and Packers, nauseated the client

Kitchen utensils were very basic & essential items if you relocate anywhere the first thing you would like to get glasses, tea cups, plates but due to wrong numbering on the carton the material they found from the box marked ‘’Store’’

Obviously ridiculed the claim of good services from M/s Orison Mover & Packer.

However, there are following irregularity the client faced are mentioned below; 

Not professional at all - M/s Orison Movers & Packers used Al Karam Textile Carton Boxes that absolutely were not adequate for household materials. Further, plastic stripes they wrapped even with manual knots instead through some apparatus that tights the packing.

Not labeled and marked properly, resulting at destination [in Rawalpindi] it was very difficult to identify the contents of boxes & the name mentioned in final list…a persistent discrepancy.

Container arrived in Karachi at client’s house at very odd hour while the Sales Manager of M/s Orison Movers & Packers had agreed to send container at 11 p.m. but it arrived at 2.30 a.m. [night] and loading completed 0.8 am next morning & Container left Karachi for onward journey to Rawalpindi.

The Container Driver kept calling the client about charges which the client advised instead calling him it’s better to contact the company Sales Manager directly as all financial matter had been dealt with.

Off loading
After client regular follow up with M/s Orison Movers & Packers they provided their representative name at Rawalpindi.

The company had assured the client that all arrangements had been done as soon as the Container reached in Rawalpindi, the laborers will offload the material and reassembling of the furniture would be carried out.

But when the Container reached in Rawalpindi the Driver of the Container did not allow the laborer to offload the material and insisted to pay him 20% as the client had paid 80% to the Sales Manager in Karachi.

The remaining 20% was supposed to pay to the representative of M/s Orison Movers & Packers in Rawalpindi [as agreed in the contract] but after reassembling of furniture.

But Container Driver not agreed and stopped to offload the household materials and kept even the laborer away of the container.

When the client tried to contact on given local Representative phone numbers in Rawalpindi, no one was available at the site and even no one knows to whom remaining 20% to pay instead driver.

The client eventually contacted the company Sales Manager Karachi who was the focal point of the shifting process, he asked to pay the remaining 20% to the Driver.

The client asked that no issue but after resembling the furniture as agreed in the contract

But the Karachi Sales Manager started arguing, shouting, misbehaving and using foul and un-professional language & insisted to pay to the driver first.

The client however paid directly the remaining 20% to Container Driver.

The driver offloaded the material from the container & left the site without reassembling furniture saying that I have no tools an expertise to reassemble your furniture’’, Said the Container Driver

In short, the client arranged personally laborer from local market and arranged his furniture reassembling.

The client recommends not to hire M/s Orison Movers & Packers Karachi and it allied office working in Pakistan because of company incapability, distrustfulness, incompetency, ineligibility, inefficiency, unskillfulness, quarrelsomeness & contentiousness who is not reliable and dependable even from the basic norms of industry & standard of a Movers and Packers industry

They are unaware that how to pack the material, how to number and name the boxes and how through a final chronological list the items are located easily.

Mar 2, 2018

Social media is an open-platform for everyone, does not need any permit to enter and talk.

No passport & border implication or any clearance required but it is a free access and even does not ask your cast, creed, culture, color, institutional belief and belongs - no barrier & barricade just enlist yourself by signup & enjoy the social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Pin interest etc.

But it needs to maintain morale where ethicality travels between moral code and moral excellence as you face people of different thoughts from different continents

They may be like-minded or against your views but in either case yours feeling and senses must be polite, courteous, gracious, accommodative, convincing, persuasive, capacity to digest others remarks, tolerable & endurable. It’s an entry in a practical world where you start liaising with people of another world.

It’s up to you that if any friends embarrasses & vexes you, you have liberty to Un-friend and Un-grouped if any group is abusing & tarnishing your image – so always make good friend.
Inter alia, showing regard for others in manners, speech & behavior etc. instead taking it personal or loosing temperament, so be cool, calm, unagitated and serene so that 
you can make more friends and you may click more likes that will increase your friendship volume very soon.

Social media gives an opportunity to groom yourself and it’s up to you that how suitably you grow and get yourself destroyed involving in false, illegitimate, illicit and immoral links and nasty friends so that your link may not compromise.

We know that man is a social animal and he/she needs its partner, friends & family to live happily & cheerfully.
Social media is progressive place for a peaceful thought sharing – thought provoking & mind-blowing discussion that we see and we counter everyday – some time people conversation goes panicky but some time more attractive rather productive for the community or society as a whole.
It gives an opportunity where everyone has right to share his/ her thoughts but rightly in a decent way that may not cross the limit of ethics, moral principal, value system & value orientation.

The principal of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or social group – a system of principal governing morality and acceptable conduct we must maintain while discussing at social media platforms.

Debate & criticism that becomes tool for others too to move forward or do correction if there is any lapses or adversity. People opinion is an asset even for the govt. to correct or do necessary amendment considering the debate as a feedback from common man. Impact of discussion in our normal life can shine or can mar so we should be more conscious while discussing others.

Tall discussion & debate are unwanted and free but adds value the topic under discussions - those who do monitor - appreciate if proves such info suitable for them.

Among people sense of accommodating each other emerges, reading and writing capacity establishes & enhances, power of listening & answering the contents makes them well-disciplined like a good reader and good writer.

People thoughts may be positive or negative in either case it’s a free suggestion, advises, admonitions, recommendations, indications, proposals, substances, comments and remarks can be a panacea, nutrient or signals to be careful.

Through this route [social media] innocent & immature people are also blackmailed so identify your friend and do not give your personal information whoever tries to allure you, deceive you, cheat you, entice you and tempt you - So be careful from such nasty & sick people who attract and incline to trap you for some dream-world. If you are a lady you must be alert!

It’s a jungle where people of multiple tastes gather at one platform and they give their views so it depends that how smartly, diplomatically and technically you handle such elements.

These are the synopsis of SOCIAL PLATFORMS where everyone gathers and share their sentiments – point of views - do debate on impending issues in the country. They do discuss about present - past and future at greater length - whether it pertains to national politics – Institutions working in the country – media and judiciary – every pillar of state comes under discussion but your opinion should go in acceptable way so that communication may not hurt anyone or you are not crossing your approved boundaries – so the desired attitude certainly required while talking at social media.

Respect your Judiciary – Army and law enforcement agencies - Media & Parliamentarians’ too -convey your concern in a more decent way so that if it arrives to the concerned intuitions they make the desired action if there are anomalies they may correct it – so do debate in a dynamic way.

The debate on multiple issues keeps you connected what goes around - though some time someone uses their point of view disparagingly but some as complimentary - so it is reality.

Everyone has liberty what he or she wants to communicate. It indicates a liberalism & Constitutionally several kinds of fundamental rights to the people such as the right to life, liberty, equality and freedom of speech, trade and association are safeguarded by the State.

We Pakistani are living under the dome of a constitutional state

i.e. called Islamic Republic of Pakistan where Operating 

system of the country is the ‘’DEMOCRACY’’ where majority & 

minority are living & constitutionally state is bound to honor 

our fundamental rights, including equality of status, of 

opportunity and before law, social, economic and political 

justice, and freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith, 

worship and association, subject to law and public morality.

Feb 26, 2018

Why MRYAM NAWAZ is crowned with jeweled headdress?

How the poverty in the Country being ridiculed by PML-N leadership where MARYAM NAWAZ is crowned with jeweled headdress? What exactly the message PML-N wants to communicate in national politics?

How intransigent & unrelenting PML-N, making fun, taunting Opposition, that how people are happy with them and how they welcome in public gathering?

Just a showoff, impressing the viewers & audience that PML-N has overwhelmed support in the constituency where daughter of a deposed primer NAWAZ SHAREEF is crowned.

This is egotistical, attempting to demonstrate prowess and ability about PML-N, a crappy tactics to ornament Maryam Nawaz with ‘’jeweled headdress’’ which is of course negating the essence of a democratic setup rather symbolizing the power and authority of a monarchy not endorsing & signaling the traits of democratic system running in Pakistan.

How a developing country can afford the cost of jeweled crown stuffed with gold and diamond.

Notwithstanding PML-N was well aware that instead to spend million on golden crown if they had spent such amount on public welfare, public health & education certainly it would have been more plausible, reasonable & credible rather more convincing & persuasive among poor segments living in Pakistan.

Maryam should have assured people, convincing the audience that ‘’I am here to listen you, to ward off your grievances, frustration and giving you a progressive, prosperous & peaceful life, that  depicts the characteristic of a democratic leader, 
telling them I am among you, please come forward and share your problem etc.’’ 

such sentiments & feelings she should have been expressed but she feels proud celebrating her ‘’gold crown wearing’’ at the stage, seeking public applause but pigheaded PML-N leadership is quite away of such senses and feelings of a common man, they are more cautious for photo session as they do during flood havoc in Punjab.

They [PML-N] impress simpleton, usually less educated people, the peasantry class where 80% lives in rural area, in muddy houses where the area is still deprived of basic amenities of life, no electricity, no gas, no clean drinking water, no sanitary system, no school, no adequate hospitals, no life at all but just a slavery to serve the Master.

They are living for 60 years in the same unchanged environment, the oppressed & suppressed class, they are subjugated by cruelty, they are persecuted and maltreated, they are subdued, hushed and muted class, 

they are forced to submit before the master, they cannot raise their voice if they do they are wiped-out of the scene. They work under harsh condition for little or no pay as the customary continuing in Punjab rural areas, media has been covering such atrocity in subsequent dates - where one man was shown in shackled i.e bound by chains fastened around his ankles. And a man who refused to work in the filed his hand had been chopped off by a cutter [machine] that's meant to cut the dried crops.

This is Punjab so why PML-N will not sweep the election if they keep their voters in such tormenting & deplorable condition under bondage and slavery. 

People are crude uncouth lacking cultural and refinement so they are be-fooled by PML-N showoff… the same tyranny from one generation to another and its continued, they believe in enslavement and captivity.

No knowledge and wisdom because no education, deliberately people are kept illiterate, schools are kept closed even though millions budget are allocated for education but it is not spent.

The influential lords, patriarchy, feudalism & landed aristocracy these social culture we find in Punjab where laborer & their families work in their fields and kiln, in paddy fields on daily wages at meager wage rate such as at kiln if they build 1000 bricks they are paid only Rs. 600/=, media covers such agonies and shows the atrocities continuing in Punjab and Sindh too.

And that’s the reason that Punjab & Sindh poll their votes to PML-N & in Sindh they do to Bhutto family.

Most of the area of Punjab where atrocities are common, women or young girl are not safe they are picked up, rapped & gang-rapped and thrown in to the garbage or killed, no FIR no police, no justice and who will do whoever comes ahead is removed, a general story of rural area where slaves live and dies in slavery. 

So PML-N is most famous among such categories who vote Nawaz Shreef [NS], they are passing wretched life, hapless and miserable, work from dawn to dusk in the agricultural filed, and do not know what’s other side of the coin.

Such class of people are intimidated, from them oath is taken on the holy book to vote NS, if it is unveiled that they did not poll to NS they are maltreated showing others for not to error again.

Punjab in terms of population is a big province it has 110 million people out of 210 million, the total populace of the country, so if Punjab wins the election, it goes to form the govt whereas such majority [in bulk] in other provinces is not attainable, scattered voters among different faction are unable to gain such majority as PML-N in Punjab makes the govt in federal.

Currently it’s the second Gold Crown MARYAM NAWAZ is presented in Sargodah, earlier She was given in Sheikhpura too.

In Sargodha she was scheduled to attend social media convention where Sargodha Mayor Malik Aslam Naveed presented the gold crown weighing 20 tolas, as a token of affection of the locals before the beginning of the social media convention. 

‘’The gold crown is embellished with rubies and emerald, the crown is a gift from the locals to the ousted premier’s daughter’’, Said the Mayor.

Prior to this, Maryam was also crowned in Sheikhupura with what locals said was a crown made of gold and embellished with diamonds. The crown was a gift from local traders to the former first daughter who was in Sheikhupura for a public gathering.

A 55-gramme gold crown was presented to Maryam Nawaz, daughter and political heir apparent to deposed premier Nawaz Sharif upon her arrival at a public gathering in Sheikhupura, Punjab. 

The crown approximately worth of Rs.1.3 million embellished with a giant Ruby and diamonds, presented to Maryam Nawaz.

The question emerges that who arranged the Gold Crown?

Was it arranged by the Mayor or PML-N leadership [themselves] had managed, 

giving a showoff to its opponents that PML-N despite NS disqualification from his premiership and then stripped him off the party president ship but his ‘’daughter MARYAM NAWAZ has not been disregarded yet presented gold crown’’.

And if the gold crown had been arranged by the Mayor - had it not been more appreciative if Mayor would have spent Rs.1.3 million on his people - the constituency from where the Mayor won the local body election.

People are dying with starvation – 70% people are living below poverty line in the country – they don’t have access to buy foods for their family, mother selling her children, husband pestering his wife to sell her chastity to buy one-time food,
father strangulating children because of hunger and not able to buy food for them due to unemployment, kidney is being sold by a School girl showing in her school uniform standing road side & holding a placard,

a sobbing mother along with her three children sitting at footpath and selling her small child to buy meal for others all has been covered in electronic media.

Are these evidences not visible to shake the PML-N leadership – And more importantly who arranged the costly JEWELED HEADDRESS.

Was it arranged by her disqualified father NAWAZ SHAREEF portraying that how people love PML-N, Said a seasoned politician?

Feb 21, 2018

Intransigency of disqualified premier Nawaz Shareef now gets the drop scene of his drama

That had been started after 28th July 2017 following the verdict of Supreme court of Pakistan in Panama matters.

Chief Justice SC verdict really appeared as an eruption of volcano where the effrontery & aggressive behavior of disqualified premier NAWAZ SHAREEF who started coughing abusive & derogatory words, insulting remarks against Judiciary 

that were giving impression that entire country had been converted into a canopy where state had no control over its institutions & de facto personnel were accountable to him [NS] not to the Head of the Institutions

And more precisely NS and his cronies had highjacked the country a general impression that there was no writ of govt. as govt. were PML-N so whatever were feasible and advantageous they were enjoying & keeping away of all basic norms of constitutional law and its due demand requisite to rule the country democratically.

They [PML-N] were not caring & considering the constitutional law but they were adding, deleting and doing multiple amendments as they wanted and what suited them for their own advantages and not for the countrymen or people of Pakistan……. exhibiting that ‘’we are the custodian of Law we are lawmaker and we have right to do any amendment as we want’’ …a general call of PML-N leadership.

Persisted approach among PML-N that if there was no NS there would not be anyone to rule and the Country itself would cease.

For God forbid a constant anti state speech in public gathering were upsetting intelligentsia and civil society who were looking Pakistan in isolation & disconnected in terms of foreign offices as the ministers assigned the task to run foreign ministry & interior ministry were seen busy in sycophancy and flattering talks in print and electronic media.

Despite disseating NS he was using whole state machinery for his personal purpose – just coming to the court for hearing he was giving full protocol i.e. beam of vehicles, escorted with police mobiles and PML-N party-men, throwing rose petal during his way to the SC & NAB court, portraying that he was not disqualified premier or he had been summoned to appear in the courts but depicting a conqueror who conquered the country, said a seasoned political analyst.

His [NS] constant anti speeches against judiciary and Army pushed the country towards confusion that whether the country had any rule of law to appease NS and to put rein who was pushing the country towards civil strife and uncertainty.

Nevertheless, today Supreme court verdict is in response to 17 petitions challenging the controversial Election Act 2017 that had been bulldozed through parliament last year to pave the way for Nawaz Sharif's [NS] return to the PML-N's helm as party president. 

In its judgement today, the court declared Article 17 of the Elections Act — which allowed Sharif to retake his party's leadership — null and void, and subsequently ordered the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to remove Nawaz Sharif as president of the PML-N. 

It further ruled that "all steps taken, orders passed, directions given and documents issued" by Sharif since his disqualification last year will be deemed to have been nullified.

However today Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan reads out the following verdict in Courtroom 1

CJ said that a person who is disqualified under Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution is not eligible to sign off on any document needed to nominate someone to the National Assembly or Senate.

CJP Saqib Nisar in his remarks, said that it is mandatory for a party head to fulfil the requirements of Articles 62 and 63, as a party head is powerful and political parties control the government.

"It is crucial for parliamentarians to be of good conduct to run the affairs of the Parliament," he said.

The judgement issued by the court read: "Under Article 63-A of the Constitution, the position of a party head of a political party that has representation in - Inter alia, the Parliament has a central role in the performance of duties by the members of the Parliament.

For rendering such a role, a party head must necessarily possess the qualifications and be free of the disqualifications contemplated in Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution."

"The Election Act 2017 empowers a party head to perform multifarious functions that have [a] direct nexus with the process of elections to the Parliament and to matters relating to the affairs of political parties having parliamentary presence," the judgement adds.

"As a consequence, it is declared that any person who suffers from lack of qualification under Article 62 or disqualification under Article 63 of the Constitution is debarred from holding the position of ‘party head’ by whatever name called and prohibited from exercising any of the powers provided in Article 63-A of the Constitution, as ‘party head’ or any other power in the said capacity under any law, rule, regulation, statute, instrument or document of any political party.

'"Such bar and prohibition shall commence from the date of disqualification and continue till such time that the lack of qualification/disqualification of such person continues in terms of the provisions of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution," the judgement said.

"As a result of the above declaration, all steps taken, orders passed, directions given and documents issued by Respondent No.4 [Nawaz Sharif] as party head after his disqualification on 28the July 2017 are also declared to have never been taken, passed, given or issued in the eyes of the law.

The Election Commission of Pakistan is accordingly directed to remove the name of Respondent No.4 (Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif) as president/party head of Respondent No.3 (PML-N from all relevant record(s)," the court's verdict read.

However, decisions taken by Nawaz Sharif will be nullified, including the tickets issued by him for the Senate elections, and that a new schedule may have to be announced for Senate polls.

Feb 20, 2018

How Judiciary is being ridiculed by PML-N vandals now plans to debate Judges behavior in the parliament which negates & violates the constitutional clause # 68 & 69

Image result for image of khaqan abbasi in assemblywho calls themselves the elected representative sitting in the parliament but instead to do legislation for people betterment & advancement, people welfare & enacting rules & regulation in the interest of the country & people progression and prosperity, giving them a good happy livelihoods & accessibility of basic amenities of life.

they [PML-N] are more prone to do legislation for their survival that how to keep themselves in the parliament unhurt & untouched despite a declared criminals from the court of law functional in the country

and how to preclude & abstain the Judges of the courts from their offices or action for which they are appointed to notice the ongoing massive corruption, stealing and emptying national kitty, doing embezzlement in country current account, involved in tax evasion, hiding & providing wrong and incomplete information to ECP while submitting election nomination papers to contest the election, pushing the country towards acute mismanagement & mounting fraud and forgeries etc

if the courts take notice then it becomes painful for the elected Representative who starts coughing hue and cry & abusing the judiciary, planning to keep the Judiciary away of their heightening crimes, a general phenomena of PML-N

It refers the cases of Naaz Shareef & Co who have been grasped for money-laundering in panama matters, having 4 luxurious flats in UK and ownership of 56 companies in UAE mentioned in JIT reports that had been investigated under the directive of Supreme court of Pakistan.

the PML-N ministers now seen debating in the National Assembly, talking about judges who according to them CJ told them thief, robber, corrupt & looter etc quoting that how a corrupt can be a chief of any party etc.

they [PML-N] wants to pass a bill from the assembly amending the laws and legislating that seems them favorable & entailing their survival compulsory without interruption of Judiciary - they are willfully destroying and defacing Constitution of Pakistan.

Earlier they [PML-N] were abusing the Judiciary from dawn to dusk now the premier Khakan Abbasi today had a fiery debate in the National assembly stating that ''Judges has no right to say the elected representative thief, looter and corrupted & they must work in given boundaries & limitation that has been conferred them, said the premier.

Therefore we [PML-N] the parliamentarian has the right to raise such issue for debate in the assembly against the Judges behavior, their court verdict, their decision or on any proceeding continuing against elected representative, said Khakan Abbasi whereas the standing Constitutional clause # 68 says that

Restriction on discussion in Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) - No discussion shall take place in Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) with respect to the conduct of any Judge of the Supreme Court or of a High Court in the discharge of his duties.

Constitutional clause # 69.
(1) The validity of any proceedings in Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] shall not be called in question on the ground of any irregularity of procedure

(2) No officer or member of Majlis-e-Shoora {Parliament) in whom powers are vested by or under the Constitution for regulating procedure or the conduct of business, or for maintaining order in Majlise-Shoora (Parliament) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of any court in respect of the exercise by him of those powers.

It looks that ''role of Judiciary'' now has been challenged by PML-N - how effrontery and with audaciousness PML-N trespassing their defined limits obstructing into the way of Judiciary works.