Jan 12, 2018

Add a chapter in academic text book to let children know how children is abused & how they can rescue themselves


To add a lesson in Text Book for AWARENESS & to TEACH our ‘’Children’’ about Sexual Harassment at Primary and Secondary level.

Let Children know that how to restrain & resist to rescue if they fall into sexual harassment or if someone harass him/ her for any reason.

Its crying need of the day to teach & tell our children about the Sexual harassment, Molestation, Kidnapping, Physical assault and all Bullying practices that are looming in Pakistan.

Our children are at high risk who confronts such abuse while going School, at Tuition center, In Mosque/ Madrasa, in Small Shops to buy Household items, among Family members, Friends & In-laws, Neighbor and Strangers who trap the children, showing unnecessary love, alluring Toffee/ Biscuit and Ice cream, tempting for good ride, showing money to buy something that child wants etc are the tactics to entice the Children - these are impending factors that inclining our young children or they are being exposed on daily basis.

If anything happens with the child he/ she must share with the Parents or a responsible adult, Class teacher if something happens in school bus while coming/ going back from school or if any complaint about School watchman etc.

In any case children must be cleared & briefed well that whatever happens them must be brought into the knowledge of Mother – Father – Grandfather – Grandmother or who is elder in the Family.

Parents much coach their children - parents must give time to their children, must sit and play together – encouraging, motivating and helping to develop confidence among the children - Growing children mind is like a slate so what you write it is written & accepted so if the child brings anything to you- you must listen absorbingly and taking such info seriously to save your children from such abuse.

Tell if anyone touches your children, anyone kisses him/ her, touches their private parts, or body, gives anything or follows the child – all such info child must share with the parents – it’s a basic teaching [in addition to course study] parents must work on war-foot basis as entire state of Pakistan now has been enveloped & vulnerable with child abuse.

Children abduction, rape and strangling has been ''call of every provinces'' so every province must be serious and they must add value to educate children through electronic & print media – in the house – in school & in school Text books – a regular tableau at primary and secondary level to arrange in order to give a sense among children that how the child is abused and how child can save himself/ herself if they fall prey.

The chapter in academic book must show with picturesque description enabling the child to conceive well. 

Jan 6, 2018

Institutions are not working that’s constrained Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan to intervene.

If Institutions had been working and performing their onerous responsibilities with honesty & sincerity CJ would not have to travel in Sindh & Punjab

Checking the extreme worse situation prevailing in the province where mighty corruption, illegal & unauthorized, unhygienic & contaminated practices are at peak, and Concerned departments are silent spectators - Under its nose such business are grooming.

Of course are the partner in such criminality which is offensive, disgusting and nauseating where disabled & dysfunctional Institutional role are vivid.

Is it not shameful for Cattle protective dept in Lahore that is in slumber where unnatural chewing method is continuing - lusted with inordinate desire of more milk the animals are injected.

Lastly CJ SC of Pakistan raided such den & instructed the authority to seize such injections & medicine & closure of such producing units to stop all evil practices which is against Wildlife credentials.

Such premature milk chewing that mixed with unhygienic ingredients are harmful & detrimental to human lives too. He further added that people being constrained are taking canned milk & other milk-packed which is also mixing of chemicals - not pure even - are destroying not elder health but children growth is being compromised.

CJ visit in Lahore brought in his notice lot of irregularities where he found heightening crimes in the following institutions;

Illegal construction of Marriage halls & Banquets where among 126 Halls only 08 were found legal and licensed

Scale of illegal construction of Flats/ Complexes & plots allotment were found unregistered & missing records

Govt. Hospitals worsened situation 

Exorbitant admission and monthly tuition fees in School, Colleges and Medical University

Inaccessible cleaned drinking water where intoxicated factory refuses & human faces found

Situation of multiple Restaurants are using dead animals fleshes

Spending billion on PML-N ads instead to do people welfare works

Instead to accept serious mismanagement grooming in Lahore – Ms Maryam says in her Tweet

چیف جسٹس سے التماس ہے کہ کچھ توجہ سندھ اور خیبر پختونخواہ کے اسپتالوں پر بھی دیں جہاں سے لوگ علاج کے 
لیئے پنجاب کے اسپتالوں میں آتے ہیں۔

As far as Sindh, CJ already had visited before raiding Lahore where he however had detailed talks with CM Sindh, Director Karachi Development Authority, Managing Director of Karachi water & Sewerage Board & Mustafa Kamal Ex Mayor of Karachi about Water Issue with Karachiites & Sind region.

CJ met them in Supreme Court Karachi Registry asking them check the contaminated and infested water – illegal allotment of plots & stretched construction of Marriage Halls/ Banquets.

Encroachments and its demolition where 20,000 illegal constructions had been asked to demolish in Karachi alone and report submission.

It’s praiseworthy where CJ took aggressive action, physically checked and ordered on the spot to fix the problem followed with report submission.

Again, if the Institutions would have worked sincerely then CJ had not required visiting in Sindh & Lahore to check the anomalies & malpractices in the departments that were on peak for its redressing. 

If our department works then the backlog piled up in the courts can be handled timely instead keeping judiciary in public sectors administrative works - no doubt falls under jurisprudence of provincial administration

Jan 4, 2018

The disqualified premier Nawaz Shareef must not threat to the Institutions

Why Disqualified Premier Nawaz Shareef has warned & threatened the country in his recent press conference and before too that he will disclose the secrets which he has in his heart or mind?

He is raising finger & pointing [inimically] to the institutions in the country, not specific that he [NS] will unearth & unmask the secrets what he has?

He might be having secretes as he has been premier of the country for 3 times and certainly being an executive of the state he will be having some even and odd information but it does not mean that he will use such information as a threat & blackmailing tool for the country if he has been brought to the justice.

He being custodian of the country & having position of the Prime Ministry becomes liable if he discloses anything or he shares any secrecy of the state either with any foe or friendly states.

If he does so he will fall under high treason clutch – such betrayal & treachery from the country will not be taken light but punishable under the constitutional law of the state. So he should mind it while talking immaturely & insensibly with utterance into the presence of national & international media that he will disclose the secrets, said a retired army during TV talk shows.

Does he have anything about Judiciary & Pakistan Army as these two institutions are still at safer side which NS due to his sick political practices could not corrupt & saturate otherwise almost public Institutions’ in the country have been politicized that lost its credibility - bought their heads and personnel and made the institutions’ dysfunctional, said by Supreme court of Pakistan while giving its verdicts on Panama matters on July 28th 2017

And if there are any secrets that according to NS are vulnerable & unfavorable for the country then he must come with evidences’, said by DG ISPR in his recent press conference while replying Donald Trump Tweets.

He [NS] should be called in GHQ to know the secrets which he is repeating since the day of his disqualification to reveal if his case is not withdrawn?

Even though he has been in the govt. of Pakistan since decades in different capacity and if by any reasons he is disqualified or ousted from his premiership he should not think negatively about the country as fidelity, integrity, honesty, loyalty and sincerity are the basic norm & mandatory agreement for the prime minister of Pakistan when he takes oath.

He swears solemnly that he will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan & will discharge his duties, and perform his functions, honestly to the best of his ability, faithfully in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the law and always in the interest of the sovereignty, solidarity, well- being and prosperity of Pakistan.

That he will not allow his personal interest to influence his official conduct or his official decisions, preserving, protecting & defending the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

That, in all circumstances he will do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favor, affection or ill- will

That he will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under his consideration or shall become known to him as Prime Minister except as may be required for the due discharge of his duties as Prime Minister.

Now NS is under trial & involve in mounting corruption cases, misuse of power, having scale of personal business across the globe, misappropriating national treasury, facing NAB courts - whereas he has already gone through investigative judges in Supreme Court of Pakistan & JIT

S0 threatening by him [NS] does not suit but taking the country to the brink of chaos & anarchy.

Dec 22, 2017

Visit of Chief Of Army Staff [COAS] in Senate, step ahead making Civil & Military relationship cohesive & harmonious

Visit of Chief of Army Staff [COAS] in the Senate - a landmark in political history of Pakistan

Its really a paradigm shift which we never ever noticed in country where Army Chief might have been visited in the Senate and presented himself along with his team before the House of Senate where Senators were occupying their seats a well prepared Senators.

First, COAS however explained his subsequent visits [details] in overseas and meeting with multiple Country Heads and their counterparts - unequivocally COAS kept Pakistan presentation in international world alive - enhancing diplomatic relationship & strengthening - of course in national interest where the country Chief Nawaz Shareef [NS] had gone deficient due to his involvement in corruption - facing trials on different charges & his cronies were seen busy [from dawn to dusk] saving their master [NS] rather keeping state affairs disconnected from outside world & even their own ministries’.

A very gloomy picture on part of foreign affairs that disqualified premier kept with him in his whole tenure instead to award foreign ministry to an individual for running international portfolio & that COAS mentioned [such vacuum] in his speech too with the senators.

During the crisis when the entire country had a thick cloud of status quo, everything [in the country] were giving a halt, a persisted stalemate but COAS visited overseas & kept diplomatic ties alive and operational. Even though some says it was not part of COAS domain but what to do when the whole slot of PML-N kept themselves away of country foreign affairs - the country still running on spokesman there is no foreign minister at all that NS did a blunder and kept the nation in trouble - there were no representation from Pakistan at international forum that impacted on us, he emphasized.   

Nevertheless its a big change in political history of Pakistan where Army Chief [COAS] & Senators got mixed with each other and reduced and removed the vacuum hat had been created in the past - now there should not be any misunderstanding about Army & political leadership [of the country] now they are on the same page rather on one page.

Though COAS meeting should have been arranged with Defense minister but its a crucial time for the country that all such sensitive ministries i.e. Defense ministry - Foreign ministry - Interior ministry are wavering - has relinquished its grip on the part of govt.

One of the most important thing that COAS highlighted that RESPECT ALWAYS YOUR COUNTRY DON'T LAID DOWN'' it was a categorical message from COAS to love your country - be loyal and sincere while you are visiting abroad.

Conducting General Election 2018 in haste will be the repeat of the past

Election Commission of Pakistan [ECP} must look first that how to proceed for General Election & what were the lacuna that made the previous Election controversial & what should be the paradigm shift in order to maintain trust in Election-conduct so that everyone on board whether in politics or out of
politics may believe in Electoral process in the country.

Is the Election Computer oriented - Is it through Biometric system or repeating the same error of possible rigging through ink pad [permanent or non permanent], using rubber- stamps, scale, pen and pencil & un-removable mark on thump after casting votes and so many suspicious questionnaire about the credibility & legitimacy of the Election that took place in 2013 election.

We have experienced from the past that Winning party & ECP remained contentious & arguable from Opposition or who could not qualify the election kept busy the whole tenure - digging out polled votes & going through a tedious task of locating bags, opening bags, counting and recounting & examining every single polled votes of claimed constituencies’-  undoubtedly relevant departments remained engaged more than 2/3 years - really a cumbersome task that departments went through.

We are not living in 60s and 70s – it will be yielding more if the entire Electoral
process is impregnated with advance technology to ensure Election free, fair and transparent in practicality.

We have read a lot now it’s the time to do professionally adapting computer technology making it fit and suitable to the purpose.

All such steps [used earlier] have been old & traditional not pragmatic better to modernize & equip the polling system through computer based technology to avoid of DHANDLI slogan – a clarion call of the past - so save time and money of the Institutions involved in conducting election instead doing postmortem at later stage.

Why taking U turn that’s remained disputed & encompassed the whole machineries on call like Judiciary, NADRA & ECP itself

Just for instance, case of Saad Rafique who is running his ministry on stay order though he was disqualified from ECP but he approached to the apex court from where he obtained stay order and as such he is running his ministry on stay order!

Therefore ECP role is very pivotal and vital must be hard-nosed & pragmatic avoiding of using obsolete modes operandi that marred, stained the legitimacy of the election.

Make the whole ''Election Machinery'' computer oriented – impart theoretical & practical training to the staff that performs elections duties, take following measures while accepting nomination papers from the candidate. Maintaining records of every single candidate who contested election their

a)    properties break up

b)    their income tax breakup

c)    their 5 years Utility bill payment

d)    their tangible and intangible assets details

e)    dual nationality

f)       scale of properties in overseas and in Pakistan

g)    a solemn affirmation [oath] not to run personal business while holding public office to avoid conflict of interest

h)    assets on Children name

i)       no convicted in any court of law

j)       holding AQAMA & running personal business in UAE & Middle East

k)    educational criteria of the candidate testifying through Higher Education Commission Pakistan before giving clearance to accept nomination paper for election

From 2008 to 2017 we learned a lot from politicians who avoided submitting correct information & documents confirming their eligibility for the election to contest…………they misled, falsified and lied while submitting relevant papers in ECP.

Truly spoiled the precious time of relevant institutions that of course priced the nation instead to do welfare works for the people or implement the manifesto – due to slackness & deficiency of ECP [at first hand] the entire govt.machinery remained involved in digging out election crimes and consequences thereof.

Spending Billions on conducting Election and spending Billions for digging out crimes the politicians did and disposal thereof..........an unending task that we witnessed during 4-1/2 years when NS assumed office through a dispute election,said PTI & PPP.

Are our institutions sitting for them only? If proper cautionary had been adopted such agonies that ECP & other govt. departments went through would not have happened?

Do postmortem of every single clauses in nomination papers check their detail before issuing them a clean chit to contest election. It’s not a kidding but a herculean task ensuring the legitimacy and eligibility of the candidate, Said retired expertise of ECP.

Make election easy and convenient so that other class of society may take part instead rounding among criminals who are professional not sincere and loyal to the country and its people but treat election as a business so straightly reject if they don’t qualify the constitutional clause 62 & 63.

Take disciplinary action who does not comply the standing instruction of ECP…don’t be influenced but discharge your onerous responsibility with dedication and loyalty.

A general perception that everyone & institution learns from error - check if ECP has corrected. Make Software and buy Software - discuss with European state that how they conduct Election. How they maintain candidate’s detail that accessible just in one click, adopt advance and modern polling system, asserted political analyst in TV Talk show.

Dec 11, 2017

Thanks for personal intervention of Chief Justice Saqib Nisar assigning the task to CM to resolve illegal land allotment & water crisis in Karachi & Sindh rural.

Thanks to Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar who took out some space from his tight schedule and came Karachi to discuss the dated long issue of illegal allotment of lands & contaminated water supplies in Karachi and rural Sindh in response to a petition filed by some citizen.
Chief Justice of Pakistan summoned Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah who is not taking ownership to resolve the chronic issue of clean drinking water and control on Sea pollution issue.
A three-judge bench however heard the case related to provision of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in cosmopolitan city of Karachi & interior Sindh.
Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and former Karachi Mayor Mustafa Kamal [had been summoned] were also present in the Karachi Registry of the apex court.
A documentary report was shown them in the court room that how contaminated water were supplied to people & how feces were being deliberately released in the drinking water - CJ asked CM Sindh if he was aware of the situation & he was not providing the people with clean drinking water.
The CJ however [in convincing tone] said CM Sindh not to take the case as a hostile approach as he [CM Sindh] was called with great respect and dignity & he was the one who could take responsibility to handle it, said CJ – asking CM to find a solution of the issue, adding that the court was also prepared to assist the government in this regard………..’’we can offer our shoulder if you want’’ said CJ.
The CJ further said ‘’I wish if Bilawal has been here he is like my son if he sees the water being provided to the people of Larkana and other cities’’.
Justice Faisal Arab elucidated ‘’people elected the government to resolve their issues but turned to the courts only after seeing failure of the administration’’.
During the hearing the court also asked the CM to rid the Karachiites of ‘’water tankers mafia'' who has besieged the entire city in terms of water supplies – if they are getting water what’s wrong with KW&SB not providing water to its dwellers [living in Karachi], it’s the same conduit and same water supply sources, said CJ
Mustafa Kamal [who was also summoned along with CM Sindh] told the court that issues pertained to the provision of water and drainage are responsibility of the local government [no doubt] but how the local govt is empowered or funded to run cosmopolitan affairs is very much conspicuous to everyone. 
Karachi alone needs 1250 million gallons of water [on daily basis] and the K-4 project would also be unable to cater the needs of the Karachi as its population was likely to exceed 30 million that would further worsen the situation, maintained Mustafa Kemal.
In addition illegal land allotments also came under discussions - In a report presented by Karachi Development Authority (KDA) before Supreme Court’s Karachi registry - it was disclosed that thousands of square yards of 35,000 amenity plots in the metropolis have been taken over through 'china cutting' (illegal carving) - the court ordered KDA, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, and Deputy Commissioners to immediately evacuate the occupation of the plots coming under their mandated domains, and directed the Karachi Development Authority to cancel such illegal allotments of welfare plots with immediate effect.
The bench however expressed grave concern on the absence of KDA Director General during the hearing – the Director’s lawyer claimed that his client is on bed rest due to high blood pressure, the Court remarked that his [KDA DG]’s health will improve immediately if arrest warrant against him is issued.
The KDA in its report claimed that illegal constructions in 27 different areas were bulldozed by the authority in the last two days.
Justice Gulzar Ahmed demanded KDA to present details of amenity plots according to the original ‘’master-plan’’ of KARACHI.
Furthermore, it was revealed that KDA land worth over Rs 1.0 trillion is illegally occupied - sources said land grabbers sold KDA land in Surjani Town – Korangi - North Karachi - North Nazimabad - Gulshan Town and Nazimabad. 
The sources also divulged that 12,000 residential and commercial plots were illegally sold at peanuts prices after cutting them into 80 to 1,000 yard plots.....china cutting madness.
More than 400 acres of KDA land is said to be occupied across the Karachi – most of the lands were occupied in the past 10 years, the KDA official said.
KDA DG however shared his line of action with media that heads of relevant department have been summoned to ascertain the situation on the ground where all attempts will be carried out to reclaim the lands. 
The court expressed that its really shocking to know that KDA Directors allotted lands to Real estate mafia & individuals where amenity plots even did not spare and sold out.
Children park, Recreational halls, Hospital lands, Playground sold out - Children used to play cricket on weekly holidays but you [KDA Director] are not ashamed why do not we should put you in jail, said CJ.
 Added more, to evacuate such all illegal allotments and submit report thereof - what a madness the Service roads & Footpath running alongside roads and space around Bridges/ Flyovers too had been included in illegal construction - the entire city you have converted into jungle, scolded the CJ. 

Though we are looking the demolition of illegal Marriage Halls, Banquets those were operational on illegal plots, where parks also had been sold out to Marriage Halls - now are under demolition but we are not certain that is it a temporary removal and again will resume construction? said the seasoned employee of Karachi metropolitan corporation [KMC]. 

Its time tested agenda let’s see how sincere & honest KDA Director listened to CJ and he really removed all such illegal constructions certainly needs to recheck - a comparison through previous city blue prints and the current status to be detailed so that CJ orders may bring fruits for Karachiites.

Similarly, MD of KW&SB is also involved selling illegal water connection across metropolitan city - 80 percent area are still without water - dwellers have been compelled to buy water from WATER TANKER MAFIA on exorbitant prices and what a mockery that instead to close water hydrant  breaking its entire net work in Karachi - their tanker's rate are determined by KW&SB.

Water Hydrant in Residential area is a big crime, despite SC standing instruction to MD Water Board to remove all such water tanker running in residential area but no avail, the criminal holding public office [having conflict of interest] is not paying heed but there is a constant boost & boom in their illegal business & MD Water Board is in slumber or under his nose such a nasty business grooming and he says he does not know. said a retired lawyer of Supreme court.

The ignorance of MD Water Board here is vivid – there is ''Water Hydrant'' Opposite Karachi Race club Safora Chowk – en routing from Safora Chowk to Malir Cantt Gate # 6.

Tere are City School 4 Branches plus other Schools too are functional on the same road of Malir Cantt gate # 6 where WATER TANKERs running its business - Residents living around are enduring heavy traffic jams due to plying scale of WATER TANKER, really a persistent mental agony for the Residents, debilitated road condition, falling electric poles, breaking green belts, crushing manholes are nauseating.

Parents while dropping & collecting back their children from schools facing obstacles while crossing the roads due to severe traffic jams at SAFOR CHOWK as heavy WATER BOUZERS are parked at both sides of the roads.

In addition, Residents are deprived off water owing to water hydrant in the area - though it is coming from the same conduit but due to sucking water and running their 8 faucets filling WATER TANKERS - the normal supply of water to the residents goes stopped.

Besides, the Karachiites & rural area Sind are getting contaminated water poisoned with hepatitis B & C & severe gastro-intestinal diseases are common and now Chicken-gonia has erupted in Sindh urban and rural on account of no garbage dumping but leaving it to rot and decompose. 

Sanitary issue also has confined the Karachiites, the blocked & chocked sewerage lines, overflow & broken sanitary pipe lines have mixed with water supply lines fueling more epidemic to erupt.

Due to severe mismanagement in Sind govt & corrupt trends in Institutions where every heads of department have gone corrupt rather has made the city in animal herds not suitable to live by human being, said CJ.

Where we appreciate Chief Justice Supreme Court Pakistan for their personal intervention we request him to follow the result for the task has been assigned by him to CM Sind & concerned quarters to get a viable & visible result instead forming commission & committee & its fabricated results [which CJ has rejected [aggressively] emphasizing for result no paper tiger.

Dec 6, 2017

SAFORA CHOWK University Road Karachi still incomplete

SAFORA ROUNDABOUT still has not been repaired & refurbished due to tussle in two authorities.

Two govt is fighting & due to their adamant attitude Residents & the Business community living in the area enduring consistent problem because of broken roundabout of SAFORA CHOWK.

Its very important Roundabout connects with Jinnah Airport terminal a substitute road if Shahrah e Fasial goes suffocated.

City govt built the road from Hassan Squire to the edge of SAFORA CHOWK And Cantonment Board Malir built the road leading from Malir Cantt gate # 5 & 6 & terminated it to the start of SAFORA CHOWK.

So the Roundabout OR SAFORA CHOWK still is left unattended or deliberately by both. We the dweller of the area request to please do carpeting the small piece i.e SAFORA CHOWK. and make it attractive.

its an image of Cantonment Board Malir if someone going from University road towards Malir Cantt.

Its has public toilet exactly in Roundabout/ animal herds are there, a garbage dumping spot, encroachment of addict surrounded by their coats etc. a complete miserable states the entrance in Cantonment Board Malir or vice versa. .

Due to breakage & availability of Water Hydrant which also should not have in Residential area heavy traffic always goes stuck, being an alternate road heavy traffic persists.

3 City schools branches along with 4 more school are running alongside of the road leading Malir Cantt gate # 6 from SAFORA CHOWK.

A persistent life threats for the children during morning & in afternoon - they are unable to cross the roads due to heavy traffic jam owing to plying scale of water tankers.

Its better if it is moved to high way instead to run it in residential area.

Unacceptable delaying tactics of Disqualified premier Nawaz Shareef killing state machinery time & money!

Disqualified premier Nawaz Shareef how spoiling the time and money of states, designedly delaying tactics on different pretext..

Whats going on - How many time to consolidate 3 reference in one despite rejection from NAB COURT & ISLAMABAD HIGH COURT [IHC] - it is rounding still
Even when presented in Supreme court of Pakistan, Registrar refused to accept the petition for hearing however Chief Justice Saqib accepted to hear the petition in his chamber and later he too refused for not to merge or consolidate. Then PML-N lawyer went to IHC from where they got refusal to merge 3 NAB reference into 1.reference..

Judiciary upon whom the Nation trusts unable to understand that Nawaz Shareef & his cronies are killing the time. A delaying tactics spoiling state's time & money which is of course a national loss instead to use judiciary for the backlog of cases that needs to move on - it looks state machinery has been assigned to look at NS corruption cases, said majority in panel discussion arranged by media..

Once honorable High court rejects the disqualified premier he goes in Supreme court in appeal & then after rejection & upholding High court verdict a new petition is submitted by him with new aspiration.....really very sad

For how long this ''seeking & hiding'' will remain continue.

During proceeding in NAB he wanted exemption from appearing in the NAB court thats he got approval to go London but again he sought changes with new dates from NAB that too accepted by the court...

In practicality Judiciary will bear such lingering show at some extent and eventually will show their actual face, said the panelist

Where is the condition to complete in 6 months as SC in its verdict on July 28th 2017 had given its decision on Panama probe but we don't see it may complete in six month if such trends spirals. Every time new petition comes from disqualified premier.

He is making fool the trilateral i.e. NAB, HIGH-COURT & SUPREME COURT & when goes back London he starts abusing & raising finger showing he is impeccable & he is being trapped which falsifies NS statement he is giving in London.

He [NS] is certified criminal his all cases must immediately be disposed off, said a seasoned political analyst.

See the style of his appearance in the court how the beam of luxurious cars with law enforcing agencies & hefty rush of PML-N (the gang of sycophants) leaving their ministry & just working for a person who is unfavorable the country looking his past record in JIT.

Nov 24, 2017

Daily procession & Road blocks has been miserable for the dwellers in Karachi

Daily procession - Daily Rallies & Frequent Agitations in a Cosmopolitan city of Pakistan have made people's life dreaded, horrendous & miserable. Its not a matter of a day or week but extends to month

Resulting normal routine business goes upside down & complete chocked up due to heavy traffic jam or cordoning the agitators through scale of barricades that govt. puts around..

Some says its a fashion & legible applicability in democratic set up where people have right to raise their voices for any irregularities they counter...

Taking out rallies is not the essence of democracy but negates the beauty of democracy where people freedom gos obstructed by some handful people thats make the dwellers helpless.

The swollen agitators create law & order situation in the city that extends from a week to month & spreads further across the provinces

Therefore its prime responsibility of Local Administration to disperse people gathering taking out rallies/ procession in the name of Religion that incite & ignite the situation and makes it more worsen where the controlling perspective goes unmanageable instead to use state machinery to disperse the mob.

It does not reflect or interprets ''democracy move'' but creates uncertainty in the cosmopolitan cities where daily routine business of people goes obstructed that goes dead slow due to severe traffic jam that stops the life-moves.

Normal procession other than ''Religious Gathering'' seems okay as its a general practice & phenomenon to raise voice if people are facing any cruelty, oppression, suppression & subdued practices where people's rights are usurped, they are deprived off the legitimate supports - raising voice for injustice should be appreciated

The recent DHARNA OR SIT-IN in Islamabad, Karachi & Faisalabad from a religious party i.e. Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan [TLP] who had entered in Islamabad 20 days before now has high jacked Islamabad making it paralyzed blocking the arteries of the twin cities. Govt is failure now they are asking help from army to handle the situation.

So Sit-in when started in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan should have been handled at the very first day instead lapse of weeks by local authority for not to thickening it.

Nov 7, 2017

Still hunting for true leadership in Pakistan

Since inception Pakistan has been scarce with honest, sincere & loyal political leadership otherwise we are enriched with a lot in term of mineral assets, blessed with four-seasons, very fertile-lands, bunch of Scholars, Scientists, well talented in communication & computer technologies & most importantly well organized & immediate problem shooter on ad hoc basis in addition the aggressive role for permanent solution.
The problem that we did not get a civilian political leader to run the State sincerely or did not give time to such leader to keep the reign continue & 
encountering consecutive WAR THREATS from our foe who did not accept our independence and remained busy to victimize us - to split us at different fronts but our People and Soldiers took revenge for perceived wrong very meaningfully and recessed them back.

Due to wrong decision from Political and then Military leadership we lost one wing i.e. East Pakistan and since then offensive against us is continued but we are attacking back and still defeating them with military precision and a militarily significant scale.

this is the only state that is in WAR since 1947 - though we fought the WAR 1965 1971 & the KARGIL yet it does not end but the WAR ON TERROR has been imposed on us and we are fighting - the imported WAR where we have been ally and partner of US coalition to fight with TALIBAN

We are fighting Afghanistan WAR which purely pertains to Afghan - Afghan govt must make strategy to counter TALIBAN factor but its failure of Afghan Govt that 70% of Afghan territory is in hold of TALIBAN that is continuing since 2001 after 9/11 attack in US.

So our military exercise is continued as we are in WAR - our soldiers are not in Barrack but in the WAR FIELD - its good exercise so when the Arch rival thinks to attack

we have proven, well tested & charged Soldiers to retaliate spontaneously with heavy stroke..........so keep the military excise continue from dawn to dusk.