Oct 22, 2012

Malala a Pakistani girl (living in Swat-Mingora) targetted by Taliban

It’s good news that Malala Youssef Zai has come
back; she has a natural breathing now, less on ventilator but shame on those who were propagating that clinically Malala is dead. They should understand that Almighty Allah who is the custodian of this universe thinks something else which is beyond our perception – He is the care taker of our lives & death and every Muslims believes in.

Malala 14 & her two classmates were targeted earlier this month by Taliban gunmen when the girls were coming back home from the school bus in Swat-Mingora (her hometown).

Malala got head injuries , treatment were continued in Pakistan military hospital, though bullet was removed form her head but due to deteriorating condition she was flown to UK a hospital (specialized in trauma cases) in Birmingham where she underwent with neurological treatment BBC reporter said.

According to Taliban who accepted the shooting telling that Malala was developing a western culture in the area and they were not expecting the level of revulsion and condemnation which Malala exposed & she went against Taliban CNN report refers.

Malala was living in Swat-Mingora- Before Taliban who said Malala was heading secularism and spreading western education which was not permissible into the eyes of Taliban or against Islam (a typical ideology) developed by Taliban themselves which does not support any divine guide lines mandated in Quran and Sunnah. 
Taliban Islam is incomprehensible; they have introverted & interpreted the Islamic teaching & divine mandates according to their own pattern and belief which has already been objected by every Islamic scholar and among diffident school of thoughts Taliban Islam leads to inhumanity.

Notwithstanding Taliban repeated instructions & imposition of their self-styled Islam in Swat-Mingora, Malala raised her voice through her blogs started first time with BBC Urdu when she was 11.
Malala in her Blogs highlighted “the lives under Taliban” the ruthless behavior of Taliban who closed school and disallowed women to get education, according to them women must stay at home, they will not go in shopping mall & always be in the veil, no marketing no purchasing by women mentioned in her blogs.

Taliban also determined the dress code for women who shall be in full veil from ‘head to toe’ except having two holes before the eyes to see outside otherwise the whole body to be wrapped completely failing which the women will face execution before Taliban Jirga (a committee of influential people in the area who decides the fate of the accused in case of any dis-obedience of the law constituted by Taliban.
No entertainment center or recreation park for anyone, Beard is the identity of the Muslim those who is unbeard does not fall into the parameter of Muslims, closure of all music center & cine theatre, watching & selling CDs/ cassette strictly has been prohibited, the youngster, boys & men to wear ‘Shalwar’ & Qameez (a dress) which must be above to the ankle and below to knee followed with cap. All young men must wear Shalwar & Qameez and whoever wearing Jeans pant are not Muslims and it is against Taliban Islam.

No one has the right to speak before Taliban they are the King of the colonial rule if anybody dares to speak before the King is pronounced death to behead.

Certainly the era and time zone before Taliban will take you back in 20,000,000 BC where the human lives were dependent on animal hunting and the people were shaving their beard and moustache with stones.
Malala not only mentioned the rising atrocities of Taliban in her Blog with BBC Urdu but also she kept running campaign to educate other teen agers living in Swat-Mingora. She has been propagating that education for children are the basic ornament and everybody has right to get education said in her blogs?

She has been convincing others inmates to send their children to school which was the only key to educate people to fight for their rights and get rid of tyranny. No doubt she was an icon of bravery in her home town where girls of her age has been attending school and despite Taliban pressure she kept the educational candle continue to lit.

No doubt an adventurous, heroic and strong willed girl who kept the schooling continued despite Talban uttered restriction who controlled Swat valley in 2007 & banned woman education, closed all school, college in Swat, it’s about 300 schools went closed as per Taliban instructions.
Malala had command on Pashtu-English & Urdu language and such caliber made her more convincing and arduous to speak fluently with visiting govt. officials, NGOs, Media & people at different ranks. Meeting with govt. officials or highlighting the brutalities with the visiting officials in war-toned area is not the crime and anybody who is dying can seek help said by one of the senior citizen discussing over Malala targeting along with her to classmates.

Such openness attributed Malala for international fame for the movement: Education for all” in Swat Mingora (her home town). In recognition of her meritorious work Govt. of Pakistan awarded first National Youth Peace Prize from Pakistan and she was nominated further for noble prize from UN a report from BBC.
Swat which was captured by Taliban in 2007 due to Pakistani military intervention, Taliban were ousted from Swat in 2009 but Malala continued to receive death threats from Taliban said in her Blog where she mentioned that 'I am not going to school'

However atrocity, brutality and barbarism are not the criteria of a civilized society, the era & place where we live is known as cultured & cultivated equipped with optimism, rationalism & realistic approach and it’s our identity where education is the only way which give us a shape that how to live, how to speak, how to respect and how to listen others, these are the bench mark which determines our values and multiplies our dynamic approach instead to besiege by tyrant.

Someone said that it is not Taliban it is TIP, TT, PT – it does not matter, in general it is known as Taliban whatever classification it is, a normal people wants to live with peace and consensus with every factions and institution under the umbrella, ensuring that lives and property are secured and it is the need of the day asking by Swat people who are looking towards Pakistan.
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