Nov 24, 2012

Role of women in 21st Century

In my previous blog I highlighted the contribution of a house wife and made my comparison with the environment, limited resources and the facility of then era available 50 years before than the resources we have in today’s world.

Everything we have on our fingertip and we can see the world within no time because of ultra-modern technologies have shortened and reduced the time and space management, within in no-time we can travel across the world through globally connected system network.

How then housewives had been managing household chores smoothly comparing with working women who were little responsive being associated with her job in terms of domestic responsibility caring kids & husband, fulfilling the needs of other member of the same family.

My earlier blog initially pointed the combined-family concept what generally we noticed in south Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Cambodia,  Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines etc. where one man had been the only wage-earner (a husband) and the house-wife had been nourishing & feeding the entire family.
My daughter-in-law who read the blogs told me why you don’t write the Role of 21st century women and that’s will be more comparative than housewife role you pointed in your blog she said.

Now the concept of joint family almost has been vanished and most of us are living independently. It does not mean that we are not supporting our elders we do but keeping them separately and of course accomplished support are undertaken for all bigger and shorter requirement.

If we compare the women in 21st century with the role played 50 years before, we get explosion - A big bang about the “Role of women in 21st century” who are playing a vital & very distinctive role almost at every front

We can see the banking industry, education, central superior services, armed forces and civil services, from district management group to the level to foreign services, I.T industry, medical, telecommunication, aviation, stakes in strategic services, manufacturing industry and that leading role not only at entry level but up to CEO position being enjoyed by the womenfolk who are running the institutions with more value added services.

And women participation not only in corporate world but at home they have been playing a candid role. From educational perspective the ratio of education among women is greater than the ratio of men. It refers some TV interviews where we noticed that men are less degree holder than women; a post graduate woman has been wedding with a graduate or intermediate guy. The trends of education among womenfolk are higher than men folk. The impact we see when educational institution announces their result where among the position holders are women not men.

Now we get the women involvement in infrastructure support services such as civil, electrical & mechanical engineering. Their influences in construction filed doing architectural classic and modern design for skyscrapers cannot be ruled out.

Women of today’s world now have entered in country’s politics, they are contesting election and have acquired seats in National and Provincial Assemblies and most of them even has occupied Premiership across the globe.

Advertising & mass communication (video, audio, film, theatre & Journalism) also have been acquired by womenfolk because of their beauty, voice and persistency towards their performance.

The 21st century women are not only instrumental towards employment portfolio but they have been a good wife, a good mother and a good sister while maintaining their house, their family in a more conducive and prosperous way.

In today’s world where the life & standard of living have been very costly and competitive the wage earner or one person breadwinner has been futile so being a life partner or spouse of her husband she comes ahead and supports the family, such coherence & living with mutual understanding makes the life more stronger and happier, acting as a counselor in family matters enable husband and wife get them in one string.  

The women of this age not only support the family but also they become a source of revenue generating elements, their emblem in GDP contribution & dynamic role in strengthening national economy are conspicuous.

Women of 21st century are now entrepreneurs; they are running garment outlets, cosmetic centers, fast food, baby and baba house, lady and kids stitching shops even in developed and developing countries. There is Women chamber of commerce who is encouraging the working women to run their own outlets for small businesses through One Window System. The businesswomen pledged to play their pivotal role with their male colleagues for boosting and strengthening the national economy.
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