Dec 31, 2012

Wishing A Beautiful Good Morning of 2013

Alarm is going to trigger at 12.00 am today – A herald of beautiful good morning of 2013 – Lets smile & shake hand, embrace & kiss each other as we are stepping in a quite new valley where everything is sparkling, environment with full of multicolor lights & shades & people of radiant faces.

Full of happiness & love, vibrant & lively, fascinated surrounds with excited people who were dancing with strong feeling of happiness & pleasure not sexual ecstasy asked someone who was watching them the reason of heightening pleasures.
From the group someone replied that we are extremely happy & celebrating the herald of 2013 - We are going to have a new sunrise the era of 2013 which will override all evil & sick segments in which we had been enveloped.

We are here to have a solemn affirmation that we will kill all evil spell, evil eye, evil smell and evil spirit, social and moral evil, evil minded, evil doer and announce that we with our combined collective efforts will keep our Society clean & Country free from all such bad elements which have spoiled us.
Now there will be no bomb explosion, no suicide bombing, no target killing, no kidnapping, no ransom, no Bhatta, no breakdown of power and Gas, no more cruelty on the land.

A true democratic set up where everyone will have liberty to use electoral rights, no political victimization, subjugation, no more saboteurs.
We will eradicate the root of all evils and will ensure that a true and real “Welfare State” may come into being where everyone will be living with peace & harmony. From valley a very loud acknowledgement appeared ‘Aameen’ – ‘In Sha Allah’

Let’s say Beautiful Good Morning 2013.

Dec 25, 2012

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

A great leader, man of word and principal which solidified him to get us a land to live with respect, harmony and freedom, free from all barriers in terms of social life, cultural identity and values, custom and religion, a liberty to do whatever you want and like, an independent state which is yours and only yours. Therefore today we should do a solemn affirming that we will love our homeland like we love with our mother.

Dec 21, 2012

Delimitation in Karachi is not viable while General Election is due within few months

Delimitation especially in Karachi will not suffice to obtain a transparent number of residents living in Karachi - a metropolis city accommodating approx. 20.0 million inhabitants. It’s a mega task and certainly cannot be wrapped up in 3-4 months even if a complete team equipped with electronic overheads & goes with heavy security contingent, will not be able to achieve.
It refers Supreme Court recent directive to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) giving verdict of petition filed by some political factions claiming miscalculation of voter list that votes has been shifted out of Karachi.

The Judiciary however asked ECP to delimit Karachi or ‘new delimitation of electoral constituencies’ seeking army help through door-to-door voters verification said in the court verdict.
The court also asked explanation from provincial interior ministry to submit report that what ‘safety and security measures’ have been taken to control the rising lawlessness where ‘Karachi’ has been converted into a riot city, daily strike calls from different groups, arson public & private properties, bank robberies, constant target killing, kidnapping and ransom, Bhatta mafia etc. have been the talk of the town whilst one day business closure (stock market/ banks/ ports) costing Rs.2.0 Billion per day in Karachi.

Step taken however by Judiciary in order to delimit specifically in ‘Karachi’ attracts ambiguity & suspicion about rival group who misled the institution or wants to break the vote bank already being enjoyed by one of the political faction in Karachi. They urged the ECP to initiate same exercise of delimitation across the provinces in Pakistan instead to do only in Karachi said by one political leader debating on Private TV Channel.
The same petition for wrong voter list could be filed from other provinces as well but it did not happen as there is hold of one party or one political group dominating the province & city – Not mix political factions similar to Karachi he further added.

And initially it falls into the ambit of Election Commission of Pakistan if there is or was any delimitation issue. ECP is an independent and autonomous constitutional body, charged with the function of conducting transparent, free, fair and impartial elections for National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies not Supreme court. 
Nevertheless the ECP has taken the base of 1998 census to conduct General Election in the country clarified on TV debate. As per population figure obtained as of July 2011 showing 190,291,129 people living in Pakistan and up to 15 million Pakistani of voting age may have been left out of the rolls due to different reasons said ECP in its analysis.

As per Final Electoral Rolls (FER-2012) there will be 84 million people eligible to vote leaving one in seven people without the right to vote based on 1998 census where the current population around 190 million.

About 51 per cent of the population is, according to the census report, aged 18 and above that implies an estimated 98 million Pakistanis are now eligible to vote but only 84 million Pakistanis have been included, said Final Electoral Rolls report.
The ECP estimates the gap to be even higher at 20 million voters. The last census in the country was conducted during 1998 (the era of peace & tranquility) by the Population Census Organization of Pakistan.

That massive exercise, which was supported by the Federal and Provincial governments, the Army, and other Law-enforcement agencies, generated data that is generally considered transparent and used by all National and International organizations for Planning and Resource Distribution report said.
Again, delimitation also required carrying out in Baluchistan, FATA & Punjab as about 4 million people are living in Karachi because of their jobs in this metropolis city since decades then how their names are still shown at their home town in electoral constituency said in National TV debate.  

Every year Monsoon torrential rain causes severe Flood havoc in the country where lives and properties are damaged and perished, from 200,000 to 250,000 people go homeless they live in make-shift area/ tents or in temporary houses, their home goes abandoned but their names still shows in the same electoral constituencies said by one participant. The death toll also tunes from 2000 to 10,000 every year.
Does ECP updates data for Sind, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa & Punjab emphasized in National dailies?

Realistically the time is not suitable for 'delimitation' either in Karachi or other provinces, let the General Election go accordingly. Arrange country wide censorship which has not been since 1998 and then delimit the constituencies as per information collected during censorship.
Indeed a good decision from Election Commission of Pakistan will ensure conducive & congenial atmosphere to move forward for General Election in the country facilitating more room for new censorship afterwards.

Dec 20, 2012

We are living in the web of confusion, uncertainty, negativity & hypocrisy that’s why the things look us facedown.

The world where we live is full with pollution, pollution does not mean that smoke emitting from vehicles or from chimney of industries but our mind has enormous pollution and it is not cleaned rather has rusted & condensing more on every passing day.
Everything we see it looks us opposite, the thing is upright but when we glare, it appears as facedown. When we see someone he says why you frown at me whereas were just looking at him, a very serious cloud of negativity in the environment moving around.

If someone console it feels that he/she is cheating us definitely needs something that’s why talking politely. If you go to see relative to ask his welfare, he understands that you may be in need of something that’s why you visited.
If you stay for little time either in his office or at residence he takes impression that you will leave after lunch or dinner. If you phone to your friend/ relative as a courtesy that you are coming to see him, they excuse you very smartly that sorry we are preoccupied and going somewhere.

If you give some gift on any specific occasion then he feels that you will ask some favor that’s why you brought him gift either you want to borrow something or need some special favor which is in his hand. If you phone someone and ask his welfare he will not reply you radiantly but with low voice and put you feel that your call did not make him happy & he wants to get rid of.
If you go market or shopping Mall to buy anything the seller shows you something else and gives you something else, it gives you feeling when you come back home & noticed that the material you purchased were not the same. You will be annoyed because you negotiated the price and seller agreed but he did not deliver the correct items.

One fine morning I received a call from mother of my friend who asked to visit at her home she wants to discuss something about her son. At the weekend I went to see them, I got my friend very upset & fed up, he was talking with disappointment, aggressiveness, using foul language, annoyed and expressing in disgusting and revolting way. Certainly such condition for her mother was quite nuisance I assured her that I will take him to a Psychiatrist. I thought that he may be neurology patient but first I preferred to consult with Psychiatrist.
However the Psychiatrist examined him thoroughly and kept him passing through with a series of medical checkup where the doctor revealed that your friend has no illness of any sort. He is fit form all aspect, physically healthy and no mental uneasiness as I pointed out earlier.

The Psychiatrist however asked my friend in detail (before me) that what the problem is – Why are you so frustrated? The friend replied I am fed up and if I had power I would have killed everybody one by one. And if I knew I would not migrate and never asked my parents to relocate in Pakistan he said.
Nevertheless we wanted to know the reason of his resentment and indignation that why he is so irritated, he started to share his feeling with us that

There is no light in our area despite complaints with electricity department – there is constant power breakdown from 12 -15 hours on daily basis.
There is no gas in our stove, if comes it gives very low flame we are unable to cook our food

Our water tap is dry, when open the line it gives air but no water, we have lodged the complaints with Water & Sewerage Board (W&SB) but they seem unable to rectify the issue while I also brought into their notice of W&SB that the water tanker mafia has installed hydrant close to my locality & they are filling their tanks so how you can believe that the same line has water for them but not for us
This is 4th time I have lost my mobile at gunpoint, not only mobile but ID card and some money in my valet. When approached to the police station they advised me not lodge that someone snatched your mobile at gunpoint but say it has been lost on the way while coming home or going from home otherwise you will be in problem duty police officer said

I am still jobless I have been applying for the last one year, when approached to public or private sector they ask me to bring parchi (politician letter) or give bribe to get jobs
Once on my way back home before traffic signal I was asked to stop the bike, some boys hardly in 20s asked me Are you Shia or Sunni. I thought what should I say as I don’t know who they are, then said I am Qadyani one of the boy abused and pushed me to go as such I saved my life.

I was going through my scooter, in one of the locality I was surrounded with some activist on the road who came to me & asked to get down from the bike; they put my bike on fire to whom I will complain and who will return my bike.
I bought another motor-bike and for CNG I keep waiting for 4 to 5 hours to fill my bike tank, it has been a daily practice, only 2 or 3 days CNG is given to motorist our of 7 days in a week.

Two times I escaped from indiscriminate firing I was going to drop someone of my locality.
It has been quite tough for me to live in such tormenting condition, standard of living has been costly, cost of household items has been multiplied and even there is no honesty. The seller cheats you they show something and sell something he stated with anger. You can’t trust anyone in an atmosphere of hypocrisy and deceit.

Electricity & Gas billing approaching skyrocketing while there is constant outage of power & Gas
The sewerage water is spread on the street. No municipality guy comes to clean resulting impacting the dwellers living the area, stagnant water emitting bad odor due its passivity, no mosquito treatment. No govt. hospital in the area, street light are off since decades, no concrete road in our area despite reports with city govt. while we are tax-payer

There is rampant corruption in govt. institution if you go for some work they look to your pocket then lodge complaint – I went electricity department to correct the electric meter reading
After knowing all his grievances and the situation which embarrassed him I and Psychiatrist solace & assure him that these problems are not only for you rather we have been engulfed with the same situation (day and night) so don’t be upset or lose your temper – this is the reality and we have to live in the same web where we are.

We iterated that rampant lawlessness in the city, massive corruption & mismanagement in public and private sectors and these are national issue, there are 190.0 million inhabitants living in the country and you are not alone so live and breathe as we live we emboldened him.
My friend now has come down and radically has accepted the reality but multiple questions always spirals that when we will be honest & loyal with the country - Can we controlled unbridled corruption - Why we depend on shortcut instead to get or follow proper route for our jobs - When Electricity, Gas - Water & drainage issue will be resolved once for all - When our lives and property will be safe and secured and How the soaring prices can come down so that a low income earner may live at least with three time foods and can sleep under his own-roof.

Why there is double standard, when we will talk straight, think straight, walk straight and look straight instead to hide, misperceive & then misconceive resulting we go confused, guide others wrongly, sneaks suspicion as such different negative factors prevails and situation turns into negativity which interrupts the smooth flow of business.
The Doctor further clarified me that not only your friend is uncomfortable here the whole community is away from ethical standard and the reason is the only the environment, our surrounding, the facility which we have are not up to the mark, it has been dented miserably, govt. apathy are before us, no remedial measures in place. A person who did not sleep whole the night due to power breakdown and no gas in stove so how you expect that the counter staff of customer services industry will smile for you and serve you with pleasant it leads to exasperation the Psychiatrist said.

Dec 18, 2012

Human nature to celebrate Festivals whether the past events brought them Happiness of Sadness

 Festivals known as special occasion when people celebrate something which happened in the history of mankind

Human being celebrates festivals across the globe in 365 days in a year that’s why every coming day becomes a ‘Festival Day’. There are 7 continents in the world and has population approx. 7.0 Billion where people of different cast, creed and culture celebrate festivals.
People celebrate festivals whole the year and it goes changed from one continent to other, depends on the language, standard of living, customs, color and race and more important is the ‘events’ which has been falling in the history in subsequent days.

Something special, interesting and unusual happened on some specific date, people recognize it as a 'Festival Day' and as such they celebrate the occasion to commemorate.
The motive behind this celebration is to recall the events happened in the past whether those events brought them happiness or caused them sadness.

However the style & method of celebration goes differ according to the taste of the country or the people living there. The specific date reminds the people to remember, revive the previous events or revitalize by repeating such occasion & as such they celebrate the ‘Festivals’ with their family & friends.
If the events attributed with happiness then they decorate their homes, illuminate the city, gather and enjoy with multiple feasts, men, women and children adorn themselves with colorful outfits & women ornaments specially, singing & dancing & all go into ecstasies, special songs are boradcasted and telecasted, national newspapers hihglights the occassion prominently, exhibition & debates are conducted in support of occassion.

And if the event pertains to ‘sadness’ then they go for sacrifice, slaughtering and special prayer to invoke to forgive their sins, and to keep their god happy, invoking the spirits for their ancestor to mercy upon them or to release them depends on the believes.

So the stem of this short story is to convey that we should not disturb anyone and let people enjoy with their festivities. The majority should respect what minority is doing as there is equal right of opportunity for everyone living in this dynamic world?

Dec 12, 2012

Jesus was the Prophet like other Prophets sent by God to guide then nation.

The attach link says that  

Is Jesus God?
Is Jesus son of God &
Did Jesus claim to be a God that’s why he was crucified?

Jesus was neither the son of God and nor had he claimed that he was the God. Jesus did not pretend or personated as mentioned in the article and according to the article he was crucified because of this claim. It’s a baseless and fictitious just straying and misleading to Christians.

Jesus was just a prophet or Messenger of God like other Messengers sent by God to guide mankind to believe in One, Unique, Incomparable Allah. Who has no son no partner and that none has the right to be worshipped but Him alone. He is the true Allah and every other deity is false. He has the most magnificent names and sublime perfect attributes. No one share His divinity, nor His attributes. In Quran Allah describes Himself.
“Say! He is Allah, the One, Allah, to Whom the creatures turn for their needs. He begets not, nor was He begotten and there is none like Him: Quran 112;1.4

No one has the right to be invoked, supplicated, prayed to or shown any act of worship but Allah alone.
These were the messages which communicated by the Messenger of Allah in subsequent dates* So Jesus did not fabricate anything he just conveyed the message given by His creator (God) and he executed, he taught or preached the community.

Jesus had miracles and every prophet was blessed with different miracles considering the practice and customs running then community with the objective to disseminate God message, assure and convince followers and ask others to believe in one God and worship Him. And live with kindness, respect and sympathy with others, care for weak that were feeble & frail and help those who were less in economy by those who were affluent & wealthy.
A simple message to live with harmony and help the humanity without cast, creed, culture, race and color those were the message from God communicated from all prophets to their nation.

What exactly was the purpose for sending the prophets? To guide mankind who were worshipping idols and there were no living mandates that how to live with others, a genocide, no rule of law, stronger were killing weaker, a common usurpation of basic rights, uncultured and uncivilized era. The society were full with multiples crimes without justice, those who had a power were crushing, cruel and unfair control over the masses, barbarism were need of the day.
Realizing all these massive social sickness God sent His prophet to eliminate cruelty and extreme violent being rendered from one group to another who exhorted the mankind to maintain high morale and sprit of brotherhood for a healthy environment and those were the primary message from Messenger of Allah like Jesus.

Again, Jesus is not Allah or Allah is not Jesus – Even Jesus himself rejected this – Allah has said in Quran
(Indeed, they have disbelieved who have said, “Allah is the Messiah (Jesus), son of Mary. “The Messiah said. “Children of Israel worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord, Whoever associates partners in worship with Allah, then Allah has forbidden Paradise for him and is home is the Fire (hell). For the wrongdoers there will no helpers” Quran 5:72

Allah is not a trinity. Allah has said in the Quran
(Indeed, they disbelieve who say: All is the third of three (in a trinity), “when there is no god but one Allah. If they desist not from what they say, truly, a painful punishment will befall the disbelievers among them. Would they not rather repent to Allah and ask His forgiveness? For Allah is Oft-Forging, Most Merciful. The Messiah (Jesus), son of Mary, was no more than a messenger..) Quran 5:73-75

*(Extracted from A brief illustrated guide to understating Islam page # 47)

Dec 8, 2012

Why Kalabagh Dam is termed as a ‘Life & Death' for Sind province (Pakistan)

Misrepresentation & political polarization has marred the Kalabagh Dam construction in Pakistan.
Particularly the Sind Nationalist taking it with more seriousness and terming “Kalabagh Dam building” is a matter of life and death for Sind province.

Today in Sind assembly during Kalabagh Dam’s debate session, MPAs criticized openly and there were heavy uproars in the assembly over the verdict of Lahore High court which asked the Federal govt. to initiate the project that had gone suspended for different reasons though it had approval (in place) since 1991which later renewed even in 1998 to move further but no implementation at all.
It refers recent directives from Lahore High Court’s to the federal government to implement decisions of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) and build the much-politicized” Kalabagh Dam” has activated the institutional framework to take the issue to a logical conclusion. The verdict further stated that the name of Kalabagh dam has been a matter of tussle between provinces so it can be renamed if needed.

In the past though it bubbled for some time but again went dumped without any substantial reasons by then govt. said in the court verdict. Though the action at Federal level should have been initiated in response to Lahore high court orders but Sind Assembly however has started debate to prepare a final resolution and submission thereof.    
The Sind, MPAs giving justification that Kalabagh Dam will impoverish and deprive of the basic rights of Sindhies & Sindh will lose its liberty rather our people will suffer with unnecessary imposition & the manipulation being attempted by other Provinces on us (Sind) is a clear victimization specifically to Sindhis. And we will not allow anyone to usurp and encroach upon our freedom said by Deputy Speaker of Sind assembly.   

Since Sind assembly debate on ‘Kalabagh dam’ construction is continued and as mentioned by the Speaker that if needed he will keep the session continue for more than week to arrive at conclusion.   
However, on receipt of ‘observation’ from Sind assembly the Federal Govt. should make the report public for understanding of everyone living in the country. The project has been in-try, out-tray since 1991. Its more than 2 decades, though erupts for some time but goes extinguishes. And we have given our mandate that Kalabagh dam is a dead horse so why Lahore high court raising this again & again said by one of the MPA.

There is acute apprehension among the inhabitants of Sind province that other provinces of the country are trying to ruin them economically. A normal Sindhi feels that Punjab, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa are predator and they are going to prey them.
We also have noticed that whenever Kalabagh dam project is raised, a very massive hue and cry & slogan against the govt. and authorities in other provinces of the country are blamed to trigger & fuel. Local and national media started conducting regular debate and due to heavy protests across Sind region the project eventually goes to withdraw said by one of the govt. official wishes to anonymous.

The people of Sind region believes that other provinces have hostility and antagonism with Sindhies, constructing dam will push them to the brink of starvation, their paddy fields will go dry, industry will close, less water will be available, unemployment will prevail and as such Sind will be compelled to rely on the support of other provinces and that’s why Kalabagh Dam has been shown as a ‘Venomous dragon’ who will eat Sind if it is built said by school teacher in interior Sind.
The ‘Kalabagh Dam” has been a matter of prestige among Nationalist because of miss feeding, miss-representation and showing Sind a vulnerable state and there is mindset that if dam is built the other province will take benefits on the cost of Sind etc. he further added.  

Nonetheless we cannot rule out the suspicious role of our politicians who have been visiting Sind constituencies during their electoral process, painted a very harsh, gloomy and depressing picture about Kalabagh dam. Instead to convince and assure the people with positive outcome they vandalized and sabotaged for their political interest just to maintain the vote bank said by the NGOs.
Hence the resolution from Sind assembly to be received to Federal govt. it has therefore been imperative for the govt. to constitute a bench comprising with the team at Federal level, Opposition leaders, Coalition partners, Leader from 4 provinces & Sind Nationalist party along with a Team of Technical & Administrative expertise, Town planners, Team of Engineers (civil, electrical, mechanical) along with a team of Supreme court judges to have in depth discussion, pros and cons, merit and demerit & environmental impacts at the provincial level evaluating technical and administrative parameters too.

The country needs a conspicuous & illustrative detail for general awareness of its citizen the reason for keeping the project defer since more than 2 decades on multiple reasons, a hidden agenda from the govt. where the masses have tired and they need a relief to counter the ruthless havoc of heavy monsoon floods which devours them and their properties every year which is the main manifesto and the reason to build “kalabagh dam”.
It should be our combined collective efforts to assure and convince our friends living in Sind region that there are no differences among provinces and we all are brothers and living under one umbrella called ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’.

As we are aware that every year due to monsoon torrential rain and thunder storm more than 200,000-300,000 people go homeless & from 2000 to 10,000 lives are lost in monsoon flood water, the ruthless flood create havoc in the country where thousands of cattle, millions of crops and hundreds of acre farming lands are inundated and perished so brother at other province extends hand to save the vulnerable brother, this is our obligatory and constitutional duty to live with harmony instead do politics on ‘Dam construction’ said by one Economist on private TV channel
The dams and reservoirs are meant to harness the river waters for accelerating socio-economic growth and mitigating the miseries of a large population suffering from the vagaries of floods and droughts.

Dams and reservoirs contribute significantly in fulfilling the following basic human needs: -

The media needs to play a positive role instead to do debate, lengthy discussion goes futile, attract people with different mode of teaching and education that why we build the dam – if dam is built how we can save people who lost their lives and property every year due to heavy monsoon rains across the country. If dam is built it will not support to only one province but will be beneficial for the country as whole where 200 million of people of Pakistan will enjoy with dam building.