Dec 18, 2012

Human nature to celebrate Festivals whether the past events brought them Happiness of Sadness

 Festivals known as special occasion when people celebrate something which happened in the history of mankind

Human being celebrates festivals across the globe in 365 days in a year that’s why every coming day becomes a ‘Festival Day’. There are 7 continents in the world and has population approx. 7.0 Billion where people of different cast, creed and culture celebrate festivals.
People celebrate festivals whole the year and it goes changed from one continent to other, depends on the language, standard of living, customs, color and race and more important is the ‘events’ which has been falling in the history in subsequent days.

Something special, interesting and unusual happened on some specific date, people recognize it as a 'Festival Day' and as such they celebrate the occasion to commemorate.
The motive behind this celebration is to recall the events happened in the past whether those events brought them happiness or caused them sadness.

However the style & method of celebration goes differ according to the taste of the country or the people living there. The specific date reminds the people to remember, revive the previous events or revitalize by repeating such occasion & as such they celebrate the ‘Festivals’ with their family & friends.
If the events attributed with happiness then they decorate their homes, illuminate the city, gather and enjoy with multiple feasts, men, women and children adorn themselves with colorful outfits & women ornaments specially, singing & dancing & all go into ecstasies, special songs are boradcasted and telecasted, national newspapers hihglights the occassion prominently, exhibition & debates are conducted in support of occassion.

And if the event pertains to ‘sadness’ then they go for sacrifice, slaughtering and special prayer to invoke to forgive their sins, and to keep their god happy, invoking the spirits for their ancestor to mercy upon them or to release them depends on the believes.

So the stem of this short story is to convey that we should not disturb anyone and let people enjoy with their festivities. The majority should respect what minority is doing as there is equal right of opportunity for everyone living in this dynamic world?
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