Dec 20, 2012

We are living in the web of confusion, uncertainty, negativity & hypocrisy that’s why the things look us facedown.

The world where we live is full with pollution, pollution does not mean that smoke emitting from vehicles or from chimney of industries but our mind has enormous pollution and it is not cleaned rather has rusted & condensing more on every passing day.
Everything we see it looks us opposite, the thing is upright but when we glare, it appears as facedown. When we see someone he says why you frown at me whereas were just looking at him, a very serious cloud of negativity in the environment moving around.

If someone console it feels that he/she is cheating us definitely needs something that’s why talking politely. If you go to see relative to ask his welfare, he understands that you may be in need of something that’s why you visited.
If you stay for little time either in his office or at residence he takes impression that you will leave after lunch or dinner. If you phone to your friend/ relative as a courtesy that you are coming to see him, they excuse you very smartly that sorry we are preoccupied and going somewhere.

If you give some gift on any specific occasion then he feels that you will ask some favor that’s why you brought him gift either you want to borrow something or need some special favor which is in his hand. If you phone someone and ask his welfare he will not reply you radiantly but with low voice and put you feel that your call did not make him happy & he wants to get rid of.
If you go market or shopping Mall to buy anything the seller shows you something else and gives you something else, it gives you feeling when you come back home & noticed that the material you purchased were not the same. You will be annoyed because you negotiated the price and seller agreed but he did not deliver the correct items.

One fine morning I received a call from mother of my friend who asked to visit at her home she wants to discuss something about her son. At the weekend I went to see them, I got my friend very upset & fed up, he was talking with disappointment, aggressiveness, using foul language, annoyed and expressing in disgusting and revolting way. Certainly such condition for her mother was quite nuisance I assured her that I will take him to a Psychiatrist. I thought that he may be neurology patient but first I preferred to consult with Psychiatrist.
However the Psychiatrist examined him thoroughly and kept him passing through with a series of medical checkup where the doctor revealed that your friend has no illness of any sort. He is fit form all aspect, physically healthy and no mental uneasiness as I pointed out earlier.

The Psychiatrist however asked my friend in detail (before me) that what the problem is – Why are you so frustrated? The friend replied I am fed up and if I had power I would have killed everybody one by one. And if I knew I would not migrate and never asked my parents to relocate in Pakistan he said.
Nevertheless we wanted to know the reason of his resentment and indignation that why he is so irritated, he started to share his feeling with us that

There is no light in our area despite complaints with electricity department – there is constant power breakdown from 12 -15 hours on daily basis.
There is no gas in our stove, if comes it gives very low flame we are unable to cook our food

Our water tap is dry, when open the line it gives air but no water, we have lodged the complaints with Water & Sewerage Board (W&SB) but they seem unable to rectify the issue while I also brought into their notice of W&SB that the water tanker mafia has installed hydrant close to my locality & they are filling their tanks so how you can believe that the same line has water for them but not for us
This is 4th time I have lost my mobile at gunpoint, not only mobile but ID card and some money in my valet. When approached to the police station they advised me not lodge that someone snatched your mobile at gunpoint but say it has been lost on the way while coming home or going from home otherwise you will be in problem duty police officer said

I am still jobless I have been applying for the last one year, when approached to public or private sector they ask me to bring parchi (politician letter) or give bribe to get jobs
Once on my way back home before traffic signal I was asked to stop the bike, some boys hardly in 20s asked me Are you Shia or Sunni. I thought what should I say as I don’t know who they are, then said I am Qadyani one of the boy abused and pushed me to go as such I saved my life.

I was going through my scooter, in one of the locality I was surrounded with some activist on the road who came to me & asked to get down from the bike; they put my bike on fire to whom I will complain and who will return my bike.
I bought another motor-bike and for CNG I keep waiting for 4 to 5 hours to fill my bike tank, it has been a daily practice, only 2 or 3 days CNG is given to motorist our of 7 days in a week.

Two times I escaped from indiscriminate firing I was going to drop someone of my locality.
It has been quite tough for me to live in such tormenting condition, standard of living has been costly, cost of household items has been multiplied and even there is no honesty. The seller cheats you they show something and sell something he stated with anger. You can’t trust anyone in an atmosphere of hypocrisy and deceit.

Electricity & Gas billing approaching skyrocketing while there is constant outage of power & Gas
The sewerage water is spread on the street. No municipality guy comes to clean resulting impacting the dwellers living the area, stagnant water emitting bad odor due its passivity, no mosquito treatment. No govt. hospital in the area, street light are off since decades, no concrete road in our area despite reports with city govt. while we are tax-payer

There is rampant corruption in govt. institution if you go for some work they look to your pocket then lodge complaint – I went electricity department to correct the electric meter reading
After knowing all his grievances and the situation which embarrassed him I and Psychiatrist solace & assure him that these problems are not only for you rather we have been engulfed with the same situation (day and night) so don’t be upset or lose your temper – this is the reality and we have to live in the same web where we are.

We iterated that rampant lawlessness in the city, massive corruption & mismanagement in public and private sectors and these are national issue, there are 190.0 million inhabitants living in the country and you are not alone so live and breathe as we live we emboldened him.
My friend now has come down and radically has accepted the reality but multiple questions always spirals that when we will be honest & loyal with the country - Can we controlled unbridled corruption - Why we depend on shortcut instead to get or follow proper route for our jobs - When Electricity, Gas - Water & drainage issue will be resolved once for all - When our lives and property will be safe and secured and How the soaring prices can come down so that a low income earner may live at least with three time foods and can sleep under his own-roof.

Why there is double standard, when we will talk straight, think straight, walk straight and look straight instead to hide, misperceive & then misconceive resulting we go confused, guide others wrongly, sneaks suspicion as such different negative factors prevails and situation turns into negativity which interrupts the smooth flow of business.
The Doctor further clarified me that not only your friend is uncomfortable here the whole community is away from ethical standard and the reason is the only the environment, our surrounding, the facility which we have are not up to the mark, it has been dented miserably, govt. apathy are before us, no remedial measures in place. A person who did not sleep whole the night due to power breakdown and no gas in stove so how you expect that the counter staff of customer services industry will smile for you and serve you with pleasant it leads to exasperation the Psychiatrist said.
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