Dec 31, 2012

Wishing A Beautiful Good Morning of 2013

Alarm is going to trigger at 12.00 am today – A herald of beautiful good morning of 2013 – Lets smile & shake hand, embrace & kiss each other as we are stepping in a quite new valley where everything is sparkling, environment with full of multicolor lights & shades & people of radiant faces.

Full of happiness & love, vibrant & lively, fascinated surrounds with excited people who were dancing with strong feeling of happiness & pleasure not sexual ecstasy asked someone who was watching them the reason of heightening pleasures.
From the group someone replied that we are extremely happy & celebrating the herald of 2013 - We are going to have a new sunrise the era of 2013 which will override all evil & sick segments in which we had been enveloped.

We are here to have a solemn affirmation that we will kill all evil spell, evil eye, evil smell and evil spirit, social and moral evil, evil minded, evil doer and announce that we with our combined collective efforts will keep our Society clean & Country free from all such bad elements which have spoiled us.
Now there will be no bomb explosion, no suicide bombing, no target killing, no kidnapping, no ransom, no Bhatta, no breakdown of power and Gas, no more cruelty on the land.

A true democratic set up where everyone will have liberty to use electoral rights, no political victimization, subjugation, no more saboteurs.
We will eradicate the root of all evils and will ensure that a true and real “Welfare State” may come into being where everyone will be living with peace & harmony. From valley a very loud acknowledgement appeared ‘Aameen’ – ‘In Sha Allah’

Let’s say Beautiful Good Morning 2013.
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