Jan 28, 2013

Education for all - Are the Govt. honestly investing allocated Education budget - Or where the amount goes?.

Education unequivocally plays a very pivotal and vital role to uplift the economy, status of the country & countrymen to advance further in life. Since education is very crucial sector& core need of the day, constant falling of educational graph has caused more impoverishment in the country.
CM and Governors of all provinces should be serious. Through education we can get rid of vicious cycle of poverty, enables people to understand & foresee the barriers and impediments cropping into the way of country’s economy & people needs.

Education persuades guides and convinces people to take corrective measures for socio economic development, economic growth and holistic development.

The paradigm of country development squarely hinges upon ‘education’ leading to social capital formation. It builds human capabilities to accelerate pace of industrialization in the country, economic growth & development through knowledge and creativity, innovation and skills.

It’s a sine qua non & prerequisite in all initiative, our prosperity and self-sufficiency towards multiple economic variables definitely relies on ‘education’ so for the govt. to look with more seriousness and without loss of time indeed required to validate across the region, entailing that every single fills of education budget is spent on Education only.

The basic need before us is to prepare our youngster and youth who are our hope & they have to take over the reign of Pakistan, enabling them to use education as a driver which will empower them to move forward and progress the country discussed at national forum.

We have been emphasizing a lot that ‘Education for all’ at national forum and even in National and Provincial assemblies but what happens?

No doubt Govt. envisions, envisages and allocates billions of amounts every year for Education sector while budgeting for different mandatory heads. Not only Govt. supports but other donor agencies, NGOs and External countries also do investment to provide education for Pakistani boys & girls at primary, secondary & higher secondary level.

But when we see the status of educational institutions, even school existence seems missing & in terms of school building, furniture and fixtures, staff of the school, facilities at the school exposing a ruinous condition, a complete disastrous.

During live coverage through media highlighted on national TV channels we get an opposite picture of the school running across the country whether in cities or in interiors, even not a single province do their duties honestly and sincerely resulting our children are unable to go to school, because the basics needs at the school are not available.

Apparently condition of school in small & big city - Though schools are there but no furniture, broken & faded blackboards, no drinking water, no lavatories, school ceiling giving a real threat, iron bars are visible, plaster has been peeled off, broken doors & windows, swinging electric wire and electric circuit boards, damaged & uneven floor with salinity.

And if there is lavatory it is chocked, no proper sewerage system and the school is surrounded with overflowing gutters the children face severe problem to get into the school. The environment is clouded with heavy stink, stagnant water emitting bad odors due to its passivity and despite complaints with Municipality no response is seen said by annoyed school teacher.

The basic problem that our MPA/ MNAs they don’t visit their constituency after winning the election, if they do their duty considering the problems being countered by the inhabitants of the same area from where the minster qualified perhaps they do something but the reality that they never ever visits after election. People problem remains unattended; it goes from bad to worse.  

Even MNA/ MPAs get the loan and funds in the name of ‘development program’ & claims to do on grass root level but it goes closed in the paper, the loans are acquired, project initiated, project executed and projects are closed on papers. What inhumanity, denounced by a senior citizen.   

The problem almost is similar across the region which needs immediate attention from educational authorities to look and resolve it. The children are the future stake holder in assemblies so we have to give them a good school, a bright and vibrant future, asked by group of people who gathered around media team while visited.

Further, the situation of school in villages & in districts of provinces are not different, it gives more gloomy and groaning. There are schools but no students, no teacher.

In the school vehicles are parked by influential lords of the territory - In the school cultivated crops are stored. The School has been converted into herd of cattle The School is taken over by territory police and School walls are used for dung producing center and in some places School has been taken over by drug addict.  

In some places there are school but only four wall and ceiling, no electricity, no furniture, no door and windows, no drinking water, no toilet and un plastered floor. It refers the school situated in Ms. Hina Rabbani (Minster for foreign affairs)’s constituency, one example said by private TV channel

The class teacher was taking the class outside the school with some boys. When asked by media correspondent, Teacher said we have been requesting with local authority but no avail. Further, residents gathered around media team said that there is no gas, no electricity and drinking water pipe lines, people use tube well & collecting dry wooden for fuel to cook said by one of the seasoned resident.

In Karachi school is going to convert into a Restaurant & students have been accommodated temporary in another building. Despite hue and cry from parents and school staff nobody is there to listen. School building has been captured and new complex is being built. Though govt. official visited the area, they console or sympathize but ends in fiasco. Our children are sitting on the ground it does not look that we are in technological age rather looks a stone age said by angry mother.

School inner and outer condition in interior Sind, Punjab & Pakhtoon khawa are mentioned below

School status in Sindh - Condition of Govt. School in Sindh rural and urban are very disappointing, some of the school in urban area has been converted into marriage hall. No teacher no student. Education sector for which govt. envisaged heavy budgets & funded by other donor agency but the status of school across the provinces are pathetic & clumsy has turned into a ghost institution.

The billions of amount are budgeted for Education sector to build school or to renovate school but neither quantitatively nor qualitatively have any changes been seen. It’s a complete failure - No check and balance where the amounts go?

According to recent report of Sind Ministry of Education– 12,794 school are shelter less– 34,386 are without electricity – 26,669 school does not have four sided boundary wall - 23,349 does not have wash room & 25,237 have no access to drinking water.

In 2010-2011 - There are 48,914 educational institutions of public sector in Sindh with a total enrollment of 4,402,993 students. But due to heavy damages of Government primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary 6,847 Schools got damaged completely, that constitutes around 14 percent of total Public sector schools of Sindh.

Some schools buildings were totally collapsed while other are partially damaged in the shape of lost room walls, boundary walls, removal of roof due to windstorm, and land erosion etc. according to an initial assessment by Department of Education, District Education Officers, Assistant Educations Officers and Director Education Planning Sind region.

Among the total damaged schools, 42.86 percent are damaged due to floods, 33.32 percent are damaged due to IDP, 17.06 percent due to rains and 6.22 due to multiple of these.

Status of school in Punjab - The Punjab Govt. philosophy on education seems that ‘only those who are eligible to vote have right of education’ therefore, lavish expenditure is being done on university students and projects which gets media attention but no effort is undertaken for the schools in villages and towns.

As per article 25-A, after 18th Amendment, the State is responsible for providing free education for children between 5-16 years of age but the Punjab Government has not yet initiated any legislation to provide free education to the poor students of government schools, while it has spent billions of rupees for the construction of Danish Schools and distribution of laptops among students of colleges and universities.

Chief Justice Azmat Saeed, LHC also expressed his anger on the lack of seriousness of Punjab Govt. Published The Nation,12-Apr-2012.

School in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (former NWFP) - The number of school closed in the province in 2008-09 was 477 which include 358 girls school

According to report EMIS in 2009 that during 2009-10 the number of closed school were 512, it refers the record of 2010-11 stood at 417 which further reduced to 350 according to recent report of education department.

The reason of school closure assigned social disputes, illegal occupation of school building, and dispute over employment stated by Provincial Minister Elementary& Secondary Education Sardar Hussein Babak.

During earthquake in 2005, there were 612 schools those were pulled down to clean the area, despite reminder from inhabitants & by MNA/ MPA with federal govt. no action has been taken so far. Boys and girl are studying in the tents & without tents – not mention for weather vagaries.

The number of such schools was 332 in Mansehra, 153 in Battagram, 62 in Abbottabad, 75 in Shangla. The amount for renovation had been estimated Rs.3 billion by then govt. which still could not approve to reconstruct the bulldozed school - Dawn 14th Aug 2012

The govt. at this juncture should take immediate action to renovate schools those have been collapsed during floods. It is empirical evidence that the quality of school buildings impacts student behavior, including vandalism, absenteeism, suspensions, disciplinary incidents, violence.

On the contrary, if the basic facilities in the schools are available it will attract students to join school, such as easy access of reading material, class room cleanliness, white washed wall, painted door and windows, clean drinking water and lavatory system, playground, sports arrangement among schools, picnic and parties, contest in reading and writing, appreciation and recognition certificate, gift distribution like school bag, copies, instruments boxes, drawing & comic books, painting & graphic sheets, birthday celebration etc. are the encouraging symptoms which creates excitement and curiosity among students and trust is built between teachers and students.

Infrastructure availability, school design, equipped with science & computer lab, library availability are the resources, motivates the students. So the MNA/ MPAs should genuinely be serious to spend the allocated amount in school at primary, secondary and higher secondary level, believing that you are the crusader, people have voted you to serve them to support and help them. You (MNA/MPAs) have mandate to serve the people of Pakistan otherwise the same people have strength to get you down said by NGOs discussing at talk show.

Jan 25, 2013

Will ‘Islamabad Declaration’ signed off in between govt. official & Dr. Qadri be a panacea to get rid of corrupted politicians in next General Election 2013?

Dr.Qadri Islamabad declaration & implementation thereof looking us in doldrums as the existing ruling elites along with some specific coalition partners have nominated the name of President and Prime Minster for care taker Govt. and the govt. is also in process to finalize the dissolution of National & Provincial assemblies probably executing one of the clause of 'Islamabad declaration' that assembly will be dissolved before March 16th 2013.

The concern among people of the country being developed that what will be the fate of Dr. Qadri 'Islamabad declaration' if the existing govt. along with its staunch allies have concluded the selection of care taker govt. and they also have reduced the 90 days limitation to 60days getting the resolution approved by the house (parliament) which no doubt an apparent breaching the ‘declaration clause’ agreed with the cluster of 10 Govt. officials (MPAs & MNAs) who signed off Islamabad accord on 17TH Jan 2013 along with Dr. Qadri.

Further the govt. officials were also in agreement that after dissolution of assemblies, within 90 days general election will be conducted keeping 30 days dedicated and isolated only for screening the candidates eligibility who will submit the paper to contest in election.
For thorough screening of the candidate Pakistan’s constitution clause 62, 63 and 218 will be executed in its essence as mandated in the constitution refers the accord. And if any candidates do not fulfill the requisite specification he/ she will be disqualified.

The parameter to assess and measure the candidate honesty, loyalty and patriotism with the country will be evaluated through a chain of documents needs to be submitted to the Election commission of Pakistan (ECO).
The candidate’s legitimacy will be examined getting payment break up of 5/10 years of Income tax returns, property tax, withholding tax, utility bills, and other govt. levies imposed time to time, the candidates bank’s account, valuables what he/ she has in custody such as diamond, gold and silver actual in his/ her custody. A genuine breakup of properties being hold by candidates incudes Palaces, Bungalows, Apartment, Flats, Multiple Industries, Lands, Agricultural land, Farm house etc. across the provinces in Pakistan and overseas to get a proper enlistment & regular payments of property tax to Govt. of Pakistan.

Has the tax been paid since the date of its acquiring or from the date of ownership transferred in the name of the candidate? Is it the actual the length of properties as mentioned in the paper filed for election? the papers to be scrutinized in its real terms constituted in clause 62 63 & 218 accord says.
Status of 'Utilities Bill Payment' (Electricity- Gas- water) against all the properties since the date of possession – Is the candidate regular in utility payment?

Loan status - Confirmation from the lenders i.e. Financial institution that the loan taken by the candidate has been paid off or he/ she has been declared defaulter did not pay back the acquired loan to the agencies then it will also be a clause of termination to disqualify the candidate papers.

Detail of loan obtained during 5/10 years with multiple agencies in subsequent dates and bank confirmation if it is continued or has been closed.

The basic objective of ‘Paper scrutiny’ submitted by the prospective candidates to ensure that we’re sending an honest & loyal person in the parliament who will feel the agony of a common man and will work with whole heatedly for the betterment and advancement of the masses a general consensus of Dr. Qadri, PTI leader, MQM & PML-Q to elect leadership from middle and lower class instead to spiral among 7 families since decades discussed at national forum.

These are the parameter to weigh the candidate’s competency in terms of his/ her life-style and faithfulness to the nation, its people and govt.
However the clause 62, 63 also describes candidates inner attitude as who is he, whether he prays 5 times or not, he believes in God, he is sympathetic to the poor, he is soft or inhuman - Of course these are human instinct can’t be ascertained as it manifests internal behavior of the candidate so ECP has not been asked to judge it – No not at all clarified by Dr.Qadri during his Islambad public gathering.

Prime preference to abide by the law of candidate, is the initial needs of free, fair & transparent election therefore paper scrutiny should be impartial, unbiased and without any preferences. Every candidate will have to go through the process & qualify failing which the ECP has authority to disqualify him/ her from election says the accord.
As agreed in Islamabad declaration signed off on 17th Jan 2013 that the ‘nomination of care taker govt.’ will be finalized with the consultation of Dr. Qadri, PTI, MQM, PML-Q, ANP & other coalition partners not with the mutual cooking or Muk-Mukaoo (mutual understanding) of PPP & PML-N which will not be acceptable at any cost the accord highlights.

And the dissolution of Election commission of Pakistan and reappointment the team was also to be reviewed with legal experts along with existing Minister of law to see the possibility for ECP dissolution and such discussion was to share in the meeting to be held in Lahore on 27th Jan 2013 at Minhaj-ul-Quran office at 12.0 pm accord refers.

Though the declaration has been recognized a triumph of democracy in Pakistan history, media, lawyers, intelligentsia, and civil society termed it a spectacular ending of Long March of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri started on 13th Jan from Lahore followed with 4 days ‘sit-in’ in Islamabad ended on four pages accord signed on 17th Jan with group of govt. officials.

There is also hot-debate continuing on the announcement of Dr. Qadri that He, His son or Daughter is not taking part in upcoming election. The people have ambition and very much keen & zealous supporter of revolution, a change for a real democracy in the country for what the slogan being raised by Dr. Qadri & PTI during their public address.
Referring Dr. Qadri long march campaign ‘to save the state not the politics’ so what happened why he is getting back.

And what were the objective of all such unforgettable efforts & impacts sustained by one hundred thousand of people gathered in Islamabad & single mindedly remained associated with Dr. Qadri, trusted in his leadership & avowed to be determined, headstrong & resolute during 4 consecutive days of sit-in under open sky with extreme whether vagaries in minus freezing Celsius asked by a group of people requesting to Dr. Qadri to share in the coming election & get his political party reinstated.

People also asked to do alliance with PTI and other political parties to eliminate the rising corruption penetrated in our politics which not only has traumatized all of us but economy of the country has been ruined completely said by a group of people looking ahead to save Pakistan from criminals.

Jan 24, 2013

Living in Middle East & Living in the Home country

A myth dispels when we see a changed attitude of the same working class of people that leaves their country to job in Middle East. Or in Gulf Region, how they live like a respectable person who loves with Govt. and its people.

There are general impressions about the people working in Middle East/ Gulf Region that they become more loyal, honest, reliable, competent, enthusiastic, energetic, persuasive, lovers of business and office ethics, duty bound, good listener & result orientated while discharging their onerous responsibilities.

They work hard, they follow the rules and regulation imposed in the country like a good citizen they obey the law. They don’t tease women rather prove a chivalrous even if a single lady jogging at cornice, the lady is secured even if she is walking at 02 AM along the road or driving.
They follow the traffic rules, never breaks the traffic signals if passing at mid night, not spoiling, defacing and marring the city image, walls are not dubbed with graffiti, strictly following queue management if they are in the bank, at immigration counter not crossing the red strips on the floor, with patience standing for the turn.

If they are in medical center, in shopping malls or at any public and private services counters they maintain discipline, no fighting or using any thorny words against anyone, don’t disgrace anyone, talks politely & moves politely.
They walk on pedestrian rows & footpath, moving and maligning with families sensibly, not piling garbage before the house or dumping at any pocket space rather throwing in allocated dustbin, not cutting & breaking the trees without permission from municipality department, maintain the façade, parks and streets, public and private property is fully secured and protected.

Whether standing or sitting in a bus or in metro demonstrate like a matured & law abiding person, a well-polished conversation though standing along ladies maintaining respect and special care even though sitting next to lady.
No power and gas outage, no fuel crisis, no scarcity of water, no block sewage system, no stagnant water during down pour, a well-planned metropolitan city where govt. undertakes responsibility to keep their people happy and warm in whether vagaries. In winter season the park goers feel warm because there are heaters to keep the general public warm, how the govt. are so conscious for the welfare of the masses.

They study in foreign university in Middle East/ Gulf region but no-unionism, no clashes among students, no strikes of any sort hampering routine work flow, no taunting, teasing, unkind words or any stupidity for making fun, a very neat and clean educational institution without politics, attire in allowed dress code.
Keeping environment clean and avoid to spit or pollute, very careful and hygienic cautious, don’t urinate anywhere, no open confrontation, no slogan either in favor or against, no procession and protest of any kinds, no wrong parking or encroachment allocated for special.

In case of accident, within no time police spots the scene and amicable settlement happens, for any crime law enforcement agency rushes and legal proceeding moves forward. In case of fire breaks out advanced and well equipped vehicles takes over the site to extinguish, victims are transported with well secured ambulance stuffed with necessary live saving materials, if roads are blocked by any reason then copter is used to shift the fire victims.
All kind of business being run under license issued by the authority, special raids are carried out to ensure that business should work under approved boundary.

All hotels and restaurants are raided and physical checking of cooking room, material & staff are monitored and examined individually, if found guilty the business either closed on the spot, huge sum or imprisonment or both are pronounced by the govt. team.
Even the religious worship centers are controlled by the related ministry, on Friday; Mosques are given one topic which validates for all mosques running in the state. No preacher can repudiate or defy highlighting only one given subject.

Though the people who came to work in Gulf region live with multinationals yet live with pleasantly, harmony, well behaved and well-mannered, courteous and looks always law-prone.
However what have been highlighted above does not relate to an imaginary world but it exists in Arabian Peninsula where everything works systematically and everyone from ground to top level are the strict adherent and accountable before law.

But this mythology goes debunk when the same working class returns home.
The ‘reverse’ situation signifies that there is no law & govt. functionaries have been failed to handle rising lawlessness n in the country, lives and property are in-secured, killing are common, unlicensed ammunition has a free hand and no methodology been figured out to thwart growing mismanagement in the country.

There are rampant corruption, regular strike calls from political factions, transport strikes, CNG strikes, electricity and gas outages, soaring prices for necessities of lives, a callousness from the govt. to safe consumer products and other social evils have been the talk of the town and except expectation for good days we are unable to do anything unless govt. wakes up, enforce and execute strict law in the country
There is no ‘angel’ ruling in Arab world rather it’s a govt. ruling elites who maintains law and order in their countries they follow and get it followed by the countrymen.

People of Pakistan hope that In Sha Allah we will also have a pleasant Pakistan with good governance for 180 million of people a vibrant and dynamic hope from millions of mother who dreams for her children. A change and only change is the crying need of the day.

Jan 18, 2013

Dr. Qadri “Islamabad Long March Declaration” has been singed off between Him, Ruling elites & Coalition partners of govt. of Pakistan on 17th Jan 2013.

An unprecedented accord signed off in between Ruling elites and coalition partners after deadlock of 5 consecutive days from govt. Undoubtedly authenticate that the essence of democracy to thrive and flourish in Pakistan is still alive and if anyone efforts, does not go ineffective, a historic breakthrough and landmark achievements towards democracy in Pakistan where politicians from all factions gathered at one platform and concluded the long march with spectacular end.
The steps however taken by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri who travelled on 13th Jan 2013 from Lahore to Islamabad with the surge of 100,000 people along with men, women, children and kids aged from 3 months to 3 years old made them a conquering hero who achieved their 3 points agenda approved by the govt.

Long Marcher ‘Sit-in’ in Islamabad for consecutive 5 days, faced whether vagaries, coupled with storm, thunder and even last day heavy down-pour did not affect them but remained resolute, persistent & determined under open sky, truly proved their tenacity, firmness & enthusiasm that could not fizzle out. The contribution of kids ranging from 3 months to 3 year’s baba & baby bravely accepted the painful whether condition too.
Further long marcher during 5 days sit-in remained calm and peaceful & left us a lesson that without violence in the capital (a legislative city enclave with diplomats & ministries offices) we can obtain our motto to maintain a true democracy in the country appreciated by govt. official came to sign off the accord.

The unwavering 3 points agenda of Dr. Qadri to reform in ‘electoral process’ to filter out the candidate’s eligibility while contesting election and do delimit the electoral process moving around Tribes, Group, Wadera, Malik, Chowdary & Feudal an stigma which has damaged & crippled our electoral process said Dr. Qadri.
Since Pakistan is a democratic country rank 7th in the world and enriched with nuclear capability, its constitution does not interpret & signifies to monarchy or the country is not ruled by a king and queen. The leadership is selected and elected through a legitimate electoral mechanism.

Therefore candidate can qualify after going through with engraved electoral process defined in section 62, 63 and 218 otherwise it will not be different from 2008 stuffing the parliament with the same culprits who are tax evaders, not submitting Income tax return, not paying utilities bill (Electric, Gas & Water since more than 10 years) running industries and living in palaces without utilities payment and mandatory taxes levied time to time are not paid. They hide their properties & do not give the precise figure of their houses, bungalows, farm & agricultural lands, multiple industries in Pakistan and overseas, maintaining multiple bank accounts in the country and overseas are the serious offenders.
A pre-clearance from Election commission of Pakistan will scrutinize the supportive paper submitted by the candidate within 30 days then he/ she can get ticket to move further otherwise will be disqualified by ECP said by Dr. Qadri.

Regarding Caretaker-prime minster two existing parties of PPP & PML-N will not do any settlement or Muk-Mukaoo (mutual understanding) that will be null and void and will not be acceptable to Tahrik  Minhaj ul Quran (a religious party of Dr. Qadri). With the consent and consensus of other political stake holders i.e. from PTI, MQM & Dr. Qadri’s own political party will finalize the ‘care-taker’ set up in the country.
For re-constitution of Election commission to be finalized with the consultation of Minhaj-ul-Quran in next meeting to be conducted on 27th Jan 2013 at Minhaj ul Quran office Lahore at 12.0 pm after consultation of group of lawyers to check the pros and cons of ECP dissolution and re appointment after counseling the cluster of 10 lawyers along with existing law minister of Pakistan. And decision to dissolve national assembly before 16th March 2013 and election date announcement will be finalized

However in every walk of life the ‘long march’ being appreciated that without loss of any lives neither from marcher nor does Govt. both party remained calm and maintained discipline till end of Islamabad long march declaration on 17th Jan 2013.

Besides, if we see the treatment from Govt. officials during sit-in of long marcher, character assassination and ridiculing of Dr. Qadri’s cap, his tone, body gesture and speeches in English as well remained under severe criticism.
If we recall that one of the leader in India who had neither political stakes in the parliament nor politician but belonged to some group, the guy known as “Anna Hazarey” appeared & raised his voice regarding rampant corruption in India, his call overwhelmed across Indian provinces to cleanse the corrupted politicians who were involved in huge corruption scam. So to raise voice in a democratic country does not require associating with any political mandate or through political corridor said by TV anchor.

Don’t see the face, see what he is talking, what he demands and is it really sensitive and related with state structure for what he is vociferating. The debaters have been asking (in very insulted way) that who is he, under what authority he is asking to dissolve assembly and sacking the MNAs & MPAs. He lives in Canada, why he came now when the election is in offing, who is financing him, who is behind him.

Is establishment backing him and how ruthless he is that he is sleeping with his family in bullet proof container and his followers having sit-in in open sky in such a freezing temperature? If he is more conscious and real crusader, referring “hussaini mission’ then why he is in bunker said by one of debater & some partial TV anchors during talk show on national TVs mentioned by Dr. Qadri spokesmen who joined talk shows.  
One of the question asked by MNA that Tahir-ul-Qadir has no political office in Pakistan and he is Canadian national, why he came Pakistan, appeared all of sudden & asking to dissolve assembly, Spokesman from of Dr. Qadri replied that Tahir-ul-Qadi has political office, he was MNA in 2002, he has political office in place and he will renew it to start his political activity properly and as far as his Canadian nationality he will cancel it.

Keeping dual nationality now has become a crime but existing Govt. in power & its coalition partners contested election on dual nationality, remained 2 to 3 years in national and provincial assemblies but when it came to the knowledge of Supreme Court, it disqualified the MNAs & MPAs, constituency was evacuated and re-election was carried out clarified by spokesman of Dr. Qadri
Fakhurdin G Ibrahim is very honorable and respectable person but the people working under him are corrupt and can’t ensure free fair and impartial election. There is extreme manipulation in scrutiny of election papers and execution of clause 62, 63 and 218 in letter and spirit. The Assets declaration announced by ECP giving a fake assessment of properties submitted by politician where Fakhruddin G Ibrahim (ECP) did not do a cross check asked by Dr. Qadri and accepted their papers for election quoted recent example.

The demand to change electoral process is imperative so that we can bring in assembly a true and real democratic member who is loyal, honest and a real savior to serve the people of the country, no corrupted mafia or professionals & 70% tax evaders Dr. Qadri said.
The recent example of Bi-election held in the constituency of Ex-prime minster Yusuf Raza Gilani who was disqualified due to convicted from Supreme Court. The constituency got evacuated & Gilani Son fought election & won. Do you understand that we don’t have any other candidate to put him against son of Gilani.

This Tribes approach of election (on family practices) we want to cease so that other candidate from the same area come forward and represent the need of people in the assembly Dr. Qadri emphasized.
The recent corruption cases of Rs.500 billion had been misappropriated by PM of Pakistan & other 15 members to whom Supreme Court asked to arrest them but on Supreme instruction they have not been arrested yet.

One another case of OGRA Chairman Tauqeer Sadiq who is involved in Rs.87 Billion, he has left the country and despite Supreme Court order he has not been arrested and brought back to Islamabad Dr. Qadri referred.

If electoral reform and given constitutional clause of section 62, 63 & 218 is not ensued to filter out the candidates for General Election 2013 the same group & coterie will come again in the parliament for more 5 years and whatever remains they will eat Dir. Qadri groaned.

Jan 17, 2013

Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri Sit-In has entered in 4th day in Islamabad & Instruction from President of Pakistan to disperse the marhcer politely without using any power

4th Day ‘Sit-in’ of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri in Islamabad & President of Pakistan instruction to Federal Interior minister for not to use any power for dispersing the marcher.  
Dr. Qadri Revolutionary Call For Democracy for a ‘true and real democracy in Pakistan’ followed his long march call from Lahore to Islamabad started from 13th Jan 2013 now has entered in 4thday ‘Sit-In’ in Islamabad and he will not move back until his 3 points agenda is implemented said by Qadri in his today public meeting, however the agenda points includes
ü  Dissolve the current assembly & announce care-taker govt. that should not be a part of current political stake holders i.e. PPP & PML-N as it will be a repetition of the same rusted & filthy structure who will not ensure the transparency in electoral process
ü  Announce Election date & Execute in letter and spirit the constitutional clause # 62, 63 & 218 already laid in Constitutional Book of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
ü  Dissolve the current Election Commission of Pakistan and appoint new members so that essence of free, fair, impartial and transparency (laid down in the book) should enforce in practical to select candidate & his/ her competency while submitting election paper to contest in the forthcoming General Election 2013.
Despite giving a dead line from Dr. Qadri no representative from the Govt. has contacted him yet. In the long marcher are women, students (girls/ boys), men of different ages, children and kids aging 1 month, 3 months and 1 year old who are on bottle feeding and some kids on walker as the media has been covering the area.  
The political debates at different TV channels are continued, some participants are of the view that Govt. should send their representative to talk with Dr. Qadri to close his march as they are sitting since Jan 13thin open sky in such a freezing temperate in Islamabad whilst rain has been forecasted, if some kids or any one dies because of cold and freezing whether then who will be responsible urged one of the analyst debating on Dr. Qadri demands, further added that Does the govt. want to repeat the situation of Quetta where 87 dead bodies kept unburied for 4 days.
Furthermore, FIR has already been lodged by the Govt. against Dr. Qadri & 21 people of his team as he highlighted in his public meeting today. He also mentioned that when my people went to the same police station to lodge complaints against Rehman Malik (Federal interior minister) who attacked me last night when I was inside four wheels someone entered and captured driver seat, they fired on the vehicle, my own security personnel saved me, my girl also laid down on the ground and did not allow them to kidnap me, my men broke the gear so that they may not drive the vehicle specified by Dr. Qadri in his today speech.
A general view of Dr. Qadri long march has not been appreciated and does not give a good impression among political analyst and TV anchors hosting debate at different TV channels. They are terming a non-political movement though the points are valid and even similar to MQM & PTI as they attested earlier that agenda of Dr. Qadri is correct but the approach & initiative is different & does not suite to democratic norms said by PTI leader who refused Dr. Qadri call invited in his today meeting to join him. PML-N called Dr. Qadri as a performer not reformer while Rehman Malik termed him as the crowd collector.
PPP and PML-N stake holders challenging Dr. Qadri status that who is he and under what authority he is asking from a legally elected govt. to dissolve the assembly and sacking all elected MPAs & MNAs. He is coming from Canada where he had been since 10 years asked in debates session at TV channel.   
The insistence from Dr. Qadri to appoint new election commission is to scrutinize & validate that candidate who is submitting nomination paper whether or not has submitted the supportive paper of Income tax return for 5/10 years, Utilities Bills, Property Taxes & Govt. other levies testifying that he/ she is not fraudster, no criminal charges, convicted or has been sentenced by the court & defaulter in Govt. levies if he/ she is found defaulter then should not be allowed to contest in election and be barred for 10 years he asserted.
Minutely examining the relevant papers will ensure & authenticate that the candidate is eligible to participate in the election instead to stuff the parliament with the same power greedy criminals who have looted, convicted, declared corrupted by NABs, defaulter in income tax return, evaded tax payment, stole utilities bill payment, hid the length of his/ her actual properties owns as we have such coterie in our assemblies Dr. Qadri clarified.
These are the criteria to assess weight and evaluate the candidate falls under description of constitution clause 62, 63 & I am not asking new thing he categorized.
There are also slides being run at TV channels that govt. intends to take action against Dr. Qadri sources said.
In the political debates continued at TV channels, the stakeholders from PPP & PML-N & other coalition partners along with the spokesman of Dr. Qadri asking Govt. not to be violent with participants as among marcher there are children, small kids, students and old women. There should not be such action leads to holocaust & stampede. Besides MQM, PTI & PML-Q have asked the govt. strongly to avoid of any power against the long marcher otherwise govt. will be responsible for the consequences.
The latest news running at national TV channels quoting that President of Pakistan phoned to Mr. Rehman Malik for not to use any power against Dr. Qadri and the participants as this is the beauty of the democracy that before the parliament somebody agitating president asked.
Undoubtedly it’s a good move by President of Pakistan who sensed the situation to handle the situation politely and amicable drop scene of consecutive four days confinement of Islamabad citizen who had been paralyzed said by TV anchor in his discussion.

Jan 15, 2013

2nd Day Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri Revolution call & Sit-In’ before Parliament is continued with a mob of 300,000 who marched from Lahore to Islamabad on 13th Jan 2012

Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri long march started from Lahore to Islamabad has entered in 2nd day. Today Tuesday 15th Jan 2013 Dr. Qadri addressed publically with the surge of three hundred thousand people in Islamabad.
Their collective slogans however are “we want change & get rid of corrupted people”. We believe in real democracy where people of the country gets bread, a home for living, a clean glass of water, sewerage system, electricity, gas, transport, medical facility, education, job & justice will be easily accessible to a normal citizen of the country. He further added that there is rampant insecurity, rising corruption in the country, mismanagement everywhere except judiciary and armed forces of Pakistan as Dr. Qadri said in is public address. He also addresses in English for 40 minutes for international media and foreigners living in Islamabad he added.

In the crowd there are women, men and children even the kids of 6 months and 1 year old and still the Sit-In are continued. They are well disciplined and no violent of any sort mentioned by one of human rights NGO at Islamabad.
Its people persistency that in such a freezing season at Islamabad whole the night they remained passive and sit in open sky while next morning when their leader Dr. Qadir addressed publically they were fit, vibrant and looks very active said by a political analyst debating at national TV about the crowd.

Dr. Qadri put 7 demands before the govt. 4 among 7 were to dissolve the assembly in federal and provinces and announce care-taker govt. with honest and loyal people, to conduct election date and cleanse the electoral process so that a fair, free & impartial election may held on a particular date to bring leadership to the parliament from middle and lower classes.
Instead to see the same rusted and abused faces to whom the nation has cursed and suffered a lot since decades such characters have been occupying the parliament with fraudulent, they buy election; they buy election ticket and don’t allow others to contest in election. They don’t serve the people rather professional who loots and the country, embezzle people’s money and crush the poor segment to cry for the whole year. So in coming election such figure should not be repeated emphasized Dr Qadri.

Now while he was addressing publically his aides informed him that Supreme Court of Pakistan has asked NABs to arrest Prime minister of Pakistan in a verdict of Rental cases where 16 officials of PPP including him were involved in embezzlement of Rs.60 billion bribes. Such verdict from the Supreme Court made the participants of ‘long march’ happier and they bowed their head before Al Mighty Allah in recognition of invoke. Though it was a coincidence that at the time when everybody was asking to dissolve the assembly but through court verdict it went easier said by one analyst.

However tomorrow will be 3rd day of Dr. Qadri long march call who will address with the same participants having still Sit-in before parliament with women, men, children and kids in open sky. The govt. should intervene and see the demand the Dr. Qadir otherwise Human Rights & International media will interrogate the Govt. of Pakistan said by group of foreigners living in the country.

Jan 13, 2013

Baluchistan in trouble – 4th Day Sit-In in Quetta at Alamdar Road with 87 coffins (unburied body)

In protest of five consecutive bombs blast in Quetta on Thursday 10th Jan 2013 at two different Roads caused a complete disaster in the city. Thousands of extremely shocked people are sitting on the road in open sky in such a freezing minus 6 Celsius temperature, keeping 87 coffins on the road demanding Govt. to dissolve Baluchistan Govt. & hand over the city to Pakistan Army as existing provincial govt. has completely been failed to protect & secure the lives and property of the people. There is constant killing in Hazara and with a particular sect Shia community is on the rampage in Baluchistan said by the mourners.
The growing anger among Hazara group asking govt. why they are being targeted and govt. functionaries has left us on the mercy of mercenaries. Since the provincial govt. has proved its inability to control the massive terrorism in Quetta, has failed to rule the province and unable to do operation against terrorist and their hideout that has besieged the city & taken the inhabitants on hostage so better to leave its office.

We don’t trust in govt. our people are being killed every day, it’s carnage of a particular community said by the protesters and Shia Islamic leaders. We therefore demand dismissal of provincial govt. and to impose Governor Rule and the province needs to be handed over to Pakistan Army.
However MQM leadership went on Friday 11th Jan 2013 afternoon in Quetta and called upon all political parties to protest and keep their business shutdown, shared sympathy with the deceased of martyred of bomb explosion. 

Furthermore the govt. on Saturday 12th Jan 2013 in late afternoon woke up who were busy in abstaining Tahir-ul-Qadir’s long march call and all missionaries were busy to condone off the cities from Lahore to Islamabad and dismantelling of facilities.

The first Govt. officials Mr. Khurshid shah visited Quetta and with Baluchistan Governor they met with Qaumi Yakjehti council Quetta but the mourners were strict to their demand to dissolve the assembly and hand over the city to Army otherwise they would not called off the Sit-In and let the bodies unburied unless it is confirmed groaned one of the mourner.
Further Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) also arrived in Quetta & demanded the withdrawal of CM & Governor of Baluchistan & dissolution of Provincial assembly who has lost its trust among the people said by PTI leader. MQM (the coalition partner of PPP) and PTI both emphasized to ask resignation from Chief Minister of Baluchistan who is out of country probably in UK despite numerous contacts from Govt. officials, CM arrival is still unconfirmed.

However PM and Federal Minister for information both arrived late in afternoon in Quetta on 13th Jan 2013 and met with the PPP members in Baluchistan govt. The govt. still in consultation with Federal law minister to consider the demands of the mourners who is very strict and difficult to change.
The current scenario, that nationwide protests have been called upon, rallies, protests & demonstration in all provinces before the governor house and on the main road Sit-in across the country are continued. Shia Islamic associations, NGOs and civil societies have come out to the street.
In such a chilly days men and women are demonstrating their protest against Govt. apathy who still did not finalize the fate of 87 unburied bodies lying on the road in open sky with the mourners who will not move and bury the bodies until Govt. dissolve Baluchistan assembly and deploy army to control the city said Shia Islamic leaders sitting in Punjab & Sind.
The Sit-in protest in all the four districts of Karachi and outside of Bilawal House even demonstration is continuing, the distraught protesters are demanding the dissolution of Baluchistan and lodging their protest for Quetta carnage.

Chief Minister of Baluchistan is out of the country, it’s about 4th day. In order to conclude the sit-in strike in Quetta, coordination among PPP member in Baluchistan along with PM is continued but due to legal implication CM Baluchistan cannot be suspended as one month ago he obtained ‘vote of confidence’ so legally up to six month he can’t be suspended.

As far as Governor Rule announcement in the province and to handover the province to Army are under consideration said by Governor of Baluchistan. He also clarified that PPP is ruling the country so how PPP itself can impose Governor Rule in Baluchistan, however legal pros and cons are under discussion with federal minister of law he stated.

Besides, protestors also demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan to intervene and asked him that why he is silent and not taking suo-moto if he can take on the killing of one Shahzeb in Karachi - Is it not looking him that 87 unburied bodies lying on the road in Quetta for the last 4 days asked by Islamic Scholar in rallies.
The govt. is in dilemma that what to do? As there is severe internal strife in Quetta, long march of Tahir-ul-Qadri and tension at line of control, political analyst said. Nonetheless the political situation in the country needs to be attended first.

Jan 11, 2013

Assets declaration from Political parties contesting in forthcoming General Election 2013 in Pakistan

Detail of Assets being hold by Politicians contesting in forth coming election in 2013 has been declared by Election Commission of Pakistan giving an absurd & ludicrous picture where anyone who has even little sense can term it a fake and unbelievable.

Name of political parties
Declared assets
4 Lac 35 thousands
3 Crore 35 thousands
1 Crore 78 thousands
5 Crore 19 Lac
14 Lac 21 thousands
1 Crore 5 Lac
20 Lac 73 thousands

PPP & PML-N are the two big political groups in the country and their assets and corruption ratio is well known across the country. There is serious observation among the masses that why ECP does not do cross-check and living in fool paradise that whatever the politicians’ show them, ECP believes blindly and even does not return the paper.

Does the govt. machinery have any ‘check and balance’ or the data base has been tampered. And this is the reason that people do hate with them and believe in change said by one of the senior citizen watching national TV breaking news about the announcement of ‘assets declaration’ from ECP.

In the given list PPP has been shown with much reduced figure, we know well about PPP and PML-N that they are the custodian of multiple palaces, chain of plots and apartments, agriculture lands & industries, vehicle, Gold, silver, jewels, multiple Bank accounts in Pakistan and Overseas and how brazenly and shamelessly the actual amount or value of assets have been kept hidden from the eyes of govt. of Pakistan and its people who elect them to rule the country and treating them a crusader who will care for the betterment and advancement of the down trodden people of the country.

Eventually the poor segments go poorer and rich goes richer, the vicious cycle of poverty remains spiral and it never stops, if we have corrupted leadership, disloyal and dishonest ruler then how the condition of people and economy can thrive and prosper in the country said by a group of students at national forum.

It remind us the NABs disclosure that every passing day (in the country) there is Rs.12.0 billion of amount are misappropriated in terms of stealing income tax, property tax, withholding tax, agricultural and industrial tax, Zakat on fertile and barren land and on other valuables are not paid as mandated in Quran and in our constitution.

What a mockery that we call ourselves a Muslim and vociferate that Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan and we are governing the state on Islamic pattern with democratic set up.

It’s really economic terrorism where our leadership is not sincere and undermining with the state and its sovereignty perpetrating the crime and if aristocracy breaking the law, avoiding tax payments whereas salary classes is regularly paying taxes so how trust-building can flourish in the country said by the leaders of 3rd political forces emerging in the country.