Jan 18, 2013

Dr. Qadri “Islamabad Long March Declaration” has been singed off between Him, Ruling elites & Coalition partners of govt. of Pakistan on 17th Jan 2013.

An unprecedented accord signed off in between Ruling elites and coalition partners after deadlock of 5 consecutive days from govt. Undoubtedly authenticate that the essence of democracy to thrive and flourish in Pakistan is still alive and if anyone efforts, does not go ineffective, a historic breakthrough and landmark achievements towards democracy in Pakistan where politicians from all factions gathered at one platform and concluded the long march with spectacular end.
The steps however taken by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri who travelled on 13th Jan 2013 from Lahore to Islamabad with the surge of 100,000 people along with men, women, children and kids aged from 3 months to 3 years old made them a conquering hero who achieved their 3 points agenda approved by the govt.

Long Marcher ‘Sit-in’ in Islamabad for consecutive 5 days, faced whether vagaries, coupled with storm, thunder and even last day heavy down-pour did not affect them but remained resolute, persistent & determined under open sky, truly proved their tenacity, firmness & enthusiasm that could not fizzle out. The contribution of kids ranging from 3 months to 3 year’s baba & baby bravely accepted the painful whether condition too.
Further long marcher during 5 days sit-in remained calm and peaceful & left us a lesson that without violence in the capital (a legislative city enclave with diplomats & ministries offices) we can obtain our motto to maintain a true democracy in the country appreciated by govt. official came to sign off the accord.

The unwavering 3 points agenda of Dr. Qadri to reform in ‘electoral process’ to filter out the candidate’s eligibility while contesting election and do delimit the electoral process moving around Tribes, Group, Wadera, Malik, Chowdary & Feudal an stigma which has damaged & crippled our electoral process said Dr. Qadri.
Since Pakistan is a democratic country rank 7th in the world and enriched with nuclear capability, its constitution does not interpret & signifies to monarchy or the country is not ruled by a king and queen. The leadership is selected and elected through a legitimate electoral mechanism.

Therefore candidate can qualify after going through with engraved electoral process defined in section 62, 63 and 218 otherwise it will not be different from 2008 stuffing the parliament with the same culprits who are tax evaders, not submitting Income tax return, not paying utilities bill (Electric, Gas & Water since more than 10 years) running industries and living in palaces without utilities payment and mandatory taxes levied time to time are not paid. They hide their properties & do not give the precise figure of their houses, bungalows, farm & agricultural lands, multiple industries in Pakistan and overseas, maintaining multiple bank accounts in the country and overseas are the serious offenders.
A pre-clearance from Election commission of Pakistan will scrutinize the supportive paper submitted by the candidate within 30 days then he/ she can get ticket to move further otherwise will be disqualified by ECP said by Dr. Qadri.

Regarding Caretaker-prime minster two existing parties of PPP & PML-N will not do any settlement or Muk-Mukaoo (mutual understanding) that will be null and void and will not be acceptable to Tahrik  Minhaj ul Quran (a religious party of Dr. Qadri). With the consent and consensus of other political stake holders i.e. from PTI, MQM & Dr. Qadri’s own political party will finalize the ‘care-taker’ set up in the country.
For re-constitution of Election commission to be finalized with the consultation of Minhaj-ul-Quran in next meeting to be conducted on 27th Jan 2013 at Minhaj ul Quran office Lahore at 12.0 pm after consultation of group of lawyers to check the pros and cons of ECP dissolution and re appointment after counseling the cluster of 10 lawyers along with existing law minister of Pakistan. And decision to dissolve national assembly before 16th March 2013 and election date announcement will be finalized

However in every walk of life the ‘long march’ being appreciated that without loss of any lives neither from marcher nor does Govt. both party remained calm and maintained discipline till end of Islamabad long march declaration on 17th Jan 2013.

Besides, if we see the treatment from Govt. officials during sit-in of long marcher, character assassination and ridiculing of Dr. Qadri’s cap, his tone, body gesture and speeches in English as well remained under severe criticism.
If we recall that one of the leader in India who had neither political stakes in the parliament nor politician but belonged to some group, the guy known as “Anna Hazarey” appeared & raised his voice regarding rampant corruption in India, his call overwhelmed across Indian provinces to cleanse the corrupted politicians who were involved in huge corruption scam. So to raise voice in a democratic country does not require associating with any political mandate or through political corridor said by TV anchor.

Don’t see the face, see what he is talking, what he demands and is it really sensitive and related with state structure for what he is vociferating. The debaters have been asking (in very insulted way) that who is he, under what authority he is asking to dissolve assembly and sacking the MNAs & MPAs. He lives in Canada, why he came now when the election is in offing, who is financing him, who is behind him.

Is establishment backing him and how ruthless he is that he is sleeping with his family in bullet proof container and his followers having sit-in in open sky in such a freezing temperature? If he is more conscious and real crusader, referring “hussaini mission’ then why he is in bunker said by one of debater & some partial TV anchors during talk show on national TVs mentioned by Dr. Qadri spokesmen who joined talk shows.  
One of the question asked by MNA that Tahir-ul-Qadir has no political office in Pakistan and he is Canadian national, why he came Pakistan, appeared all of sudden & asking to dissolve assembly, Spokesman from of Dr. Qadri replied that Tahir-ul-Qadi has political office, he was MNA in 2002, he has political office in place and he will renew it to start his political activity properly and as far as his Canadian nationality he will cancel it.

Keeping dual nationality now has become a crime but existing Govt. in power & its coalition partners contested election on dual nationality, remained 2 to 3 years in national and provincial assemblies but when it came to the knowledge of Supreme Court, it disqualified the MNAs & MPAs, constituency was evacuated and re-election was carried out clarified by spokesman of Dr. Qadri
Fakhurdin G Ibrahim is very honorable and respectable person but the people working under him are corrupt and can’t ensure free fair and impartial election. There is extreme manipulation in scrutiny of election papers and execution of clause 62, 63 and 218 in letter and spirit. The Assets declaration announced by ECP giving a fake assessment of properties submitted by politician where Fakhruddin G Ibrahim (ECP) did not do a cross check asked by Dr. Qadri and accepted their papers for election quoted recent example.

The demand to change electoral process is imperative so that we can bring in assembly a true and real democratic member who is loyal, honest and a real savior to serve the people of the country, no corrupted mafia or professionals & 70% tax evaders Dr. Qadri said.
The recent example of Bi-election held in the constituency of Ex-prime minster Yusuf Raza Gilani who was disqualified due to convicted from Supreme Court. The constituency got evacuated & Gilani Son fought election & won. Do you understand that we don’t have any other candidate to put him against son of Gilani.

This Tribes approach of election (on family practices) we want to cease so that other candidate from the same area come forward and represent the need of people in the assembly Dr. Qadri emphasized.
The recent corruption cases of Rs.500 billion had been misappropriated by PM of Pakistan & other 15 members to whom Supreme Court asked to arrest them but on Supreme instruction they have not been arrested yet.

One another case of OGRA Chairman Tauqeer Sadiq who is involved in Rs.87 Billion, he has left the country and despite Supreme Court order he has not been arrested and brought back to Islamabad Dr. Qadri referred.

If electoral reform and given constitutional clause of section 62, 63 & 218 is not ensued to filter out the candidates for General Election 2013 the same group & coterie will come again in the parliament for more 5 years and whatever remains they will eat Dir. Qadri groaned.
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