Feb 1, 2013

We are living in advanced Electronic age where technologies have enveloped us.

 Technology - Every passing day getting us more surprised due to emergence of new technologies, its application and impact on human lives immensely has changed our standard of living. Its affect and involvement in human lives are very prominent & dominant. It’s the technology which alerts & warns us from unseen happening, enables us to take precautionary measures.
No doubt usage of electronic and ultra-modern technologies in human lives is concomitant if there is a life there is a technology. We cannot rule out its impact, if one side of coin seems dynamic & resourceful while other side has demerits but even this portfolio is also addressed by technology which protects and safeguards us before its collision.

However the course of action for new invention is continued and in the coming days it will be more sophisticated, advanced and untouchable.
Currently we have touch screen then time very soon will appear when we will ‘think’ or ‘imagine’ and it will appear. It may be an exaggeration in existing scenario but the crazy scientist is busy day and night and they will get us stunned and aghast with new jerk of wonderful inventions. So be bready for new explosion not for a bomb but the technology.

The things what we were watching in cartoon film, science fiction, comic book, novels & star-war movies for children now it has been a reality.
The first invention of mankind who conquered ‘Man on the Moon’ in 1969 and then one more feather added into the spirit of adventure ‘manned mission to Mars’ is continued.

Since 1969 we have been getting myriad inventions, in communication technology ‘Fax machine’ or ‘facsimile’ were considered the fastest way of communication but after introduction of Computer technology, communication has been more advanced & uninterrupted, more speedy, worth full and efficacious through computer networking.
The concept of pen and writing-pad has gone off. All official correspondence is carried out through email, data files are attached, SMS. MMS and live video through mobiles phones are communicated in today’s world and we keep the device in our pocket. It refers one of the most demanded song in 1960 “Dunya meri jaib maen”. It means ‘I keep the world in my pocket’ so now the technology has proved it.

My grandson is 15 month old and he plays with Apple iPad, he knows the button what to press and how to get, the pre-recorded kids game he can get the desired screen. If I compare my activity when I was 12 month old I don’t know what I was doing but certainly not alike my grandson what he is doing really is unbelievable and incredible. It is the science invention who converted human lives stuffing with technology. Similarly we have iPad, do browsing our mails, listening international news, watch movies etc. No need to watch movies we keep cine theatre in the pocket.
The inclusion of electronic household appliances like Dish washer, fully automatic washing machine, Iron with water cane which itself waters while ironing, Sensor water tap dispenser which dispense water and soap when you take your hand under the taps.

We can see the war field how the war is being fought; the missile attack, and drone attack, Aeronautical sensor when the plane intends to take off, the radar senses & navigates the location.
Through remote access, across the globe computer can be repaired and data be uploaded.

Nothing is impossible in today’s world, through MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Facebook & other social network we can talk one on one.
In medical science test tube baby and surrogated mother are before us. We also have information about the pace of medical science acceleration.

Human heart is kept running with the help of battery installed under the chest ribs. In the brain if the eardrum is not working, a device is hooked up inside the brain to enable the eardrum.  There is more exploration and studies are continued to replace the human brain.
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