Jan 25, 2013

Will ‘Islamabad Declaration’ signed off in between govt. official & Dr. Qadri be a panacea to get rid of corrupted politicians in next General Election 2013?

Dr.Qadri Islamabad declaration & implementation thereof looking us in doldrums as the existing ruling elites along with some specific coalition partners have nominated the name of President and Prime Minster for care taker Govt. and the govt. is also in process to finalize the dissolution of National & Provincial assemblies probably executing one of the clause of 'Islamabad declaration' that assembly will be dissolved before March 16th 2013.

The concern among people of the country being developed that what will be the fate of Dr. Qadri 'Islamabad declaration' if the existing govt. along with its staunch allies have concluded the selection of care taker govt. and they also have reduced the 90 days limitation to 60days getting the resolution approved by the house (parliament) which no doubt an apparent breaching the ‘declaration clause’ agreed with the cluster of 10 Govt. officials (MPAs & MNAs) who signed off Islamabad accord on 17TH Jan 2013 along with Dr. Qadri.

Further the govt. officials were also in agreement that after dissolution of assemblies, within 90 days general election will be conducted keeping 30 days dedicated and isolated only for screening the candidates eligibility who will submit the paper to contest in election.
For thorough screening of the candidate Pakistan’s constitution clause 62, 63 and 218 will be executed in its essence as mandated in the constitution refers the accord. And if any candidates do not fulfill the requisite specification he/ she will be disqualified.

The parameter to assess and measure the candidate honesty, loyalty and patriotism with the country will be evaluated through a chain of documents needs to be submitted to the Election commission of Pakistan (ECO).
The candidate’s legitimacy will be examined getting payment break up of 5/10 years of Income tax returns, property tax, withholding tax, utility bills, and other govt. levies imposed time to time, the candidates bank’s account, valuables what he/ she has in custody such as diamond, gold and silver actual in his/ her custody. A genuine breakup of properties being hold by candidates incudes Palaces, Bungalows, Apartment, Flats, Multiple Industries, Lands, Agricultural land, Farm house etc. across the provinces in Pakistan and overseas to get a proper enlistment & regular payments of property tax to Govt. of Pakistan.

Has the tax been paid since the date of its acquiring or from the date of ownership transferred in the name of the candidate? Is it the actual the length of properties as mentioned in the paper filed for election? the papers to be scrutinized in its real terms constituted in clause 62 63 & 218 accord says.
Status of 'Utilities Bill Payment' (Electricity- Gas- water) against all the properties since the date of possession – Is the candidate regular in utility payment?

Loan status - Confirmation from the lenders i.e. Financial institution that the loan taken by the candidate has been paid off or he/ she has been declared defaulter did not pay back the acquired loan to the agencies then it will also be a clause of termination to disqualify the candidate papers.

Detail of loan obtained during 5/10 years with multiple agencies in subsequent dates and bank confirmation if it is continued or has been closed.

The basic objective of ‘Paper scrutiny’ submitted by the prospective candidates to ensure that we’re sending an honest & loyal person in the parliament who will feel the agony of a common man and will work with whole heatedly for the betterment and advancement of the masses a general consensus of Dr. Qadri, PTI leader, MQM & PML-Q to elect leadership from middle and lower class instead to spiral among 7 families since decades discussed at national forum.

These are the parameter to weigh the candidate’s competency in terms of his/ her life-style and faithfulness to the nation, its people and govt.
However the clause 62, 63 also describes candidates inner attitude as who is he, whether he prays 5 times or not, he believes in God, he is sympathetic to the poor, he is soft or inhuman - Of course these are human instinct can’t be ascertained as it manifests internal behavior of the candidate so ECP has not been asked to judge it – No not at all clarified by Dr.Qadri during his Islambad public gathering.

Prime preference to abide by the law of candidate, is the initial needs of free, fair & transparent election therefore paper scrutiny should be impartial, unbiased and without any preferences. Every candidate will have to go through the process & qualify failing which the ECP has authority to disqualify him/ her from election says the accord.
As agreed in Islamabad declaration signed off on 17th Jan 2013 that the ‘nomination of care taker govt.’ will be finalized with the consultation of Dr. Qadri, PTI, MQM, PML-Q, ANP & other coalition partners not with the mutual cooking or Muk-Mukaoo (mutual understanding) of PPP & PML-N which will not be acceptable at any cost the accord highlights.

And the dissolution of Election commission of Pakistan and reappointment the team was also to be reviewed with legal experts along with existing Minister of law to see the possibility for ECP dissolution and such discussion was to share in the meeting to be held in Lahore on 27th Jan 2013 at Minhaj-ul-Quran office at 12.0 pm accord refers.

Though the declaration has been recognized a triumph of democracy in Pakistan history, media, lawyers, intelligentsia, and civil society termed it a spectacular ending of Long March of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri started on 13th Jan from Lahore followed with 4 days ‘sit-in’ in Islamabad ended on four pages accord signed on 17th Jan with group of govt. officials.

There is also hot-debate continuing on the announcement of Dr. Qadri that He, His son or Daughter is not taking part in upcoming election. The people have ambition and very much keen & zealous supporter of revolution, a change for a real democracy in the country for what the slogan being raised by Dr. Qadri & PTI during their public address.
Referring Dr. Qadri long march campaign ‘to save the state not the politics’ so what happened why he is getting back.

And what were the objective of all such unforgettable efforts & impacts sustained by one hundred thousand of people gathered in Islamabad & single mindedly remained associated with Dr. Qadri, trusted in his leadership & avowed to be determined, headstrong & resolute during 4 consecutive days of sit-in under open sky with extreme whether vagaries in minus freezing Celsius asked by a group of people requesting to Dr. Qadri to share in the coming election & get his political party reinstated.

People also asked to do alliance with PTI and other political parties to eliminate the rising corruption penetrated in our politics which not only has traumatized all of us but economy of the country has been ruined completely said by a group of people looking ahead to save Pakistan from criminals.
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