Feb 24, 2013

Embarrassed & nervous Honorable Justice (Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan (CEC).

The Reluctant CEC Mr. Fakhruddin G Ibrahim getting us insecure & insubstantial in ensuring the precise implementation of constitution of Pakistan clause # 62, 63 & 218 as he seems us in dilemma to use his authority (with strong belief & conviction) while using his authority as a CEC said by a group of people discussing at ‘open public forum’.  
Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) is an independent entity which works under the guidance & sovereignty of Supreme Court of Pakistan & the Parliament.

Currently ECP showing to have been influenced & threatened by the politician that’s why CEC personally phoned to Chaudry Nisar asking him to submit his educational degree to process his nomination paper. Upholding the CEC position, he should not have phoned to any politician or any electoral candidate to fulfill the prerequisite electoral process.
CEC also has sent official letter to the candidates asking to submit some clarification where CEC used the word “you are requested” instead to say “you are directed”. These are very important official document and CEC holding such a magnificent office & impulsive role (being crucial) in conducting Election in Pakistan he should have used authoritative voice instead soft.

Thus the approach from CEC should be a commanding and directional. Since ECP has already asked the candidate to attach multiple documents while filing heir nomination paper & if any individual/ candidate do not submit the paper in given time frame he/ she should be disqualified for not comply the given instructions.
CEC should mentally be prepared that people of Pakistan will not leave him if any slackness or in-compliance of policies goes unnoticed he will be dragged into ‘people parliament’ for any error done by advertently or inadvertently said by a group of people at national media. The CEC should ensure their authority asking nominated candidates to abide by the constitution strictly.

It also came under discussion at different TV channels debating that some of the politicians either in ruling elites or in opposition are proposing CEC to extend the ‘Election date’. Having said that it leads us to the following observation that candidate may be
v  defaulter in terms of income tax payment

v  defaulter in payment of utility bill

v  defaulter in payment of property tax

v  defaulter in payment of bank’s loan and written off on baseless ground or abused their power while they were in office,

v  defaulter in submission of clearance against cancellation of dual nationality from the foreign office of related country

v  defaulter of National Accountability Bureau and National Database

v  defaulter in stealing allocated budget against infrastructure development plan intended but not executed practically & just on paper

v  convicted by any court of law whatever the nature of crime

v  defaulter for not paying vehicle registration fee & other levies imposed by the govt. for vehicle tax.

If the clause 62, 63 and 218 is enforced in its actual interpretation then the country will get rid of 60% of corrupted politicians who have undermined the country and plundered national wealth since decades said by political analyst.

A cell however has been constituted by Higher Education Commission on the instruction of CEC who will verify the genuineness of the degrees being submitted by the contesting candidates, a press report.

It’s a good effort by CEC who believe to wrap up the documentation process. The Nomination paper scrutiny & precise screening by the concerned govt. offices & ministries to confirm the candidate’s eligibility unequivocally is the basic task of CEC said by a senior citizen discussing CEC role.

In short, as per directive of CEC following institutions have been constituted to finalize modalities and a mechanism for electronic scrutiny, on-line sharing of information and verification of information contained in the Nomination papers submitted by the contesting candidates for upcoming General Elections-2013. In order to confirm the property breakup, consultation with Building control authority, ministry of industry and land department also to be sought to verify property tax evasion (if any) as our professional politicians have been avoiding to disclose the properties piling such as Palaces, Industries, Farm lands, Uncultivated land & Land sheets, Bungalows, Houses & Homes.  

ü  State Bank of Pakistan for loan pay off & written off  & Account statement for the money being held by the candidate and valuable such as Diamond, Gold & silver, Bank instruments like Prize bond, share certificates and other instrument which is substitute of cash

ü  Federal Board of Revenue for Income tax return verification

ü  Ministry of industry & Building control authority for property tax

ü  Ministry of power/ energy & Gas for electricity and Gas bills

ü  Ministry of foreign office for cancellation of dual nationality of the candidate

ü  High court and supreme court for confirmation of the cases against the candidate if convicted

ü  Motor transport management system to verify the number of vehicles being held by the candidate and

ü  Clearance from NABs

The above Ministry & Govt. functionaries will validate the eligibility of the candidate for their perfectness & will interpret ‘honesty and loyalty of the candidate’. And in case of any negative report by the concerned departments the right of candidate to contest in election will nullify & disqualify.

It is well known to every Pakistani that a trillion of amounts is pending with all MNAs/ MPAs for their houses & industries being run by them (all on record) who did not pay the utilities bill and are living in free world with free hand, reign them and bring to the tax net. So if they are defaulter in terms of utility bill payment it becomes the reason to disqualify them.
If Care-taker govt. Moin Qureshy who assumed office for 3 months to conduct general election in 1990s and he got published the name of the defaulters of only Utilities bill.

If for a short period such a giant list can appear into the press then why not “Tax defaulter list” are publicized for the information of citizen of the country so that everyone can see the ugly faces of criminals who claims to be the crusader of the country & countrymen but are dishonest. There are 70% politicians who did not submit even their Income tax returns a press report.
At one of the private TV channel showed ‘Income Tax Return forms’ issued from FBR stating that even not a single fills has been paid by President Asif Ali Zardari & his Son Chairman of PPP. So where are we? Will it be visible to CEC? Similarly the status of PML-N whose FBR report does not say detail of property he is holding.

These are the only parameter to weigh the candidature’s honesty and feelings to serve the people who send them into the parliament, a real democracy and a real democrat to run Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Feb 20, 2013

General Election 2013 – Nomination paper scrutiny & precise screening by the concerned govt. offices & ministries to confirm the candidate eligibility through Election Commission of Pakistan (ECO)

Implementation of standing clause # 62, 63 & 218 laid down in the constitution of Pakistan - A real test of Chief Election Commission Mr. Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim and his team who did not do earlier this mega task or got the candidate screened, crossing them through ‘defined-scanner’ mandated in the constitution.  

All the paper submitted by the candidate needs to be examined thoroughly to avoid of any error otherwise the nation will face another 5 years with the same stupidity & bunch of disloyal and dishonest people.   

In order to ensure screening process for the papers filed by the anticipated candidates (contesting in General Election 2013) for National and Provincial assembly, ECP should ask the candidate to abide by the standing instruction otherwise they will be disqualified by the election.

A strategy needs to be chalked out & enforced to obtain clearance from all concerned ministries & institutions, which will stamp or authenticate the eligibility of the candidate in terms of his/ her honesty and loyalty if the following documents are submitted by the nominees contesting in election.
Confirming the legitimacy of the candidate, the qualification and dual-nationality also to be addressed and if the dual nationality has been cancelled, an approval letter or clearance from the related countries to be submitted if dual nationality has been cancelled off. And for educational degree it needs to be attested by HEC (High education comission Islamabad) to attest its genuineness.

Alike having an agreement from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) & Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) the ECP also should consult Land Registration department and Building Control Authority or the Ministry who has a data bank to confirm the property breakup being held or has been registered under candidate name. 
The centralized unit of course will have a data bank that can check the detail of lands, Building, Industries and Houses, Farm land & land sheet have been purchased or transferred in favor of the of the candidates in subsequent dates, to identify whether he/ she is paying property tax or not.

The ECP has inducted the services of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for obtaining clearance if the candidates acquired loan, its status if has been paid off or written off with a breakup and & nature of the loan taken so far.
Loans obtained from different commercial banks, its re-payment details, testifying if any loan is pending or has been declared defaulter, or by any reason the candidate got the loan written off under what ground & who approved and what is his/ her authority to write off the loan.

Similarly the services of Federal Board of Revenue has been inducted in terms of "Income Tax Returns", detail of income and properties being held by the candidates, breakup of ‘up to date tax-payment’ to the govt.
A general survey for properties being maintained by the candidates, who did not show in the paper submitted with ECP, detail of hidden and unhidden properties and avoided to pay govt. Taxes are the crucial issue, needs to confirm the eligibility to participate in the election. Tax evaders at any cost are the criminal who misused or abused his/ her office since decades who betrayed with the country.

Property specifying the detail of industries, farm land, palaces, bungalows, houses, land sheets in Pakistan & Overseas under candidate name or intentionally has been transferred to their family to avoid of taxes & even so – Are taxes being paid or not?
Bank account statement specifying cash in hand & valuable such as Gold, Silver, Diamond, Prize bonds, Share certificates & other Financial instruments needs to be manifested and falls under tax net. ECP to check candidly.

Vehicles breakup and registration, govt. fee or renewal etc. – Does it have a valid paper or representing wrong information – no data available in the Vehicle registration department to avoid of govt. fee?
Other govt. institution such as ‘Electricity and Gas department’ & its related Ministry should also be inducted to verify Electricity & Gas bills of the candidates filing nomination paper to contest in election.

A trillion of amount is pending with all MNAs/ MPAs for their Houses & Industries being run by them (all are on record) they did not pay the utilities bill and are living in free world with free hand, reign them and bring to the tax net. So if they are defaulter in terms of Utility Bill payment it becomes the reason to disqualify them.
If Care-taker govt. Moin Qureshy who assumed office for 3 months to conduct general election in 1990s and he got published the name of the defaulters of only Utilities bill. 

If for a short period such a giant list can appear into the press then why not “Tax defaulter list” are publicized to know the citizen of the country so that everyone can see the ugly & mean faces of criminals who are not loyal with the nation and claims to be the crusader of the country & countrymen.  There are 70% politicians who did not submit even their Income tax returns a press report.
Also need to check if the candidate has been convicted from High court or Supreme Court by any reasons.

These are the only parameter to weigh the candidacy, honesty and feelings of the candidate to serve the people who send them into the parliament, a real democracy and a real democrat to run Islamic republic of Pakistan. We give our trust to the politicians in shape of our votes so they are the trustees of our votes and nation expects a real support for them. 

Feb 11, 2013

Negotiation with Taliban......

A proverb says that ‘Tested people should not be retested’, though the govt. has initiated to have negotiation with TTP but it does not attract any satisfactory outcome to appear as the approach in between Pakistanis and Taliban has significant difference.
Taliban Islamization or slogan to impose Islam has a major gap in terms of belief, custom and practice an those are not similar and suits with the Islamic teaching we have in practice. Taliban are against girl education a basic clash:

·         They don’t favor girl education

·         They are against co-education

·         They will not allow to run beauty parlor, cinema, movies shops, video centers, massage center, hotels and stage show, music and musical center

·         No one can hear music or can run the business

·         Drama and film being telecasted will be stopped  

·         Freely movement of women in the mall will be banned  

·         Women without veil can’t move - A complete covered Burqa or Hijab from top to toe needs to be wrapped completely following two holes before the two eyes

·         The dress code of gents and ladies will be determined

·         Strategy for religious center will also be outlined as no minority will have the right to go to their religious center or will be allowed to do worship according to their believe

·         And no guarantee that there will be minority religious center in the country

·         Fast food centers and gathering of womenfolk at the center where men mingles will not be allowed

·         All electronic sales center will be on watch & Taliban will decide which type of equipment to sell out in the market - Buyers and seller will be watched strictly

·         Hair-cutting saloon will do their business under guidance of Taliban

·         Women will not be allowed to go saloon as well

·         Restaurant, Motel and Hotel business will be given a mandate written by Taliban to run the business accordingly

·         Jirga system will come into force and

·         Taliban will decide the fate of criminals  

·         Police, courts and lawyers will work as per mandate given by Taliban

·         There will be no remand from the police but Taliban will take remand and will conclude the case  

The same history will repeat when the hundreds of girl students of Lal Masjid equipped with bamboo in hands were roaming in Islamabad Street in F-7 area to close music and video shops in the market. Beauty parlor and massage centers had been closed those who resisted were beaten and shops had been ransacked and put on fire as well. Group of student were shouting slogan against govt. and even they fought physically with law enforcing agencies.

A very gloomy picture is expected to come so wait for new revolution ……

Feb 10, 2013

Care-Taker Prime minister for upcoming General Election 2013 (Pakistan) & Dissolution of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)

There are two important spicy dishes are under cooking among Ruling elites, Coalition partner, Opposition leaders, PTI & Dr. Qadri over the selection of Care Taker Prime minster and other stake holders in provinces to conduct upcoming General Election 2013 in Pakistan.
Though some names have been shortlisted with the consent of PPP & PML-N but it needs to be agreed with coalition partners, PTI & Dr. Qadri being the main stake holder of “Islamabad Long March Declaration” (ILMD) to have the proposed names approved from him as well. Chaudry Shujaat and his team however are in constant follow up with Dr. Qadri, let’s seeing what comes out of the Box.

I have given a sense to the people of Pakistan to open their eyes, wake up and see whether their ‘trust’ or vote to their leader – Did the leaders or politicians really helped them or abused their ‘trust’ by disgracing & pushing them towards more impoverishment, asserted Dr. Qadri
2nd pertinent question is to revamp Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) or termination of existing ECP members excluding Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, as basically for the appointment of 4 people working with current ECP had not been adopted & followed as prescribed in the constitution of Pakistan & as such their existing position goes null and void Dr. Qadri urged.

Further, constant repudiation & protest followed ‘sit-in’ before the Parliament House in Islamabad from Opposition & Coalition partner against dissolution of ECP (being the main clause of ILMD signed by PM & designated team of govt.) or terminate its 4 members whose honesty & loyalty are suspicious in order to ensure pre-screening process of the candidate whilst submitting electoral papers to contest in election for complying the requirement of section 62, 63 & 218 referred in the constitution of Pakistan.
The plea of Govt. & Opposition leaders that ECP can’t be dissolved at any cost because it’s a hectic task and their selection had been carried out by Full House so its dissolution needs Full House confidence which is according them is impossible said by PPP & PML-N leaders

While approaching lawyers to understand the legality & practicality for dissolution of ECP or termination of its 4 members, they pointed out that it’s not a problem but just to have ‘can-do approach’.
The same house can dissolve them and the same house can elect another reliable team for ECP and it can be concluded within a week time it will not impact ‘election date’, election can be conducted at given time  said by the lawyer in national TV Talk show.

However, Dr. Qadri has filed the petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan against dissolution of ECP or Terminating the team of ECP whose selection had not been carried out in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan. The petition has been accepted and hearing is expected very soon said by the lawyer having press conference outside of Supreme Court.
While Opposition parties and Govt. are in agreement that it’s a tactics to delay the election and they will foil if it has been intended said by PML-N & PPP team. However there is also a reminder from Supreme Court of Pakistan to conduct elections in time and delay will not be tolerated said in a statement by the court.

The motive behind this hue and cry from PPP & PML-N for not to change 4 people sitting in ECP, primarily to get undue support as usual as the team in ECP are well aware of the leaders of PPP & PML-N who have deceiving and cheating with ECP or its team, evading their income tax return, not paying property tax, hiding the precise detail of properties being held by these leaders.
They have multiple Bungalows, Palaces, Plots; Industries, Farm land, Overseas accounts, Valuable such as silver, gold and diamond, a hefty Bank balance, a chain of vehicles etc. are hidden or had been hidden while submitting the paper in 2008 for electoral process and ECP did not ask them to show the figure correctly, so such practice or undue favor to these politicians should not be repeated said by Dr. Qadri.

They (PPP – PML-N) will have to submit 5 years break up of property tax with a true specification, bank balance in the country & overseas statement, payment of utilities bills, loan acquired form different banks its clearance if has been paid off or continuing etc. detail of Industries running in the country & overseas due tax payment to the govt. required to be submitted to the ECP while filing the paper for election emphasized by Dr. Qadri.
To ensure implementation of clause 62, 63 & 218 i.e. proper screening or pre-screening process is only possible when ECP or its team are impartial, honest and loyal & from any point of view don’t go to influence then we can select a true and loyal leaders for the given constituency said Dr. Qadri.  

Honesty of the leader or its loyalty with the country can only be judged and assessed when he/ she pays income tax, submit income tax returns, pays property tax, pays utilities bills, pays govt. other levies, and pays number of loans acquired in subsequent dates if paid off then its clearance are only the parameter where we can say yes he is honest otherwise there is no instrument to weigh the honesty said by Dr. Qadri.

Feb 3, 2013

More CCTV circuits to be installed if Govt. is serious to control over rising target killing in Karachi


of drive-by attack on Jamia Binoria’s ulema in Karachi, the clerics were shot dead on Thursday 31st Jan 2013.
The footage shows three persons riding a bike intercepting a white Suzuki Carry at Shahrah-e-Faisal and one of them shoots at persons sitting inside the car through the window pane.

The attackers manage to flee on the bike within few seconds.

The deceased were identified as Mufti Abdul Majeed, Mufti Saleh Mehmood and a student of Jamia Binoria Hassan Ali Shah who was driving the vehicle while the two muftis were sitting on rear seats.
Shahrah-e-Faisal is the main highway which connects the adjoining areas situated at left & right side of the Road.

The Road starts from old Hotel Metropole building, leading towards Nursery, Karsaz, Drigh Road, Airport, Malir Halt & Landhi Quaid-abad bus stop, moves further to Pakistan Steel mills and connects with Port Qasim as well.
Since this Road is very vital so CCTV system functionality should always be cent percent operational.

Though the CCTV circuits have been installed but its maintenance is imperative and should not be ignored (at any cost) as the quality of video footage relies on the regular maintenance of CCTV cameras which must have ability to record the footage perfectly being the only source to nab the culprit.

Otherwise the image will appear blurry, dull, cloudy, invisible & un-readable, certainly will be useless for crime prevention and arresting the culprit.

Therefore the local authority should ensure the maintenance of 1500 CCTV circuit installed in the city of Karachi at different sites.

All connecting roads going from Shahra-e-Faisal to inside colonies & localities must cover under CCTV surveillances to monitor the culprit if he enters in the adjoining areas through Shahrah-e-Faisal, facilitating the CPC personnel to go into probe for further investigation.
CCTV or video surveillances system is the best instrument to reduce the ratio of crime being committed in areas covered by video surveillance. CCTV has been proven to be the most cost-effective method for crime prevention and detection.

In current scenario the rising crime rates needs to augment more cameras to install throughout Karachi particularly those areas where multiple political factions are living at one place as crime rates are higher such as Shah Faisal colony, Malir, Landhi, Korangi, New karachi, Orangi Town, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Baloch colony, PECHS, PIB colony, Lalukhet, Kareemabad, Alazam squire, Liaquetabad, Bara Maidan, FB area, Aisha manzil, Azizabad, MA jinnah Road, Numaish, Patel para, Shershah, Baldia Town, Sohrabgoth and its adjoining areas etc.

All roundabouts across the city are very critical and should come under CCTV surveillance. It will be more conducive if Karachi is categorized into 4 districts (as it is already there) and establish 4 independent CPC in 4 districts enabling the city to closely monitor the CCTV footage in related district’s Control room.
Such division will give relieve to a centralized CPC, will make CPC more result oriented and efficient, viable and effective in order to control rising crimes in the city.

Besides, the commercial centers and adjacent road ‘from & to’ also to be equipped with surveillance security cameras to monitor Bhatta mafia who is killing the entrepreneur, all entry and exit to be under surveillance.
Closure of mobile phone and ban on motor cycle double rides are not the remedy, though it can be some little relief but the unbridled crimes in the city can’t stop.

We are aware that Karachi is bleeding – The city has converted into a furnace, daily killing tunes up to 12 deaths.

In the month of January 2013 so far 240 deaths has been reported in the press while in 2012 we lost 4000 lives in Karachi. In any city of the world we don’t get such massacre it looks like a war-torn area. 

Govt. applies jammers & defuse the bombs but why don’t introduce “call tracking system” to trace out the threat calls received. Such equipment are available in the market, speak to the supplier buy it, and install it immediately.
Investigating agencies are doing their part, they are keeping the govt. in loop but what govt. to do – Its prime duty to ensure the safety and security for the lives & properties of its citizen instead to close the mobile and increase the security contingent.

This is not the Stone Age, numbers of security enhancement are not prudent and rational instead number of CCTV system and more advance technology needs to be adopted to control the crimes.
Run the state technically not conventionally – Reduce you lavish expenditure and install the mechanism said by a group of people who were denouncing govt. for not caring ‘Karachi killing’

Ability of CIA/ FIA/ ISI or any govt. agency collecting information is appreciative but how to control or redress the rising security threat is only possible when technical infrastructure are in place to retaliate the criminals.
They are exploding bomb through remote control & govt. rush to the site, defuse the bomb or apply jammers – Is it only the solution to stop “seeking and hiding”.

A crying father who lost his child in indiscriminate firing in Gulistan-e-Jauhar while crossing the road, asking govt. to take stringent action against the terrorist who have spoiled Karachi, daily we are collecting 10 to 12 bodies said by sobbing father.

Feb 1, 2013

We are living in advanced Electronic age where technologies have enveloped us.

 Technology - Every passing day getting us more surprised due to emergence of new technologies, its application and impact on human lives immensely has changed our standard of living. Its affect and involvement in human lives are very prominent & dominant. It’s the technology which alerts & warns us from unseen happening, enables us to take precautionary measures.
No doubt usage of electronic and ultra-modern technologies in human lives is concomitant if there is a life there is a technology. We cannot rule out its impact, if one side of coin seems dynamic & resourceful while other side has demerits but even this portfolio is also addressed by technology which protects and safeguards us before its collision.

However the course of action for new invention is continued and in the coming days it will be more sophisticated, advanced and untouchable.
Currently we have touch screen then time very soon will appear when we will ‘think’ or ‘imagine’ and it will appear. It may be an exaggeration in existing scenario but the crazy scientist is busy day and night and they will get us stunned and aghast with new jerk of wonderful inventions. So be bready for new explosion not for a bomb but the technology.

The things what we were watching in cartoon film, science fiction, comic book, novels & star-war movies for children now it has been a reality.
The first invention of mankind who conquered ‘Man on the Moon’ in 1969 and then one more feather added into the spirit of adventure ‘manned mission to Mars’ is continued.

Since 1969 we have been getting myriad inventions, in communication technology ‘Fax machine’ or ‘facsimile’ were considered the fastest way of communication but after introduction of Computer technology, communication has been more advanced & uninterrupted, more speedy, worth full and efficacious through computer networking.
The concept of pen and writing-pad has gone off. All official correspondence is carried out through email, data files are attached, SMS. MMS and live video through mobiles phones are communicated in today’s world and we keep the device in our pocket. It refers one of the most demanded song in 1960 “Dunya meri jaib maen”. It means ‘I keep the world in my pocket’ so now the technology has proved it.

My grandson is 15 month old and he plays with Apple iPad, he knows the button what to press and how to get, the pre-recorded kids game he can get the desired screen. If I compare my activity when I was 12 month old I don’t know what I was doing but certainly not alike my grandson what he is doing really is unbelievable and incredible. It is the science invention who converted human lives stuffing with technology. Similarly we have iPad, do browsing our mails, listening international news, watch movies etc. No need to watch movies we keep cine theatre in the pocket.
The inclusion of electronic household appliances like Dish washer, fully automatic washing machine, Iron with water cane which itself waters while ironing, Sensor water tap dispenser which dispense water and soap when you take your hand under the taps.

We can see the war field how the war is being fought; the missile attack, and drone attack, Aeronautical sensor when the plane intends to take off, the radar senses & navigates the location.
Through remote access, across the globe computer can be repaired and data be uploaded.

Nothing is impossible in today’s world, through MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Facebook & other social network we can talk one on one.
In medical science test tube baby and surrogated mother are before us. We also have information about the pace of medical science acceleration.

Human heart is kept running with the help of battery installed under the chest ribs. In the brain if the eardrum is not working, a device is hooked up inside the brain to enable the eardrum.  There is more exploration and studies are continued to replace the human brain.