Feb 10, 2013

Care-Taker Prime minister for upcoming General Election 2013 (Pakistan) & Dissolution of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)

There are two important spicy dishes are under cooking among Ruling elites, Coalition partner, Opposition leaders, PTI & Dr. Qadri over the selection of Care Taker Prime minster and other stake holders in provinces to conduct upcoming General Election 2013 in Pakistan.
Though some names have been shortlisted with the consent of PPP & PML-N but it needs to be agreed with coalition partners, PTI & Dr. Qadri being the main stake holder of “Islamabad Long March Declaration” (ILMD) to have the proposed names approved from him as well. Chaudry Shujaat and his team however are in constant follow up with Dr. Qadri, let’s seeing what comes out of the Box.

I have given a sense to the people of Pakistan to open their eyes, wake up and see whether their ‘trust’ or vote to their leader – Did the leaders or politicians really helped them or abused their ‘trust’ by disgracing & pushing them towards more impoverishment, asserted Dr. Qadri
2nd pertinent question is to revamp Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) or termination of existing ECP members excluding Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, as basically for the appointment of 4 people working with current ECP had not been adopted & followed as prescribed in the constitution of Pakistan & as such their existing position goes null and void Dr. Qadri urged.

Further, constant repudiation & protest followed ‘sit-in’ before the Parliament House in Islamabad from Opposition & Coalition partner against dissolution of ECP (being the main clause of ILMD signed by PM & designated team of govt.) or terminate its 4 members whose honesty & loyalty are suspicious in order to ensure pre-screening process of the candidate whilst submitting electoral papers to contest in election for complying the requirement of section 62, 63 & 218 referred in the constitution of Pakistan.
The plea of Govt. & Opposition leaders that ECP can’t be dissolved at any cost because it’s a hectic task and their selection had been carried out by Full House so its dissolution needs Full House confidence which is according them is impossible said by PPP & PML-N leaders

While approaching lawyers to understand the legality & practicality for dissolution of ECP or termination of its 4 members, they pointed out that it’s not a problem but just to have ‘can-do approach’.
The same house can dissolve them and the same house can elect another reliable team for ECP and it can be concluded within a week time it will not impact ‘election date’, election can be conducted at given time  said by the lawyer in national TV Talk show.

However, Dr. Qadri has filed the petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan against dissolution of ECP or Terminating the team of ECP whose selection had not been carried out in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan. The petition has been accepted and hearing is expected very soon said by the lawyer having press conference outside of Supreme Court.
While Opposition parties and Govt. are in agreement that it’s a tactics to delay the election and they will foil if it has been intended said by PML-N & PPP team. However there is also a reminder from Supreme Court of Pakistan to conduct elections in time and delay will not be tolerated said in a statement by the court.

The motive behind this hue and cry from PPP & PML-N for not to change 4 people sitting in ECP, primarily to get undue support as usual as the team in ECP are well aware of the leaders of PPP & PML-N who have deceiving and cheating with ECP or its team, evading their income tax return, not paying property tax, hiding the precise detail of properties being held by these leaders.
They have multiple Bungalows, Palaces, Plots; Industries, Farm land, Overseas accounts, Valuable such as silver, gold and diamond, a hefty Bank balance, a chain of vehicles etc. are hidden or had been hidden while submitting the paper in 2008 for electoral process and ECP did not ask them to show the figure correctly, so such practice or undue favor to these politicians should not be repeated said by Dr. Qadri.

They (PPP – PML-N) will have to submit 5 years break up of property tax with a true specification, bank balance in the country & overseas statement, payment of utilities bills, loan acquired form different banks its clearance if has been paid off or continuing etc. detail of Industries running in the country & overseas due tax payment to the govt. required to be submitted to the ECP while filing the paper for election emphasized by Dr. Qadri.
To ensure implementation of clause 62, 63 & 218 i.e. proper screening or pre-screening process is only possible when ECP or its team are impartial, honest and loyal & from any point of view don’t go to influence then we can select a true and loyal leaders for the given constituency said Dr. Qadri.  

Honesty of the leader or its loyalty with the country can only be judged and assessed when he/ she pays income tax, submit income tax returns, pays property tax, pays utilities bills, pays govt. other levies, and pays number of loans acquired in subsequent dates if paid off then its clearance are only the parameter where we can say yes he is honest otherwise there is no instrument to weigh the honesty said by Dr. Qadri.
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