Feb 24, 2013

Embarrassed & nervous Honorable Justice (Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan (CEC).

The Reluctant CEC Mr. Fakhruddin G Ibrahim getting us insecure & insubstantial in ensuring the precise implementation of constitution of Pakistan clause # 62, 63 & 218 as he seems us in dilemma to use his authority (with strong belief & conviction) while using his authority as a CEC said by a group of people discussing at ‘open public forum’.  
Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) is an independent entity which works under the guidance & sovereignty of Supreme Court of Pakistan & the Parliament.

Currently ECP showing to have been influenced & threatened by the politician that’s why CEC personally phoned to Chaudry Nisar asking him to submit his educational degree to process his nomination paper. Upholding the CEC position, he should not have phoned to any politician or any electoral candidate to fulfill the prerequisite electoral process.
CEC also has sent official letter to the candidates asking to submit some clarification where CEC used the word “you are requested” instead to say “you are directed”. These are very important official document and CEC holding such a magnificent office & impulsive role (being crucial) in conducting Election in Pakistan he should have used authoritative voice instead soft.

Thus the approach from CEC should be a commanding and directional. Since ECP has already asked the candidate to attach multiple documents while filing heir nomination paper & if any individual/ candidate do not submit the paper in given time frame he/ she should be disqualified for not comply the given instructions.
CEC should mentally be prepared that people of Pakistan will not leave him if any slackness or in-compliance of policies goes unnoticed he will be dragged into ‘people parliament’ for any error done by advertently or inadvertently said by a group of people at national media. The CEC should ensure their authority asking nominated candidates to abide by the constitution strictly.

It also came under discussion at different TV channels debating that some of the politicians either in ruling elites or in opposition are proposing CEC to extend the ‘Election date’. Having said that it leads us to the following observation that candidate may be
v  defaulter in terms of income tax payment

v  defaulter in payment of utility bill

v  defaulter in payment of property tax

v  defaulter in payment of bank’s loan and written off on baseless ground or abused their power while they were in office,

v  defaulter in submission of clearance against cancellation of dual nationality from the foreign office of related country

v  defaulter of National Accountability Bureau and National Database

v  defaulter in stealing allocated budget against infrastructure development plan intended but not executed practically & just on paper

v  convicted by any court of law whatever the nature of crime

v  defaulter for not paying vehicle registration fee & other levies imposed by the govt. for vehicle tax.

If the clause 62, 63 and 218 is enforced in its actual interpretation then the country will get rid of 60% of corrupted politicians who have undermined the country and plundered national wealth since decades said by political analyst.

A cell however has been constituted by Higher Education Commission on the instruction of CEC who will verify the genuineness of the degrees being submitted by the contesting candidates, a press report.

It’s a good effort by CEC who believe to wrap up the documentation process. The Nomination paper scrutiny & precise screening by the concerned govt. offices & ministries to confirm the candidate’s eligibility unequivocally is the basic task of CEC said by a senior citizen discussing CEC role.

In short, as per directive of CEC following institutions have been constituted to finalize modalities and a mechanism for electronic scrutiny, on-line sharing of information and verification of information contained in the Nomination papers submitted by the contesting candidates for upcoming General Elections-2013. In order to confirm the property breakup, consultation with Building control authority, ministry of industry and land department also to be sought to verify property tax evasion (if any) as our professional politicians have been avoiding to disclose the properties piling such as Palaces, Industries, Farm lands, Uncultivated land & Land sheets, Bungalows, Houses & Homes.  

ü  State Bank of Pakistan for loan pay off & written off  & Account statement for the money being held by the candidate and valuable such as Diamond, Gold & silver, Bank instruments like Prize bond, share certificates and other instrument which is substitute of cash

ü  Federal Board of Revenue for Income tax return verification

ü  Ministry of industry & Building control authority for property tax

ü  Ministry of power/ energy & Gas for electricity and Gas bills

ü  Ministry of foreign office for cancellation of dual nationality of the candidate

ü  High court and supreme court for confirmation of the cases against the candidate if convicted

ü  Motor transport management system to verify the number of vehicles being held by the candidate and

ü  Clearance from NABs

The above Ministry & Govt. functionaries will validate the eligibility of the candidate for their perfectness & will interpret ‘honesty and loyalty of the candidate’. And in case of any negative report by the concerned departments the right of candidate to contest in election will nullify & disqualify.

It is well known to every Pakistani that a trillion of amounts is pending with all MNAs/ MPAs for their houses & industries being run by them (all on record) who did not pay the utilities bill and are living in free world with free hand, reign them and bring to the tax net. So if they are defaulter in terms of utility bill payment it becomes the reason to disqualify them.
If Care-taker govt. Moin Qureshy who assumed office for 3 months to conduct general election in 1990s and he got published the name of the defaulters of only Utilities bill.

If for a short period such a giant list can appear into the press then why not “Tax defaulter list” are publicized for the information of citizen of the country so that everyone can see the ugly faces of criminals who claims to be the crusader of the country & countrymen but are dishonest. There are 70% politicians who did not submit even their Income tax returns a press report.
At one of the private TV channel showed ‘Income Tax Return forms’ issued from FBR stating that even not a single fills has been paid by President Asif Ali Zardari & his Son Chairman of PPP. So where are we? Will it be visible to CEC? Similarly the status of PML-N whose FBR report does not say detail of property he is holding.

These are the only parameter to weigh the candidature’s honesty and feelings to serve the people who send them into the parliament, a real democracy and a real democrat to run Islamic republic of Pakistan.
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