Feb 20, 2013

General Election 2013 – Nomination paper scrutiny & precise screening by the concerned govt. offices & ministries to confirm the candidate eligibility through Election Commission of Pakistan (ECO)

Implementation of standing clause # 62, 63 & 218 laid down in the constitution of Pakistan - A real test of Chief Election Commission Mr. Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim and his team who did not do earlier this mega task or got the candidate screened, crossing them through ‘defined-scanner’ mandated in the constitution.  

All the paper submitted by the candidate needs to be examined thoroughly to avoid of any error otherwise the nation will face another 5 years with the same stupidity & bunch of disloyal and dishonest people.   

In order to ensure screening process for the papers filed by the anticipated candidates (contesting in General Election 2013) for National and Provincial assembly, ECP should ask the candidate to abide by the standing instruction otherwise they will be disqualified by the election.

A strategy needs to be chalked out & enforced to obtain clearance from all concerned ministries & institutions, which will stamp or authenticate the eligibility of the candidate in terms of his/ her honesty and loyalty if the following documents are submitted by the nominees contesting in election.
Confirming the legitimacy of the candidate, the qualification and dual-nationality also to be addressed and if the dual nationality has been cancelled, an approval letter or clearance from the related countries to be submitted if dual nationality has been cancelled off. And for educational degree it needs to be attested by HEC (High education comission Islamabad) to attest its genuineness.

Alike having an agreement from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) & Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) the ECP also should consult Land Registration department and Building Control Authority or the Ministry who has a data bank to confirm the property breakup being held or has been registered under candidate name. 
The centralized unit of course will have a data bank that can check the detail of lands, Building, Industries and Houses, Farm land & land sheet have been purchased or transferred in favor of the of the candidates in subsequent dates, to identify whether he/ she is paying property tax or not.

The ECP has inducted the services of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for obtaining clearance if the candidates acquired loan, its status if has been paid off or written off with a breakup and & nature of the loan taken so far.
Loans obtained from different commercial banks, its re-payment details, testifying if any loan is pending or has been declared defaulter, or by any reason the candidate got the loan written off under what ground & who approved and what is his/ her authority to write off the loan.

Similarly the services of Federal Board of Revenue has been inducted in terms of "Income Tax Returns", detail of income and properties being held by the candidates, breakup of ‘up to date tax-payment’ to the govt.
A general survey for properties being maintained by the candidates, who did not show in the paper submitted with ECP, detail of hidden and unhidden properties and avoided to pay govt. Taxes are the crucial issue, needs to confirm the eligibility to participate in the election. Tax evaders at any cost are the criminal who misused or abused his/ her office since decades who betrayed with the country.

Property specifying the detail of industries, farm land, palaces, bungalows, houses, land sheets in Pakistan & Overseas under candidate name or intentionally has been transferred to their family to avoid of taxes & even so – Are taxes being paid or not?
Bank account statement specifying cash in hand & valuable such as Gold, Silver, Diamond, Prize bonds, Share certificates & other Financial instruments needs to be manifested and falls under tax net. ECP to check candidly.

Vehicles breakup and registration, govt. fee or renewal etc. – Does it have a valid paper or representing wrong information – no data available in the Vehicle registration department to avoid of govt. fee?
Other govt. institution such as ‘Electricity and Gas department’ & its related Ministry should also be inducted to verify Electricity & Gas bills of the candidates filing nomination paper to contest in election.

A trillion of amount is pending with all MNAs/ MPAs for their Houses & Industries being run by them (all are on record) they did not pay the utilities bill and are living in free world with free hand, reign them and bring to the tax net. So if they are defaulter in terms of Utility Bill payment it becomes the reason to disqualify them.
If Care-taker govt. Moin Qureshy who assumed office for 3 months to conduct general election in 1990s and he got published the name of the defaulters of only Utilities bill. 

If for a short period such a giant list can appear into the press then why not “Tax defaulter list” are publicized to know the citizen of the country so that everyone can see the ugly & mean faces of criminals who are not loyal with the nation and claims to be the crusader of the country & countrymen.  There are 70% politicians who did not submit even their Income tax returns a press report.
Also need to check if the candidate has been convicted from High court or Supreme Court by any reasons.

These are the only parameter to weigh the candidacy, honesty and feelings of the candidate to serve the people who send them into the parliament, a real democracy and a real democrat to run Islamic republic of Pakistan. We give our trust to the politicians in shape of our votes so they are the trustees of our votes and nation expects a real support for them. 
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