Feb 3, 2013

More CCTV circuits to be installed if Govt. is serious to control over rising target killing in Karachi


of drive-by attack on Jamia Binoria’s ulema in Karachi, the clerics were shot dead on Thursday 31st Jan 2013.
The footage shows three persons riding a bike intercepting a white Suzuki Carry at Shahrah-e-Faisal and one of them shoots at persons sitting inside the car through the window pane.

The attackers manage to flee on the bike within few seconds.

The deceased were identified as Mufti Abdul Majeed, Mufti Saleh Mehmood and a student of Jamia Binoria Hassan Ali Shah who was driving the vehicle while the two muftis were sitting on rear seats.
Shahrah-e-Faisal is the main highway which connects the adjoining areas situated at left & right side of the Road.

The Road starts from old Hotel Metropole building, leading towards Nursery, Karsaz, Drigh Road, Airport, Malir Halt & Landhi Quaid-abad bus stop, moves further to Pakistan Steel mills and connects with Port Qasim as well.
Since this Road is very vital so CCTV system functionality should always be cent percent operational.

Though the CCTV circuits have been installed but its maintenance is imperative and should not be ignored (at any cost) as the quality of video footage relies on the regular maintenance of CCTV cameras which must have ability to record the footage perfectly being the only source to nab the culprit.

Otherwise the image will appear blurry, dull, cloudy, invisible & un-readable, certainly will be useless for crime prevention and arresting the culprit.

Therefore the local authority should ensure the maintenance of 1500 CCTV circuit installed in the city of Karachi at different sites.

All connecting roads going from Shahra-e-Faisal to inside colonies & localities must cover under CCTV surveillances to monitor the culprit if he enters in the adjoining areas through Shahrah-e-Faisal, facilitating the CPC personnel to go into probe for further investigation.
CCTV or video surveillances system is the best instrument to reduce the ratio of crime being committed in areas covered by video surveillance. CCTV has been proven to be the most cost-effective method for crime prevention and detection.

In current scenario the rising crime rates needs to augment more cameras to install throughout Karachi particularly those areas where multiple political factions are living at one place as crime rates are higher such as Shah Faisal colony, Malir, Landhi, Korangi, New karachi, Orangi Town, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Baloch colony, PECHS, PIB colony, Lalukhet, Kareemabad, Alazam squire, Liaquetabad, Bara Maidan, FB area, Aisha manzil, Azizabad, MA jinnah Road, Numaish, Patel para, Shershah, Baldia Town, Sohrabgoth and its adjoining areas etc.

All roundabouts across the city are very critical and should come under CCTV surveillance. It will be more conducive if Karachi is categorized into 4 districts (as it is already there) and establish 4 independent CPC in 4 districts enabling the city to closely monitor the CCTV footage in related district’s Control room.
Such division will give relieve to a centralized CPC, will make CPC more result oriented and efficient, viable and effective in order to control rising crimes in the city.

Besides, the commercial centers and adjacent road ‘from & to’ also to be equipped with surveillance security cameras to monitor Bhatta mafia who is killing the entrepreneur, all entry and exit to be under surveillance.
Closure of mobile phone and ban on motor cycle double rides are not the remedy, though it can be some little relief but the unbridled crimes in the city can’t stop.

We are aware that Karachi is bleeding – The city has converted into a furnace, daily killing tunes up to 12 deaths.

In the month of January 2013 so far 240 deaths has been reported in the press while in 2012 we lost 4000 lives in Karachi. In any city of the world we don’t get such massacre it looks like a war-torn area. 

Govt. applies jammers & defuse the bombs but why don’t introduce “call tracking system” to trace out the threat calls received. Such equipment are available in the market, speak to the supplier buy it, and install it immediately.
Investigating agencies are doing their part, they are keeping the govt. in loop but what govt. to do – Its prime duty to ensure the safety and security for the lives & properties of its citizen instead to close the mobile and increase the security contingent.

This is not the Stone Age, numbers of security enhancement are not prudent and rational instead number of CCTV system and more advance technology needs to be adopted to control the crimes.
Run the state technically not conventionally – Reduce you lavish expenditure and install the mechanism said by a group of people who were denouncing govt. for not caring ‘Karachi killing’

Ability of CIA/ FIA/ ISI or any govt. agency collecting information is appreciative but how to control or redress the rising security threat is only possible when technical infrastructure are in place to retaliate the criminals.
They are exploding bomb through remote control & govt. rush to the site, defuse the bomb or apply jammers – Is it only the solution to stop “seeking and hiding”.

A crying father who lost his child in indiscriminate firing in Gulistan-e-Jauhar while crossing the road, asking govt. to take stringent action against the terrorist who have spoiled Karachi, daily we are collecting 10 to 12 bodies said by sobbing father.
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