Feb 11, 2013

Negotiation with Taliban......

A proverb says that ‘Tested people should not be retested’, though the govt. has initiated to have negotiation with TTP but it does not attract any satisfactory outcome to appear as the approach in between Pakistanis and Taliban has significant difference.
Taliban Islamization or slogan to impose Islam has a major gap in terms of belief, custom and practice an those are not similar and suits with the Islamic teaching we have in practice. Taliban are against girl education a basic clash:

·         They don’t favor girl education

·         They are against co-education

·         They will not allow to run beauty parlor, cinema, movies shops, video centers, massage center, hotels and stage show, music and musical center

·         No one can hear music or can run the business

·         Drama and film being telecasted will be stopped  

·         Freely movement of women in the mall will be banned  

·         Women without veil can’t move - A complete covered Burqa or Hijab from top to toe needs to be wrapped completely following two holes before the two eyes

·         The dress code of gents and ladies will be determined

·         Strategy for religious center will also be outlined as no minority will have the right to go to their religious center or will be allowed to do worship according to their believe

·         And no guarantee that there will be minority religious center in the country

·         Fast food centers and gathering of womenfolk at the center where men mingles will not be allowed

·         All electronic sales center will be on watch & Taliban will decide which type of equipment to sell out in the market - Buyers and seller will be watched strictly

·         Hair-cutting saloon will do their business under guidance of Taliban

·         Women will not be allowed to go saloon as well

·         Restaurant, Motel and Hotel business will be given a mandate written by Taliban to run the business accordingly

·         Jirga system will come into force and

·         Taliban will decide the fate of criminals  

·         Police, courts and lawyers will work as per mandate given by Taliban

·         There will be no remand from the police but Taliban will take remand and will conclude the case  

The same history will repeat when the hundreds of girl students of Lal Masjid equipped with bamboo in hands were roaming in Islamabad Street in F-7 area to close music and video shops in the market. Beauty parlor and massage centers had been closed those who resisted were beaten and shops had been ransacked and put on fire as well. Group of student were shouting slogan against govt. and even they fought physically with law enforcing agencies.

A very gloomy picture is expected to come so wait for new revolution ……
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