Mar 30, 2013

23rd March Public Holiday and Public

A general observation that most of the people are unaware of public holidays, it’s may be due to lack of education, ignorance, giving no importance or the environment where they live do not allow them to understand the Public Holidays in the country.
It refers a recent survey carried out by some TV channels at the occasion of 23rdMarch celebrating in the country when asked that why we celebrate 23rdMarch. Someone said Pakistan came into being, some said Quaid-e-Azam was born, some said Iqbal-day. And some replied in a quite different way that vicious circle (where we live) does not allow us to look into, said by an angry man and Some left the question un-replied with smile.

One House wife in the crowd while asked ‘what happened on 23rdMarch’ very bluntly she said we don’t get time to see these things as the soaring prices of livelihood in the country has made all of us upset and everyone is busy in their jobs, we work day and night so that we can feed our children and can fulfill our needs. Govt. is not looking towards price control; there is no system in the country to rein to vendors for astronomical prices, increasing every passing day she remarked with groaning.
A senior citizen who was next to her, said she is right! And it is not important to tell you what happened on 23rd March –You have to see what will happen on 23rdMarch, if the situation in the country runs with serious mismanagement & lawlessness the time is not far when there will be a civil strife because the public is losing their temper. There is no check and balance, loot & only loot and we have been deprived of the basic needs of life due to exorbitant rates. Our salary has not been increased according to the proportion the prices gone up.

How many families have been impoverished, see the street crimes and other social evils have hijacked the city said by annoyed old man.
Govt. apathy & people frustration are obvious, constant tolerating and obliviousness of ruling elites has made the people devastated just to run from dawn to dusk for bread and butter do not get time to think for other activity in the country replied rudely some youngsters.

When interviewed at motor mechanic workshops the boys around 12-25 years of age, having instruments in their hands with dirty clothes said we don’t know 23rdMarch, we work from 9-7 then get few bucks to fuel our stoves if one day we don’t arrive at the shop due to transport strike we don’t earn resulting sleep without food.
Whereas the other side of the coin 23rdMarch the public or national holiday is observed at national level, the public and private sectors offices are closed, economic activities across the county go suspended. People celebrate the day with great enthusiasm & patriotic fervor, the percentage of such folks is hardly 40% in the country.

Special arrangements & events are conducted across the provinces to commemorate the day; specific celebration at national level is enjoyed with strong belief and feelings. The national TV airs colorful programs, workshops, debates& talk-shows, dramas are played, special songs goes live, print media also writes specific editorial and special stories highlights the importance of the day and achievements.
The 23rdMarch known as ‘Pakistan Resolution day’ followed with ‘freedom struggle’ led under the unflinching leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who under umbrella of ‘Muslims league’ (a political group in India) accelerated the call for Pakistan movement.

However at Muslim league’s annual meeting held in Lahore on 23rdMarch 1940, they passed a famous Lahore Resolution and demanded for a separate homeland for Muslim living in India. Though congress opposed the idea of a separate country yet the freedom struggle remained continued till getting the dream of a separate homeland a reality for the Muslims in Indian sub-continent.
The resolution was moved and passed unanimously, the basic motive of ‘23rd March Resolution’ were to highlight the inconsistency in between Hindu and Muslims in terms of thoughts, culture and ideology despite living together for centuries but both could not merge & forget their own individual culture and civilization.

The Resolution stressed further that Hindu & Muslims were two nations, from any point of view they can’t live together. The entire freedom movement revolved around “Two Nation Theory” and which became the demand of a separate state.
Muslims by nature had radical changes in their vision & worship, festivals differences; sacred & belief, custom& culture, literature, history & social values and more importantly was the religion Islam which distinguished Muslims.

Hindu worshipping to multiple gods while Muslim believes in one, unique, incomparable Allah. Who has neither son nor partner and that none has the right to be worshipped by Him alone. He is the true Allah and every other deity is false the basic ideology of Muslims in India.
Quaid-e-Azam of course had a clear vision about Islamic ideology; he believed that Islam was the only unifying force of the Muslims. He said “What relationship knits the Muslims into one whole, which is the formidable rock on which the Muslim edifice has been erected, which the sheet anchor providing base to the Muslim that relationship, the sheet anchor and the rock is the Holy Quran”. He stressed.

Since the core objective, demand for Pakistan was the establishment of a state where Almighty God’s supremacy could be enforced and implemented in letter and spirit, Islamic principles & Sharia compliant policies and procedures could be instituted in the country.
In 1946 Quaid-e-Azam during his address at Islamia College Peshawar made it clearer that “We did not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we wanted a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles”

Thus the Resolution passed on 23rdMarch 1940 an ambition to get an independent state for Muslims living in India came true and as such Pakistan came into being on 14th Aug 1947.
Now we are living in an independent state Islamic Republic of Pakistan which we achieved after loss of outnumbered lives and properties, it becomes our legal and obligatory duty to protect the homeland and give respect to everyone, every sects and beliefs living under one dome.

And we should celebrate the Public Holidays which reminds us the importance of the day, to show our sympathy, respect and reverence those who lost their lives & get us an independent state. Celebration no-doubt gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and proud of leadership, their vested interest for the cause they did a reaffirmation that we love them and salute them.

Mar 26, 2013

Delimitation of Karachi only why? Asked by MQM

Delimitation in Karachi has affected the vote bank of MQM said by Convenor Dr. Farooq Sattar. According to him despite Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) categorical reply to Chief Justice of Pakistan (Supreme Court) the inability to do delimitation considering time factor and heavy task involvement in a short span of time & its aftermath seems them unsuitable mentioned by ECP.
But why again delimitation were carried and only in Karachi – does it note signify to hurt or victimize purposely to specific group of citizen living in Karachi since partition – why KarachiItes only being treated harshly – why not in other city of Pakistan - And if it was so mandatory then why not conducted across the provinces.

About 40,000 people are living in Karachi those migrated from Punjab, KP and other areas of Pakistan; they are working in Karachi, earning money and remitting to their hometown. Their names are still shown on the voters list in their related constituency – Did it ask by any authority to expunge their names from the voter lists - No not at all - but for Karachi everyone have an eye on us.
Karachi is the main political hub as well as a very crucial & most important commercial center who embraces to every communities living in the country where multiple languages are spoken. It becomes the source of income for everyone.

Karachi fosters, adopts, encourages and promote to every community living in Karachi and it is identified as a major contributor of national wealth but the city is being targeted, the massive lawlessness and rampant killing has marred the city & no authority at govt. level listening such cruelties.

Principally delimitation should have been across the country instead to do only in Karachi. This reflects the ill motive of the govt. to reduce the vote bank of MQM Dr Farooq asserted.
Giving example of voters those are living in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Phalwan Goth, Safora Goth, and Sacchal & Malir Cantt. area their polling stations have been marked in New Karachi, Business Recorder Road and Jamshed Quarters, how a family living in these areas will go to vote there. All of sudden changes in the constituency reflects what? 

Further, just for instance as per CNIC of one family living in malir cantt. they have been diverted at 4 different places to cast their votes – the father will go to New Karachi - Wife will go where she is living but Son will go to Jamshed Quarter and daughter will go to Business Recorder Road - Is it justifiable?

However the case has been instituted in high court for hearing. MQM chief has also expressed his concern to ECP for this unbelievable all of sudden changes which only exhibits the ulterior motive of govt. to reduce the MQM vote bank said by MQM leader Altaf Hussain.

Mar 16, 2013

Give your vote to correct candidate instead to regret for another 5 years!

Please wake up & understand importance of your vote for upcoming general election 2013 – Vote to correct candidate who feels pain & can work for you & your territory - For your family & your children’s future - Open your eyes & get rid of corrupted leaders & leadership – This is the time to give your mandate.

The time of General Election 2013 is very close to you. Election Commissioner of Pakistan (ECP) has re-written the forms for nominated candidates contesting in upcoming General Election of National & Provincial assemblies. Candidates have been asked to fill out & submit with the required supportive papers asked in the form which includes detail of family members their properties & payment of govt. levies & loan portfolio maintaining with the banks.

There is acute hue & cry among the candidates who are participating in coming election. Debates however at national TV & print media are continued and almost every candidate frowning over the development of new trends by ECP.  Complaining that why ECP doing this which had never been a practice in Pakistan history asked by one of the PPP stalwart in TV talk show.
We are confident and appreciate the efforts & approach of ECP Mr. Fakhruddin G Ibrahim who wanted to stop & control the flow of corrupted politicians looted the country and since decades the game is continued, personating a real democrat and lover of democracy but the big scoundrel cheating and deceiving with the country & countrymen, have been undermining & emptied the nation treasury said by an NGO at national forum. If the ECP really cooperate with the country and its people then we can get rid of corrupted politicians a majority of people asserted.

Thanks for ECP who added new section in nominations paper to declare the breakup of assets being held by the family of the candidates.
It is unbelievable that former ex PM Youssef Raza Gilani does not have a single car in his name. Can you imagine that Mr. Zardari has assets worth of 4.0 Lacs and he has not paid even a single fills against Income tax return 2012 FBR report said.

In such a situation has it not been imperative to know by ECP the detail of family member’s assets where the candidates manipulate the records and skillfully transfer in their family names with the ulterior motive for not to pay taxes and other mandatory charges to Govt. Pakistan?
Whereas Chief Justice of Pakistan (Supreme Court) has endorsed the form & empowering ECP to use his authority ensuring a free, fair, transparent election in the country without any influence or impression from any political parties.

Advising ECP to obtain every clearance from the nominated candidates as per ECP requisite form & bring a good people to the parliament as the people of Pakistan has upset & frustrated from the rising corruption and there is serious outcry over the govt. performance during its 5 years tenure said by CJ of Pakistan a press report.
The political environment in the country is cloudy in terms of parties’ activity, manifesto of the candidates; poster & party meetings & public address across the provinces & provocative remarks against opponent, political polarization & horse-trading, selling and buying candidate ownership, have kept political environment warm and every passing moment getting us stunned for the change of candidate’s ownership from one party to another.

There is also trends among unscrupulous candidates who enjoyed earlier electioin2008 they joined PPP but did not do anything for their constituency & now they are approaching to MPL-N to get the ticket and intend to fight election 2013 for the same constituency with the devious plan to devour the money again in the name of annual development program believing not to invest anything but stuff their own pocket and let the people go to the hell & die said by angry people who were being interviewed by media at public forum.

Currently ECP has radical changes which is being harshly criticized among political coterie that why ECP or Fakhruddin G Ibrahim crossed his limitation & asking to specify the detail of candidate’s family, their properties, business and Bank balance in addition to the candidate’s own details asked by one of the candidate of PML-N. ECP however has asked the candidate to provide following documents while submitting nomination papers:
(i)                  cancellation letter from the concerned country if he/ she has dual nationality & it has been withdrawn

(ii)                clearance from the bank (s) if the loan acquired has been paid off or if written off who was the authority to approve and why it was done

(iii)               how many loans availed so far & while in office and its breakup

(iv)              detail of income tax returns paid/submitted

(v)                detail of property tax paid/ submitted

(vi)              details of utilities bill paid

(vii)             court clearance if he/ she had been convicted

(viii)           attestation of degrees from Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad

(ix)              Overseas visits of the candidates along with his/ her family on govt. expenses and exorbitant shopping.

(x)                number of properties with the family & their income tax returns

(xi)              loan taken in the name of family and its status

(xii)             Sources of income and payment of govt. levies

(xiii)           details of property being held in overseas

(xiv)           Bank account in overseas etc.
Regarding overseas visit/ tours, here for instance quoting the recent visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan in UK with a group of more than 30 people & family members staying in 7* star hotel in luxurious rooms and enormous shopping from his son, daughter & granddaughter and from other family members, where the bill incurred on such huge purchases and hotel accommodation millions of pound had been paid from the national treasury a press report.

Besides, PM also visited India last month with a group of 26 people & his family accompanied with the servant & cook at ‘Ajmer Sharif mausoleum’ where the travelling and hotel stay were born by the national exchequer.
How ruthlessly & shamelessly the national valet had been used by Prime Minster of Pakistan for such a colossal shopping, undoubtedly this tremendous amount will shift on the shoulder of poor Pakistani.

There is rampant street crimes, unbridled mismanagement, serious frustration among the masses, massive lawlessness, kidnapping & ransom, 10-18 hours power breakdown across the provinces, arson public & private properties, capital flight from the country & closure of approx.30,000 industries in the country (during 5 years) because of multiple reasons.
Further even not a single investment during PPP tenure except the recent Pak-Iran Gas pipelines signed off, regular bomb explosion and killing, no rule of law & open use of arms & ammunition in the country, kidnaping women from the street by son of MPA/MNAs and no FIR & punishment.

Unequivocally it becomes the prime responsibility of the govt. to control and look into it but they did not do anything and allowed the situation to go more worsen. If we see the status of national economy & social sector it’s a failure and in short we have anarchy in the country said by political analyst.
68% people of the country are living in extreme poverty line and our leadership is enjoying in UK and India (this is just 2 examples of PM expensive visit not a history of 5 years) who travelled on expense of our money, Pakistan money so if ECP is asking to furnish break up of your overseas visits what’s wrong & why you want to hide said by TV anchor while asking question during debate with one of the PPP leader.

3 days out of 7 days in a week, the bank, port & stock exchange works, one day closure gives us a block of 10 -12 billion per day hit & the govt.
And PPP boasting that they have completed its democratic 5 years tenure in Pakistan, it’s the first time in Pakistan history.

Yes it is the first time in Pakistan history that you enjoyed after repealing of 58B constitution of Pakistan where there was no one & you got a free rein and that’s why you kept a reign of terror in the country, said by a senior citizen replying to a question of survey report conducted by TV channels in the country
Pakistan is not a poor country this is bad leadership which has changed the image and shape of the country. We have been indebted and mortgaged before the loan lenders from whom the corrupt leaders acquired multiple loans in the name of infrastructure support services and against development program in the country but instead to invest they ate & transferred the sum in their overseas account. And made us squeezed under the burden of debt that’s why every Pakistani man, woman and children has been indebted @ Rs.120, 000/= per head a recent economic survey report.

The basic motif of ECP is to translate the standing constitution clause # 62, 63 & 218 because the nation has already tested the politicians. The credibility of our ruling elites has been suspicious across the period of 5 years. This is the worst example of democracy in the county said by a house wife who was being interviewed by national media to know a general views about PPP rules in 5 years.
Regarding constituencies there are various live examples where MNA/ MPAs after winning the election 2008 they didn’t visit even a single day in their electoral area. PML-N group is very prominent for such obliviousness. The people during interview by media disclosed to the reporters that they are waiting for such cheater who took the vote but did not resolve even a single issue of the locality said by angry group of people in Lahore.

Now 118 nominations paper has been submitted to ECP. So it is our turn to elect a good candidate who feels pain for us, who understand the problem being faced in the locality, who is aware of difficulties of your area, of your constituency, who is honorable, honest, loyal and really a crusader to solve your problem, who think for you, for your family and for your children future. Who is helpful to you? Who can build Concrete road, Schools, Medical center, Provision of Electricity & Gas, Construction of medical college, Technical College, Computer laboratory, School & Colleges, Transport facility connecting from your City/ Village & Taluka to the Main city? Low cost housing and small loans to initiate business, installation of small industries in the locality to generate employment in the area.
Recreational Center, Children & Women Park & Play grounds, Utility stores and Maternity home, Girls Training center, Existence of govt. office to get your problem solved internally or in your reach instead to travel from 100 kilo meters to get your issue settled down. And School & College should be equipped with furniture & fixture, electricity, drinking water, lavatory system, Books library & Computer lab etc.

Now the election campaign has been started, candidates in different dresses with astronomical promises & with multiples sugar coated pills, will come to you to get you assured but don’t be afraid or hypnotized, allure and fascinate in their sugar coated words. They will use provocative language for their past opponents to establish more convincing speech before you but don’t be duped & listen to them. Open your mind decides yourself who will be the real helper who will help you to resolve your locality issue.
This is the time to vote to a correct candidate instead to regret for another 5 years!

Mar 13, 2013

Empty slogan of democracy?

The country’s economy woes are very clear before every Pakistani that it has been pushed towards the brink of bankruptcy.
We need a sincere leadership to pull out the sinking economy from its further declining and make a sincere and honest efforts (not on paper but) in practical to revamp and diversify the resources with the motive to do the work for the betterment and advancement of the masses, for country’s progression and prosperity.

The doable works to attend the ‘power sector’ which has been a cruse for all us, rising political polarization being misused in the name of democracy – It is not democracy that you are killing to your opponent, intolerance behavior of political parties have made a common man a psychiatrist patient.
The business of the city has come to standstill because hooliganism and vandalism are at peak and law enforcement seems helpless even the govt. itself so what type of democracy it is? Asking by a group of people who don’t want such democracy where lives and properties of the people are not protected and you put them on fire. If by chance they book for trial, execution takes time resulting the miscreants or mercenaries are escaped so who is the ultimate looser – People of the country – a common man.

So open your eyes and wait for the wrath of people who will take the control into their hands and get you burn in the prepared furnace.
The wrong and dishonest leadership has converted the city into grave yard where dead bodies are dumped everyday @ 10-15 bodies on daily basis alone in Karachi. So the economic activity and social as well both are in shabby and awful condition needs to be serious to change the situation.

People believe in change as they have tested the decade’s long politicians who did nothing but looted the country and shifted national treasury in overseas account.
The example of rampant corruption or dishonesty is that assembly has 2 days to dissolve and even MPA did not spare the treasury to reimburse their medical bill and impacted it with a further tune of 8.5 crores a press report.

Mar 10, 2013

Misunderstanding about Christian & Jews People of the Book & misinterpretation of Blasphemous law

The recent horrible attacked by the mob of 3000 in Joseph colony (Christian community) situated at Badami Bagh Lahore at Noor Road where almost 100 houses burnt. Such news spread (within no time) across the country and people of the same cast gathered on the road demanding govt. to arrest the miscreants who destroyed their houses & put their properties on fire, also denouncing the govt. for not protecting the minority living in the province who wants peace and peace for all.
The Punjab govt. however consoled the affected family & announced to compensate them @ Rs.200, 000 per head who lost their houses and assured the protesters to arrest the culprit immediately. A team however has been constituted to investigate the matter and submit report in three days said by spokesman of the govt.

The reason came to the press that the attack was in retaliation of someone living in the same community made some blasphemous remarks.
The handful Islamic Extremist, Radicalist & Fundamentalist have spoiled the life, every citizen of the country are really fed up & upset from the rising criminality to kill the minority or People of the Book who are identified as Christians & Jews.

The so called Islamic crusader, their narrow mindedness & illiteracy, don’t know what sort of Islam they have or talks about. There is no such instruction or commandment in the Holy Quran to kill anybody, any human being, does not matter what religion they have, everyone needs respect and to be respected without cast, creed, culture, race and color asked by one of the scholar in TV debate.
Christian & Jews are the People of the Book written in the Holy Quran & we being Muslims have been allowed to marry with their women and vice versa. Christians are the custodian of divine book The Bible like Holy Quran that revealed to prophet Isa (peace be upon him).

We the Muslim have been allowed to eat with them, talk with them, in every race Christians have been allowed to live with Muslim and it becomes our prime responsibility to protect them, secure their lives & properties, their worship centers & their home.
We can work with them, we can play with them and we can do business with them. There is no hitch or any flaw to mingle with them. It’s a clear message has been specified in our Holy Book Quran then what’s wrong with the people said by an angry Christian who lost his house in the attack.

In Islamic country it becomes state responsibility to protect every minority with majority but Govt. seems helpless & afraid from extremist who are frequently killing or alleging Christian getting a base of Blasphemous law which needs to be corrected. And Govt. can do it, it needs a revision and rephrasing its contents & rewriting to avoid of wrong interpretation being understood by Islamic Extremists.  
For God sake please read the Holy Quran with its meaning and show us where is written that if anybody abuse any prophet he/ she should be treated sternly or to be executed by court of law. There is not written such instruction in the Holy Quran, the punishment if he/ she does anything wrong with the prophets Almighty Allah will handle them in the dooms day or on the day resurrection, we are not the decision maker to determine anybody’s error either doing in favor or against the prophets clarified a senior citizen at public forum.  

In the Quran, Jews and Christians, the members of the religions who abide by the Divine Books revealed by God, are called the "People of the Book." What Muslims' views of the People of the Book should be, their relations, and the status of the People of the Book in social life are described in verses and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad in detail. The People of the Book, while they rely basically on God‘s revelation, have moral precepts and know what is lawful and what is not. For this reason, if one of the People of the Book cooks some food, it is lawful for Muslims to eat it. In the same way, permission has been given to a Muslim man to marry a woman from among the People of the Book. On this subject God commands
In Quran Allah says Al-Maidah 5:5

Today all good things have been made lawful for you. And the food of those given the Book is also lawful for you and your food is lawful for them. So are chaste women from among the believers and chaste women of those given the Book before you, once you have given them their dowries in marriage, not in fornication or taking them as lovers. But as for anyone who disbelieves, his actions will come to nothing and in the Hereafter he will be among the losers.

Throughout Islamic history, the People of the Book have been always treated with compassion in Muslim societies. This was particularly evident in the Ottoman Empire. It is a well-known fact that the Jews, whose rights were denied and were exiled by the Catholic Kingdom of Spain, took refuge in the lands of the Ottoman Empire. When Sultan Mehmed II, the Conqueror captured Istanbul, he granted both Christians and Jews all their fundamental rights. Throughout Ottoman history, Jews were regarded as People of the Book and enjoyed peaceful coexistence with Muslims.
The Prophet's Kindness to Jews and Christians
Besides the Christians, the Jews are also considered Ahlul-Kitab, which literally means the “People of the Book.” Those who follow the scriptures of the Torah (the Jews) and the Gospel (Christians) fall into this family, and had always enjoyed good relations with Prophet Muhammad and the first generations of Muslims.

In the Quran God says:
{O people of the Scripture! You have naught (of guidance) till you observe the Torah and Gospel and that which was revealed unto you from your Lord. That which is revealed unto (Muhammad) from thy Lord is certain to increase the contumacy and disbelief of many of them. But grieve not for the disbelieving folk.} (Al Ma’idah 5: 68)

As Islam began to grow and spread throughout Arabia, Prophet Muhammad met with many Christian communities and Jewish Tribes to spread Islam, but never outwardly converted them. He did, however, encourage them to continue to follow their Scriptures and not to compromise their faiths. He also reminded his Muslim followers:
"He who wrongs a Jew or a Christian will have my-self as his accuser on the Day of Judgment." (Al-Bukhari)

In his plight to create a peaceful spread of Islam, Prophet Muhammad had his followers enact a document to regulate the relationship between people of the Book around Madinah, where Islam was a growing civilization. According to the sources, this is what the document said:

“Whoever joins the signatories of this scripture would be entitled to our help and would not be subject to any injustice, nor should the Muslims cooperate against them. The children of Ouf (a Jewish tribe) are community of believers. The people of the scriptures are allowed to follow their religion as much as the Muslims are allowed to follow theirs, and so are their allies except the one who commits injustice or sin, for he does not harm but himself… The signatories of the document are entitled to mutual advice, sincerity and assistance rather than fighting each other…” (503)

In short we hope that our clerics will try to read the detail mentioned in our holy book about the relationship with Christian and Jews in Islam urged by an Islamic student studying in the university.