Mar 30, 2013

23rd March Public Holiday and Public

A general observation that most of the people are unaware of public holidays, it’s may be due to lack of education, ignorance, giving no importance or the environment where they live do not allow them to understand the Public Holidays in the country.
It refers a recent survey carried out by some TV channels at the occasion of 23rdMarch celebrating in the country when asked that why we celebrate 23rdMarch. Someone said Pakistan came into being, some said Quaid-e-Azam was born, some said Iqbal-day. And some replied in a quite different way that vicious circle (where we live) does not allow us to look into, said by an angry man and Some left the question un-replied with smile.

One House wife in the crowd while asked ‘what happened on 23rdMarch’ very bluntly she said we don’t get time to see these things as the soaring prices of livelihood in the country has made all of us upset and everyone is busy in their jobs, we work day and night so that we can feed our children and can fulfill our needs. Govt. is not looking towards price control; there is no system in the country to rein to vendors for astronomical prices, increasing every passing day she remarked with groaning.
A senior citizen who was next to her, said she is right! And it is not important to tell you what happened on 23rd March –You have to see what will happen on 23rdMarch, if the situation in the country runs with serious mismanagement & lawlessness the time is not far when there will be a civil strife because the public is losing their temper. There is no check and balance, loot & only loot and we have been deprived of the basic needs of life due to exorbitant rates. Our salary has not been increased according to the proportion the prices gone up.

How many families have been impoverished, see the street crimes and other social evils have hijacked the city said by annoyed old man.
Govt. apathy & people frustration are obvious, constant tolerating and obliviousness of ruling elites has made the people devastated just to run from dawn to dusk for bread and butter do not get time to think for other activity in the country replied rudely some youngsters.

When interviewed at motor mechanic workshops the boys around 12-25 years of age, having instruments in their hands with dirty clothes said we don’t know 23rdMarch, we work from 9-7 then get few bucks to fuel our stoves if one day we don’t arrive at the shop due to transport strike we don’t earn resulting sleep without food.
Whereas the other side of the coin 23rdMarch the public or national holiday is observed at national level, the public and private sectors offices are closed, economic activities across the county go suspended. People celebrate the day with great enthusiasm & patriotic fervor, the percentage of such folks is hardly 40% in the country.

Special arrangements & events are conducted across the provinces to commemorate the day; specific celebration at national level is enjoyed with strong belief and feelings. The national TV airs colorful programs, workshops, debates& talk-shows, dramas are played, special songs goes live, print media also writes specific editorial and special stories highlights the importance of the day and achievements.
The 23rdMarch known as ‘Pakistan Resolution day’ followed with ‘freedom struggle’ led under the unflinching leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah who under umbrella of ‘Muslims league’ (a political group in India) accelerated the call for Pakistan movement.

However at Muslim league’s annual meeting held in Lahore on 23rdMarch 1940, they passed a famous Lahore Resolution and demanded for a separate homeland for Muslim living in India. Though congress opposed the idea of a separate country yet the freedom struggle remained continued till getting the dream of a separate homeland a reality for the Muslims in Indian sub-continent.
The resolution was moved and passed unanimously, the basic motive of ‘23rd March Resolution’ were to highlight the inconsistency in between Hindu and Muslims in terms of thoughts, culture and ideology despite living together for centuries but both could not merge & forget their own individual culture and civilization.

The Resolution stressed further that Hindu & Muslims were two nations, from any point of view they can’t live together. The entire freedom movement revolved around “Two Nation Theory” and which became the demand of a separate state.
Muslims by nature had radical changes in their vision & worship, festivals differences; sacred & belief, custom& culture, literature, history & social values and more importantly was the religion Islam which distinguished Muslims.

Hindu worshipping to multiple gods while Muslim believes in one, unique, incomparable Allah. Who has neither son nor partner and that none has the right to be worshipped by Him alone. He is the true Allah and every other deity is false the basic ideology of Muslims in India.
Quaid-e-Azam of course had a clear vision about Islamic ideology; he believed that Islam was the only unifying force of the Muslims. He said “What relationship knits the Muslims into one whole, which is the formidable rock on which the Muslim edifice has been erected, which the sheet anchor providing base to the Muslim that relationship, the sheet anchor and the rock is the Holy Quran”. He stressed.

Since the core objective, demand for Pakistan was the establishment of a state where Almighty God’s supremacy could be enforced and implemented in letter and spirit, Islamic principles & Sharia compliant policies and procedures could be instituted in the country.
In 1946 Quaid-e-Azam during his address at Islamia College Peshawar made it clearer that “We did not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we wanted a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles”

Thus the Resolution passed on 23rdMarch 1940 an ambition to get an independent state for Muslims living in India came true and as such Pakistan came into being on 14th Aug 1947.
Now we are living in an independent state Islamic Republic of Pakistan which we achieved after loss of outnumbered lives and properties, it becomes our legal and obligatory duty to protect the homeland and give respect to everyone, every sects and beliefs living under one dome.

And we should celebrate the Public Holidays which reminds us the importance of the day, to show our sympathy, respect and reverence those who lost their lives & get us an independent state. Celebration no-doubt gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and proud of leadership, their vested interest for the cause they did a reaffirmation that we love them and salute them.
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