Apr 1, 2013

Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan takes ‘Suo moto’ notice of fake degrees submitted by the candidates contesting in upcoming General Election 2013.

A press report that CJ of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chuhdary has issued notices to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) & the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to appear before the court in order to verify & substantiate the detail of fake degrees submitted by the candidates along with their nomination papers.

In response to the degrees sent by ECP to HEC to testify the genuineness & originality of the degrees, the HEC however (in return) informed to ECP that documents of 54 former legislators had been found to be faked or forged whereas the degrees of 189 members remained unverified as the letter said.

Undoubtedly it’s a pioneering move in the history of Pakistan that in its 66 years of age we don’t see that any authority might have verified the educational degrees from HEC and it never happened said by a student being interviewed in a debate at national TV.
Though in 90s during Moin Qureshy’s care taker Premiership, he had disclosed a giant list printed into national media at full escape of newspapers, the name of defaulters of utilities bills but it was just a revelation yet ended in fiasco without any recovery of the unpaid bills.

But now it’s a historical movement that Chief Election Commissioner Retried Justice Fakhruddin G Ibrahim who is conducting and ensuring a free, fair and impartial election in the country, doing a proper screening of every candidates in terms their Income tax return, property tax payment, utilities bill and other levies imposed by the govt. of Pakistan.
Having a closed monitoring whether the candidates paid off the loans, the details of candidate’s family members assets break up in the country and in overseas, as the candidates manipulates & generally they transfer their properties into their family name to avoid of taxes, so clearance from related agency has been sought.

Involvement of FBR & Central bank of the country have been ensured to check & verify the loan break up acquired earlier or written off, confirmation certificates thereof from the bank and FBR also have been asked to obtain.
The nation also is witnessing the list of defaulters of non-tax payer, loan & Utility bills, being printed and aired in the media. It is being asked by ECP to pay off failing which they will be disqualified to participate in the election – Such unprecedented action no doubt from ECP is praiseworthy that the national treasury getting at least some money back to its wallets.

Further, a clearance from the related constituency has been asked to submit in ECP testifying that how supportive the candidates have been in their area of electoral.
And clearance for termination of dual nationality from the concerned country has been asked to submit with ECP otherwise it will be the reason of disqualification, nomination form stated.

The motive of ECP behind these efforts is to ensure that in the parliament we must have a good and genuine people who may serve to its countrymen with honesty and loyalty instead to get access to the national treasury, treating the Election as a gateway to occupy the parliament and loot the country said by a group of people debating at public forum.
The enforcement of predefined clause of 62, 63 and 218 now being used as a parameter by ECP to weigh the candidate in terms of his/ her honesty and loyalty mandated in the book of law.
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