Mar 26, 2013

Delimitation of Karachi only why? Asked by MQM

Delimitation in Karachi has affected the vote bank of MQM said by Convenor Dr. Farooq Sattar. According to him despite Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) categorical reply to Chief Justice of Pakistan (Supreme Court) the inability to do delimitation considering time factor and heavy task involvement in a short span of time & its aftermath seems them unsuitable mentioned by ECP.
But why again delimitation were carried and only in Karachi – does it note signify to hurt or victimize purposely to specific group of citizen living in Karachi since partition – why KarachiItes only being treated harshly – why not in other city of Pakistan - And if it was so mandatory then why not conducted across the provinces.

About 40,000 people are living in Karachi those migrated from Punjab, KP and other areas of Pakistan; they are working in Karachi, earning money and remitting to their hometown. Their names are still shown on the voters list in their related constituency – Did it ask by any authority to expunge their names from the voter lists - No not at all - but for Karachi everyone have an eye on us.
Karachi is the main political hub as well as a very crucial & most important commercial center who embraces to every communities living in the country where multiple languages are spoken. It becomes the source of income for everyone.

Karachi fosters, adopts, encourages and promote to every community living in Karachi and it is identified as a major contributor of national wealth but the city is being targeted, the massive lawlessness and rampant killing has marred the city & no authority at govt. level listening such cruelties.

Principally delimitation should have been across the country instead to do only in Karachi. This reflects the ill motive of the govt. to reduce the vote bank of MQM Dr Farooq asserted.
Giving example of voters those are living in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Phalwan Goth, Safora Goth, and Sacchal & Malir Cantt. area their polling stations have been marked in New Karachi, Business Recorder Road and Jamshed Quarters, how a family living in these areas will go to vote there. All of sudden changes in the constituency reflects what? 

Further, just for instance as per CNIC of one family living in malir cantt. they have been diverted at 4 different places to cast their votes – the father will go to New Karachi - Wife will go where she is living but Son will go to Jamshed Quarter and daughter will go to Business Recorder Road - Is it justifiable?

However the case has been instituted in high court for hearing. MQM chief has also expressed his concern to ECP for this unbelievable all of sudden changes which only exhibits the ulterior motive of govt. to reduce the MQM vote bank said by MQM leader Altaf Hussain.
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