Mar 13, 2013

Empty slogan of democracy?

The country’s economy woes are very clear before every Pakistani that it has been pushed towards the brink of bankruptcy.
We need a sincere leadership to pull out the sinking economy from its further declining and make a sincere and honest efforts (not on paper but) in practical to revamp and diversify the resources with the motive to do the work for the betterment and advancement of the masses, for country’s progression and prosperity.

The doable works to attend the ‘power sector’ which has been a cruse for all us, rising political polarization being misused in the name of democracy – It is not democracy that you are killing to your opponent, intolerance behavior of political parties have made a common man a psychiatrist patient.
The business of the city has come to standstill because hooliganism and vandalism are at peak and law enforcement seems helpless even the govt. itself so what type of democracy it is? Asking by a group of people who don’t want such democracy where lives and properties of the people are not protected and you put them on fire. If by chance they book for trial, execution takes time resulting the miscreants or mercenaries are escaped so who is the ultimate looser – People of the country – a common man.

So open your eyes and wait for the wrath of people who will take the control into their hands and get you burn in the prepared furnace.
The wrong and dishonest leadership has converted the city into grave yard where dead bodies are dumped everyday @ 10-15 bodies on daily basis alone in Karachi. So the economic activity and social as well both are in shabby and awful condition needs to be serious to change the situation.

People believe in change as they have tested the decade’s long politicians who did nothing but looted the country and shifted national treasury in overseas account.
The example of rampant corruption or dishonesty is that assembly has 2 days to dissolve and even MPA did not spare the treasury to reimburse their medical bill and impacted it with a further tune of 8.5 crores a press report.
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