Apr 20, 2013

95% Disqualified candidate contesting in General Election 2013 have been Qualified –The nation will get the same group of Corrupted & Power greedy Politicians for another 5 years

95% Disqualified candidates have been Qualified to contest in General Election 2013 being held on 11th May 2013 by Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) in the country.
We were optimistic that under the superb dynamic leadership of Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan His Excellency Fakhruddin G Ibrahim and his prudent mechanism the nation will get refined and purified candidates in the Assemblies.

Getting the candidate going through a giant washing machine - A determined parameter had been promulgated by ECP to weigh the candidate’s trustworthiness in terms of their honesty and loyalty.

But all such expectation and skyrocketing assurance & promises from ECP (with the nation) ended in fiasco when ECP finalized candidates list.
We took a sigh of relief that for another 5 years at least the country will get a clean and honest MNAs/ MPAs in the Assemblies who will rule the country with sincerity, loyalty and will prove a real crusader to feel the pain of the people living in Pakistan said by one participant debating on TV Talkshow on ECP role.
But ECP disappointed & did not do its onerous responsibility even though they reprinted & rephrased election nomination papers adding multiple clauses into it being a cardinal idea to scrutiny the candidate’s candidature and very huge sum even spent which endorsed further by Supreme Court of Pakistan but could not produce effective. If the forms had been used in its essence we would have received a good result in terms of candidate eligibility.

Further, notwithstanding full-fledged administrative support extended from State bank of Pakistan and Federal Board of Revenue & Ministries of Power & Gas to verify the loan defaulter, Tax evaders & Thieves stealing utility bills (electricity/ water and Gas) respectively, ECP could not avail the benefits of these agencies at full extent asserted by one of the participant discussing at national forum.

ECP however received approximately 24000 nomination papers across the country but ECP got vetted the nominations papers for some top ranked politicians not for the whole bunch of nomination papers said by one of the Investigative analyst on TV.  
As per State Bank of Pakistan & Federal Board of Revenue they provided whatever had been asked by ECP about defaulters list but ECP did not share those information with their designated Returning officer (across the provinces) so how a Returning officer could check the candidates legitimacy filed paper from different constituency in the given province.

What standing parameter and mechanism were accessible to Returning officer to vet the nomination papers except if Returning officer had any complaints from the opponents or a list of fake degrees holder.
There should have been a centralized system accessible to all Returning officers across the provinces that could type name of the candidate as soon as nomination papers received them and get the breakup if he/ she is defaulter of Bank loan or Written off, Tax evaders, Property tax non payer, Utility bills thieves, Dual nationality and Convicted etc.

Such information on fingertip could make the task of Retuning officer easy to authenticate candidate eligibility instead to ask kiddy questions as they did.
Now all criminals, Tax evaders, Bank loan defaulter or who got the Hefty loan written off are taking part in the election so how we can see a ‘cleaned Pakistan’ if there is U turn of the same corrupt mafia, a political analyst emphasized.

Moreover, a list of 100 fake degrees holders urged by Supreme Court of Pakistan to eliminate them but ECP has declared eligible to take part in the election.
There are cases even under trial in Supreme Court of Pakistan on huge fund embezzlement and use of public office but ECP has qualified such notorious. It refers the case of Fehmida Mirza former speaker of national assembly who borrowed 87.0 million and got it written off. 

Story of Ex PM Raja Pervez Ashraf who abused public office and disbursed 72.0 billion among MNAs/MPAs and even gave those who even had not been part of state office, he however has been qualified by ECP so where is Fakhru Bhai prudent mechanism? asked by one university student at public forum.
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