May 1, 2013

Debate at national forum for Musharraf trial in Benazir Buhutto (BB) murder case.

Its judicial activism, Benazir Bhutoo (BB) assassination is nothing to do with Pervez Musharraf, its better if we ask those who were involved in her killing. There were 4 people still alive ask them that who asked BB to stand up and get her face out of the lid from the bunker, asked by one a participant responding to a question being debated at national TV channel against General (Retired) Pervez Musharraf trail on BB murder case. 
In the bunker where 4 people were sitting inside & some were swinging with the bunker while some standing back side on the bumper of the bunker and some walking close to the bunker, those were all PPP stalwarts not a general public the questioner further asserted. 

The investigative officer should also ask Rehman Malik & other stake holders who had been assigned for BB security that after assassination why postmortem had not been carried out?
Who asked and stopped to do postmortem. some replied that it was her husband & why he stopped it & what was his intention behind this prevention for not to do postpartum?

In every civilized society whatever the reason of killing postmortem has been an authentic document to arrive at conclusion which facilitates the investigative team to catch the culprit which was not done in BB case – Why?
Postmortem could determine the distance of shooting and angle, nature of bullets and device used for killing & who had this device were the clue to arrive at.

And why just after killing, the whole area got washed within no time – No indication and mark left and no photograph were shot that could use as an authentic evidence asked by one university student replying to the question at public forum.
Who asked to clean the area Ask Rehman Malik & other stake holder if he was providing security to BB as he mentions in his explanation with the investigative team?

And why route also had been changed upon whose instruction the whole mob diverted to other area? said by one of the house wife who were discussing at the forum conducted for Musharraf trial on BB murder case. These are the important question need confirmation instead to allege Musharraf for nothing.
Please check all the previous video footage and media coverage shown on TV channels that’s will also be a good evidence to understand the situation a house wife emphasized.

And also obtain the conversation tape of all mobile phones used in the area specifically on this day, data available with PTC can be obtained if it has not been tampered to track the call related to the incident.

The audience were of the view and expecting unbiased judicial trial as Musharraf has been our national hero. He has been holding dual post i.e. Ex Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and former President of Pakistan concluded with the word of a senior citizen who was also available in the program.
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