Apr 5, 2013

Election commission of Pakistan has given hard time to the candidates contesting in General election 2013 – The past misdeed of Politicians now taking its course to repent - Fake degrees now have become the Talk of the Town.

Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) has given tough time to the candidates contesting in upcoming General Election in Pakistan to be held on 11th May 2013.

ECP no-doubt discharging its onerous responsibility to do a free fair and transparent election in the country and candidates have been asked to move and cross ‘the traverse’ fulfilling the mandated guidelines mentioned in the constitution clause # 62, 63 & 218 a basic essence of candidate’s characteristic in terms of their honesty and loyalty with the country and countrymen are weighted through this clause.

If anyone qualifies the given parameter then he/ she will be eligible for election otherwise will face disqualification clarifies the report issued by ECP.
ECP has formulated assessment method and technique and that’s the reason they are checking & scrutinizing the nomination papers very minutely notwithstanding the ranks and influence of politicians, their status in Pakistan political history, ancestral or descendant who has been ruling the country since decades.

And those were treating politics as Professional. It refers Shahbaz Sharef Passport where in professional column he has written ‘Politicians’ and has shown his wealth 470 million in nomination paper one of the question has been raised by ECP.

Nevertheless such move from ECP is being appreciated and everyone seems happy that at least the nation will get rid of corrupted politicians the Big Fish that has tarnished, marred the country because of their ill motive and insincerity with the country and countrymen who understand the election as a gateway to enter into the parliament and plunder the national treasury and nothing said by a senior citizen replying media anchor at national forum?
Further, ECP however has summoned 24 former Federal & Provincial lawmakers on April 5 over the fake degree issue, the cases of the former parliamentarians who ruled the country for 5 years will appear before the court of Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ibrahim. The action has been taken by ECP complying the Supreme Court of Pakistan directed the commission to resolve the Fake-degrees cases within to days.
This is in addition to those parliamentarians who already have been sentenced 2-3 years jail term and fine (both) and have been barred to participate in the election.

Political big fish bewilderment is visible, they are so confused and upset because of unexpected question by Returning officer advising them to appear before ECP tribunal and satisfy them.
In Pakistan such guts and bravery from ECP has never ever been noticed that a designated Returning officer asking every candidate to come personally and clarify the entries made in nominations papers instead to attend any attorney deputed by the Politicians.

The time has taken its course and those who got their loan written off or did not pay off the loan during their tenure in the govt. now will face ECP as per the list provided by State bank of Pakistan and Federal Board of Revenue.
We have a saying in Urdu that ‘as you sow so you reap’ said by a school teacher.
At least the nation will get a clean slate and relieve from the professional politicians who never supported the common man and his needs but just looted the country and stuffed their own pocket said by a group of people sitting in a restaurant and responding to media anchor.
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