Apr 23, 2013

How General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf Ex Chief of Army Staff (COAS) can be a traitor?

General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf Ex Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Pakistan & Former President of the country (had dual position) has been charged by Islamabad High court (IHC).

When Musharraf’s lawyer approached on Thursday 18th April 2013 a procedural move to get his bailable warrant extended in the judges’ confinement case on 3rd Nov 2007 when emergency had been imposed by Musharraf.

As per Musharraf spokesman, the Judge took an unwarranted decision to reject the extension request. During proceeding of the case in IHC Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui remarked that Musharraf was accused of destroying the judicial system.

The court ordered that the charge of terrorism be added in FIR under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) 1997 confirming that judges were detained in their houses and had been restrained to do official duty falls under terrorism, IHC said in the report.

As such Musharraf was referred to appear in Anti-Terrorism court (ATC) - ATC on Saturday sent General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf on judicial remand till May 4th and ordered police to present him in the next hearing, Musharraf however was presented before judge ATC Kasur Abbas Zaidi’s court.

Due to high security risk to Pervez Musharraf life, the police requested the court to declare Musharraf’s own Farm house situated in Chak Shezad as a sub-jail.

ATC therefore asked to shift Musharraf from police head quarter (where he stayed one night) to Farm house treating it a sub jail that will work under supervision of the Deputy Inspector General Prison of Punjab, ATC notification said.

The Farm house where Musharraf has been confined will remain during his 14 day judicial remand. The control of Farm house i.e. sub-jail has been taken over by Adyala jail, the security has been tightened with a large contingent of troops.

Telephone & Mobile phone facilities, Television & LAPTOP have been withdrawn completely and Musharraf will be entitled to have facility prescribed in jail manual said Adyala Jail superintendent who has taken care the Farm house business.

Musharraf personal staff (cook and security guards) has been replaced with jail personnel. Musharraf being a chief of his party All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) has been prevented to meet party workers and his spokesman Dr. Mohammad Amjad who confirms that since 3 days he has not met Musharraf, National TV reported.

Musharraf lawyers Mr. Sethi and Raza Qasuri who are praying Musharraf case wanted to have some legal paper signed off but they were not allowed to consult Musharraf and jail superintendent at farm house also asked them to produce permission issued from Punjab authority, instruction received earlier from Chief Commissioner Islamabad, refused to entertain, National TV reported.

The lawyers must be allowed to plead the cases without fear and intimidation as there is constant break in between Musharraf and his lawyers a press report.

Musharraf has been confined to two rooms, the whole area (internally and externally) have been put under heavy security surveillance and being monitored with closed circuit cameras.

Dr. Mohammad Amjad APML spokesman said the food provided to the former president is not being checked & if anything goes wrong Punjab government will be responsible, he further asked the authority to do Musharraf medical checkup from combined military hospital (CMH).
There is a strong feeling among APML supporter that we can’t trust in the existing Chief Justice (CJ) of Supreme Court and his nominated Benches due to his (CJ) personal grudge, biased & partiality which does not seem us to get a real justice said by APML supporters.

The insane attitude of law officers (black coats) manhandled Musharraf supporters (normal party workers and lawyers supports Musharraf) were wounded badly. We got them admitted in hospital and when we went to Islamabad & Rawalpindi police stations to lodge FIR, we were told by duty officer that against the Lawyers we can’t book FIR despite showing photograph attacking our supporters said Dr. Amjad Musharraf spokesman.
Despite heavy security escorts for Musharraf while appearing in Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Islamabad & Karachi, the lawyers threw shoes and chairs and severely beaten to our supporters, lawyers opposing litigants, chanted anti slogan against Musharraf outside the court room and even inside, locking the judges in their courtrooms is really shameful said Dr. Amjad said.

The lawyers were insisting ATC judge to put Musharraf handcuff, abusing Musharraf in the presence of ATC Judge in the court room, calling him traitor, wanted to attack on Musharraf but Rangers & Musharraf personal guards kept them away with heavy mussels.  
General Pervez Musharraf who held the position as Chief of Army Staff (COAS) in Pakistan remained in office from 6th Oct 1998 to 28th Nov 2007 and also holding the post of President of Pakistan how he is being humiliated, disgraced and dishonored, he having a rank COAS has been presented in lower court coupled with unbelievable & unpleasant environment.     

How the Senate members passed a resolution & did character assassination, showed vehement criticism & hostility with Musharraf. And media propagation representing him as a culprit with insulting tone and words have seriously shocked us said by one of the audience at national TV.
We were startled when witnessed the treatment of our lawyers in the court when Musharraf was taken to IHC & ATC.

Musharraf is a true patriotic of Pakistan - He loves Pakistan - He has been our Soldier – He fought three wars i.e. 1965, 1971 and Kargil and what we are doing with our ‘War National Hero”? Asked by a senior citizen a participant in a debate organized by private TV channels.
Why existing COAS Mr. Ashfaq Pervez kiyani is silent whose Ex. Chief has been trapped and being executed in politically motivated cases asked by one audience in the same TV show.

Does it not a Treason case falls under section 6/7 Pakistan panel code while Musharraf was on the air and he was not allowed to land the plane when asked by the pilot with 'Control Tower' that since 45 minutes the airplane is rounding & he had not been allowed to land in Karachi, no fuel even to keep more rounds then pilot was asked to go to the sea or land the plane in India.
When pilot escalated the communication made with control tower with Musharraf, he said I will not land in India, over my dead body and then army coup took place in 1999 to sack Nawaz Sharif highlighted by stalwart of APML responding to a question of audience at national TV Channel.

Bilal Musharraf (son of Musharraf) once driving his Cultus Car and got breakdown in Karachi, traffic mobile came and asked why you hold the car here. Bilal replied I have a problem in my car however I have called my friend he is coming. The traffic police as usual abused him. But Bilal did not mention that I am the son of Chief of Army Staff or I am the son of President of Pakistan.TV anchor quoted.
It guarantees here that Musharraf despite be in power for eight years He did not en-cash anything neither he nor his family, there is no corruption case at all against Musharraf, even not a single fills he misappropriated one of the participant mentioned.

Musharraf hands are cleaned and he always uttered and asked to “Say Pakistan First”. His sincerity, honesty and loyalty with the country and countrymen are well known and have been acknowledged with 180 million of Pakistan said one of the participant discussing at public forum.

Musharraf is not a terrorist however we have a lot of terrorist who are declared corrupted and have plundered national wealth.
Musharraf did not borrow any loan from commercial banks or got it written off as we see the giant list of Loan defaulters, Income tax evaders, Fake degree holders who ruled the country for 5 years and before, what they delivered to the nation are obvious to all of us said by one house wife sitting in the debate.

Property tax non payer who manipulated the property owned & shifted in their family names to avoid of taxes or hid with Election commission of Pakistan while submitting nomination papers. What a mockery that first ECP disqualified them and later the same candidates qualified from High court as eligible to contest in General Election 2013.
If these were the case then why ECP arranged such a big drama of candidate scrutiny, printing of nomination papers with added clauses, getting support from State of Pakistan, Federal Board of Revenue, Ministry of power/Gas and water, Pakistan Telecommunication, NADRA & NABs etc.

Despite providing list from above agencies which is even available with Supreme Court of Pakistan, all convicted & defaulters have been allowed to participate in the election. Defaulters of Utility bills (Telephone/ Gas/ electricity and water) have been eligible for Election.

Does this not fall in terrorism – Is there anything pertains to Musharraf to check his honesty and loyalty with the country said by one infuriated student who was available in the debate.
How the corrupt politicians has undermined the country and emptied national wallets, the loan acquired in the name of multiple development programs but not invested rather ended on the paper and the poor segment of society goes from poor to poorer and the rich to richer a big jaw among have's and have's not.

The loan acquired on fictitious companies from commercial banks influencing the bank officials, buying their integrity and after some time the same hefty loans were written off on multiple reasons. There are list of such scoundrels and parasites from 1970 to 2013 where we can see that how they made the country indebted where every women, men, and children have been indebted of Rs.150k per head so who is the terrorist?
According to the SBP report, former minister Ahmed Mukhtar owed Rs13 billion to four different Banks - Jahangir Tareen Rs.407.0 million - Ghulam Ahmed Bilour Rs4.5 million and Haroon Ahmed Bilour is defaulter of Rs20.20 million rupees. But all have been qualified and contesting in Election.

Is it not obliviousness and an attempt to push the country towards to the brink of anarchy? This is just small instance.

Musharraf returned Pakistan last month after four years in self-imposed exile to make a political comeback and participate in upcoming General Election 2013, despite Taliban death threats and a raft of legal challenges.
He filed his nomination papers for Karachi – Islamabad – Kasur & Chitral but went disqualified by Returning officers on unknown reasons and even he was not allowed to go for appeal, keeping him involved in bail extension. His ordeal started since his first day of appearance in Islamabad High Court started to decline from bad to worse.

Musharraf has been implicated in multiple cases such as judge confinement case, Lal Masjid case and abetment in the murder of Benazir Bhutto & Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Musharraf is the first army chief to ever be arrested in Pakistan. In Pakistan history no General has been executed.

Considering all these facts and figure we understand Musharraf has been very sincere with the country during his tenure and he kept the economy, in terms of education & health, poverty scale, investment and earning, foreign exchange reserve, debt ratio and balance of payment were running at optimum level.

There should not be any Vengeance, revenge and reprisal – gone is gone – Iftikhar Mohammad Chuhdry is our pride – We believe in judiciary supremacy and confident that all politically motivated cases against our national hero Musharraf will be withdrawn as Musharraf has been our hero and he is our hero – We can’t afford more humiliation said by an old man sitting in the last row of studio. The session ended with enthusiastic applause.

In the last we will request our political leaders to read the following golden word of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, father of the country, said the anchor conducting the show.

“Work honestly and sincerely and be faithful and loyal to the Pakistan Government. I can assure you that there is nothing greater in this world than your own conscience and when you appear before God you can say that you performed your duty with the highest sense of integrity, honesty and with loyalty and faithfulness” Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said 14th Feb 1948

We believe in impartiality and unbiased treatment of the Court whether it is High court or Supreme Court justice to be maintained. 
Supremacy of the law will always be shining as usual, being a Pakistani we trust in CJ as he mentioned in his concluding note in International Judicial conference 2013 that 'judiciary is vital to ensure good governance in the country'.

The Chief Justice said the confidence of the people in judiciary has increased in Pakistan. Executive, legislature as well as judiciary works together to create a conducive environment where fundamental rights of the people are protected.
Justice is vital for creating national harmony and peace and society & judiciary protects the constitutional rights of the citizens said by CJ.
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