Apr 3, 2013

Illogical debate of Asma Jilani Jahangir in TV Talk-show

Asma Jahangir a former President of Supreme Court Bar Association thinks in a quite different way and she opines that Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) can’t disqualify any candidate contesting in upcoming General Election 2013 unless he/ she is convicted from the court for the following reasons. Before her even though the candidate is;
Defaulter of dual nationality

Defaulter for no-submission of Income Tax Return
Defaulter of nonpayment of Property tax

Defaulter for nonpayment of Utilities bills
Defaulter for not paying off the loan acquired during his/ her tenure in the govt.

Defaulter of hiding the actual strength of Properties being hold
Defaulter of hiding the valuables such as diamond, gold, silver and financial instruments

Defaulter of hiding family’s assets, bank balance, furniture, vehicles
Defaulter of fake degrees

Defaulter of misuse of funds acquired during his/ her office
Defaulter of not disclosing the properties being held in overseas & Bank account in his/ her name and family member

Defaulter for not doing any public works in the given constituency or the loan obtained into the name of development works but not utilized honestly
Defaulter for not obtaining a clearance from the given constituency (from the residents of the area) who even does not know him/ her, did not visit even a single day after winning election in 2008

Defaulter or failure for not to complying the above criteria in order to participate in the election mandated in section 62, 63 and 218 – A parameter has been attested further by Chief Justice of Pakistan also to abide by while weighing the candidates eligibility for Election.
We believe Asma Jahangir must have full information that Chief Election commissioner Fakhruddin G Ibrahim has been empowered and authorized by Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan Supreme court in its subsequent court order to ensure free, fair and impartial election in the country.

CJ however had emphasized ECP asking to get correct people into the parliament, an honest and loyal with the countrymen and the country. And in order to qualify the candidates, above stated parameter had been formulated to enforcing the standing clauses in letter and spirit, enabling ECP to choose an honest and loyal people who feel pain for the people and eager to serve the masses for their betterment and advancement.
Asma Jahangir should know that ECP is taking support from the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR), State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), NABS, Pakistan Telecommunication (PTC), Ministry of Electricity & Gas, Higher Education Commission (HEC) and other govt. institutions are on the same page to assist ECP & its team.

They have assured the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to extend full access to the data on bank and tax defaulters for scrutiny of the candidates ahead of the next General Elections.
If HEC has verified & authenticity that the degrees submitted by the cunny politicians are fraud or fake then what stands more to convict by the court of law.

If FBR and State Bank of Pakistan has verified that the candidate is defaulter who did not pay off the loan then what stands more to get the case in the court or convict and then ECP should disqualify seems unprofessional replies from Asma.
Similarly if PTC & Ministry of Electricity/ Gas have provided a giant list of utilities defaulters then why to take the case to the court, convict and then ECP should disqualify them?

We understand that we all should be transparent and have courage to say wrong if it is wrong instead to linger on the case and get the culprit escape from the net which has been stretched & tightened around political candidates.
Let the historian write the history that in Pakistan in its 66 years of age first time such pioneering parameter had been formed and introduced to weigh the candidate’s honesty and loyalty taking part in the Election.
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