Apr 7, 2013

Regressive parameter of Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) to scrutiny candidates’ nominations papers for Election May 11th 2013 & Multiple Recoveries from defaulters are exemplary steps in Pakistan electoral history.

The unequivocal confirmation of Higher Education Commission (HEC) in order to verify the degrees of 183 Ex-parliamentarians on directive of Supreme Court giving deadline for degrees verification till April-5 with a clear verdict that these former members stand disqualified for holding public office.
Chairman HEC said that around 101 former lawmakers didn't submit their degrees to HEC for verification however degrees of 77 members have been verified and 5 more are under verification & now the door of HEC has been closed.

HEC further clarified that we have no involvement for any qualification or disqualification of the candidate contesting in election and it does not fall in our ambit.
It was a sensational news when spread first time in media, jolted every Pakistani that how truthful our politicians are? They ruled the country for 5 years (2008-2013) on fake degrees are not really trustworthy - Strong disapproval by group of university students debating at ‘discussion panel with politicians’.

It’s ECP & Judiciary who interfacing with HEC disclosed the detail of fake-degrees fraudsters that submitted forge degrees & tried to contest Election 2013 one more time.
But fraudster’s attempts went pointless when ECP adopted a rough and tough procedure to assess the candidate’s credibility in terms of their honesty and loyalty mandated in standing clause of section # 62, 63 & 218 a sine qua non to qualify for upcoming General Election on May 11th 2013.

Apparently to weigh the candidate’s legitimacy and eligibility which ECP said first time in Pakistan history introduced to get rid of lawbreakers who arrive in the assemblies with wrong means.
The shameful act of political pundit claiming to be the democrat & runner of democracy instead to remorse they are boasting that ‘we maintained democracy in the country and completed 5 years tenure though espoused with a lot of negative affliction’ said President of Pakistan at Naudero Larkana while celebrating death anniversary of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

As per ECP they have collected nomination papers 23,223 (filed by candidates) for the seat of National & Provincial Assemblies 342 & 728 respectively whereas scrutiny of 17,110 nomination have been carried out and it will remain continue till April 7.
After that ECP will announce ineligible candidates who will be barred from contesting the upcoming elections.

Though ECP started scrutiny of the nomination papers from April 1 and has accepted and rejected nomination papers of many contenders yet the candidates who has been rejected have the right to file appeals against this decision said ECP.
ECP has set April 10 being the deadline for filing of appeals against decisions of the Returning officers rejecting or accepting the nomination papers.

The Election Tribunals will decide the fate of these appeals by April 17. The candidates will be allowed to withdraw their nominations by April 18.
ECP then will publish the final revised list of candidates on April 19 which will follow the holding of elections on May 11, as scheduled.

Apart from, the support provided by NAB, NADRA, FBR & State Bank of Pakistan, ECP has also collected the list of defaulters provided by Water and Power Development Authority, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited, Sui Southern Gas Pipeline Limited, the National Telecommunication Cooperation, Ministry of Housing and Works and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

A dead line from ECP however has been fixed notifying the defaulters of different categories to pay off their dues otherwise they will not only be disqualified for upcoming general election but also very severe action will be taken against defaulters.

In a separate handout issued from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to open the banks across the country from 8-12 on April 7 to collect the recoveries from defaulters though it’s a weekly holiday.

Undoubtedly a highly significant move of SBP and candid declaration to defaulters from ECP to pay off their decades long outstanding, not only entailing to conduct a free, fair and impartial election in the country but also extending a dynamic support in collection of ‘dead recoveries’ which had been lying unsettled in the book of public services industries since decades and no govt. could dare to recover such a huge sum.

If we mention about Moin Qureshi (care taker govt.) in 90s he only published the giant list of defaulters but could not recover even a single fills but it is ECP now who has compelled & forced defaulters to clear their dues. It gives us a lesson that if Govt. & its allied institutions if wants to enforce anything it can, said a senior lawyer.

Getting recoveries trillion of amounts in the ‘national treasury’ of course will swell country ‘Foreign Exchange Reserves’ which has unhealthy situation and hardly can meet only two weeks expenses instead to have at least strength of six months to meet govt. expenses said economic analyst.  

We are happy that ECP with support of other institutions are discharging their duties superbly & giving a clean chit to the candidates after rigorous scrutiny. In the meantime it will also be more responsive and productive if the Army also stays abreast conducting election with strict security compliance said by group of intelligentsia discussing the current affairs.
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