Apr 8, 2013

To get rid of Talibanization a very tough task for the political party takes over the parliament

Talbanization a bitter pill to swallow- It has been our political error, though the successive govt. tried to resolve it yet could not attain any substantial achievements to uproot it. Its eclipse has shaded almost every province and no place is safe & secure in Pakistan.
The rising target killing, bomb explosion & suicide bombing has given a big jerk to the law and order situation in the country. Lives and properties of the people are insecure, uncertainty prevails, anything can happen any time said by an official of law enforcement agency.

Army which is meant to secure the border & boundaries of the country were deployed in the past internally to evacuate the area those had been captured by Taliban. Territories in NWFP/ KPK & FATA got evacuated from Taliban controls.
However the terrorism and terrorist are at large and govt. despite multiple precautionary measures seems to have been failed to get rid of Talibanization. It’s a decade long fighting in between Taliban and Pakistan armies they are killing and vice versa but no conclusion.

In the past at govt. level some announcement came to public to have negotiation with Taliban to know precisely what their demands are but when the govt. asked them to come to the table without arm, they did not oblige resulting the negotiation could not take place said by former federal interior minister Rehman Malik.
The audacity of Taliban and their pig-headed attitude does not show prone to negotiation, they do explosion, they attack at religious centers, civil residential areas, sensitive installation, public and private offices, shopping mall and schools, they ram explosive laden lorry with the building, plant bombs or use suicide bombers at public places, govt. establishments, killing hundreds of thousands lives in one go and pronounce that “Yes we did it and will do” What you will name to this barbarism said by govt. official who were responding to national media gathered at disastrous place in Quetta in 2012 where just in two months span 300 lives lost in addition to public and private properties damages.

Most of the people are of the view that from where Taliban are getting war explosives, arms and ammunition & why don’t we seal the ‘routes? We should talk to the countries involve & helping Taliban to fight against Pakistan and its sovereignty. Pakistan has no tussle and nothing to do with Taliban, upon whose ill motive such war has been imposed on us said by group of student discussing at national forum.
Why these war mongers have been diverted to us? Certainly the govt. need to handle it diplomatically, they must need to negotiate with the countries that are assisting Taliban (behind the curtain) to fight with Pakistan.

How many precious lives of our youths have lost to save the country, the army saves the country border and maintains regional & territorial integrity, a press report to have lost 50,000 lives (civilians and armies) so far since Afghanistan got a puppet govt.
If we go back Taliban history, they were living in Afghanistan and were fighting internally amongst different factions there. Pakistan never has been a part of their war and why it should? It’s Afghanistan internal matter.

Thus our security agency will have to first cease the route and supply point to disarm Taliban enabling the agency to cope over otherwise there will be no success if you fight them & they come back to you with more dreadful ammunitions asserted in a TV debate.
If we see the confiscated or captured arms of Taliban shown in media, how latest and sophisticated those are which even are scarce with our agency but with Taliban they have good ordnance and using day and night against us & the flow does not end one of the participant clarified.

Involvement possibility seems that either Afghanistan or the disintegrated provinces in former USSR, whose borders are connected with Pakistan. If we see the geographical boundaries; a lot of leakage and loophole are there. We have to check the entry and exit point in Pakistan (for both countries), plug it first to chock the supply line permanently & defense maneuvering indeed needed as they are not a normal mercenaries or miscreants but equipped with latest explosives.
The lead says that Afghanistan & former states in USSR are constantly helping Taliban with the motive to crush Pakistan and keep the country unstable in terms of safety and security, persistent internal insecurity, free usage of explosive and guns killing, rising lawlessness and mismanagement to destabilize Pakistan & the seizure ammunitions exhibit the engraved name of Russian products.

The story takes back to Zia regime, Pakistan was used, its ground and facilities utilized being the source of communication to crush & cripple USSR the second super power on instruction of US, then Taliban & Mujahedeen were used to topsy-turvy USSR, 2nd super power the country of 18 provinces which disintegrated in 1989.
Normally a question has been in debate that why Taliban are fighting with Pakistan an independent sovereignty. It’s candid that Afghanistan and former provinces in USSR have agenda to keep the disturbance in Pakistan continues because of US support in 80s where Mujahedeen and Taliban fought war against USSR.

Nevertheless the new govt. and Opposition have to play a concrete role to get rid of Taliban. General Election 2013 has been announced whoever takes over the parliament must be sincere with the country to sort out Talibanization that has penetrated in country’s affairs. Security issue is not limited to any specific city or provinces but across the country lives and properties are at high risk.
Law enforcement agencies are doing operation cleanup and they have caught criminals who have links with Taliban some high profile figure has been red handed also.  

Besides Pakistan also facing with serious Islamic activism, defunct Islamic group are actively involved in deteriorating law and order situation in the country, like Lashkar-e-ghangvi, Jesh-e-Mohd etc. Sectarian issue is also at peak like killing of Shia & Sunni, misinterpretation of blasphemous laws are the multiple issues which has worsened the peace of the country.
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