May 17, 2013

Massive Election Rigging in General Election 2013 claimed by Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI)

A very shocking & massive rigging in General Election 2013 in Pakistan – A preplanned poll to bring the selected not elected party PML-N in the govt. & defeat Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) said by a group of people at public forum.

PTI a new group appeared with strong voice & ambition, a hope of beacon in the environment of rusted & insincere politics, not loyal & honest with the sovereignty of the country and its people. But PTI moves were against status quo, response were spontaneous & prominent among youths in political arena of Pakistan who gave the nation a new approach of people power.

Youth’s unflinching support undoubtedly made PTI more solid & substantial that’s emboldened Imran to move his electoral campaign across the country with the new slogan “Change”.
No doubt PTI woke up people and motivated them to speak up for their rights, infused them the spirit of democracy, convincing the importance of their mandate, value of votes and their share in the country’s policy and its structure, unequivocally were the revolutionary calls  that Imran poured into a common man.

PTI who raised slogan for change, a real change for democracy, a new Pakistan rather a corruption Free Pakistan asked by Imran Khan PTI Chairman.
And people came out of their home to vote for PTI, in such a scorching season where 45-49 degree Celsius people were seen standing in the peak hot season to cast vote, not only youths but sexagenarian & octogenarian were seen sitting on wheel chairs waiting for their turn with enthusiasm when asked by the correspondent they said we are sent by our grandsons & granddaughters to vote for PTI, a young generation call for change they contended with.

ECP conducted election but result when came it shocked, PTI could not attained the result as expected and now PTI claims acute rigging in polling, the vote casted for PTI result goes reversed in Punjab & in Karachi.
PTI highlighted the serious mismanagement in handling ballot boxes, its transportation, duplicated ballot paper printing and its distribution particularly in rural areas, involvement of Presiding officer & Returning officers who himself stamped the ballot against PTI, Ballot paper torn out, Supporters were beaten, Polling stations were ransacked, Voters were intimidated, Ballot paper and box wrongly transported from city x to city y, even the candidate of opponent group transported Ballot boxes and Ballot papers in their own transport instead to do this jobs by ECP designated employee so a clearer serious rigging in poll.

It refers continuous video footage of massive rigging being shown at TV channels and reports in national newspapers.

One of the TV channel went one step advance stating on TV just after result of 19 polling stations, started to call PML-N Nawaz Shareef as Prime Minister of Pakistan which impacted the ongoing polling process more worsen and an open betrayal with the essence of free, fair and impartial election in the country said by a columnist in Washington post.
Result of General Election 2013 has been announced officially by Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the political group going to take over the Parliament almost seems the same as we had in the tenure 2008-2013.

The difference is only those who were sitting in opposition now will do legislation and vice versa, though in this 'cat and mouse race' some old & seasoned politicians went rejected outright and even they could not qualify in their own constituency, the message is very clear that they did not do any works in their area.
Our General Election 2013 basically got scripted in Washington, endorsed in Saudi Arabia, approved in Rawalpindi GHQ and executed by ECP so the result are before us. If the Washington lord wants to run the thing according to their ‘wishes and will’ then we have no authority to say “NO” & that's why a massive, unbelievable, shocking and terrible rigging have been noted across the country in the history of Pakistan in 2013.

It’s all a predefined & pre-determined game so the impression is very clear that we Pakistani can’t do anything with our own vision and mission and bowing our head on the “will’ of the Washington lords and Arab world said group of people at national media at public forum debate.
It’s been 66 years and still we are not freed, we breathe on the instruction of others, there is no liberty & freedom to take action by our self to speak & rights to think unless the Washington & other asks us to do.

It’s really very shocking and shamefulness that we still could not be an independent state & taking guidance. Our destiny is written by others so how we can be a progressive and prosper Pakistan said by the protesters demanding for re-polling in some identified areas of Karachi and Punjab.

It’s true that we have an independent state & we got it after a lot of sacrifice from Indian sub-continent in 1947 but our governance still needs support or we don’t have power to veto other intervention.
And we are identified as a nuclear state and ranked 7th in the world among nuclear enriched producers.

We run the country on democratic setup; adopt a legal and globally accepted prescription to go for Election to elect representative to run the state but we do terrible rigging in election what is ridiculous? Said by an overseas Pakistani came from abroad to vote for PTI for change and only change.

In order to ensure free, fair and transparent election about 70k armies across the country had been deployed on the request of ECP with the only motive to ensure proper electoral process in the country so that elected people may come to the power who are sincere, honest and competent to run the country on true democracy instead to invite army and later make hue and cry for the involvement of dictatorship as pointed out Chief of Army Staff General Ashraf Pervez Keyani highlighting during Yaum-e-Shuda celebrating the events.
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