May 9, 2013

Use your VOTE to change Pakistan – A new Pakistan to integrate the economy with ICT dynamic - Pakistan has been ranked at 105th among 144 countries report from World Economic Forum.

In order to get rid of corrupted politicians - No more error for the same dishonest, disloyal, incompetent and hypocrites who cheated you and not discharged their mandated duties well but undermined and tarnished the image of the country's sovereignty, a general outlook about previous govt. and its predecessor.
A failure of good governance impacted shockingly in all aspect of micro and macro- economic race that made the country more topsy-turvy.  

As per World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology report, Pakistan’s global ranking in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) dropped to 105th position in 2013 among 144 countries from 102nd in 2012.
In the area of economic growth and employment has put Pakistan in the category of terrible state. A warning level that if sustainable rapid economic growth is not attained the country’s ICT eligibility may be in danger.

Certainly it will be a mega task for the NEW GOVT to take impeccable action on ICT environment and regulatory framework to run the economy compatible with ICT benchmarking.
The role of ICT in achieving tremendous and durable economic growth and job creation are crucial to improve Pakistan’s competitiveness.

A revolutionized policy on measurement basis required to adopt to revive & revitalize Pakistan’s sunken economy.
To divert the current stream of economic activity supported with conventional procedure needs to be discarded and advance with ICT parameters for optimum result.
It’s indeed imperative to handle the economic issue with sincerity and frankly speaking that combined collective efforts at provincial and federal level, a viable strategy to be streamlined, and the resources to be grasped and harnessed according to ICT dynamics.

Translation of information and communication technologies (ICT) of course makes the country to deliver competitiveness and well-being said the report, published under the theme of ‘Growth and Jobs in a Hyper-connected World.
There are areas where Pakistan lost its ICT competitiveness towards government’s procurement of advance technologies, which ranked 109th this year as compared to 91 in 2012.

On the part of individuals using Internet, it shrank 22 points and ranked at 120th in 2013
Into the eyes of World Economic Forum (WEF) Pakistan government looks behind to run its economy filled with ‘vision and mission’ that slowed down (eventually) and declined at 117th in 2013 from 92th in 2012.

Pakistan also lost 15 points on E-business utility to support customers of multiple services industries to do transaction through online services and problems resolution, which could not interpret effectively due to chronic red-tape-ism, extreme bureaucracy & slower economic progress.
The eventual effect of country’s political and regulatory environment the legal system ability & efficiency in challenging regulations also deteriorated, where Pakistan ranked 97th as compared to 79th in 2013 and 2012 respectively.

On the economic impact pillar, Pakistan failed to progress and prosper in creating impact of ICTs on new organizational models resulting lost 10 points (91) due to working in traditional areas and connecting Pakistan with the global knowledge economies.
Showcasing poor understanding of innovation ecosystem and value creation for the people of the country in digital age & avoiding ICT techniques ultimately lost Pakistan with 16 points (121 among 144 countries).

Considering aforesaid bottlenecks an unimpeded action seems feasible to change the status quo so that we can elevate our ranks among developed countries, conforming to ICT technology.
Since the above break-up giving a desperate status of the economy and People of the country have tested all predecessor and successor have been arriving into the parliament in subsequent dates but no serious efforts towards ICT elevation is seen.

So it becomes now our initial responsibility to change the status quo and elect a good representative, using your Vote for a drastic & prominent change in favor of competent, honest and sincere candidate who believes in democracy and run the state with the same spirit instead to create anarchy in the country and invite army to intervene and later we abuse dictatorship.
Role of our political leaders i.e. successor and predecessor are very evident that they looted Pakistan money and shifted abroad in their personal bank account. They have made all of us indebted with huge sum, every Pakistani (women, children and men) have been indebted Rs150k per head. So don’t bring them again for God sake, an open call from a group of people at public forum.

The people living in Pakistan in general and outside Pakistan in particular - All overseas Pakistani trust in new leadership as old faces (PML-N – PPP – JUI, PML-F & Q) have been failed to comply the ‘trust’ had been given in shape of ‘vote’ to the said politicians/ leaders.
They did not do any specific & commendable works where the nation, may recognize them with good name.

The basic life of a normal Pakistani instead to subside & die-down, the problem multiplied further & impoverished more.

We Pakistani are sufferer and really we should see the things in right perspective instead to support blindly said by Overseas Pakistani gathered at 'Overseas Pakistani conference' held in Dubai/ Abu-Dhabi. 

Don’t treat your vote on tribes system, on your family belongs, cast, creed and culture or race; do your decision from the core of your heart that who is right and who is wrong? Who will fulfill your demand or your needs emphasized by the organizer.
Don’t go duped with their sugar coated words, they speak lie, there is extreme contradiction in between their say and doings so don’t hypnotize.

Your vote is a sacred paper and aura of sanctity – You basically trust upon someone that’s why you cast your vote – You basically believe and rely on someone for your betterment and advancement so think honestly and then vote.
The time comes once in five years, use your vote to elect a supportive and helper who can help you and serve you & your children.

At least every Pakistani may get the basic amenities of life living in urban and rural area, a living home, cleaning drinking water, proper sewerage system, basic health and education facility to your children, power (electricity/ gas) accessibility, concrete road connecting with the citify, proper transport facility. 
Employment facility, installation of industry to generate employment, establishment of academic and technical university, proper medical clinic equipped with surgical instruments, proper care for mother and babies, parking facility, women education center, technical colleges and university to educate your children,  ensuring safety and security to your lives and properties.

A target free environment where you can move, you can walk, you can travel safely, fool proof law and order system, justice availability without hindrance, early disposal of legal cases and immediate implementation of court verdict as delay and prolong gives opportunity to tamper court decision.
A satisfactory working strategy of law enforcing agencies and its proper monitoring and criminal’s execution.

We are looking ahead to have a welfare-state where our leader can feel our pain a concluded note by the organizer, conducted monthly meeting at the embassy in UAE.
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