Jul 14, 2013

When YouTube will be accessible in Pakistan million of computer savvy are asking?

Imposing ban on YouTube access does not seem worth full or solution oriented but giving negative impact about the govt. for its childish attitude, neither a sober nor superb or technology-adept action taken by PPP govt.

It’s more than 5 years & even the successor govt. PML-N also seems in dilemma to reopen YouTube. Although media has been highlighting such hue and cry in national newspaper & consistent debates on TV channels to restore the service or relook to enforce a meaningful cyber safe guard policy to ban unwanted materials on YouTube instead to fall the hammer & just closed out rightly.

The modus operandi from control perspective should be in such a way that majority not be affected & isolated from the advantages of the Technology, putting the barrier before the flow of the technology is not rational and prudent. Every technology has a merit and demerit so Govt. being the custodian of the state should not see the one side of the coin.
People living in UAE or in Gulf States have a clear vision about cyber-net policies that how skillfully it is being maintained by their govt. if anyone wanted to access any hard porn or soft-porn the system instantly displays a message from the service providers that access to the site has been blocked due to unethical behavior & social harmfulness.

Even people wanted to get any clinical advises pertains to human structure or activities related to immoral and unethical images, films and magazines are controlled strictly and links have been disabled.
Agencies dealing with horoscopes, foretellers, palmistry or any number games for gambling provide the lucky number have been banned and system very immediately rejects such browsing.

Why don’t Telecommunication service providers in Pakistan adopt such software to ensure ban of illegitimate sites containing immoral, unethical and stuff with obscenity instead to block entire YouTube platform. Access to the immoral sites should be banned if govt. inclines to discourage such spreads among youngsters.
Barrier to impose as per pattern & practices being followed in developed countries, equip the Telecommunication & satellite syndrome with advanced technology, related hardware & software indeed to be configured instead to hook up the platform with traditional method said by a group of people at national forum.

Come out of the box and manage the thing according to the fashion, standard and culture running in other countries to stop access of unwanted material being posted at YouTube or at other sites. It’s better for the govt. to sign MoUs with the country or hire expertise to maintain YouTube/ Internet policies in the country, disabling browsers if accessing illicit posting/ video/ images & porn movies.
Information technology (I.T) is known as a paradigm shift for our generation which has been penetrated in their live, every boys and girls & even senior citizen have been I.T savvy & that’s why they remain busy either in office or comforts with the computers and do browsing that enables them to travel across the globe and see the world on finger-tip so closure of YouTube seems a failure of authority who still could not resolved this issue.
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