Aug 29, 2013

Nobody safe in Karachi, an appalling and diabolical state where you lose you mobile phones, cash valet, valuables, your car and bikes at gun point - A city of unleashed muggers!

Unsafe Karachi – Insecure lives & properties of KARACHI-ITES – A metropolis city portraying very appalling and diabolical state - A horrible & awful situation have eclipsed the city - No rule of law but rule of thumb.

The entire city has been hijacked by Robbers, Thieves & Looters - Heavy security threat & multiple safety and security issues have marred the beauty of the city.
Karachi a commercial hub, a producer and a generator of heavy crunch of revenues for the country Islamic Republic of Pakistan - A place which embraces everyone in its lap, provides bread and shelter to every nation without cast, creed, culture, race and colors, religious belief & institutions.

An indiscriminate attitude with everyone who came in the past, who comes in the present and who plans to come in the future - No issue as it was known as Mai Kulachi……………an old woman who was staying at the bank of the ocean that’s gradually (with the passage of time) named and registered as KARACHI.
Karachi a mother who loves with her children beyond their traits and approach - A metropolitan city with sprawling wings accepts anyone coming in Karachi from other provinces & Tribal areas for bread and butter.

Karachi provides jobs and opportunities for business whether at large or small scale but of course a gate way of the country to say Hello to everybody.
A city of brave heart to strengthen country’s economy – gives a boost, plays a very pivotal and vital role in uplifting national economy, a source to feed Federal & Provincial govt. a chain of Financial institutions, Banking & investment, Stock exchange, Central bank (regulates & mints the currency), Multiple industries, Textile & Fabrics producers, Pakistan machine Tool Factory, Shipyard & Ship breaking units, Pharmaceuticals, Herd of Fashionable outlets, Stretched information Technology centers, Unlimited mobile services providers, Pakistan Telecommunication, Pakistan Steel Mills, SUPARCO, Top ranking govt. & private Hospitals, Public & Private Medical colleges, Academic and Technical Govt. & accredited Universities & colleges. Sprawling road networks, Quaid-e-Azam International Airport where at every 15 minutes the plane lands and moves, 02 shipping ports where in one day Rs.12-15 Billions transactions take place.

A heavily populated city with a combination of rosy and gloomy shades but overall a back bone to Pakistan, an international & national stature.
Karachi where 20 million people resides, giving a look of uncultured & uncivilized era where the people are living upon the merry of the Gangsters & their Masters - The petrified people are unable to go out of their homes and think ten times even if there is some emergency because of severe lawlessness & street crimes, severe threat to lose their mobile phones, cash in hand or in valet, car & motor bikes and other valuables with you.

You cannot say NO if the gun is pointed to you & you are asked to handover your valuables, Mobile phones, Cash in your valets or whatever you have - without reluctance, you will have to handover otherwise a little resistance will end your life, your family and kids travelling with you or accompanied to you are not safe on the road and in the house.
No Govt. at all – Yes police and law enforcers are there but no avail, in the presence of them the people are being deprived off their valuables. If you are in the queue

(a)    to get your car filled with fuel

(b)   when you are standing in line for CNG

(c)    when you are paying utility bills in the bank, the counter at other side of the Bank premise

(d)   when you are clogged in heavy traffic or if you are at traffic signals & waiting for green light

(e)   when you are in the grocery market

(f)     when you are in line to get milk and yogurt (it happened during Ramadan)

(g)    when you went to buy sweets for any events 

(h)   when you are going to Eid Gaah for Eid prayer

(i)      when you are returning from Juma (Friday) prayer

(j)     when you are on the way to the hospital with your ailing parents to get them treated in hospital

(k)    when you are going office and

(l)      when you are coming back from office

(m) when you are going with your family to eatery shops during weekend

(n)   when you are in queue to buy fast food

(o)   when you are with your family for shopping

(p)   when you are parking your car or

(q)   when you are reversing your car to quit the parking

(r)     when you are driving your car and crossing the road, you will be intercepted by the looters who will snatch either your car or your valuable at gun point

(s)    when you are passing through an isolated place

(t)     when you are standing in a shop for cigarette

(u)   when you went video shop to rent a movie CD/ DVDs

(v)    when you went to buy Roti (Nan/ Chapatee) at Roti Bake shop

(w)  when you are jogging with your spouse even in your locality (not away from your home)

(x)    when you are going airport to receive the guest and

(y)    when you are coming back from overseas for holidaying with your family, you are surrounded by muggers and they put short-gun at your head to hand him over your mobile phones and cash

(z)    when you are standing close to vegetable & fruit seller

(aa) when you are at Bus-stop to get a bus or

(bb) when you are in Mini-Buses/ coaches, someone will get in the bus & will loot you
(cc)   when you are in a cab or in Auto rickshaw, you will be followed by looters, they will hit to the driver, asking to stop the cab and raising revolver on you with pressure to give him whatever you have

(dd)   when you are journeying in CHINCHIN a Six-Seater (a mini transport), you will be intervened by looters & muggers riding in motor bikes, pointing gun to the passengers, asking to hand him your mobile phones, cash and women wearing jewelry too

(ee)   when you are standing in your street at the corner just to have a fresh air, the mugger will appear, raising revolver and asking to hand him otherwise they will do straight fire

(ff)  When you are at ATM outlets to withdraw money

(gg) When you are returning home after withdrawing cash from the bank, the muggers will follow you, he will hit the gun butt on your head and ask you to hand him over the cash – And it happens in mercury day light even

(hh)  When you are coming back from mobile outlets someone will chase you and will snatch your mobile

(ii)    When you are coming from any electronic shops, bought electronic appliances, the looters will chase you and will attack in the middle of the way to your house

The above were the terrifying ordeal of the people who suffered and sustained muggers, looters, thieves & robbers. They lost their valuables but when approached to the police they were not entertained or got their stuff back, even FIR could not be lodged as if you would complain at any police stations, and a regular visit of police would do at your home, getting you every time with new faces to identify if they were the muggers who looted so a new chapter of agony goes opened.
Considering such lengthy and loathsome process generally the victim avoids going police stations and as such crimes in the street of Karachi are mushrooming at large with no arrest & control of extreme worsening situation in the metropolis city Karachi.

Aug 14, 2013

Pakistan 67th Happy Independence day celebrating on 14th Aug 2013

Celebrating 67th Happy independence Day of Pakistan 14th Aug 2013 - An opportunity to revitalize & recharge ourselves to understand the country & its sovereignty.
Pakistani the Brilliant nation, a radiant & vibrant people who always smiles, does not matter what the situation around. No doubt we are living under the umbrella of growing militancy, severe internal threat by different extremist targeting Quetta, KPK, Peshawar & Karachi, a regular bomb explosion, attack on worshipper, shopping malls, public places, school & colleges, hospitals & markets, targeting religious group, firing on funeral prayers have been a daily practice. Despite deploying heavy security contingent  & cordoning the area with high alert security measures but the situation getting more deteriorated every passing day.

But we Pakistani are well determined, optimistic and full with ambition & aspiration, with conviction and unsheltered belief to see our country a prosperous and self-sufficient Pakistan that’s why at every 14th Aug we do a solemn affirmation that we are Pakistani it is our country. We achieved this homeland after a lot of sacrifice in terms of lives and properties so we have to protect & secure the country from the rising hostility and get to cleanse the country from all external threats. And we renew our vows that we will be deterrent & appear as a shield if any bad looks are starred on us.
We are Pakistani and proud to be a Pakistani – love the country & save the sovereignty, maintain the regional boundaries and territorial sanctity. Respect its constitution & institutional mandate. Our leaders also should be loyal, honest and sincere with the country and its people what they committed before the nation they should oblige it for the betterment and advancement of the masses.

God Bless & shower His blessing, kindness & generosity on our Country Pakistan and us.

Aug 9, 2013

Wrong perception about Eid-Ul-Fitr & Eid Aladha fall on Friday

There has been a serious reservation before the Govt. across the Muslim states and its people that both Eids should not fall on Friday as it becomes a threat for the govt. and the country as a whole. Even some time the authority goes beyond moon appearance & ignoring moon sighting just to avoid of inevitable situation they changed the festival dates in the past. 
There is general impression that if the country celebrates Eid on Friday it will sustain a serious consequences because of two consecutive KHUTBAA falling on the same day i.e. one for Eid prayer and next for Friday prayer whereas Islam does not attest & endorse such orthodox belief and terms it as a conventional approach and assumption that reflects a particular mindset which has no room for such doctrine.

Notwithstanding a categorical clarification from Islamic scholars and subsequent thought provoking debates among different school of thoughts who rejected out rightly such irrelevant impression & unanimously they opinionated that it’s only a rumor or propaganda being staged against Islam and its followers.
Further, does not matter if two or three KHUTBAA are conducted on Friday, initially it becomes a source of prayer and worship to Al Mighty Allah where the worshipers praise His uniqueness, the oneness & attain a real happiness and peace submitting to the Creator and the Sustainer of this world. Allah says in Quran “Truly in remembering Allah do hearts find rest…Quran (13; 28)

If something happened in the past because of celebrating Eid on Friday, it was just a coincidence otherwise KHUTBAA did not do anything said by a scholar at national TV.
So accept the moon appearance if any of the Eid falls on Friday without reluctance & celebrate as its permissible by Al Mighty Allah who allows us to please with His blessing & bounties He showers on Muslim Ummah, concluded the debate on this note.

Aug 4, 2013

A child is born, raised, nursed & brought up by the parents but what reward the parents get

The question remains unrealized, unnoticed, insignificant, unimportant, inconsiderate & insubstantial i.e. ruthless disregard of the parents by the child - whether it is child’s biological parents, foster parents, lone parents, adoptive parents, natural parents. All the identity enshrined into the definition of ‘parents’ are rejected, no pity and compassion by the children…… a big question mark?
Children treat their parents as garbage, discarded & throw-away object of the family, an invaluable element of the house adds no value or produce further income for the family and considered them as a consistent headache and burden said by a father who has taken asylum in old age house.

An agonized scream in contemporary society almost in every house where the parents are not treating as they deserve. They have been isolated in the same house to pass the remaining days of life, treating like a housemaid, nobody talks to them or associate as a part of the same family rather considering them as a needy person who looks for help, really a terrible and dreadful ordeal having no strength even to say “No”, a silent spectator looking longingly but having no courage despite an ardent lover of the family, a disappointed parents shared their ordeal.
A general impression that children don’t consider that how they came in the world and who raised & nurtured him, how they became a matured person, who brought them up, whether they rose automatically or someone was really behind their upbringing.

Where is the call of ‘obligatory, moral & ethical bindings upon us that’s we taught in the books when our parents got us admitted in a primary & secondary school, a lesson in our academic exercise, Social studies, Urdu text book, Islamic & Social science which emphasized vitally “ Love your parents, Respect your parents, Listen your parents, Care physically and Financially to your parents” treat them kindly especially when they grow old, as their strength fails they require more attention & care and more consideration of their even more sensitive feelings, the Quran says;
“Thy Lord hath decreed that you worship none but Him and that you be kind to parents. If one or both of them attain old age with thee, don’t say a word of annoyance to them nor repulse them, but speak to them in gracious words and in mercy, lower to them the wing of humility and say, My Lord, bestow Thy mercy on them, as they cherished me when I was little” ( 17;23;24)

The verse is very candid, one Islamic scholar commented on above Quran version that “if a lesser thing than saying “UFF” to parents were known to Allah. He would have prohibited (even that)”
You should not repel & disgust with your parents instead to repent on the day of Resurrection when you will be accounted for your deed.

But the situation is reversed here child doesn’t understand that who fostered him and how he came to the current status? Who has been ‘care taker’ for him when he was a piece of flesh with no ability to move or communicate any message, a silent & dummy, live piece of flesh with body and soul lying on the bed in labor room (of a maternity hospital) next to him a woman lying on the same bed known as mother of the child.
The 2nd phase of child caring starts from the labor room of the hospital as soon as the child is handed over by the hospital nurse, mother embraces the child with her breast, the first love radiation penetrates or passes through from mother breast to the child body & both gets a real essence of satisfaction, a true love for both when the child stops crying, mother smiles and looks at the child - child then starts suckling - she keeps an hawk eye on her child & shields well.

The 1st phase of child bearing - the role of mother (in terms of parents respect & devotion) is a natural instinct which must be strengthened by deliberate actions. The rights of the mother are stressed the more because of her suffering during pregnancy and childbirth, her suckling of the child and her role in rearing - Allah says:
And we have enjoined on man kindness to his parents. His mother carries him in pain and she gives birth to him in pain and the period of carrying him and weaning him is thirty months….(46; 15)

Once a man came to the Prophet (peace be on him) and asked? - ‘Who is the most deserving of my good companionship’? Your mother, replied the Prophet (peace be on him) - Who next, the man asked? Your mother, replied the prophet (peace be on him) - Who next he asked? Your mother replied the prophet (peace be on him) - Who next asked the man? Your father replied the Prophet”.
The Prophet (peace be on him) declared disobedience to parents to be a major sins, second only to ascribing partners to Allah, as has been stated in the holy book Quran, Al Bukhari & Muslim.

“Shall I not inform you about three major sins?’ Those who were present replied ‘Yes O Messenger of Allah. He said “Associating partners with Allah and disobedience to parents”, sitting up from the reclining position, he continued and telling lies and false testimony; beware of it Prophet (peace be on him) said.
He also said – Three persons shall not enter the Garden (paradise); the one who is disobedient to his parents, the pimp, and the woman who imitates men’ and  

Allah defers (the punishment of) all sins to the Day of Resurrection except disobedience to parents for which Allah punishes the sinner in this life before his death”
In the 2nd phase of child caring - the stage when the child enters in third year, he needs more attention and relies on support of parents who nourishes him food and other substance to live, grow & stay healthy while the same time they nourishes their hopes and dreams too.

Parents compromised their life and needs preferring child’s future and wellbeing, for a better life and make him a deterrent to counter the unfavorable situation, a sustainable growth and enhancing resilience.   
It reminds me when I was doing my 1st year intermediate commerce, in one of my Economic text book the first chapter was captioned “Man born in Wants & his Wants are unlimited in numbers”.

The theme is applied here for parents who in the hope for the betterment and advancement of the child went beyond their limit & nurtured the child; they managed everything in given resources to keep the child stronger, brighter, lively and vibrant. They ate less & pretended that they were full so that the child could feed the best intakes.
They wore normal dress but arranged cloths for the child conforming weather condition, they did not sleep so that the child could sleep in mother lap and even they did not change the posture that the child would wake up, they saved the child from thunder & storm and kept him embraced with mother breast to keep him warm and secured.

They minimized & reduced their needs to fulfill the needs of the child so that he might not be laid down or felt frustration among his classmate when the child were studying in school, college and university, at every stage of child’s life parents remained active and one step ahead with the only concern to raise the child enabling him to play a dynamic role in the society.
Father worked day and night, kept continued the struggle for gold and glory to enhance and achieve a better life so that the need of the child may fulfill & materialize, not only father even mother also started job and both orchestrated with the aim to give the child a happy and meaningful life, a truly glorious future and honorable victory.

It will be special significance if we unfold our lives and go back to see when we were born, nursed and brought up what were the reason behind, absolutely before our parents were to rear, to educate, to protect, and to feed, to clothes & for what?  
 Why parents should undertake this responsibility, who asked them to care and in case of noncompliance before whom they (parents) will be accountable? What will be the reward for this painful process where a parent comes across from the stage of pregnancy of mother till birth of the child, his rearing and weaning whatever the physical and financial status of parents but they have to nurture the child because of divine rule inscribed in Holy Quran where Allah says:
“The child has a right to life – Neither the Father nor Mother have the right to take the life of the child, whether a boy or a girl, by killing it or burying it alive, as was done by some Arabs of Jahiliyyah”. As Quran says
And do not kill your children out of fear of poverty - We shall provide for them and for you-Truly, the killing is a great sin’ (17:31)

Regarding teaching Quran says “O ye who believe Save yourself and families from a fire whose fuel is Men and Stone, over which Are (appointed) angels Stern (and) severe, Who flinch not (from Executing) the Commands. They receive from Allah, But do (precisely) what They are commanded”… Surah Al Tahrim: 6
It is the right of a child in relation to its parents that they should give it a good name not one which will cause it embarrassment when it grows older.

A child has a right to sustenance, education and proper care, the parents are not permitted to neglect the child needs or to abuse it. The Prophet (peace be on him) said
“Each one of you is a caretaker and is responsible for those under his care” – “Wasting the sustenance of his dependents is sufficient sin for a man”

‘Allah will ask every care taker about the people under his care, and the man will be asked concerning the people of his household’ the prophet said
Now we get a clear message from holy Quran & Prophet (peace be on him) where the parents has been assigned the responsibility to take care for the child and at the same time it has been asked by the child (as well) to take care for his parent & in case of non-execution of divined rule both will face the wrath of Allah on dooms day or on the day of Resurrection.

It came true & realized when we appeared as a conqueror & victorious that why we had been educated and cared from our parents. The motive behind their restless night, stressful condition, a painful course of action from our elders was the only hope to raise the child to quest of consistent prosperity, a well-educated figure, an spectacular & fantastic future, enabling the child to stand on his own foot and arrive at the zenith, getting the best and successful life, a good job, a good wife, a beautiful house, a latest model car, happy children and a good name in the family etc.
A dream which had been dreamed the very first day when we were born, it was the desire of the parents showing the one side of the coin and complying Allah’s instruction mandated in Quran to obligate and care the child the second side of the coin.

Such ambition and aspiration, confidence & conviction from a parents for their child to see him happy and smiling that’s why they endeavored day and night, postponed their own wishes and always preferred and struggled with un-shattered hope to grow the child even though circumstances did not favor but their determination & perseverance remained vital to get the child stronger, firm, tenacious, persistent & resolute.
The synthesis of life asks that though we had been raised & brought up by the parents but what was their reward they were expecting from us, the holy Quran says to the child to return the favor what he got from the parents.

“And, out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility and say, My Lord bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood”………Surah al Asra : 24
We the human being are so selfish and don’t look at our birth that how we were born. Allah says in Quran that

“It is He Who created you from a single person and made his mate Of like nature in order that he might dwell with her (in love) when they are united she bears a light burden and carries it about (Unnoticed) when she grows Heavy, they both pray to Allah their Lord (saying) “If Thou givest us A goodly child, We vow we shall (Ever) be grateful”…. Surah Al Araf: 189
Allah clarifies about man creation: “Man we did cerate from a quintessence of clay – Then we placed him As (a drop of) sperm in a place of rest, firmly fixed – Then we made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood. Then of that clot we made a (foetus) lump, and then We made out of the lump Bones and clothed the bones With flesh: then We developed Out of another creature, So blessed be Allah, The best to create!”... Surah Al Mu minun: 12:13; 14

And Allah doth know what every Female (womb) doth bear, By how much the wombs fall short (of their time Or number) or do exceed. Every single thing is before His sight in due proportion” Surah AR-Rad: 8.

It is the right of the parents that their children should treat them with kindness, obedience & honor. Devotion to parents is natural instinct & must be strengthened with deliberate actions. The rights of the mother is emphasized more because of her suffering during pregnancy and child birth, her suckling of the child and her role in rearing it, in the words of Allah;
And we have enjoined on man kindness to his parents. His mother carries him in pain and she gives birth to him in pain and the period of caring him and weaning him is thirty months (46:15)

Allah emphasized in Quran that respect to your parents & should not be at any cost laid down them even though they are associating Me with other god or insisting for idol worship instead Me.
“And we have enjoined on man kindness to parents: but if They (either of them) strive (To force) thee to join with Me (in worship) Anything of which thou hast no knowledge, obey them not. Ye have (all) to return to Me and I will tell you (the truth) of all that ye did”…..Surah Al Ankabut: 8

Allah in Quran further elaborate to care for parents characterizes here that how mother carried the pregnancy and affords the load with pain and gives birth with pain, she rears & weans for thirty months and when the parents (mother & father) goes older the child must care for his parents who brought him up.
“We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents: In pain did his mother Bear him, and in pain Did she give him birth. The carrying of the (child) To his weaning is (A period of) thirty months. At length when he reaches The age of full strength And attains forty years. He says “O my Lord! Grant me that I may be Grateful for Thy favor Which Thou hast bestowed Upon me, and upon both My parents, and that I May work righteousness Such as Thou mayest approve; And be gracious to me In my issue. Truly Have I turned to Thee And truly do I bow (To Thee) in Islam”… Surah Al Ahqaf: 15

So love your parents and care for them, they need your help & support, due to incapacitated having no more strength to muscle further as they did for you when you were a little child.

Aug 3, 2013

Imran Khan should apologize to the court to close the case once for all

Imran khan don’t be stubborn and it seems appropriate to apologize the court to get the case closed once for all. You just have entered in the assembly with a good majority and you have to do a lot of work for the country & its people.
Understand that you are the 3rd political force in the country; the existing two parties PML-N & PPP will try to involve you deliberately to let your graph down so better to handle it sensibly said in a group discussion at TV channel.

It’s a general trend of Supreme court to call the political leaders in the court basically Chief justice wants to see them and say hello and hi said by a participant humorously. 
So treat it normal and if by any reason CJ summons to any leader for any speech delivered in the media or before CJ such speech is termed as against the court, does not matter, submit your apology letter and have it closed as other leader of the country have done in the past. said by a young boy at public forum.
It’s not the time to fight with judiciary and open more fronts, do your role of opposition meaningfully for the betterment & advancement of the country and countrymen.

Please mind it that ornery will go against you, so instead to prolong the case for nothing its viable solution to close said Asma Jehangir debating at TV channel.
Don't go in interpretation of 'SHARAMNAK' as chief Justice has noted it against the court. Its a prima facie based on what seems to be true when you first consider a situation even though it may later be proved to be untrue.

A general impression in public & debate on TV channels in Talk shows continuing that CJ should not be involved in unproductive issue or developing inconsistency among the institution. As per earlier reservation ...discussed at face book that there are about 4500 cases pending with Supreme court which needs to initiate for trial urged by one of the participant during on going debate..

A press report - There are serious threat from Taliban who has given ultimatum to do more bomb explosion before Eid-Ul-Fitr, so sense the seriousness of such impending issues where the nation has been paying prices a lot but still there is no certainty to secure further lives of people living in KPK and Karachi, highlighted by Asma Jehangir during her debate at TV channel.

Basically Imran PTI Chainman, has reservation about 'election rigging' and yes it happened across the country for what he has been vociferating and media also been pointing out. A well prolonged debate also we have been witnessing in print and electronic media where PTI chairman requested to Election commission of Pakistan and Judiciary to intervene and investigate the massive election rigging happened on 11th May 2013 a worse in history of the country said Imran.

PTI chairman sought help and looked judiciary to intervene but instead to appoint any commission to probe into, Imran is being dragged into the word-game said by a seasoned politician.

Mind it PTI is 3rd major political force in the country so let them thrive and give them a conducive environment to play its due role in country's democracy concluding the debate by the anchor.