Aug 29, 2013

Nobody safe in Karachi, an appalling and diabolical state where you lose you mobile phones, cash valet, valuables, your car and bikes at gun point - A city of unleashed muggers!

Unsafe Karachi – Insecure lives & properties of KARACHI-ITES – A metropolis city portraying very appalling and diabolical state - A horrible & awful situation have eclipsed the city - No rule of law but rule of thumb.

The entire city has been hijacked by Robbers, Thieves & Looters - Heavy security threat & multiple safety and security issues have marred the beauty of the city.
Karachi a commercial hub, a producer and a generator of heavy crunch of revenues for the country Islamic Republic of Pakistan - A place which embraces everyone in its lap, provides bread and shelter to every nation without cast, creed, culture, race and colors, religious belief & institutions.

An indiscriminate attitude with everyone who came in the past, who comes in the present and who plans to come in the future - No issue as it was known as Mai Kulachi……………an old woman who was staying at the bank of the ocean that’s gradually (with the passage of time) named and registered as KARACHI.
Karachi a mother who loves with her children beyond their traits and approach - A metropolitan city with sprawling wings accepts anyone coming in Karachi from other provinces & Tribal areas for bread and butter.

Karachi provides jobs and opportunities for business whether at large or small scale but of course a gate way of the country to say Hello to everybody.
A city of brave heart to strengthen country’s economy – gives a boost, plays a very pivotal and vital role in uplifting national economy, a source to feed Federal & Provincial govt. a chain of Financial institutions, Banking & investment, Stock exchange, Central bank (regulates & mints the currency), Multiple industries, Textile & Fabrics producers, Pakistan machine Tool Factory, Shipyard & Ship breaking units, Pharmaceuticals, Herd of Fashionable outlets, Stretched information Technology centers, Unlimited mobile services providers, Pakistan Telecommunication, Pakistan Steel Mills, SUPARCO, Top ranking govt. & private Hospitals, Public & Private Medical colleges, Academic and Technical Govt. & accredited Universities & colleges. Sprawling road networks, Quaid-e-Azam International Airport where at every 15 minutes the plane lands and moves, 02 shipping ports where in one day Rs.12-15 Billions transactions take place.

A heavily populated city with a combination of rosy and gloomy shades but overall a back bone to Pakistan, an international & national stature.
Karachi where 20 million people resides, giving a look of uncultured & uncivilized era where the people are living upon the merry of the Gangsters & their Masters - The petrified people are unable to go out of their homes and think ten times even if there is some emergency because of severe lawlessness & street crimes, severe threat to lose their mobile phones, cash in hand or in valet, car & motor bikes and other valuables with you.

You cannot say NO if the gun is pointed to you & you are asked to handover your valuables, Mobile phones, Cash in your valets or whatever you have - without reluctance, you will have to handover otherwise a little resistance will end your life, your family and kids travelling with you or accompanied to you are not safe on the road and in the house.
No Govt. at all – Yes police and law enforcers are there but no avail, in the presence of them the people are being deprived off their valuables. If you are in the queue

(a)    to get your car filled with fuel

(b)   when you are standing in line for CNG

(c)    when you are paying utility bills in the bank, the counter at other side of the Bank premise

(d)   when you are clogged in heavy traffic or if you are at traffic signals & waiting for green light

(e)   when you are in the grocery market

(f)     when you are in line to get milk and yogurt (it happened during Ramadan)

(g)    when you went to buy sweets for any events 

(h)   when you are going to Eid Gaah for Eid prayer

(i)      when you are returning from Juma (Friday) prayer

(j)     when you are on the way to the hospital with your ailing parents to get them treated in hospital

(k)    when you are going office and

(l)      when you are coming back from office

(m) when you are going with your family to eatery shops during weekend

(n)   when you are in queue to buy fast food

(o)   when you are with your family for shopping

(p)   when you are parking your car or

(q)   when you are reversing your car to quit the parking

(r)     when you are driving your car and crossing the road, you will be intercepted by the looters who will snatch either your car or your valuable at gun point

(s)    when you are passing through an isolated place

(t)     when you are standing in a shop for cigarette

(u)   when you went video shop to rent a movie CD/ DVDs

(v)    when you went to buy Roti (Nan/ Chapatee) at Roti Bake shop

(w)  when you are jogging with your spouse even in your locality (not away from your home)

(x)    when you are going airport to receive the guest and

(y)    when you are coming back from overseas for holidaying with your family, you are surrounded by muggers and they put short-gun at your head to hand him over your mobile phones and cash

(z)    when you are standing close to vegetable & fruit seller

(aa) when you are at Bus-stop to get a bus or

(bb) when you are in Mini-Buses/ coaches, someone will get in the bus & will loot you
(cc)   when you are in a cab or in Auto rickshaw, you will be followed by looters, they will hit to the driver, asking to stop the cab and raising revolver on you with pressure to give him whatever you have

(dd)   when you are journeying in CHINCHIN a Six-Seater (a mini transport), you will be intervened by looters & muggers riding in motor bikes, pointing gun to the passengers, asking to hand him your mobile phones, cash and women wearing jewelry too

(ee)   when you are standing in your street at the corner just to have a fresh air, the mugger will appear, raising revolver and asking to hand him otherwise they will do straight fire

(ff)  When you are at ATM outlets to withdraw money

(gg) When you are returning home after withdrawing cash from the bank, the muggers will follow you, he will hit the gun butt on your head and ask you to hand him over the cash – And it happens in mercury day light even

(hh)  When you are coming back from mobile outlets someone will chase you and will snatch your mobile

(ii)    When you are coming from any electronic shops, bought electronic appliances, the looters will chase you and will attack in the middle of the way to your house

The above were the terrifying ordeal of the people who suffered and sustained muggers, looters, thieves & robbers. They lost their valuables but when approached to the police they were not entertained or got their stuff back, even FIR could not be lodged as if you would complain at any police stations, and a regular visit of police would do at your home, getting you every time with new faces to identify if they were the muggers who looted so a new chapter of agony goes opened.
Considering such lengthy and loathsome process generally the victim avoids going police stations and as such crimes in the street of Karachi are mushrooming at large with no arrest & control of extreme worsening situation in the metropolis city Karachi.
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