Aug 14, 2013

Pakistan 67th Happy Independence day celebrating on 14th Aug 2013

Celebrating 67th Happy independence Day of Pakistan 14th Aug 2013 - An opportunity to revitalize & recharge ourselves to understand the country & its sovereignty.
Pakistani the Brilliant nation, a radiant & vibrant people who always smiles, does not matter what the situation around. No doubt we are living under the umbrella of growing militancy, severe internal threat by different extremist targeting Quetta, KPK, Peshawar & Karachi, a regular bomb explosion, attack on worshipper, shopping malls, public places, school & colleges, hospitals & markets, targeting religious group, firing on funeral prayers have been a daily practice. Despite deploying heavy security contingent  & cordoning the area with high alert security measures but the situation getting more deteriorated every passing day.

But we Pakistani are well determined, optimistic and full with ambition & aspiration, with conviction and unsheltered belief to see our country a prosperous and self-sufficient Pakistan that’s why at every 14th Aug we do a solemn affirmation that we are Pakistani it is our country. We achieved this homeland after a lot of sacrifice in terms of lives and properties so we have to protect & secure the country from the rising hostility and get to cleanse the country from all external threats. And we renew our vows that we will be deterrent & appear as a shield if any bad looks are starred on us.
We are Pakistani and proud to be a Pakistani – love the country & save the sovereignty, maintain the regional boundaries and territorial sanctity. Respect its constitution & institutional mandate. Our leaders also should be loyal, honest and sincere with the country and its people what they committed before the nation they should oblige it for the betterment and advancement of the masses.

God Bless & shower His blessing, kindness & generosity on our Country Pakistan and us.
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