Aug 9, 2013

Wrong perception about Eid-Ul-Fitr & Eid Aladha fall on Friday

There has been a serious reservation before the Govt. across the Muslim states and its people that both Eids should not fall on Friday as it becomes a threat for the govt. and the country as a whole. Even some time the authority goes beyond moon appearance & ignoring moon sighting just to avoid of inevitable situation they changed the festival dates in the past. 
There is general impression that if the country celebrates Eid on Friday it will sustain a serious consequences because of two consecutive KHUTBAA falling on the same day i.e. one for Eid prayer and next for Friday prayer whereas Islam does not attest & endorse such orthodox belief and terms it as a conventional approach and assumption that reflects a particular mindset which has no room for such doctrine.

Notwithstanding a categorical clarification from Islamic scholars and subsequent thought provoking debates among different school of thoughts who rejected out rightly such irrelevant impression & unanimously they opinionated that it’s only a rumor or propaganda being staged against Islam and its followers.
Further, does not matter if two or three KHUTBAA are conducted on Friday, initially it becomes a source of prayer and worship to Al Mighty Allah where the worshipers praise His uniqueness, the oneness & attain a real happiness and peace submitting to the Creator and the Sustainer of this world. Allah says in Quran “Truly in remembering Allah do hearts find rest…Quran (13; 28)

If something happened in the past because of celebrating Eid on Friday, it was just a coincidence otherwise KHUTBAA did not do anything said by a scholar at national TV.
So accept the moon appearance if any of the Eid falls on Friday without reluctance & celebrate as its permissible by Al Mighty Allah who allows us to please with His blessing & bounties He showers on Muslim Ummah, concluded the debate on this note.
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