Sep 26, 2013

Churches should run under security surveillance camera in Pakistan

 Considering recent calamity occurred in Peshawar Church on Sunday (22nd Sep 2013) morning when the worshipers coming back from the church, at the exit point they met with heavy bomb explosion where 02 suicide bombers detonated themselves resulting 85 human lives lost & 123 wounded. No doubt it was disastrous and the 1st in its nature in Pakistan history to have such dreadful attack on Christian Church.
From security perspective the Churches should run under security surveillance camera, a security guard room should be there & equipped with CCTV monitoring units, CCTV cameras & surveillance system should focus external and internal area & that’s should cover approx. 200 meters surrounds of the church from four sided of the premises, 24 hours security guards in shifting to be deployed in order to ensure a fool proof security system on board.

Every visitors entering into the church should scan through ‘handy scanner’ or cross through ‘metal detector body scanner door’  all men and material going inside the Church needs to pass through the metal detector gate.
3d man security with scanner -
Video footage to be controlled through digital video recording (DVR) system, all CDs to be archived at a safe and secure places under fire proof cabinet for future retrieval.

And proper maintenance contracts to be established with the company who is installing the cameras to maintain the equipment‘s proper functionality so that proper image may store into DVR, a blurry video footage will have no use & effective if it does not record readable and visible image.
At least big churches which has capacity to accommodate 500-600 people should follow an accomplished security surveillance system in place to avoid of such recurrence in future.

Sep 25, 2013

Blast on the church in Peshawar & All Party Conference-2013 - Success or Failure in attainment of reconciliation with Taliban?

The intensity of the peace-talk felt & discussed with sour and sweet words when terrorist made Peshawar bleeds – Disaster in the Church in kohatti Bazar on Sunday 22nd September 2013

Majority is of the view that this APC will also be a futile attempt as myriad APC held in the past…. a big question mark among general public & politicians as well

The countrymen of Pakistan want to see the drop scene of APC 2013 in letter & spirit. The APC concluded with the cohesion of all political parties (having different flagships) had gathered in recently convened meeting in Islamabad with the only manifesto to invite TALIBAN to come for dialogue with the Govt. & end militancy.

The environment however went more eclipsed & tensed if we talk about recent Peshawar twin suicide bombers attack in the church on Sunday morning when Christian ’worshippers were leaving the church after performing the morning prayers.

The worst ever church attack in Pakistan’s history that triggered in Peshawar Kohatti Bazar on Sunday - Two suicide bombers detonated themselves close to the church exit door, the coward attackers some says were police men cladded in Burqa that killed 83 and injured 123 people, press reports.

In Pakistan the deadliest ever attack on the country’s Christian minority – “We are mournful and express our deepest sympathies with the grieved & bereaved family. And pray Al Mighty Allah to give courage and strength to bear this irreparable loss & invoke for the early recovery of wounded people” a message by the Muslim protesters rallied in the city to maintain unanimous support & abreast with Christians in the days of their painful moment.

There is strong feeling of hatred & loathing for the govt. that still seems reluctant & In dilemma having soft corner rather patronizing & keeping their arms opened to embrace terrorist while the terrorist leaving no stone unturned to kill the citizen of the country.

There are constant killing by Taliban in the country across the border, doing bomb blast, suicide attack, slamming explosive laden vehicle at public places killing innocent people, planting bomb at public and private properties and attacking the religious centers etc. & the Govt. seems weak & helpless to take any drastic & decisive steps to stop them.

The whole country has been traumatized and we are living in terror, anything can happen any time; we are insecure & living on the mercy of Taliban, there is no govt. at all, said angry and annoyed people who were roaming (in madness) to search the bodies of their kith and kin in the Church compound.

Someone blasted we are not safe wherever we go, our family, our religious places, our shops, our school and colleges, markets & hospital, govt. offices, police and army headquarters, airport & army airbases and ordnance depot have been on the terrorist hit list in the past and still we don’t see any break to stop & cease their unbridled extremism and terrorism, has engulfed the entire region, people were criticizing over govt. role.

Highlighting the routine practice about politicians that when the such incident occurs, politicians come and console the victims, sympathizes with the aggrieved family, visits in the hospital, give instruction to the hospitals to take care for wounded for medication & treatment, announces some handful amount as a compensation to the victim family, delivers sugar coated words (a lip service) that we have constituted a team to investigate this tragic events & we will book the culprit for punitive action. The criminals have no room in the society & they can’t be a Muslim who does such brutality, printed and electronic media gives coverage & as such time moves-on & govt. waits for another attack, denounced by the Rally organizer.

For how long we will be making fool to our own people – why don’t we are serious & uproot the terrorist & its breeding a woman mourner screamed outside the church searching her husband & son who were standing before her just minutes ago.

We have been tired from this stereotype conversation we want action we want to remove terrorist den, their existence from the country said a sobbing youth who lost his parents, brother & sister, uncle and grandpa in this calamity, loss of 6 people in one family, one of the lady mourner was consoling the youth & sharing with media.

Every eye is wet on this massacre – Every walk of life is aghast & looking towards the ruling elites to retaliate with iron hand. In Islam Muslims are asked to respect other’s religion & under one umbrella as the case is with Islamic Republic of Pakistan where every religion has the right to live with harmony and self-respect in the country. And even the saying had been endorsed by founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said by Islamic scholar at public forum.

And we the minority also sacrificed (a lot) in achieving Pakistan, we lost our family & properties & took part in state’s independence with the same fervor, spirit & national enthusiasm said by a church priest leading procession in Islamabad.     

The home land Pakistan belongs to us also, rights & preference are honored; lives and properties are secured & protected with the sovereignty of Pakistan therefore it becomes Govt. prime responsibility to provide an accomplished shield for the safety and security of the Christian, their residential area & praying centers, he urged.

The lesson of humanity from all religion disregard discrimination, no room to weigh the individual through cast, creed, culture, color, beliefs & institutional belongs being the people of the Book we also have been taught this lesson, whether it is majority or minority we are living under the dome of Pakistan. Our identity is only a ‘Citizen of the Country’ asserted by a group of church priest at public forum.

Its vivid & obvious inability of the govt. that has been failure in protecting minority life, we are being victimized repeatedly, we are dragged in fictitious cases of blasphemy our people are lynched & still good amount are in the jail for no fault said by one of the priest discussing in TV talk show.

The killer has no heart no soul, no emotion, no feeling, no pain, no kindness & any realization that to whom they are killing and why - Why they do - What they want and what are their motive behind this inhumanity, cruelty & brutality.

What a ridiculous that Govt. of Pakistan recently had convened All Pakistan Conference (APC) where political leaders of different flagship had gathered and agreed to do negotiation & reconciliation with TALIBAN to entail peace & tranquility in the country.
But at other side of the coin the ruthlessness of Taliban is at large; instead to prone to talk and move at negotiation table they are still exhibiting arms with proudness & seem insincere to join negotiation with the govt. of Pakistan.
Pakistan is keen to talk with Taliban, the release of Mulla Mansoor Dadullah & Senior Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar are the examples that’s Pakistan honored US instructions, facilitating the revival of ‘Afghan reconciliation process’.

Mulla Baradar is the 34th Taliban detainee, Taliban being released from Pakistan authority & it had been started in November said by Foreign office spokesman Aizaz Chaudhry. Undoubtedly such trends from Govt. will push the ‘peace process talks with Taliban’ to move further & start APC.

The release will have a positive impact on the ‘peace process’ that’s has been initiated by Pakistan said by Afghan High Peace Council (HPC) spokesman Shahzada Shahid quoted by Afghan media as having said.

There are two efforts being considered simultaneously by Pakistan govt. The US has urged both Pakistan & Afghanistan to ensure that they manage release of Taliban prisoners in a responsible manner.
Spokesman Marie Harf from US state department briefed that the release of Taliban prisoners, including Mullah Baradar has been a matter of ongoing discussion between Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to promote peace as a part of reconciliation process.

Pakistan anyhow is ready to start discussion with Taliban agreed under APC but still the leadership from Taliban or name of the participants has not been shared with the govt.
Even though a long ‘wish list’ had been shared with Pakistan authority from Taliban which seems unrealistic to follow said by a debater in TV talk show like withdrawal of Pakistan army from SAWAT & Waziristan & FATA, the debater clarified that Pakistan army are performing their duties in those area, they are safeguarding its citizen & protecting national boundaries of the country so how are the army should back to the barrack and why should we listen to Taliban, it’s our internal affairs & matter of geo-political status of the country to deploy the army wherever it needs.

The angry protesters from Christiana community demanded that Pakistan should not do any further compromise, don’t release mercenaries and criminals those who have been tried or are on death-row no need to release those has been indicted or pardon them otherwise the govt. will be losing people trusts who mandated them to protect their citizen.

Sep 9, 2013

The Boom & Zoom to celebrate National Festivals/ Public Holidays in Islamic Republic of Pakistan like 6th Sept a ‘Defense day’ is dwindling

A grave concern among intelligentsia & civil society that country and countrymen are not celebrating its victory day like 6th Sept ‘a defense day’ with patriotic fervor & national enthusiasm and paying homage to the conquering  heroes is obviously tapering off as we have been witnessing on the day of 6th Sept, said by a seasoned citizen.

Even there is no gazette Holiday, public and private offices are partly closed & partly operational, educational institutions are not fully closed, if schools and colleges have closures then University is continued.

Such disinclination & disregard in celebrating 6th Sept (National Holiday), creating a negative & unpatriotic impression among our youths. And if such tendency goes continue and slides to oblivion then we will be a great looser in terms of our achievements, role & services of our national heroes and their heroic mission.

Govt. therefore at Federal and Provincial level should ensure that celebration of National Events/ Holidays should not go uncelebrated & compulsorily it should make when it falls in a year.

Our youth must know about Pakistan, its ideology, reason of attaining an independent state, revival of Muslim image & identity, protection of Muslim culture and civilization, two nation theories, emancipation from the prejudicial Hindu majority, role of founding father, national heroes who put their lives in trouble, sacrifices of freedom fighters and followers, leaving their complete assets in India and migrated with bare footed in Pakistan, a homeland to live with self-identity, respect and harmony.   

We don’t find such thrilling & jubilation as the nation had been displaying on this day. National and private TV channels & print media giving special coverage, Commercial centers, Public & Private Buildings, Ministries, Governor houses, Parliament houses, Mausoleum of Pakistan’s founder Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi, & Allama Mohammad Iqbal (a philosopher and thinker) in Lahore & Tombs of martyred (across the country) were ornamented & illuminated en-masse.

Special program were conducted in School, Colleges & Universities, the entire city were decorated like a bride with colorful flags, banners & posters communicating similar message of national enthusiasm & love with the country, a national consensus were conspicuous & prominent in the country.

Specific war-related songs, in recognition of the services of our ‘Courageous and Brave soldiers’ who fought the war in 1965 sung by Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hassan, Naeyera Noor, Rona Laila, Gulshan Ara Syed, Fareeda Khanem, Mehnaz, Shahnaz Begum, Naheed Akhter, Habib Wali Mohammad, Amanat Ali, Asad Amanat Ali, Shaukat Ali etc. were the top most singers whose songs were telecasted & broadcasted on the auspicious occasion of 6th Sept. with the only intention & idea to arouse & excite our army an emotional support for the acknowledgement of their victory in 1965 war with India.

On this occasion national media & NGOs used to highlight the importance of the day, endorse and acknowledge the efforts made by our Fighters who sacrificed their live for safe guarding the sovereignty of Pakistan regional & territorial integrity.

Basically 6th Sept. we celebrate in the commemoration & remembrance for the meritorious, unforgettable and memorable services rendered by our Pakistani Armed forces at the ground, on the air & on/in the ocean.

Undoubtedly a reminder, an opportunity for our children to know that how our Brave, Courageous, Daring & Bold Soldiers fought the war and kept our homeland safe and secured from the evil look of India & salute to those who martyred in India-Pakistan war in 1965.

It is a message to the nation that how people gave sacrifices for the defense of the country and what is the responsibility of young generation now especially the children who are the future of Pakistan.

The motive however behind that martyr were to ensure so that we can live in Pakistan with respect, harmony, freedom & self-identity. As a Pakistani & as a nation we may maintain our cultural, civilization, literature, history religion & social values in our homeland.

We have seen that predecessors & Successors govt. had included new National Holidays during their tenure of govt. In the era of Benazir Bhutto she had been celebrating her father death at National level whereas during the tenure of Asif Ali Zardari he inducted a holiday for his wife Shaheed Muhterma Benazir Bhutto a national holiday.

People are of the view that pre-determined Public Holidays in the country should not be declined and celebrate with strong belief and feeling interpreting & translating the image & concept of holidays in its real perspective so that generation may feel attachment with the National Holidays and whenever it falls they may celebrate with national fervor and excitement.