Oct 8, 2013

Result of ‘hue and cry’ of political groups in the country & an outrageous Circular debt draining out national Economy.

Circular Debt a Dracula sucking blood of National Economy 

Keeping busy in Election rigging claim to get a bumper free road to drive the car to squander & loot national money without any die hard.

A well designed scheme from PML-N to keep other political factions in the country busy in hue and cry about ‘election rigging’ so that the PML-N can have a clean pitch to play the game and can do clean bold-out to PTI - MQM – PPP.

PPP is busy and seems happy doing opposition role in the assembly and we are aware that how more the Opposition is sincere, honest and loyal with the country to play its meaningful & tough role as primarily needed from Opposition.
We are looking to Barack Obama in US that without consent and approval from Opposition, Obama cannot move even a single inch even though he is President but democracy doesn’t allow him to go beyond Opposition.

On the contrary, in Pakistan Opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah (PPP stalwart) is a silent spectator, he is complete ignorant and slides oblivion. He does not oppose any bill presented or debated in the assembly or cares for the favor of the masses, people advancement and betterment or entailing to maintain a welfare state.
Because the stem before him (Opposition leader) to provide hassle free environment to PML-N to complete its tenure so that next opportunity PPP can have – A peace environment ‘to live and let live’ in between PML-N & PPP on the cost of the people of the country who voted & mandated to ameliorate their life.

MQM is busy in crying for not to do operation- clean up in Karachi but to extend its parameter for other political groups who has stake in Sind/ Karachi
PTI is busy in protests of massive election rigging in the country, they are busy in contesting reelection in the disputed territory, despite getting a winning position what PTI will get – Will he get Opposition seat in the assembly to give hard time to PML-N or all the efforts of digging out & re-election will end in fiasco.

So who is and will be the winner in this whole episode of ‘hue and cry’ - Since assuming the charge by PML-N what observation we have about the performance of PML-N in its 120 days. It has taken IMF loan on sever conditionality the bailout package of $6.6 billion. He is going to privatize 64 public industries, the committee has been formulated its role to roll-out 31 industries in fist phase to get second cheque of IMF.
Despite payment of circular debt a Dracula who is sucking blood of national economy i.e. payment of Rs.500 billion to Independent Power Producers (IPP) that had been made by ministry of finance up to 31st May 2013 and now again the circular debt has been piled up Rs140 billion to pay off to IPPs.

Has opposition leader PPP – MQM & PTI raised issue in the assembly about the ill-designed IPPs contract & MoU singed in between in Govt. of Pakistan and Independent Power Producers this of course needs to be debated in the parliament and share with all parliamentarians to understand the terms an clause, mode of payment, schedule of payment, markup calculation, the criteria to determine payment, duration of the contract and termination clause with conditionality or without.
All these are very important as the outrageous ‘circular debt’ which is specifically prone to drain out our national treasury & it will never stop if we don’t intervene as PML-N does not seem us a good govt.to protect nation and national said by a group of people discussing at national forum.

Oct 3, 2013

People & Opposition making ‘hue & Cry’ (across the country) against raising Electricity & Fuel charges by PML-N

Think & streamline the ways and means that how to reduce the cost of Electricity production with reduced Electricity Tariff enabling a normal person to afford instead to just raise the price? Protestors demanding in the rally organized in the city.
Energy crisis is the chronic issue & in order to bridge the production deficiency the Govt. should see the units’ functionality & its source, plants working status, the old and sick unit consuming a lot of maintenance charges will not be worth full but will cause to increase the cost of production more. Instead to attain energy on Oil based units why don’t we plan to construct dams & go for hydel units that’s will reduce the production cost of Electricity.

Explore more avenues & opportunity, current status & alternatives that how to cope over the energy issues in Pakistan to produce Electricity at a minimal cost. The existing provision being used to produce energy seems expensive and its ultimate impact the consumers’ either it is residential or commercial both are unhappy to accept the increased unit charges announced by the govt.
It will be useless to discuss about the performance of predecessor or successor, the end user is the people of the country who don’t want to listen such allegation. We believe in result not on character assassination or impress the people highlighting the mistakes and error of previous Govt. said by group of people who were demonstrating protest in Lahore.

As per Federal Minister & Broadcasting Pervez Rashid that sharp increase of Electricity prices like a ‘bitter pills to swallow’ in order to stabilize the economy. He said that approval to increase in Electricity prices was unanimously approved by the meeting of Council of Common Interest (CCI) who were of the view to gradually remove subsidy on Electricity.
He was talking in TV Talk show that PML-N is already paying 1.5 trillion rupees as subsidy on Electricity and Investors seems reluctant to invest huge amount in Electricity sector for the fear of loss.

One of the participants quickly turned him & asked ‘fear of losses’ for what - Is it unbridled law and order situation in the country or govt. is non-serious to provide investor necessary infrastructure & logistic, overhead support etc. technical and administrative help to move forward. And even if it is lawlessness then who will provide shield, the govt. or people?   
Regarding opposition alliance – majority of people appreciated ‘nationwide strikes calls and protest’ announced by PPP – PTI & MQM. It’s a good time to play their role and deter against the govt. and don't allow the Treasury-Bench or Ruling elites to increase the prices of Petrol & Electricity a general demand of people sharing with media market survey.

People asked PTI leaders that we wanted to see the ‘change’ in our political leadership & it had been assured during their electoral process but instead to see the change or ‘tsunamis’ for change we have been confined with the same tested and decade long faces said by a seasoned school teacher leading the procession in Quetta.
We could not see change but tsunamis and these tsunamis pertain to soaring prices, unaffordable living cost where the life of a common man has been shocking & horrible.

Items being sold in the market are 3 to 4 times higher than the price before election. It has been unreachable, a normal man cannot buy, and a lot of family even cannot afford to buy the basic necessities of life & social crimes have eclipsed the city.
Since the day when PML-N assumed its offices we are getting the serious price hikes the normal living cost has approached skyrocketing participants in rally expressed with sadness in Karachi.

The prices of Rice, Flour, Edible oil, Ghee, Sugar, Pulses, Buffalo, Cow & Goat meats, Chicken rates, Tea, Milk, Yogurt, and Vegetables etc. are increasing harshly, we get everyday a new price when we go the market said by an irritated house wife.
Referring a public forum discussion in Peshawar conducted by private TV channel where one retired banker lamented the role of Opposition. He asked, Opposition should act as a deterrent and shield for the masses to play its pivotal and vital role in the Assembly otherwise wait for your turn, shouted on the parliamentarians sitting in open sky and were responding question-answer session.

The people have been fed-up it’s about 120 days of PML-N – who is bulldozing whatever it wants and Opposition seems a silent spectator in the Assembly, even not raising a single voice. Is it Opposition? Other asked.
What a mockery they only beats the drum for democracy sitting in Opposition bench and playing the role of ‘yes man’ said by an angry man who was cleaning the area the second day after bomb explosion in Qissa Khani Bazar Peshawar.

Opposition to see that how to save people of the country, how to restructure the economy, and what strategy will suit to the country to uplift and how to pull back the tapering off the economy, the causes and elements that’s precipitating in steep slope,  asserted by a college professor sharing the discussion.
Opposing by Opposition (as it implicates) required to play constructive role, becomes the initial duty as they are representative on behalf of the people (in the assembly) against the govt. if treasuring benches representing any bill or discussing over any bill which seems unjust and unrealistic for the masses Opposition should play its role.

Debate in the assembly is the taste of democracy – If opposition understands that any move from treasury bench negating the essence of a welfare state pertaining to the betterment and advancement of the masses then Opposition should raise their voice instead to encourage or slide into oblivion. It will not be a good Opposition but a tyranny with the country and its people.
About State Bank Pakistan (SBP) inflating the squeezed foreign exchange reserve & to support & supplement the rattled status of Pakistan currency pegging with dollar and acceptance of IMF conditionality to acquire $ 6.6 billion bailout package are the temporary treatment but evil factors pushing the economy on the verge of disaster or getting the nation more indebted, a very harsh discussion raised among general public about the role of Opposition PPP who still seemed them ‘a deaf and dump’ & only giving a clean path to PML-N to complete the tenure. 

Regarding circular debt Opposition leader Mr. Shah, (1st time in his status) said, the government had claimed to have disbursed about Rs,500 billion to pay off the circular debt, but it did not tell the public who got how much and what was the basis of calculating the amount paid to each Independent Power Producer (IPP).
Further as per Federal minister & Broadcasting Pervez Rashid that PML-N is paying 1.5 trillion rupees as subsidy on Electricity procurement and Minster for Finance Ishaq Dar also paid off 500 billion rupees against outstanding Circular debt with the only stem to get the masses rid of power crisis but we don’t see any difference, even today the country is facing with long power outage across the provinces.

Despite payment of Circular debt Rs.562 billion that’s made up to May 31st 2013 now raises its ugly head again. It has been accumulated again up to Rs.130 billion only in 3 months seems the country once again going to the same status quo where it was.
Only raising Electricity Tariff will not be a sensible approach instead to work on infrastructure that may suit to produce Electricity at cheaper cost said by the rally participants in Faisalabad

As per Ministry of Finance release that paying off circular debt enabling the govt. to produce 1700 megawatt electricity that will mitigate load-shedding immediately. It was an assumption which still has not been seen and people are suffering with the same extreme power outage. 
For IPP a hefty crunch of national money is going to satiate “the hungry IPPs Dracula” whose trunk will never ever fill – So it’s better to re-read & re-write the IPP’s contract or MoU signed off earlier, look at the terms and condition laid down, who were the signatories of those IPPs, under whose authority it was approved, schedule of payment, mark up ratio, validity of the contract, conditionality if needs to terminate , & calculation aspect.

Mr. Shah called upon the government to clarify the issue & take the parliamentarian in faith and better to present technical audited report of IPPs & release in the media, breakup of power produced by each IPP, the time when electricity was produced, the rate at which it was paid and total amount paid so far and to be paid to each IPP he asked the govt.
Regarding payment of Electricity bill people have asked the govt. to arrest big fish instead to catch small man or a low level trader who even does not fall in tax slab.

Majority of the people shared with media their pint of view to start self-assessment & scrutiny of Govt. offices paying their Electricity bill – They emphasized to check PML-N all factories & industries running in Pakistan – Are they paying the bill?
Check PPP share in electricity – Are they honestly paying the bill for their Bungalows. Farm Houses & industries being run?   

And also to check whether National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies, Governor Houses, Supreme courts and High courts across the provinces – Are they paying electricity bill?
President House, Prime minster house, Minster hostels, Guest room on govt. role - All IGs & DIGs, DCs & Commissioners, Govt. hospitals – Are they paying “electricity bill”?

All Govt. institutions, autonomous bodies should pay the bill it’s not a clean chit if it belongs to Govt. or its functionaries, demanded by a group of people at public forum arranged by private TV channels in the country.
Bill from MPA/ MNAs house, their Factories, Ministry offices in provinces, Speaker & Deputy Speakers of 4 Assemblies, Senators whoever has stakes in Assemblies should pay the bill - Recoveries of such huge amount of course will be a good support to utilize this big crunch of cash in production of electricity.

If anyone or institutions are found ‘defaulters’ their Electricity must be discontinued, an unimpeded action obviously will put a rein on ‘Electricity theft mafia’ which is thriving & have mushroomed since decade. A sincere and honest operation indeed will bring a heavy amount into national exchequer & can be used to install more power plants to generate Electricity.
Besides, all sick units to be disregarded or the costlier plants getting huge sum on its function such units should no more be operational as Raja Rental had bought dysfunctional units, got his share in the deal and kept the people of the country devastated, expressed strong disapproval in Peshawar procession.

However steps being taken by PPP-PTI & MQM are praiseworthy and it’s a first time that troika have consensus to raise their voice in the Assembly against Govt. bill to enhance Electricity Tariff & regular Fuel prices hiking.
The PTI announced that protest rallies would be organized all over Punjab against the power tariff hike - The MQM’s Rabita Committee said in a statement that at a time when the country was facing an ever-growing inflation and unemployment, hike in Power Tariff will increase people woes.

The MQM said the PML-N government was following the policies of its predecessor, adding that it had taken loans from the IMF on strict terms and increased prices of Electricity and Commodities
Moreover, for Fuel charges - Govt. has been raising its prices almost every alternate month, just in 5 months break, prices of HOBC, Premium, High speed diesel, Light speed diesel and Kerosene oil have been increasing regularly since April to October 2013, a conspicuous difference can be seen in given comparative breakup of fuel prices    

Petroleum Prices in Pakistan
Retail Price of one Litter in Rupee as of 30th April 2013
Retail Price of one Litter in Rupee as of 2nd Oct 2013
Price increased just in 5 months
136/ 15
143/ 90
7/ 75
102/ 30
113/ 25
10/ 95
High speed diesel
108/ 59
8/ 36
Light speed diesel
93/ 28
7/ 96
Kerosene oil
98/ 26
108/ 13
9/ 87

Petroleum products are the bench mark to increase or decrease the prices for good and service either we buy or sell, a normal people goes affected and becomes more vulnerable - Purchasing power goes incapacitated because of valet does not allow them  to buy the costlier items even the basic item goes beyond the access of common man.
The poor segments hopelessly stuck in the infernal mire, living entrenched in difficulties of every kind, the dream to have a life of harmony, a life of fullness, happiness, financial safety goes just a dream that’s never fulfills.