Oct 8, 2013

Result of ‘hue and cry’ of political groups in the country & an outrageous Circular debt draining out national Economy.

Circular Debt a Dracula sucking blood of National Economy 

Keeping busy in Election rigging claim to get a bumper free road to drive the car to squander & loot national money without any die hard.

A well designed scheme from PML-N to keep other political factions in the country busy in hue and cry about ‘election rigging’ so that the PML-N can have a clean pitch to play the game and can do clean bold-out to PTI - MQM – PPP.

PPP is busy and seems happy doing opposition role in the assembly and we are aware that how more the Opposition is sincere, honest and loyal with the country to play its meaningful & tough role as primarily needed from Opposition.
We are looking to Barack Obama in US that without consent and approval from Opposition, Obama cannot move even a single inch even though he is President but democracy doesn’t allow him to go beyond Opposition.

On the contrary, in Pakistan Opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah (PPP stalwart) is a silent spectator, he is complete ignorant and slides oblivion. He does not oppose any bill presented or debated in the assembly or cares for the favor of the masses, people advancement and betterment or entailing to maintain a welfare state.
Because the stem before him (Opposition leader) to provide hassle free environment to PML-N to complete its tenure so that next opportunity PPP can have – A peace environment ‘to live and let live’ in between PML-N & PPP on the cost of the people of the country who voted & mandated to ameliorate their life.

MQM is busy in crying for not to do operation- clean up in Karachi but to extend its parameter for other political groups who has stake in Sind/ Karachi
PTI is busy in protests of massive election rigging in the country, they are busy in contesting reelection in the disputed territory, despite getting a winning position what PTI will get – Will he get Opposition seat in the assembly to give hard time to PML-N or all the efforts of digging out & re-election will end in fiasco.

So who is and will be the winner in this whole episode of ‘hue and cry’ - Since assuming the charge by PML-N what observation we have about the performance of PML-N in its 120 days. It has taken IMF loan on sever conditionality the bailout package of $6.6 billion. He is going to privatize 64 public industries, the committee has been formulated its role to roll-out 31 industries in fist phase to get second cheque of IMF.
Despite payment of circular debt a Dracula who is sucking blood of national economy i.e. payment of Rs.500 billion to Independent Power Producers (IPP) that had been made by ministry of finance up to 31st May 2013 and now again the circular debt has been piled up Rs140 billion to pay off to IPPs.

Has opposition leader PPP – MQM & PTI raised issue in the assembly about the ill-designed IPPs contract & MoU singed in between in Govt. of Pakistan and Independent Power Producers this of course needs to be debated in the parliament and share with all parliamentarians to understand the terms an clause, mode of payment, schedule of payment, markup calculation, the criteria to determine payment, duration of the contract and termination clause with conditionality or without.
All these are very important as the outrageous ‘circular debt’ which is specifically prone to drain out our national treasury & it will never stop if we don’t intervene as PML-N does not seem us a good govt.to protect nation and national said by a group of people discussing at national forum.
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