Nov 22, 2013

Local Govt. Election seems dwindling due to eleventh hour surprises coming from Province and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) itself.

Local Government Election (LGE) in the provinces – A Yes & No position though not tapering off but have made the local govt. struck-dumb where they are confused over the dates forwarded them by ECP to hold local bodies election in the provinces.

Following the 'rescheduled date' notified by ECP that in Sind it will hold on January 18 2014, Punjab on January 30th and in KPK & Cantonment on February 2014.

The 'rescheduled date' was sought by ECP from Supreme Court (SC) as the initial date in Dec 2013 was not possible for ECP & Provinces to move forward due to multiple reasons mentioned in the letter sent to SC.
SC however granted extension emphasizing ECP to conclude it by Jan 2014, appreciating the efforts and inclination shown by the provinces to hold local bodies’ election, it’s a good sign that govt. seems serious for conducting local bodies election, Chief justice of SC acknowledged in the verdict (from the bench constituted team of 3 judges) after hearing the petition filed by ECP.

But today a quite new development has been reported in media that Sind Govt. has refused to hold Local Govt. Election (LGE) on Jan 18th 2014 referring Chief Minster Sind assertion for not conducting local body election on Jan 18th.
Besides this, a notification from ECP also circulated in electronic media stating the inability of Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) that 2.2 million of magnetic ink-pad readiness cannot be possible before scheduled date.

However PCSIR has been advised to go for next option i.e. to prepare normal ink-pad which is though has less intensity and not similar to magnetic ink-pad keeping the print/ mark for 8-9 hours whereas a normal ink-pad lasts up to 3-4 hours only. ECP further stated that NADRA has also been notified accordingly though they have observation, said in the statement aired by all TV channels.
Here it reflects the immaturity & insincerity of ECP that the information which is being shared now with the nation should have been mulled and weighed the pros and cons for all anticipated issues before going to Supreme Court while asking for rescheduling the date for the polls.

The professionalism & the characteristic of the post say that it should have been sensed well. All administrative and technical factors pertinent to the preparedness & readiness for the poll whether it is stationaries or the division of the constituencies in the provinces i.e. delimitation (a burning factor) across the province, should have been discussed figuratively with al l stakeholders (playing their due role in local body election) instead hastening for extending the poll date.
The marathon gathering called upon by ECP & that convened on Nov 19th 2013 advising the stakeholders & runners to come with working strategy for holding local body election in the province, highlighting to come with expected barriers and its remedy with all nitty-gritty etc. ECP said in its press conference informing the approval obtained by SC to hold LGE election.

Unequivocally it was a good move by ECP but such compulsory-meeting could be conducted before approaching to Supreme Court for date extension as it was less important then readiness of home work at every level.
Since Supreme Court in its flexible attitude has been chasing the Govt. when it assumed office and asking to confirm when local body election in the provinces going to be held in the country.

But govt. has been adamant at federal and provincial level & procrastinating notwithstanding reminder from ECP to confirm a date that when provinces are conducting LGE but Govt. woke up when SC reprimanded and indicted for contempt of court to the defense secretary who did not confirm the date or arranged LGE in the Cantonment area the report said.
Then federal and provincial both assemblies started to talk on it and eventually they passed a resolution unanimously and submitted to ECP to extend the poll date.

The question comes ahead that why ECP did not quantify such a mountain printing of ballot papers, huge quantity of magnetic ink-pad and impact of delimitation on the poll emerging now in the provinces.
Such omission of course is a clear invitation of tussles among political parties that’s will take place after polling. If the magnetic ink-pad is not there &it has been replaced by a normal ink-pad which does not have ability to last for 8-9 hours but will remove its affects within 3-4 hours then how the Returning officer will ensure whether the voter has already casted the vote or he/ she is new.

So authenticity will be an issue that’s will make the poll suspicious & ECP will be revolving around examining the votes, checking thumb impression & NIC as still they are involved in rigging cases, even at some places re-polling is continuing. NADRA and other allied offices are still busy in postmortem of general election votes held on May 11th 2013.
Again delimitation has been a burning across the provinces, Karachi itself has been divided in 25 councils with 8 districts, a policy decision or concerned gazette notification to be circulated among govt. functionaries in Sind.

Punjab, Baluchistan & KPK have some issues in delimitation which have not been closed. Such issues (which is being faced now) should have been covered in the meeting that held in Nov 19th but before going to SC so that every stakeholder could arrive at the same page and ECP could bind them in one knot.
Among other issues came into discussion on Nov 19th at ECP office apart meeting other pre-requisites Sind & Punjab had been asked to amend in local bodes laws by November 28.

For Islamabad had been asked to frame rules and meet other related pre-requisites otherwise ECP can hold polls as per earlier laws as the laws for Islamabad and the Cantonments have not been repealed as yet.

Sindh however had requested more time to get ready for the electoral exercise but it was turned down.

However printing of nomination papers and ballot papers i.e. 110 million for Sind & 300 million for Punjab are crucial for its completeness in given time frame.

Referring towards debate on LGE most were of the view that why the federal govt. did not pay heed as soon as the 'oath taking ceremony' completed at federal and provincial level and even the Govt. in its office since 6 months, necessary legislation could have enacted to hold local body election in the country but neither federal nor provincial govt. realized the importance.

TV anchor in the ongoing Talk show & others emphasized to have such clauses included into the constitution if it was not there & govt. should have been sincere to incorporate.

Nov 15, 2013

The only ultimate solution to reduce and uproot the rising social crimes in the country is to award compulsory punishment & real execution without delay with No second opinion.

Otherwise the only rhetoric on TV, print media & broadcasting services, displaying the queued masked arrested-culprits, having a photograph session with the plethora of confiscated arms & other valuables, decorating in a well-organized way on the table & showing the accused with handcuff or covering their faces with their own shirts & transporting them from the place of incident to the cell don’t solve the crimes mystery & its eradication.

That’s what we are witnessing on TV channels and reading in print media, really have shattered & exhausted, looking this episode regularly for nothing as the crime rate are not reducing but multiplying getting us more appalling and senseless.
It looks that we are not living in a state where rule of the law is upheld but the rule of thumb has enshrouded the whole country, everyone having arms in their hand roaming in the city & village, killing & slaughtering the people with the no fear of any consequences.

The audacity of criminals and helplessness of law enforcement agencies despite govt. exhilarating statement and astrological figurative-planning & assurance to protect the citizen, deployment of more contingents of security forces, implementing fool proof safety and security measures all goes ineffective and ends in fiasco. The reason behind is the only loose-control, not-adhering and slackness in enforcing the law sincerely and honestly.
After nabbing the culprits – what goes next - are the arrested culprits really presented in the criminals court followed with Chalan and FIR (fist information report) or just bravado before the camera for the sake of public posturing & getting appreciation over the hollow victory from the Heads – And if this is the case then we never ever can see the crime rates diminishing at all.

Hence the only ways to limit the crime and its elimination lies to get the culprit to the task and in the light of court verdict execute the order without delay. There are criminal courts and criminal justice system is in place so why don’t we apply and adopt in real perspective & not a show-pony.
Instances are there that despite court verdicts the convicted criminals are not executed, designedly the execution are delayed to avail political benefits from such criminals which certainly mars the peace of the city in more disastrous way.

Again, severe punishment is only the weapon of last resort to crush and limit the crimes in the country – If judiciary and law enforcement agencies do their work meaningfully then we can achieve the goal.
Agencies are active to combat with crimes and they do crackdown and red handed culprits are caught but we don’t know whether they are executed or freed? Said by group of audience in a street interview conducted by media.

People are of the view that law enforcement agencies are aiding & abetting the criminals, they nurture & patronize them, under their shades crimes are groomed so how we can feel secured and protected if there is black sheep in the agencies itself, and of course it’s a betrayal, infidelity & dis-integrity with their job & with the nation.
Such betrayals’ have been exposing in the media, and media has good coverage on it where the law enforcers found involved in different crimes, disguising, personating and pretending, wearing the Police, Frontier constabulary & Rangers uniforms have been perpetrating multiple crimes in the city and villages across the provinces.

One DSP (Deputy Superintendent of police) took good amount as bribe and hired dozen of ‘Special Task Force’ for the safety and security of Imam Bargahs, cordoning the area for Muharram-UL-Haram’s mourners and the connecting roads & street from where the mourners’ procession were supposed to pass.
All these personnel (Special Task Force) genuinely were not a policemen those were media ‘News anchor & News Reporters’ of one private TV channel, camouflaging with ‘Special Task Force’, they were patrolling on main roads/ streets & freely walking inside & outside of Imam Bargah giving impression that they are protecting the mourners during Muharram-UL-Haram.

About 500 people inside & outside of Imam Bargah were mourning, and procession of thousands mourners were crossing the roads and these camouflaged ‘Special Task Force” who had been hired & deputed by DSP could to bomb blast and detonate the bombs; they could be a suicide bomber & could kill hundreds of people.
And those camouflaged ‘Special Task Force’ did not finish here, they snatched mobile phones and other valuable around Imam Bargarh, they checked the papers of bike-riders and even they raided house in the same vicinity and no one could identify them because they had proper uniforms of police, ID cards, hats, shoes and batch on the chest.

The callous DSP who hired them was asking photo copy from to-be-hired people without witnessing original NIC, taking money and forwarding them to have photo shoot from given studio who was issuing uniforms and batches were being prepared by DSP from the machine he had within fifteen minutes, the coverage was aired by one private TV channel.
Report also says that criminal from the court even runs away, they are given opportunity to escape from the clutch of the police.

The jails are broken and high profile convicted criminals’ gets escape from the high rise wall of the cell. This happens not because of loose control but intentionally the criminals are given a clean way to go.
Delay in court trial also has been a factor due to lengthy court preceding the culprit gets more time & eventually plaintiff and defendant arrive at reconciliation or because of lengthy trial, Plaintiff is pressurized and they take their complaints back as such culprits go free to do more crimes.

Early disposal of legal cases also has been a collective demand if it applies then most of the criminals can get to the task.
It becomes prime responsibility of the leadership to uproot criminality from the society & if they are corrupt & not sincere to run the country meaningfully, standing laws are not properly implemented despite knowing the seriousness of the crimes the culprit goes unpunished & releases on bail even.

Why the crime & who is criminals?
They don’t feel what they are doing & why they are doing - their inner and outer both have been clouded with criminality - self-conscience & cautiousness have been overwhelmed with dishonesty – disloyalty - feeling no guilt and humiliation if hurting others - no embarrassment (at all) but audacity to worsen the things, others life and property.

Mentally they are sick and their sickness getting more stiffen because the govt. is not pronouncing death if you will not convict and hang the Wrong doers, Hardened criminals – Felon – Crook – Offender – Delinquent – Thief – Looter  Robber – Burglar – Shoplifter – Pickpocket – Forger –Fraudsters – Counterfeiter  Pirate –Mugger – Joyrider – Bandit – Poacher – Murderer - Serial killer – Rapist  Sex offender – Vandal - Arsonist then how we can be a good man and good society with clean head and heart.

If the criminals whose shades and quality stated above are not nabbed, prosecuted and punished then the criminality from the society cannot be uprooted unless our Leader & Legislator enforce the law & that’s the only solution to control and eliminate the rising crimes which has tarnished, ruined, marred & stigmatized the whole country.

Yes we say we are Muslims and living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan but what are ours doings – Are we really a man – do we deserve to call a Muslim – more candidly we are animal – our thinking and the act we do does not have difference but very similar & close to animals so how we can be a good man? A big question mark for all of us to think it seriously.

Nov 13, 2013

Local Government Election (LGE) in the country has been controversial – A thick cloud of incoherent among Supreme Court - Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) and Govt. at Federal & Provincial level.

Local Government Election (LGE) in the country has been controversial – A thick cloud of incoherent among Supreme Court - Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) and Govt. at Federal & Provincial level.
Current perspective says that Local Government Election (LGE) is in offing in the country, there is harsh debate in the assembly too to extend the date to do campaign for LGE by the respective candidates in the respective constituencies, re-scheduling the date & issue of party and non-party basis despite Supreme Court hammer-falling to hold election not later than Dec 7th 2013 across the provinces.
Such deadline given by Supreme (SC) Court no-doubt jolted the Govt. at federal & Provincial level as they were taking SC order not seriously rather has been deferring despite Election commission of Pakistan reminders to confirm the date when the provinces are going to hold LGE?, enabling the ECP to onward confirming SC accordingly.

The panic among MNAs/ MPAs emerged when the SC reprimanded & indicted Defence Secretary Asif Yasin Malik for contempt of court who failed to honor SC order & arranging local bodies’ election in Cantonment Areas.

The SC however ordered to hold local bodies’ elections in Cantonment Area either on November 27 or December 7 and gave the Govt. seven days’ time to decide which of these dates they will hold the elections, sources said.
And if the Govt. seems unable to make a decision, “the SC will restore the old system of elections” - Such deadline then woke up the Govt. to think about LGE otherwise they were not paying heed.

12 November was the last date for the filing of nomination papers in Sindh where the provincial government wanted to hold the polls on December 7 instead of November 27.
According to the ECP schedule, local bodies’ election will be held on November 27 in Sindh and December 7 in Punjab and Baluchistan & the date of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has still not been announced. The final lists of the candidates will be issued on November 19 after the phases of objections, scrutiny and appeals are completed.

The parliamentarians should have enacted the laws and parallel to them the LGE election should have been conducted in the provinces to give public representation at grass root level but it’s Govt. bizarre attitude who did not pay attention but neglected the importance of local govt. resulting multiples issues took place in the city that could sorted at city level if the existence of local govt. had its office.

SC considering deteriorating condition in cities across the provinces asked the govt. to hold LGE getting adamant to the govt. SC ordered ECP asking to hold election so that basic amenities of life where the people has been deprived off may get their problem sorted at local govt. level.
According to the schedule announced earlier by ECP to hold election on Dec 7th in Baluchistan & Sind for Nov 27th while for Punjab had been set for Dec 7th 2013 said ECP

ECP today (Nov 12th) received multiple complaints from Returning officers (RO) Sind and Punjab has extended 01 day more to accept nomination papers from the candidates, considering severe tense among the candidates and RO who wanted more time to clear the RO observation and filing nomination papers to fulfill the procedure mandated to file the papers said by Returning officer Naushera Sind.
A general complaints not only among govt. officials at federal and provincial level but candidates who are contesting LGE also raised objections that elections are being conducted in haste where two days are not enough to submit the nomination papers. Now according to new deadline given by ECP, the candidates can submit their nomination papers till 4:00pm on Wednesday (Nov 13th)

While in Baluchistan scrutiny of nomination papers could not start, the process was scheduled to be completed by November 11 where 2,074 candidates have filed their papers for 7,189 seats in Baluchistan.

On one side parliament house has passed a joint resolution not to conduct the LGE polls on December 7, while on the other side SC has ordered to hold the polls on December 7 at any cost.
A general perception among central & provincial govt. functionaries that SC unnecessary hastening to hold LGE in all the four provinces within a month whereas the ECP, itself administratively does not seem ready. , even the required stationaries such as readiness of 2.2 million magnetic ink-pad and 52 million ballot papers printing have been a big question mark which still have not yet been completed so how election within a month can be conducted.

Further, the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) has submitted report to ECP for conducting LGE its inability to prepare 2.2 million magnetic inkpads within a month as in one month only 600k pad can be readied and for 2.2 million it needs 4 months mentioned in the report. It further said that it needs payment of 30 million to move with the assigned task which still has not yet been credited to PCSIR the report said.

And today ECP got its petition rejected by SC where ECP had sought to extend the date to hold LGE as in such short time it could not be possible to conclude LGE across the provinces. But the Registrar of SC however having retuned the petition said to ECP that the petition can’t be heard and SC will upheld the verdict given on Nov 5th to hold LGE in the provinces by Dec 7th.

The latest development today in National assembly where unanimously it has passed a resolution asking ECP to hold LGE in 2014, though the ‘resolution’ has been passed in National & Sind assemblies but legally a ‘resolution’ can be a constitutional right in a democratic set up but from legal perspective it’s only a piece of paper and unless such resolution is accepted by the concerned agency i.e. ECP.

And ECP in its status has lost its stand as SC (on its top) has already ordered them to conduct LGE by Dec 7th so how ECP can override and overrule the order of SC, so ECP & SC are at loggerheads to extend the date for holding LGE in the country.

The resolution had been presented by PTI’s in national assembly stating that undue haste for holding of LGE will cause to open new complexity and be detrimental for the country, will open new corridor of tussles in between candidate and ECP, the resolution demanded that LGE be postponed by March 2014 but later the date had been expunged by the speaker.

The existences of local govt. bodies means that how it extends and apply the rule of democracy; only the right to vote and the right to contest election do not fulfill the requirements of a democratic rule.

The govt. which comes into being after election entails that how magnificently & meaningfully it is representing the constituencies & how productively support to use public goods & services making accessible for all without hindrance & abruptness,

In a statement the Minister said that all political parties of the country had opposed the given schedule of local body polls while certain religious parties also expressed their concerns on the polls due to Muharram Al Haram.
On one side parliament house has passed a joint resolution not to conduct the LGE polls on December 7, while on the other side SC has ordered to hold the polls on December 7 at any cost.

SC therefore should re consider the date for holding local bodies’ election in the country and certainly the credit will go to Chief Justice of Pakistan who of course has been helping & keeping the democracy to sustain in the country can’t be ignored said by Opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah in the assembly.
We are not ready, Govt. officials have been deputed and assigned special task to take care the mourners of Muharram-ul-Haram religious rites. Govt. officials and law enforcement agencies are busy particularly on 9th 10th Ashura day, extra contingent have been deployed across the province to safeguard the lives and properties during Muharram-ul-Haram procession said by an MPA Sind assembly. Any hast decision has made the transparency of polls suspicious before the time the minster said

Recent transfer of concerned govt. official from govt. printing press in up countries are the factor cropping into the way of LGE where bureaucracy have been asked by ECP that why such transfer came into effect at this time when the ECP moving ahead to conduct LGE, every coming day brings surprises for us to ensure local body election timely said Secretary of ECP.
For ECP conducting LGE through provincial govt. support no doubt it’s a mega task and ECP indeed have to do a lot said by Ishaq Dar minister of fiancĂ©.

A well planned strategy to be adopted and complied with, related policy and procedure to be streamlined otherwise the same story will reopen as still the MNAs/ MPAs are claiming for forging and rigging votes in their constituencies, keeping High Court and Supreme Court busy in this tussles, ECP asking NADRA to dig out the ballot boxes, verify and submit the report & NADRA doing hectic efforts analyzing minutely every individual ballot papers, checking thumb impression with National identity card (NIC) & submitting its finding to ECP though its cost shifted on the claimant shoulder to bear however other govt. agency remained involved in this scuffle to prove who declared winner and who lost the General election.
An unending scuffle since 6 months has confined ECP who still verifying & arranging even re-polling at different location in the country in the light of the consequences of General Election held on May 11th 2013 & the claims of massive rigging in different constituency being received to ECP.

Hence to avoid of such U turn with Local Government Election, Election Commission Pakistan will have to do special drive & care, considering the mountain of objections it received from political parties. A good feedback now ECP has and we understand that it will ensure a tussle-free election as election mandates asks for free – fair and transparent said an MPA debating in national assembly.
Recent two claims have been filed by the runner in Sind High Court where the Election Tribunal Karachi has directed Farooq Sattar MNA, Central leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement to file reply in an election petition where the petitioner Abdul Aziz Memon of Pakistan People Party (PPP) has alleged massive rigging at certain polling stations in the constituency NA-249 where Farooq Sattar had bagged 109,952 votes and Mr. Memon 64,974.

The petitioner however has alleged that polls were massively rigged in the constituency and asked the court to declare the NA-249 election results void.

Another claim against Manzoor Wassan of PPP MPA to the PS-32, a provincial assembly seat in Khairpur where runner-up candidate Mir Shah Nawaz Talpur has alleged for massive rigging.
As per Supreme Court, since 8 years no Local Body Election (LBE) has been held in the country & its Supreme Court pressure on the govt. & ECP to arrange immediately without further delay. Supreme Court as usual either takes Su-Moto or sends notices to the govt. to do this and do that.

However the current situation in provinces and helplessness of ECP has made the local govt. polls controversial.
As per ECP the laws are incomplete in Punjab while the preparations of Sindh Government for Local Bodies elections are also not complete.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Awami National Party (ANP) have announced to jointly contest the Local Bodies elections in Sindh - Meanwhile PPP has demanded postponement of LG polls in Sindh

More than twenty-two thousand nomination papers have been filed for seven thousand one hundred and eighty nine seats in the province.

Sources also said, if EC conducts election despite of all this situation then fingers will defiantly be raised on the transparency of polls.

Ministry of Finance has not released required Rs.6.3 billion for LGE polls to EC, which is already facing the shortage of funds.

LGE will be the first as it will be taken care by the provinces itself earlier the local system had been functioning under a central federally-constructed system.
Let’s see how amicably the tussle is sorted in holding local govt. election in the provinces under the supervision of Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) with a new date to be given by Supreme Court of Pakistan who had asked ECP to conduct by Dec 7th 2013

Nov 9, 2013

Don’t run the country (Pakistan) on Loan – Do legislation (if not available) for the recovery of outstanding payments that’s can bridge the gap of Budget Deficit & fill the empty National Treasury - The leadership of PML-N & PPP & Top Business Tycoons are the declared defaulters of Bank loans - Misappropriation in National Account – Unsettled corruption cases with NABs & NRO - Unpaid utility bills & Defaulters of Tax evasion – People’s looking to 3rd political force who will have to wake up to get the decade long recoveries essentially – and Economic syndrome of PML-N during five months of its services

(i)       We can fill the National Treasury with recoveries of outstanding loans taken earlier from multiple Banks in the country & later got written off

(ii)            Unpaid Utilities Bills (Electricity/ Gas/ Telecommunication)
(iii)        Transfer of National Money taken fraudulently needs to bring back to the Country Exchequer that’s kept in Overseas Personal Account

(iv)        Recoveries of money taken by misappropriating National Account & Kickback are the substantial sources to fill the ‘Empty National Exchequer’ the only viable source to pay off heavy debt of the country as well.

In the current political dismay & vulnerable economic portfolio of the country, the existence of 3rd Political party in Pakistan has been imperative to keep political wrestling competitive (having hawk eyes) instead to move around PML-N & PPP & running the state affairs only on Loan – Loan & Loan considering the most convenient way instead to do legislation & implemented (truly) to recover the myriad loans from the defaulters. 

Accountability of ill-gotten money & Unpaid Utility Bills can only be recovered if 3rd political force or Opposition in the Assembly use its real-power - actively involves and ensures legislation implemented - compelling PPP – PML-N & Top Business Tycoons & Powerful Media Magnates - Industrialists & Establishments who took billion of amount loans from multiple Banks in Pakistan and later they got written off instead to pay back to the banks, absolutely appalling and atrocious, an open slap who pays Income taxes and bills honestly.

It’s the time now to hold accountable those who had siphoned off the looted money abroad.

Since the role of Opposition leader in the assembly who is staunch supporter of PPP seems a silent spectator in between two political brasses i.e. PPP & PML-N.
We get a thick cloud of mutual understanding & ‘MUK-MUKA’ where the subject ‘Recovery’ to be ensured (practically) as in most cases both leaderships remained involved in squandering national wealth while they were in Govt.

In such a scenario Opposition leader Syed Khursheed Shah (as his position means) should have been very pragmatic, rough and tough but showing very low and conspiratorial attitude. He should have given hard time to the ruling elites or treasury benches but his stature seems compromised in national interest, said by the attendees available at seminar of Economic forum.
Very prone giving the floor to PML-N completing its tenure of five years & waiting for their turn as PPP Asif Ali Zardari has assured PML-N saying “QADAM BERHAOO NAWAZ SHAREEF HUM TUMHARI SAATH HAIN” (Go ahead Nawaz Sharif we are with you).

If such understanding looms large in their mind then how the country can trust to get national money back to the national exchequer, emphasized by one of the audience discussing on current economic syndrome.
So 3rd political force should open their mouth and build pressure in the assembly to do legislation (if not written) & enforce (if it is already there) asking defaulters to pay back all the dues to the country, be loyal and sincere with the country said by a senior citizen.

Currently the sitting political parties in National Assembly are PTI/ MQM/ ANP/ JI/ JUI-F/ QWP-S/ AJIP/APML/ IND/ AMLP/ PML/ PML-Z/ NPP/ PML-F/ PMAP/ BNP needs to intervene and take the parliamentarians into confidence (with combined collective efforts) put the bill in the assembly to enact the law to start judicial enquiry against defaulters with static plan to recover decade long dues.
And urge the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to play its pivotal and vital role asking the defaulters to pay back outstanding loans - Unpaid bills - Tax payments - Amount shifted overseas to bring back - Amount captured through rampant corruption.

Enabling the country to bridge the current account deficit instead to run the country on recurrent bail out packages one of the Economic professor clarified.

In first attempt give ‘defaulters’ amnesty-dead line to Bring Back Country’s Money, failing which the trial will be instituted against them with no clemency or any waive by the court & concerned institution.
National Accountability Bureau (NAB)
NAB as an independent institution with full authority and empowerment reporting to work under the supervision of Supreme Court of Pakistan with day to day progress to avoid of any political influence and institutional pressure maintaining credibility of the NAB itself.

Formation of a committee comprising team of High court and Supreme court judges who will work along with NABs so that transparent, impartial and unbiased enquiry must be initiated on empirical evidence.
A troika needs to be constituted showing the equation as;

Supreme Court nominated judges + 3rd Political force + NAB = Recovery of outstanding dues from the defaulters.

If we ask the govt. to ensure recoveries, we see rare honesty & courage in yielding any result so as the last resort to involve Supreme Court to act as a watchdog the whole recovery process asked by the audience replying a question raised by others at National Economic Forum.
We can’t trust in either Premiership or Presidency so 3rd political force should ask Supreme court of Pakistan to form a body of judges who will work along with NABs for screening and scrutiny the accounts of Political leaders and Business magnates who took loans from different Banks but failed to pay back and later they got the whole sum or part thereof  written off – State Bank of Pakistan however has the detailed list of bank defaulters.

Hundreds of cases of misappropriation and serious embezzlement in govt. departments are lying unattended & unsettled that’s had been dumped designedly on different plea by influential politicians all such cases must be unearthed.

Enabling NAB to work with impartiality helping the country to recover national money, money of the people, money of the country & money of the tax payers, added further by one of the participant.

Majority are of the view while discussing how to fill the empty National Kitty they asked to get the looted money back to the country, a very categorical reply from the participants.
The modus operandi, that NAB will issue notices to the defaulters who availed huge loans from different Banks in the country against different “Projects & Family names” they did not pay back to the bank and later got it written off.

The question appears  that under whose instruction and authority it was written off - Status of the authority who waived off and up to what extent – The whole amount or part thereof. And the reason that justified to be written-off the billions & trillion of amount really obnoxious & cruel.

NAB will collect the money back & deposit into National exchequer, facilitating the country to fill the yawning gap of Fiscal Deficit and persistent gulf in between Govt. Revenue and Govt. Spending, the majority believe.
NAB will collect facts and figure of ‘Loan defaulters’, ‘Unpaid Electricity, Gas and Telephone bills’ & ‘Tax evaders’ & for ‘Corruption’ cases from State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Electricity and power, Federal Board of Revenue & the cases already lying unresolved with NAB respectively.

The Supreme Court (the honorable court) will notify the concerned ministry and department to provide an updated list to NAB – role of 3rd political force & Supreme Court nominated judges will closely be monitoring the NAB working strategy at cutting edge level and an ‘end to end’ watchfulness of course will guarantee the outstanding recoveries.
Current political apparatus of Islamic Republic of Pakistan spanning around PML-N & PPP are identified as the two sides of the same coin, a general perception among every walk of life that both the party ‘political outlook’ reflecting the same shades.

And in broad spectrum of public opinion giving pessimistic and negative instead positive and optimistic impression, failure to establish any credibility, no visible performance has been demonstrated in favor of the country though five months of PML-N has been completed yet majority don’t see any meaningful role but woeful who is in power.
Running the country on bail-out package from internal and external resources is not a rational & prudential, taking loan one after another and putting the country with more loads of loans resulting making it weaker & unhealthier.

In wider sense ‘reliance on loans’ is treated as damn indictment refers incompetency & ineligibility of treasury benches seems unable to formulate adequate policy and procedure that’s may suit and fit to generate revenues and can produce for long term economic viability instead to use ‘loan’ as a tool to prosper the economy.
The trends to uplift the fragile and feeble economy through loan amount or taking more loans to pay off previous loan in order to keep the economy wheel running, obviously not a sensible but manifests a lunatic & weak planning as stated.

The govt. should focus that how to reduce its unnecessary expenses and generate more money, the Economic pundit in the govt. knows what those unwanted expenses are?
There are ways & means to rein unnecessary expenditure & if govt. is rigid it can limit its sprawling expenses. It must shorten and the focus must be on that expenditures that heighten economic growth, such as infrastructure, research and development, education and health expenditures.

As far as fiscal policy it is used as an instrument for alleviating poverty and income disparities - Reduction in poverty and income inequality though has been the exhilarating plan of the government (since past many years) but due to wrong economic policy & believing only to support the project through loaned amount it could not accomplish. Instead the loaned amount to use at the meant site went misused or ended the project on paper, resulting poverty and income disparity further manifold.

Not only the loaned amount is abused even the aid received from different agencies from European states, NGOs and UNO/ US AID with the only aim to providing basic amenities for poor segment did not invest honestly, the claim as such eliminating poverty multiplies further with more agony and frustration gave birth of have’s and have’s-not due to incoherent planning & fund misappropriation.

‘Cut your court according to size of cloth’ to spend only as much money as you can afford – this proverb fits to the ministry of finance who prepares country budget is well familiar with the size of our revenue and govt. spending so the allocation should be aligned accordingly for development program instead to pamper the projects through loans.

Does it not humiliate & embarrass you when asking loan to run the country; to bridge the gap of your budget deficiency, to pay off your previous loan, to maintain the extensive gap of Pakistani currency with dollar & to pay off your import bill? Asserted by Economists debating in seminar emphasizing multiple options to cogitate that how we can generate money, he added.
Revenue collection
Expand recovery parameter through “honest tax payment” like Property tax, Agriculture & Farm tax, Vehicle tax & Manufacturing industry taxes –Levy tax on leading export items and on Import of luxurious items, imported cars & other expensive & lavish items that’s may not impact the middle and lower classes who are already in the hardship because of the soaring prices of livelihoods getting them inaccessible.

Gold imports still have not been included into tax net it’s a big revenue generation head.

Regarding public expenditure always outpaced the tax revenue as expenditure increased from Rs500 billion in 2002 to Rs.13000 billion in 2012, the government can take immediate measure to curtail unnecessary spending & cost cutting exercise at least we can reduce at maximum level if not cease, Economic professor stressed for Govt. role.
Government Spending in Pakistan increased to 2475567 PKR Million in 2013 from 2102526 PKR Million in 2012.reported by the State Bank of Pakistan.

As per State bank of Pakistan (SBP) monetary report issued in Sep 2013 states “One of the implications of these conditions is that the economy has struggled in reducing and financing its domestic and external deficits. A relentless increase in fiscal borrowings and a secular decline in both domestic and foreign investments are only symptoms of structural issues” the report said.

Moreover, the increase of Rs1446 billion in budgetary borrowings from the banking system during FY13 was almost Rs1 trillion higher than the original target.

Govt. tendency to capture more lending from SBP no doubt leaves serious implications for macroeconomic stability because the bank’s ability to lend to the private sector for long term has been diminished, bank loosing corporate investment due to frequent and high rollover of government debt being fed by SBP.

Again a considerable increase in public debt by SBP gives a weak revenue generation on SBP part, it indicates that fiscal borrowings from the SBP goes continue, which carries inflation risks.

And even commercial banks due to govt. unhealthy practice, loan taking phobia confronts with ‘capital adequacy requisite’ by SBP, the crucial stage for the bank crops eventually where banks closes its business or go merge with multiple banks this is because of ruling elites, political workers & businessmen using political influence, jolts the bank's structure.

Towards Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) there has been a consistent gap between budget targets and actual collection in the last few years, the gap of Rs445 billion in FY13 was exceptionally high. In fact, this is more than the gradual increasing shortfall of Rs349 billion during the last five years. Not surprisingly, therefore, the estimated fiscal deficit of 8.0 percent of GDP in FY13 was considerably higher than the budgeted target of 4.7 percent of GDP.

The current scenario of PML-N where the first 3 months of the govt. (July – September) witnessed Rs.293 billion budget deficit owing to lower revenue collection and higher expenditure. It could tune to Rs.374 billion deficit but provinces had a surplus Budget of Rs.81 billion that reduced the burden of federal govt. while meeting its expenditure account.
Govt. collected an amount of Rs.800 billion tax & non-tax revenue during July-Sept. period of the current fiscal year. The target for fiscal deficit 2013-14 has been set at 6.3 percent of GDP giving the nation impression that settlement of the outstanding stock of energy sector circular debt, reduction in electricity tariff related subsidies, and introduction of some taxation measures revenue collection has been targeted by Rs2475 billion by FBR, highlighted in SBP reports.

Elimination of all exemptions and implementation of a fair tax system will encourage better tax compliance in the country as agriculture sharing in GDP still has 20% which is less than 1% in tax revenue.
Govt. spending recorded at Rs.845 billion in July-Sep, where it transferred National Finance commission (NFC) award Rs.323 billion to the provinces leaving an amount with Federal govt. Rs.476 billion.

PML-N in its manifesto had convinced that they will take stern action against the thieves of Electricity- Gas & Telephone bills & will recover the huge sum which is unpaid by the defaulters. People are looking him that how serious PML-N is?
Recovery of Unpaid Electricity - Gas & Telephone Bills
Regarding revenue generation – Implement the law to book the defaulters who did not and are not paying Electricity, Gas & Telecommunication Bills since decades or if the law is there enforce it for immediate recovery.

“Kunda system” – A serious and unpardonable crime - stealing Electricity and Gas connection with undocumented deal, bring the culprit book to justice & public them so that other in line may not dare to do the same error.

There are many ‘kundas’ hanging from the live wires of the main electricity lines stealing electricity across the country in all big & small cities and villages.

CMs of all provinces should arrange consecutive raids to nab the culprits legalize their electricity connection and penalize the law-breaker, recovering the charges on pro rata basis for the days they used illegal connections.
But PML-N seems silent in removing these illegal connections, arresting the defaulters & putting them behind the bar, compelling to pay off Electricity bill getting recovery of outstanding amount of Rs.450 billion which is just against Electricity a press report.

While for Gas & Telephones comes in thousand billions, Govt. must use its muscle to recover and take punitive action against the defaulters of utilities.
NAB at this juncture should ask detail of defaulters from related ministries and govt. departments to recover such huge amount payable against Electrify – Gas & Telephones bills.

Unequivocally recovery of “Utility Bills” will bring a good chunk of money to national treasury; immediate action indeed required to nab the culprits and validate the laws once for all.
It is imperative to start massive crackdown on power theft, a drive had been initiated in some part of the province in Punjab when PML-N took its office, lasted for few weeks and ended in fiasco such showable action is not the remedy, the thieves again has been active.

Cover this rising criminality through mobile court, raid it and give verdict on the spot, severe punishment indeed is the need of the day for commercial set up, confiscating their property and black list them for 5 years, put them in jail & impose heavy penalty divulge their name and public to give a lesson for others.
Provincial and National assembly should ask the MPAs/MNAs of their related constituency to submit report on monthly basis for the action taken against power theft cases and recoveries thereof – A bill in the assembly to be passed where duty of MNAs/ MPAs to be fixed.

In every provinces Sind – Punjab – Baluchistan – KPK – FATA - Tribal & other administrative areas are visible where KUNDA system looks like a web, sprawling strings of live electric wires crossing under & above giving condensed netting over the city & villages.
No more freehand otherwise KUNDA mafia which has mushroomed and devoured a good chunk of utility bills unpaid have pushed the country being one of the main reason of leading power crisis, the rigorous measures to amend the violator who is gobbling other shares by not paying Electricity and Gas bill.

Not only the “Electricity and Gas” had been unpaid by individual and the entity, there are MNAs/MPAs & Govt. Secretariats - PM & President Houses - CM Houses, High court & Supreme court in four provinces – Governor Houses - Ministries and Autonomous bodies - Public & private offices - Personal industries of govt. officials are the defaulters who did not pay neither Electricity nor Gas Bills & even did not pay Telephone bills too but still availing the facility.
NAB can obtained the list from Ministry of Power & Communication, it’s a computer age we are living with information technology dynamics so data accessibility is not the issue it can be achieved through the system just in one click.

Ill-gotten money taken fraudulently & transferred in personal account in Overseas 

Another measure to get the ‘money’ back to the national kitty particularly from PPP, PML-N and other Politicians who plundered national wealth and shifted in their personal account being maintained in overseas and in the country as well.

Money gained through illegal means, misappropriating national accounts & Kickbacks during their tenure in the govt. and transferred outside the country required returning in Pakistan.

Facilitating the country to consume/ invest for the welfare of the masses giving the nation a welfare state & can entail good governance the logistic required to maintain.
The Economist iterated that how to recover the money, they proposed to promulgate the law getting money back to the country exchequer without any punishment to the wrongdoer - Officially announce a dead line to deposit such amounts in national wallet.

Those who are involved will be exempted from any legal action if amount is returned in given time frame and the names of the plunderer will not be publicized but will be kept as official secret & not a single question will be asked for.
Failing which the Govt. has the right to take severe action whose names are already available with the NAB & the defaulter will be tried.

Giving amnesty, the major chunk of deposits will be helpful to inflate the national treasury which is being stuffed through consecutive loaned amount or meeting other heads of economy.

Loans taken by internal Banks & later written off abusing power & wield political influence
PML-N, PPP and Business Tycoons had taken heavy loans from multiple banks (in the country) against personal business those had not been returned to the Banks and later they got the loan written off by then govt.

The loan achiever got it approved when PPP & PML-N (vice versa) were in power, one govt. got the loan approved and next govt. got it written off what a tyranny & betrayal with the country, such notorious act interprets MUK-MUKA (mutual understanding).
The mischievous practice were continued, instances are there where we can see that how astutely the heavy amount of loan had been availed and later waived off without paying back to the Banks.

Not only PPP & PML-N but other ‘top most business tycoon’ & ‘Opportunist, Abettor & Collaborator’ having association with political parties also en-cashed their affiliation & became the beneficiary.
NAB can ask detail of such bank loan defaulters from State Bank of Pakistan, a colossal work indeed of SBP & NAB helping outstanding recoveries.

Registry of the Properties into Tax-net to cover property tax
Bring all the properties into tax net sprawling across the country undocumented. Not only politicians (MNA/ MPA/ Senators/ PM/ CM/ President) but Govt. officials in ministries/ Secretariats – Industrialist - Business tycoon - Feudal & Big fishes who did not disclose the real property they have?

FBR & concerned ministry need to do reconciliation & conduct physical verification of the property so that every yard of land may be incorporated in ‘property tax net’ no-doubt it’s a one-time exercise to update the system with correct statistics of properties such as Agricultural and Farm lands’  ‘Bungalows & Houses” Mills & factories, Industries of different kinds needs to capture under tax-net that’s will be easy for FBR to collect property tax.

The country needs money to run by its own resources instead to depend on borrowed money & it is advisable always before a good economist who prefers to run the state without external pressure and loads of loan. 

Get the list from Federal Board of Revenue the list of ‘tax evaders’ who does not & did not submit their income-tax-returns to govt. Pakistan since decades.
Such initiative will keep us away from multiple loans not only the nation will prosper but the people also will get their right to live with mandatory facilities asserted by the students joined open discussion with professor and lecturers organized by private media in Karachi.

Increasing Electricity tariff - Increasing general sales tax (GST) and increasing prices on fuel are not the appropriate and conducive way to fill the ‘treasury stomach’
Action taken by PML-N is being termed as a betrayal with the feelings of a common man who were expecting from PML to diminish the crises in which the poor segments have been confined with wrong policy of PPP govt.  

People urged to know the promises did by PML-N that he will get the recovery of Rs.600 billion from tax evaders through FBR & also will recover Rs.450 billion power pilferages.

Thus empty slogan of good governance, inequitable distribution of allocation, the lack of Infrastructure and resources in education, health and other social sectors are the biggest causes of poverty.

Whilst increase in educational and health expenditures results in quality and skilled human capital which accelerates economic growth and improve the living standard of common man added the Economist.  

Since increase in development expenditures lead to high investment and productivity in the country that result in high per capita income and improving the standard of living in the long run.

Hence the govt. should do strategy to mobilize internal resources into productive way, exploit the economic potentials optimally enabling employment opportunity to rise, ensuring law and order situation stable to open more avenues for foreign investment and keeping the internal investment uninterrupted.  

Reducing govt. spending such as international travelling in group of 30-40 people and lavish donation from the national treasury,

The record shows that army of MNAs/MPAs & team of personal servant, house maids, son, daughter and In-laws have been travelling on international tour using national money for their personal visits & terming official visits (an open lie)

What a ridiculous how more we are sincere to the country? Asked by a seasoned politician discussing how we can reduce govt. unnecessary expenses to avoid of loan.

According to details from the Foreign Ministry former PPP President Asif Ali Zardari made 16 private visits to Dubai at government expenses while Gilani visited Britain 2 times. Ashraf during his short nine months tenure made 8 foreign tours.

We have other hysterical expenses made by PML-N President of Pakistan Mamoon Hussein visits for Hajj accompanied by a 30-relatives entourage includes President, his wife, son, daughter in law, grandson, granddaughter, sister, protocol officer and several others.

PPP Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf visited India at the Dargah mausoleum of revered Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti includes Ashraf who was accompanied by his extended family members and officials. Along with him there were his personal cooks, mali, watchmen, house maids (male/female), drivers. Son, daughter and in-law’s family.

PPP Ex-Prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, who is elevated from middle class family visited London on official visits along with his son, daughter and in-laws where he spent lavishly Rs.4.44 million, left staffs of hotel and shopping center’s aghast.

He spent millions of Pounds on hotel accommodation and shopping, 26 rooms in Berkeley Five Star Hotel at Knightsbridge in central London for Prime Minister and his family’s four day stay. Six rooms were hired @ 1200 Pound per night that cost national wallet 28800 Pound (Rs.4435200/=) a press report.
While the other 20 rooms were hired at 800 Pound per night which had cost national kitty 64000 Pound (Rs.9856000) for four nights stay, official added.

The newly married couple, son and daughter in law of Prime Minister, relatives and friends of PM were also accompanying the official visit in London, generally such hotel is used for king and queen of Arab Royal families but our leader who belongs to developing country Pakistan abused his authority gave net loss to the country exchequer.
Can PPP justify why they used national treasury for personal visits?

Allocating a separate amount against discretionary fund and its misuse giving pressure on national treasury such fund should be ceased to control unnecessary expenses of the govt.
Detail of loan so far PML-N has taken from internal and external resources:

The 1st bailout package PML-N received from Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia is expected to extend a bailout package of about $15 billion to Pakistan’s highly indebted energy sector by supplying crude and furnace oil on deferred payment to resolve the chronic circular debt issue.
So did PML-N the penchant received $15.billion dollar – Has this loan been spent to cope over the power crisis what Saudi Arabia highlighted in its report or PML-N has transferred in its personal wallet, asked by people in a street interview conducted by media on the issue of ‘why our national treasury is empty’?

PML-N has planned to receive $ 8.336 billion foreign loans during the ongoing financial year 2013-2014 in order to improve the balance of payments, provide budgetary support and stabilize the exchange rate.
The govt. will receive $ 2.779 billion from Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, OPEC and others during the present financial year.

The debt inflow worth $1.812 billion will come from the US, the UK, Canada and China. Pakistan will receive $2.21 billion from International Monetary Fund (IMF) and $500 million from Euro bond.
Similarly, the country will receive additional $532 million from Islamic Development Bank and $500 million from commercial banks.

Thus, the total debt inflow will stand at$ 8.336 billion during the current financial year.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) $6.7 billion loan package for Pakistan approved to revive its ailing economy – A three-year program helping the country to rebuild its reserves and prevent a crisis in the balance of payments, slashing costly subsidies on electricity and sending out notices to 10,000 delinquent taxpayers.

Pakistan has one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios in the world. The IMF wants to tackle rampant tax evasion by the wealthy elite.
Finance ministry took a sigh of relief as new loan arrived in time when Central bank had only about $5 billion left in foreign currency reserves, enough to cover less than five weeks of imports.

The Asian Development Bank, one of Pakistan’s major lenders, estimates that Pakistan needs $6 billion to $9 billion to meet its obligations, including about $5 billion in outstanding debt on an earlier $11 billion IMF loan package.
Pakistan averted a balance of payments crisis in 2008 by securing the $11 billion IMF loan. This was suspended two years ago after economic and reform targets were missed.

Pakistan gets $540 million immediately, and the rest will be disbursed after regular reviews of the program, the Fund said.
Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that from Coalition Support Fund (CSF) about $325 billion US has agreed to disburse out of $1.4 billion CSF inflow expected this year.

US plans revival of aid to release more than $1.6 billion in military and economic aid that had been suspended due to tense created between US & Pakistan over the covert raid that killed Osama bin laden and deadly US air strikes against Pakistan soldiers, a press report.
The official documents stated that the IMF loan, under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF), was being provided only for balance of payment support.

If we see the trail of loans being taken by PML-N to run the economy of course it’s not a good sign, taking more loan-strategy weakening our economy height rather destabilizing & forcing to the brink of bankruptcy.

FBR has identified three million people who should be paying taxes but are not. An immediate Rs300 billion can be added to the national exchequer if each of these tax evaders, thieves robbing the state of its dues, is made to pay even Rs100,000 although many would be falling into a much higher tax bracket PTI said.

Additionally, there is about 35 percent sales tax evasion in the country and if this is stopped, Rs250 billion can be recovered.

Exempted sectors such as property and agriculture must be brought into the tax net. The Capital Gains Tax must be introduced on property and the stock market and the federal government can take this measure.

Pakistan public debt has reached over Rs14, 000 billion, which was Rs.6044 billion in June 30 2008.
SBP Governor said the country needs to pay back $3 billion to the IMF during the current fiscal year against the total received inflows from the Fund to the tune of $2.2 billion in 2013-14.

On borrowing from the SBP for meeting the budgetary requirements, Secretary Finance said the Govt. had agreed with the IMF not to cross the ceiling of Rs2.67 trillion benchmark of total borrowing stocks from the SBP.
Capital flight - In a statement from SBP Governor Yaseen Anwar said about $25 million foreign exchange going out of the country on daily basis through airport Quetta, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi and according to Governor they are signing an MOU with Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to check suitcases to plug the holes SBP Governor told the Senate Standing Committee on Finance.

He further mentioned that flight of capital has been major issue for foreign exchange reserves and exchange rate but such outflows were previously estimated at between $5-10 million a day, $750 million a month or $9 billion a year which is equivalent to the country’s total foreign exchange reserve SBP Governor pointed out.
The successor PML-N keeping the people dreaming with rosy sketches needs to provide a concrete solution & result oriented delivery to maintain good governance and giving the countrymen a ‘welfare state’ so that the vision and expectation from PML-N may achieve concluded the session of Economic forum organized in Karachi.

Most of the action taken by PML-N seems on ad-hoc and dispose-off basis like plan to dispose-off 64 public sectors industries which according to PML-N are sick units and yielding no value and money for the country said by Finance minister Ishaq Dar.
There is constant uproar at public forum appearing in print and electronic media about Pakistan Steel Mills, Pakistan Railway and Pakistan international airline that the govt. should not have privatized instead to restructure and through good reforms it could be revived.

We could reduce capital and operating expense, could slice the penetrated nepotism and favoritism, could cease political appointment & redress political influences, could mobilize available resources with realignment and readjustment, streamlining correct policy and procedure favorable to the institution instead to thrash them out-rightly said by a group of people discussing at open public debate for public sectors privatization organized by private TV channels & survey report in print media.
An impartial administrative and technical analytical report from experts would be more helpful to realign, reassess, reevaluate in terms of product and profitability for restructuring such units if govt. was serious.

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) also stressed to ensure & maintain transparency & special care while privatizing state owned entities (SOEs), human and strategic cost should also be in limelight as some enterprises are vital for national security while other generates million employment opportunity in the country FPCCI stressed.
The PML-N had promised to bring new laws or replacement of the old ones regarding corruption and waste of public resources; the main among these promised laws was to make a new law to set up a fresh body of accountability, with more teeth, to fight corruption. Where is that law?

Regarding energy crisis – payment of hefty amount Rs.503 billion against circular debt as soon as PML-N assumed its office the first payment it made to Independent Power Producers (IPP) under the name of circular debt.
A Dracula sucking the blood of national economy, though PML-N paid but it was an interim payment only up to May 2013 and now again it has been piled up where govt. needs to pay more approx. Rs.500 billion for the accumulated figure up to Oct 2013 said by one of the official on condition of anonymity in ministry of finance.

Importance of 3rd political force will obstruct and not give a free hand to the Treasury Benches to impregnate policy and procedure according to their wishes but will consider & prefer the betterment and advancement of the masses first and will keep the economy at right track instead to push the country towards brink of disaster or keep it running on loan and loan.

Pakistan needed a clear roadmap for a sustained turnaround backed by ceiling on central bank lending to the government - increased revenue collection - reduced expenditure and abolishing unnecessary exemptions as well as subsidies to revitalize the limping economy – enhancing tax collection parameter – incorporating agriculture into tax net – putting gold imports in tax net.

And more importantly to recover all outstanding loans taken earlier from the banks and later had been written off -  Unpaid utility bills – recovering misappropriated amount taken fraudulently from national account and kickback shifted to overseas personal account.

Getting the heavy chunk of money back into national exchequer will certainly be a substantial support to boost and boom the economy as increasing interest rates have not prevented even the flight of US dollars from Pakistan as SBP Governor mentioned in his meeting with senators on finance.