Nov 15, 2013

The only ultimate solution to reduce and uproot the rising social crimes in the country is to award compulsory punishment & real execution without delay with No second opinion.

Otherwise the only rhetoric on TV, print media & broadcasting services, displaying the queued masked arrested-culprits, having a photograph session with the plethora of confiscated arms & other valuables, decorating in a well-organized way on the table & showing the accused with handcuff or covering their faces with their own shirts & transporting them from the place of incident to the cell don’t solve the crimes mystery & its eradication.

That’s what we are witnessing on TV channels and reading in print media, really have shattered & exhausted, looking this episode regularly for nothing as the crime rate are not reducing but multiplying getting us more appalling and senseless.
It looks that we are not living in a state where rule of the law is upheld but the rule of thumb has enshrouded the whole country, everyone having arms in their hand roaming in the city & village, killing & slaughtering the people with the no fear of any consequences.

The audacity of criminals and helplessness of law enforcement agencies despite govt. exhilarating statement and astrological figurative-planning & assurance to protect the citizen, deployment of more contingents of security forces, implementing fool proof safety and security measures all goes ineffective and ends in fiasco. The reason behind is the only loose-control, not-adhering and slackness in enforcing the law sincerely and honestly.
After nabbing the culprits – what goes next - are the arrested culprits really presented in the criminals court followed with Chalan and FIR (fist information report) or just bravado before the camera for the sake of public posturing & getting appreciation over the hollow victory from the Heads – And if this is the case then we never ever can see the crime rates diminishing at all.

Hence the only ways to limit the crime and its elimination lies to get the culprit to the task and in the light of court verdict execute the order without delay. There are criminal courts and criminal justice system is in place so why don’t we apply and adopt in real perspective & not a show-pony.
Instances are there that despite court verdicts the convicted criminals are not executed, designedly the execution are delayed to avail political benefits from such criminals which certainly mars the peace of the city in more disastrous way.

Again, severe punishment is only the weapon of last resort to crush and limit the crimes in the country – If judiciary and law enforcement agencies do their work meaningfully then we can achieve the goal.
Agencies are active to combat with crimes and they do crackdown and red handed culprits are caught but we don’t know whether they are executed or freed? Said by group of audience in a street interview conducted by media.

People are of the view that law enforcement agencies are aiding & abetting the criminals, they nurture & patronize them, under their shades crimes are groomed so how we can feel secured and protected if there is black sheep in the agencies itself, and of course it’s a betrayal, infidelity & dis-integrity with their job & with the nation.
Such betrayals’ have been exposing in the media, and media has good coverage on it where the law enforcers found involved in different crimes, disguising, personating and pretending, wearing the Police, Frontier constabulary & Rangers uniforms have been perpetrating multiple crimes in the city and villages across the provinces.

One DSP (Deputy Superintendent of police) took good amount as bribe and hired dozen of ‘Special Task Force’ for the safety and security of Imam Bargahs, cordoning the area for Muharram-UL-Haram’s mourners and the connecting roads & street from where the mourners’ procession were supposed to pass.
All these personnel (Special Task Force) genuinely were not a policemen those were media ‘News anchor & News Reporters’ of one private TV channel, camouflaging with ‘Special Task Force’, they were patrolling on main roads/ streets & freely walking inside & outside of Imam Bargah giving impression that they are protecting the mourners during Muharram-UL-Haram.

About 500 people inside & outside of Imam Bargah were mourning, and procession of thousands mourners were crossing the roads and these camouflaged ‘Special Task Force” who had been hired & deputed by DSP could to bomb blast and detonate the bombs; they could be a suicide bomber & could kill hundreds of people.
And those camouflaged ‘Special Task Force’ did not finish here, they snatched mobile phones and other valuable around Imam Bargarh, they checked the papers of bike-riders and even they raided house in the same vicinity and no one could identify them because they had proper uniforms of police, ID cards, hats, shoes and batch on the chest.

The callous DSP who hired them was asking photo copy from to-be-hired people without witnessing original NIC, taking money and forwarding them to have photo shoot from given studio who was issuing uniforms and batches were being prepared by DSP from the machine he had within fifteen minutes, the coverage was aired by one private TV channel.
Report also says that criminal from the court even runs away, they are given opportunity to escape from the clutch of the police.

The jails are broken and high profile convicted criminals’ gets escape from the high rise wall of the cell. This happens not because of loose control but intentionally the criminals are given a clean way to go.
Delay in court trial also has been a factor due to lengthy court preceding the culprit gets more time & eventually plaintiff and defendant arrive at reconciliation or because of lengthy trial, Plaintiff is pressurized and they take their complaints back as such culprits go free to do more crimes.

Early disposal of legal cases also has been a collective demand if it applies then most of the criminals can get to the task.
It becomes prime responsibility of the leadership to uproot criminality from the society & if they are corrupt & not sincere to run the country meaningfully, standing laws are not properly implemented despite knowing the seriousness of the crimes the culprit goes unpunished & releases on bail even.

Why the crime & who is criminals?
They don’t feel what they are doing & why they are doing - their inner and outer both have been clouded with criminality - self-conscience & cautiousness have been overwhelmed with dishonesty – disloyalty - feeling no guilt and humiliation if hurting others - no embarrassment (at all) but audacity to worsen the things, others life and property.

Mentally they are sick and their sickness getting more stiffen because the govt. is not pronouncing death if you will not convict and hang the Wrong doers, Hardened criminals – Felon – Crook – Offender – Delinquent – Thief – Looter  Robber – Burglar – Shoplifter – Pickpocket – Forger –Fraudsters – Counterfeiter  Pirate –Mugger – Joyrider – Bandit – Poacher – Murderer - Serial killer – Rapist  Sex offender – Vandal - Arsonist then how we can be a good man and good society with clean head and heart.

If the criminals whose shades and quality stated above are not nabbed, prosecuted and punished then the criminality from the society cannot be uprooted unless our Leader & Legislator enforce the law & that’s the only solution to control and eliminate the rising crimes which has tarnished, ruined, marred & stigmatized the whole country.

Yes we say we are Muslims and living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan but what are ours doings – Are we really a man – do we deserve to call a Muslim – more candidly we are animal – our thinking and the act we do does not have difference but very similar & close to animals so how we can be a good man? A big question mark for all of us to think it seriously.
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