Dec 2, 2013

Pakistan studies (a book) should be included as a compulsory subject from Secondary level to Graduation to let our children know about their homeland Pakistan.

Pakistan studies (a book) should be a compulsory subject (not optional) from Secondary level to Graduation enabling our children to know about their homeland - its freedom and sacrifices - the role of freedom fighters & movement for a separate country - reason of the movement and ideology behind that campaign - sacrificing the life and properties of freedom fighters with the only objective to achieve a separate homeland i.e. Pakistan & those who left everything in India and preferred to migrate Pakistan in their own country.

A separate an independent state with the only hope to live with harmony & self-esteemed and inhabit the land with the ownership to get the country progressive & prosper - a welfare state without security threat with peace and tranquility – no harm – no usurpation – no subjugation – no tyranny – treating the country as a citadel of Islam where we are free to maintain our social, political & legal rights with no inhuman practices - An independent state that’s came into being on Aug 14th 1947.

The induction of ‘Pakistan studies’ in the syllabus - unequivocally will keep our generation familiar and abreast of the existence of Pakistan - its vision, mission and execution - and role of Founder of the country  Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah – the political aim & ambition in establishing the country - because Muslims were a separate nation a basic  slogan that's made the mission possible and we got the dream materialized in shape of Pakistan.

A severe incoherent between Muslims & Hindus in the life style & social values - culture &  civilization – customs & tradition - literature and history - belief & religion – Muslims despite living with Hindu for decades they could not merge or mix – due to a big gap in Muslims’ philosophy, principals & the way of living preferred to demand for a separate state & division of India was sought.

Therefore we being the Elders of the nation should take responsibility to get the generation know & recognized to their homeland where they live - How it was attained and why the demand of a separate homeland were preferred – our children must have a clear vision about the achievement of Pakistan.

Pakistan where Muslims in majority along with minority, multiple religion & sects with different school of thoughts, without discriminating cast, creed, culture, color, race and institutional belongs - all are living under the dome of Pakistan as the prime lesson of our religion Islam as well.

We are Pakistani and we are proud to be a Pakistani – our thinking & approach whether we are in the country or outside the country - our identity is Pakistani as we become the ambassador of Pakistan when we live abroad - so our deed, behavior and gesture should be polite & respectful.

A dweller of a Muslim state where Islamic ideology has been the first and foremost –An Islamic democratic system Pakistan where everyone has equal right and no one is superb on the basis of social status.  
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