Dec 14, 2013

SALARIES & PERK given to govt. executives should immediately be ceased as soon as they retire & leave their office & position – a general request from civil society.

Pakistan is a developing country and we cannot afford the burden of extra ordinary expenses on its National treasury which is already being stuffed with the borrowed amount from multiple lending agencies.

We have feeble economy which is pampered by loaned amount, we do maintain our foreign exchange reserve when we pay off earlier debt to IMF for the sake of another loan enabling the country to swell it at a reasonable strength.

In such a rattling situation where status of our foreign exchange reserve is alarming and has the capability hardly to meet country expenses for 1-2 months or if we pay off the import bills of two months (simultaneously) it will go empty.

The recently retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court Mr. Iftikahr Mohammad Chaudhary asking with his successor to provide him Protocol with Bullet proof car, a shiny and long Black Mercedes hoisting flag in its two sides, escorting him with convoy of Security personnel, a beam of cars and four wheelers throwing blue and green lights around, running abreast with Ex-CJ car when he was holding the position of Chief Justice of Supreme court. Keeping the traffic at standstill while he was coming out from home and proceeding either for his office or personal business.  

The Ex CJ Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary intends to have the same facility continue that’s why he has requested his successor to have it continued, giving a justification that he has a threat, the letter he sent to new Chief Justice Mr. Tassaduq Hussain Jillani this morning.   

Mr. Tassaduq Jillani however has forwarded Ex-CJ request to the Ministry of interior asking to look into it.

We are very smart and try to convince the authority who is in the govt. very astutely said by a debater at TV channels where the discussion were continue about Ex-CJ entitlement after leaving the office.

Not only Ex-CJ we have instances where the going MNAs/ MPAs & Senators also had requested and even they had passed the bills in the last hours of the assembly at federal and provincial level when the assemblies were going to dissolve and ready for General Election on May 11th 21013.

During the last leg of PPP, multiple bills had been passed/ approved in the assemblies at federal and provincial level among them some bills were to keep the 'PERKs' continued being availed by MNAs/ MPAs after leaving the assembly. The Bills were saying that all Ex-MNAs/ Ex MPAs & Ex Senators who were holding their offices during 2008-2013 their 'PERKs' will remain continue and unchanged.

The Bill further stated that they would keep the Bullet proof car, Protocol as they were getting while were in office, Security personnel around the bungalows, Security guards and contingent of police while they moved from here to there and vice versa, Access to VVIP lounge at airport, reduced rate of traveling tickets for self, spouse and children etc. SPA and massage center access on discounted rate or free of cost as were continued while in office, 1st. class and Business class tickets of airplane while travelled, keeping Mali, Cook & House maids & other facilities as were continued during their PPP tenure would be unchanged after 2013 onward though they were not in office, said the bill.

Noticing the intensity as the last resort of corruption PPP sought, then Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary had asked the assembly to withdraw it as they were no more in the office to keep the 'PERKs" continue.

The nation however does not know precisely that what still continuing to those retiree? I believe it should public and be debated so that irregularity if continued by Ex MNAs/ Ex MPA & Ex-Senators should be into the knowledge of the people.
It is our money we are paying taxes and from national wallet somebody enjoying though they are not entitled to have it more. Said by a senior banker discussing in public with media anchor. As a general perception after retirement the PERK does not go continue either it is terminated or withdrawn.

I also refer here ‘exception’ being continued – Is it a life time “PERK or WAIVE” which guarantees the former MNAs/ MPAs & Senators to do everything - Misuse the govt. authority and budget - Misappropriate national account - Avail loans from the Banks in the country and don’t pay but get it written off - Plunder national wealth and transfer in overseas personal account - Abuse the authority and go into ecstasies.
Don’t pay taxes, don’t pay utility bills, don’t pay property & industry tax, encroach the land wherever you want, use Electricity, use Gas and use Telephone & don’t pay the bill because these are yours and in legacy you have got it? Said by one political analyst who strongly criticized on Ex-Premier Syed Yousef Raza Gilliani.

A report provoked a furious reaction from Ex-premier Yousef Raza Gillani who was summoned by NAB to appear in the court for some clarification.

But Ex-premier shouted among journalist that I will see how anyone can touch me, I have exception - I have been exempted - I see who arrest me – if I am arrested – Nawaz Sharif (current premier) also will go - He openly challenged the authority that why me only – why not Ex-president Asif Ali Zardari why me only repeated Ex-premier Yousef Raza Gillani and he was yelling.

What a ridiculous? - Why these Exemption & Immunity for which these politicians have been claiming?

Does it not give them a freehand to do what seems them right, play with the country, its people, rules and regulation, undermine the state and its sovereignty, take loan and loan and make the country confined with heavy indebtedness so that generation to generation this curse go continue and never close.

Does immunity or exception give them a clean chit to abuse the authority and paralyze the country, asked analyst? 
If so why Supreme Court does not repeal this 'PERKs' with immediate effect in the interest of the country so that no one can disloyal, dishonest and insincere & honor court instruction & order of govt. related institutions.

How the country can establish accountability if the politicians say that nobody can touch us and we have immunity or have been exempted. Open call in public like a vandal & hooligan who challenges - Is there anybody who can fight with me?

So what’s next if the law has given them exemption & judiciary seems silent spectator so why don’t supreme court abolish it & make them lawful asking to abide by instead to cheer with the exemption buzz.

In a democratic set up – do we have such facility in European states where economic operating system running on democracy pattern - Do they have such immunity or claim of exception as we do?

Don't they have retired MNAs/ MPAs & Chief Justice - Are they availing the same  'PERKs' as were admissible them during their office tenure and asking to have it continued even after leaving the office?

In India Lalo Parsad a politician, he was tried after 10 years and proved guilty for misappropriating animal feeds with millions of amount, he is in jail now.

We have example in European states where multiple politicians had been dragged into the court and was executed for misappropriating national funds. Corruption is everywhere but law also chase them and execute to avoid of its grooming and we as an independent state should also ensure to enforce.

We will have to change the culture and will enforce the law in letter and spirit, impartiality and unbiased, law is meant for all, no exemption or immunity for politicians and a trap for a normal citizen of Pakistan

That’s will be double standard if we don’t change the policy, ignorance of law has no excuse, everyone into the eyes of law are the same and have equal treatment & opportunity said by an Economist.

The PERK needs to rewrite if the Ex-MNAs/ Ex-MPAs & Ex-Senators & Ex CJ still have a chain of facility such as medical, travelling ticket, waives in electricity/ gas, water and telephone bill, waives in payment of govt. duties, keeping bullet proof cars, living in govt. given bungalows, keeping heavy contingent of security guards at the residence, keeping cook, Mali, driver, maids, children schooling, complete leisure.

All seems valid and accessible so long as they are in power or in office and as soon as the tenure goes over all such facility or PERK should be ceased as the country status does not permit and has strength to afford the heightening cost of 'PERKs' for those who are no more.

The country is for 190 million people not for any specific person, tribes or family. It’s a people govt. for the people and by the people so people is the first and foremost preference whose welfare becomes the state responsibility. Everyone has right to obey the rules injected in the constitutional book nobody is above the law.

Politicians Facility or Entitlement need not be carry forwarded - It’s not a legacy or inheritance that needs to be continued from father to the son or daughter, from father-in-law to son-in-law, or from grandfather to grandson or up to the extent of individual death – no - never.

If you are no more MNA or MPA or Chief Justice, holding any govt. offices and have been retired or have left the position you were holding so Facility & PERK that’s you were availing or your family goes discontinued as soon as you leave your position & place in the Govt. machineries, emphasized by a university graduate.

There were no security threat to any one as PPP chairman, Ex-President & Ex-premier asked earlier to provide them security on govt. expenses.  

It’s just a matter of so-called prestige, pomp and show, rank and dignity, rank & position, or past glories & delusion of grandeur are the phobia & craziness which the retired MNAs/ MPAs/ Ex Senators or EX CJ wants to maintain on national money.
Therefore the nation is looking towards new Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan, Honorable Tasadduq Hussain Jillani to intervene personally and repeal the law if the 'PERKs' is continued to Ex MNAs/ MPAs & Ex Senators or Ex-CJ, abolish the “Exemption and Immunity clause” from the constitutional book so that NAB/ NRO can play its vital role & onerous responsibility with dedication and loyalty in the favor of the country and we the people can get national looted money back to the national treasury from the politicians, media & business magnates. urged by the group of people sharing their concern at open public forum.
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