Dec 10, 2013

Thousands of Public Primary & Secondary schools in Rural & Urban area of Sind province have been closed due to lack of basic facility & Chef Minister of Sind looking law experts’ instead to resolve the chronic issues figuratively.

Chief Minister Sind asking Law experts to formulate policy to rectify the educational system in Sind.

He expressed his concern over the ‘educational system in the province’ & emphasized to improve the system asking law experts to design a set of rules to run the educational system said in a press conference.
It’s astounding that CM Sind seemingly showing obliviousness but his stereotypical comments reflecting connivance, he being a Chief executive of the province is well aware that what’s going around in rural and urban areas in terms of public primary and secondary school and what are the substantial reason of ruins.

Does it a failure of govt. local educational administration or involvement of social and political figures who have made the education topsy-turvy?
Are the public schools fully equipped with the basic facilities that’s essentially required to run a school – Currently school has a dilapidated building, an isolated deserted school with no student and no teachers, no black board, no desk and chair, no drinking water, no toilet, un-surfaced floor and unplaster walls and ceiling, hanging iron bar from the ceiling (a life threat), no doors and windows, naked electric wire moving to and fro, chocked sanitary lines giving school a dumped house & about ‘ghost school’ it lies only in the file & originally does not exist, group of people lambasted at open public forum.

The land allocated for School has been encroached by social and political land mafia, school building has been occupied by the influential lords and no legal support in litigation on legal matters.
Recently In urban Sind, Karachi where most of the public primary and secondary school buildings had been evacuated on the plea to sell out to private sector school but it could not & sold out to real estate developers who made residential flats and commercial complexes in spite of hue and cry from parents and even students & teacher no one from govt. authority rescued the school.

If such things happens in the province the judiciary we believe should intervene as from the treasury benches we don’t expect any help, said by a group of women protesters along with school teachers holding play cards and lodging their complaints before press club.
Funds granted on the name of public schools are not invested but goes into the personal coffers of local administration. Every year federal & provincial govt. earmark handsome amount to utilize on schools with the motive to spread education among children living in rural and urban area but it just remains a radiant & vibrant idea does not materialize and the huge allocated budget goes misused on the name of school development.

There is no check and balance and lot of dots into the shape of criminals are sitting in education department of Sind and if you connect the dots you will arrive at the real culprit upon whose instruction the unbridled corruptions (in school administration) are continued in the region, annoyed father shared his disappointment with media who got his son dropped from the school as there were no teachers and children instead to be taught in the class room his son was playing outside of the school when contacted the head mistress, she smiled & shrugged off, said there is shortage of teachers what can I do?
Schools are on the verge of complete disaster & thousands of school have already been closed in rural and urban Sind due to lack of mandatory facility for students and teacher – an awful & shabby-infrastructure, derelict school building without any renovation and refurbishment by the callous provincial & local govt. authority despite repeated complaints from the inhabitants the worsening status of school remains unattended.

Parents seem helpless to raise any voice as the MNA/ MPAs of the same constituencies connives and under their patronage (of course) such irregularities & abruptness are mushrooming.
In interior Sind due to school closures parents have diverted to enroll their children in the Mosque and Madrasa for Arabic education which itself is a question mark in today’s environment, some joined Madrasa and some are involved in social crimes.
In Pakistan we have millions of unregistered Madrasa and every week a new Madrasa comes into being, neither local management dares to ask who is the tutors and from where they come - are they really qualified or having any academic and technical expertise and did they register Madrasa with the Ministry of Hajj & Religious affairs?

It is candid that we have educational law in place but needs to apply & validate, raid and arrest such elements who has spread out Madrasa-network across the country, an unauthorized & illegal business.

Ministry official should visit on regular basis (for cross checking) in different localities, needs to fix accountability of local administration to survey & stop the illegal & unplanned construction of Mosque and Madrasa looming on the horizon in urban and rural area of Sind.
A proper investigation to be conducted on regular basis to eliminate such poison that is killing our generation & keeping them busy in unproductive & illicit activities, an stringent action indeed required to uproot its bases across the province but sadly there are unscrupulous employees, scoundrels and parasites in the department under whose shades the crimes are grooming and the lion as such getting its share.

The bearded person who is identified as Maulvi/ Maulana they influx in the city and villages and start associating and mingling with local people, joins the Mosque and perform as Pesh Imam arranges five time prayers in the Mosque & gathers people after congregation, induce them to follow Islamic teaching presenting rosy picture and attains confidence of people surrounds him.

They start from primary Islamic-books highlighting the self-created image of Heaven and Hell on the wall and blackboards, convincing the children to sacrifice their lives, by doing so they will be taken to the Heaven & Holy prophet (peace be upon him) will receive them personally, they will be awarded a big land in the paradise where the beautiful women and boys will be serving them day and night.
A mock picturesque explicitly is painted and engraved into the mind of innocent children in Madrasa. It refers a press report when raided by Pakistani military who got Waziristan & Fata area evacuated in 2007 from Taliban hold.

Media covered the area where the walls of Madrasa had been painted delicately showing fictitious scenery of Heaven to persuade & attract the children to join the team as Mujahid with the motive to jihad & holy-war against foreigners and during the process if they die, they would be martyred said by Madrasa students who had been held captive by militant group.

The motive behind Arabic education in Madrasa apparently is negative & instances are there where it worked on hidden agenda. It got the lead from Afghanistan & Tehriek-e-Taliban that has engulfed the whole country, primarily it loomed & heightened from General Zia-UL-Haq era.
Madrasa prepares Mujahedeen in the shade of Arabic education, they prepare innocent children for Jihad the ulterior motive of terrorism, it produces activists and radicals a general perception among masses.
The innocent student are brain washed and used to sabotage and desecrate public and private properties, bombs are planted & detonated, vehicle stuffed with explosive is rammed to the building & the innocent students are used a suicide bomber, they do bomb blast at public places.

The culture really has rusted the whole nation these days, said by aggrieved school teachers who were teaching children but land mafia grabbed school building in interior Sind.
And this is because of govt. persistent ignorance that schools at primary and secondary level (in rural and urban areas) which should have been worth full and active having it equipped with basic facilities now has been replaced with Madrasa, a free hand to flourish crimes instead to give a scientific & professional studies our children have been pushed towards militancy & other social evils.

We have a best example of Jam-e-Hafsa/ Lal masjid Islamabad a den of terrorist where thousands of students’ young girls/boys & youth were studying the so called Islamic education in Lal Masjid.
The CM however should know that the educational system already equipped with due legislation & it is complied with academic institutions but it matters that how meaningfully the existing law (as a shield) are supportive to protect the institutions or it has been just a piece of paper, adding no value in redressing the grievances, consistent depravity & frustration being faced by the students of public school.

No output of the law, a serious discrimination of have’s & have’s not, those are sitting in the assemblies are not sincere in development work in their constituencies.
The power greedy completes five years and for next election they join another political party to keep their hypocrisy continue. No real crusader or helper to help poor masses.

Yes these hypocrites talk astronomically during their election campaign, do a lot of promises but all gets vanished when the candidate wins the election, no progress and prosperity just a sugar coated word delivered in a mammoth gathering, a rhetoric & political posturing and nothing more.
There are relevant Boards for secondary and higher secondary schools & Higher Education Commission who are liaising with academic institutes for its day to day business at college & university level.

Apart from, Vice Chancellors of the Universities who becomes the Chief executive of Colleges, Universities & Campuses through his constitutional and statutory bodies the administrative and technical matters are dealt and streamlined.
But here we are talking about public primary and secondary school a well-planned educational policy are in place for rural and urban but it’s merely a chapter of constitutional book, neither being applied to eliminate the barriers & leading corruptions to cleanse nor to ensure a better education facilitated by upgrading & maintaining school building, provision of teachers according to the need of the school - truly are the initial needs required to have it resolved through the existing educational laws no fresh law indeed required, highlighted by group of parents gathered in one of the school parents meeting.

We don’t know what sort of law expertise CM is looking or wants to enact legislation to ameliorate the educational system, asked by academicians?
However there are in-competencies not in terms of any legislation but it signifies administrative loose-control, serious carelessness, negligence and omission that’s has eclipsed & detracted the students from accessibility of primary and secondary education in Sind.

The rundown building & rickety furniture or no furniture at all, unavailability of essential facilities which is the pre-requisites of the school needs to provide on priority where wearing and tearing is not being attended since decades resulting the children has gone away from the school, tutors have left and school building just has been a structure of four wall that’s too has been converted into cow dung producing factory. In place of students, school has been crowded by donkeys, puppies, flock and other animals.
At some places school are used as a KATCHRA KUNDI (where garbage are piled up), a live example of govt. apathy, unshaken attitude who does not take notice to renovate the premises so that school may restore it original business.

Unequivocally the pertinent legislation running abreast with the educational institutions in the region but the adamant attitude of the authority who precludes & not performing their onerous responsibility with dedication and loyalty.
Every year govt. envisages good amount in its annual development program to run the school at primary, secondary & higher secondary level in urban and rural area but the amount goes unchecked and not utilized sincerely.

As such a major chunk of educational budget goes to satisfy the satiated & greedy govt. official who devour it and not cares for the future of their voters or voter’s children as children of Ruling elites or Treasury benches are not studying either in the rural or urban areas.
They send their children in costly private school running in the country, UK/ US and in other European states to get their children masters from foreign universities so why they should care or think for the future of voter’s children an annoyed School teacher asserted.

As mentioned there are outnumbered schools in rural and urban area but because of lacking the basic facility at schools, students are sitting under the tree on the grass with tattered clothes and books, teacher taking class outside of school premises.
In some school though it has some basic facility in the building but due to no tutor at all someone from the community comes ahead and starts teaching, an special efforts from such honest people who are serving the shabby children to get them educated at primary level, services on humanitarian ground, the impoverished people arranged themselves to educate their children with the help of some qualified people living in the area.

In some village schools have been occupied by influential people parking their vehicles inside the school, at some places in school cultivated crops, sugar canes & other appliances used for cultivation are stored. The school being utilized as a police barrack, & some places school have been converted into govt. offices, coverage shown by electronic media.
We have seen that school in urban has been replaced with skyscrapers & some school converted into Restaurant/ Motels, Business shopping malls etc. said by lady school teacher when the children were protesting against occupation of their school by one of the builder who was bulldozing their school, referring the recent incident happened in Karachi.

Notwithstanding uproars from students, teacher and parents – No authority from Sind govt. came to rescue the school & ultimately the student had been merged to another nearest school.
The situation can be imagined that how the students are studying in extreme congested and suffocated environment, in one room 60-70 students have been stuffed without induction of any additional facility in the school it refers the tale of one school in Karachi.

We have been reading and witnessing regular coverage in print and electronic media about the
ü  dilapidated condition of school

ü  encroachment of school

ü  demolition of school

ü  lack of basic facility to boys/ girls studying in primary & secondary level

ü  no tutors available in school

ü  school building are there but not yet restored for schooling

ü  schools have been encroached by social and political vandals

ü  Schools have been sold out to private entrepreneur & no replacement arranged.

ü  Instead of student in the school animals and other materials have been stored

ü  Funds approved by ministry of education are not given to the school administration &

ü  If the fund is released it is not utilized sincerely but it goes in the pocket of corrupted govt. officials 

ü  Related ‘secretariat’ who are governing ‘Schools’ administration in the city/ region are not paying due diligence to ameliorate school condition.
The above are the doable action, the CM therefore should do his personal intervention to resolve instead to talk about further legislation or seeking help of law expertise.

In the following City/ Districts of Sind province there are schools which needs CM attention to get a clear picture about its functionality.

Shah Bandar
Keti Bandar
Naushahro Feroze
Shahpur Chakar
Tando Adam Khan
Tando Allahyar
Mirpur Khas
Warah ​
Bottom of Form
In Feb 2013 - Another report prepared by Sindh High Court (SHC) on instruction of Supreme Court of Karachi investigating the myth of the ‘ghost school’ and govt. apathy neglecting the appalling condition of public primary and secondary school in province of Sind.
The apex court constituted a commission on Feb 2013 comprising team of district and session judges who after month’s long visits in rural and urban area submitted their report about schools to SHC who further consolidated & submitted to Supreme Court of Karachi.

The report says that in 27 districts of Sind including 5 districts of Karachi there are 48,227 schools established by the provincial govt. to impart primary and secondary education to the children living there.

The number of Non-functional school are 6,721 wherein 4,540 school though it has a building structure on the ground but not functional – And 2,181 are ‘ghost schools’ which does not exist but lies in the file and has been shown functional - A worst example of leading corrupt[ton in school.
The reports also claims that there are several school those have been converted into cattle pens and some are used as a ‘guest room from local landlords’.

524 school buildings have been encroached – And 17 schools are under litigation pending in the courts report says.
Moreover the report further highlights that govt. releasing funds for school regularly but it is not invested on school either on its construction or refurbishment, each district had received huge budgetary allocations last year but it did not spent even a single fills on school the report submitted by SHC to Supreme Court of Karachi clarifies.

Eye opener – The report discloses that most of the ‘ghost school’ are situated in Asif Ali Zardari Ex President of Pakistan’s district Benazir Abad.
Besides, there are 112 schools that have been encroached upon in the same locality. And Ex-President has no guts to get the school released or he himself seems involved in it said by school had master who was referring to media the report published last month.

Eye opener - In Dadu district, Ex Education minister Pir Mazharul Haq who was holding office in 2008 and followed now by his son in 2013 – The constituency PS-74 there are 271 ghost school and from here Mir Mazharul Haq had won the election its own area and how callous he is keeping the generation illiterate? Said by group of people at open public forum discussing the terrible condition of school in Sind.

Eye-opener 2013 President Asif Ali Zardari on the eve of Malala Yousef Zai birthday celebration organized at UNO, showing his enthusiasm he announced at electronic media to honor global initiative ‘to educate all girls by the year 2015,
He set up a fund in the name of Malala Yousef Zai and generously donated $10 million dollar but what happened next, it looks that when night is over then it does not follow with a day. People does not see induction of any new school or any renovation of school even in his own constituency. There are 6000 schools in Ex-president constituency and all are closed.

And CM was boasting in one of his press conference with media that Sind govt. among provinces has taken a lead, complying Article 25-A in the constitution declaring primary education has been compulsory for children between the ages of 5 & 16 really a rhetoric, said by a university professor debating the appalling condition of our schools in urban and rural area of Sind.
In 2010 - As per Annual Status of Education Report (Rural) Pakistan - The survey was conducted in 180 randomly selected villages in 6 districts of Sindh where 67% of the total 2,493 children were not enrolled in any type of schools where around 48% of out of school children were girls.

2010-11 - Report published by (NEMIS) National Education Management information system

The report says that in Sind province there are total number of 48,914 institutions in public sector of education (primary and secondary level) - Out of this 5,765 are located in urban areas and the remaining 43,149 are in rural areas.
Ø  The total enrolment for the province is 4,402,993 - Urban areas have an enrolment of 1,262,716 whereas the rural area’s share is 3,140,277.

Ø  The total number of teachers is 144,610, of these 55,356 are teaching in Urban area institutions and 89,254 are teaching in Rural areas of the Province.
We understand the current govt. will look into the problem of govt. primary and secondary schools situated in rural and urban area of Sind province, the obstacles cropping into the way of basic education will be taken seriously to run the institution smoothly without any further breakdown as the children of today will be the custodian of tomorrow a concluding note of seminar organized by academicians.
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