Jan 20, 2014

Eye-opener - Lesson for Girl students studying in College & University

A University Girl student is raped by her Boyfriend (classmate) along with his three friends in Lahore, story highlighted & spotted by private TV channel in its program “Sar-e-Aam”.
Even though three rapist out of four have been arrested with the LAPTOP and USB drive where the rape scene had been stored by the gangster and was to be uploaded on the net but because of TV channel’s timely interruption & getting the help of law enforcement agency such mischievous plan could not be possible said by the TV channel.
It’s really very shocking, agonizing & shameful for the Boyfriend who cheated, deceived & crippled the trust established with his Girlfriend.
The boyfriend who assured the girl, vowed & swear to God putting his hand on the holy Quran before the girl, a solemn affirmation to marry her but he abused her chastity & damaged virginity not him only but called his friends, media reported.
A lesson for Female student studying in University & College that don’t trust in your boyfriend – don’t involve in love – Parents send you for education - don’t spoil your time sitting with your boyfriend instead to attend the class or discussing your academic subject during your leisure time - Once you lost your virginity you can never ever retrieve it.
I am not against ‘love’ but in most of the cases love could not fruitful rather ended fruitless - we trust in our parents who trusts upon us so why we should disappoint them - It’s very rare & less in number where love has been proved fortunate for the couple, said by a girl student studies in the university.
They think for us for our radiant future, betterment and advancement and they endeavor for us, for our progression and prosperity till their lifetime so why we should make them disgrace. Its mater of family prestige, self-dignity & self-esteemed as well so why waste the time in love, commented another girl students discussing about the program aired.
Be careful always as you (Girl students) are living in men dominated society, there are wolf roaming here and there with illusory & sugar coated words, your boyfriend will be alluring you, enticing & persuading you, fascinating & mesmerizing you with imaginary life, convincing you for so-called marriage & painting rosy picture, flattering & raving you, hailing you with nice words about your personality, charm and glamour, about your family & ambition, about your smiling, hair, & eyes etc. with the only motive to gain your trust and confidence & that’s becomes the edge that your boyfriend has achieved his target to get him close to you for obscenity - why don’t we take it serious where electronic and print media have been highlighting such obscenity mushrooming around us, said by a retired professor.
Your determination, willpower, firmness and solidity of your mind and attitude that’s can keep you away from so called love. And it is in your benefit to keep yourself away from such notorious and mischievous act - so don’t involve in love he further added.

Trust in your parents who always believe in you after Al Mighty Allah - when you go college or university your parents pray for your safety and security from all evil elements, hands you over with the faith of God and divine Mercy.
Efforts made by the TV channel no doubt is appreciative and praiseworthy - of course a lesson for other female students who trust in their boyfriend & don’t realize that their boyfriend are not trustworthy - they can blackmail you - they can cheat you and can destroy your life - so don’t let you leave on such distrusted people.

By doing this not only you will save yourself but also will be saving the respect and dignity of your family, your parents impression & image among your family and society where you live - trusts of your brother who does on his sister said by a housewife watching the channel.
Be careful always - your parents send you to study in the college & university, the basic aim and objective before you is to attain the education, finish your graduation and masters and enter in practical life.

The life what seems you good and where maturity allows you to see with open eyes that what is wrong and what is right and that’s the stage where your rational approach and analysis makes you mentally competent, power to judge and foresee the things in its real essence and meaning instead to involve and fall in love with someone at your initial stage where only the ‘emotion’ works not your sense and ability for appraisement & assessment capability to weigh other’s nasty desire.
Don’t involve in love, as history says that on the name of love hundreds of female students have lost their life so before crying, do compromise later or feel repentance, it’s better to avoid off others involvement in your life - understand that once chastity goes lost it can’t be recollected and restored.

Its good the media shared this crime public for awareness of girl students studying in college and university. One of the culprit who was the boyfriend of the aggrieved girl, the principal accused could not nab by law enforcement as he was out of town, channel reported.

However he also will come to the task and our court will take punitive action to establish an exemplary punishment so that others may not dare to allure the innocent girl studying in university.

Severe punishment indeed is the only solution if we follow Islamic principle, very candidly it has prescribed in the Quran.
And do not come near zina; indeed, it is an abomination and an evil way, (17; 32) is just and true. It says that “Nor come nigh to adultery; for it is a shameful (deed) And an evil, opening the road (To other evils)”.

It is not surprising that all revealed religions have prohibited fornication and adultery (zina) and have fought against these crimes against society.
Islam the last of the divinely revealed religions, is very strict in prohibiting zina, for it leads to confusion of lineage, child abuse, the breaking up of families, bitterness in relationship, the spread of venereal diseases and a general laxity in morals; moreover it opens the door to a flood of lusts and self-gratifications. Assuredly, the command of Allah Ta’ala,

As we know when Islam prohibits something, it closes all the avenues of approach to it. This is achieved by prohibiting every step and every means leading to the haram.
Accordingly, whatever excites passions, open ways for illicit sexual relations between a man and woman and promotes indecency and obscenity, is haram (extracted from the book “The lawful and prohibited in Islam page 149”

Jan 18, 2014

Chief Minister Sind says “sell arms and buy books!

An apparent contradiction among our political leaders what they say and what they deliver – a painful situation of course & mental agony for a normal man who trusts in their leaders – to whom they voted and believed honestly, firmly and widely to get their problem resolved once for all - but unfortunately all such boasting what the govt. representatives do before the people ends in fiasco and goes ironic….

Here we talk about the desperate plight of the public primary and secondary school in Sind Rural and Urban. People who wants to send their children to get education but get them back because school does not exists at all or if there are school but does not deserve to name it a school as animals living inside the school not human being.
School has been captured or encroached by influential lords of the area and using for vehicles parking or stored cultivated crops, some school being used as a Katchra Kundi (garbage corner) and some school has plough-materials shovels, trolley & tractors inside the school with no student and teacher but name of school has been engraved on its boundary wall.

In some places schools have been occupied for police accommodation, some school showing having a giant lock at the door & people using its lawn for car washing and a big poster has been fixed on the wall showing the name of the some MNA/ MPA stating “We are thankful & salute to Mr. so and so for building the school in the area & congratulate to the people of this constituency who voted Mr. so and so who cared us for education to our children we therefore appreciate the efforts of Mr. so and so”.
But in reality it’s a closed school and even not a single day it has been opened said by someone living in the area who was washing his donkey and cleaning the cart inside the school lawn, someone also was washing the car while some one was giving shower to his dog.
Verily it’s a crime, treachery, shamefulness, wantonness and an elaborate hoax giving impression that sitting MNA/ MPA has constructed the school and on the name of school he/she has captured approx. 20 thousands square yards of land, it is situated in Ibrahim Hydri area new Karachi.
This is one example if the govt. authority is serious and really wants to do something for education they can visit across Sind province to see what’s really exist in the name of public primary and secondary school and feel the difference what govt. representative talks and what they deliver?
At some place school building has been sold out and converted into commercial flats, most of the school now is running as shopping Mall, Restaurants and encroachment mafias are happy keeping the children away from the schools. And govt. is blind, knows everything but knows nothing, looking a silent spectators no replacement even, said a disgruntled parent who has withdrawn his children because of no teacher, no bench no chair, no black board, drinking water and toilet facility, children are deprived off the basic facility at the school.
A general complaints about school though some has four walls but no doors and windows, disconnected light, no school bench & stool, no chair for teacher, no blackboard, without drinking water & toilets with chocked drainage causing the whole area stinky, swinging electrical circuit with nude wires, un-plastered walls, visible iron bars from the ceiling a clear threat to the lives of the children.
Of course everything is well known to the CM who is the chief executive of Sind and just with a simple jerk of pen CM can instruct the concern authority asking to evacuate the school and can order for renovation & refurbishment on priority & can ask local administration to supply school furniture - Repair & maintenance work can be carried out - can be initiated but if CM is serious otherwise our vociferation will be effortless said by school teacher who was showing his school in Larkana which is the home town of PPP Ex-president Asif Ali Zardari.
CM sparkling & varnished speeches where he says ‘sell arms and buy books’ looked everybody vibrant and felt them serene that CM felt & realized the importance of education in Sind province and he shall make the education for all as he has been emphasizing at different occasion.
CM calls for ‘sell arms and buy books’ seems similar slogan raised by Malala Yousef Zai - a young lady who jolted the world putting herself as anvil before Taliban to fight against the leading terrorism in the Pakistan believing that education is the only source to change the thoughts of Taliban and others who has been aside or avoiding of education due to extreme threat from Taliban.
Ms. Malala whose birthday had been celebrated at UN where she addressed the audience & distinguished leaders attending the grand show across the globe, she said one boy, one pen and one book can change the history –can change the world so come ahead and get the community equipped with “Education” and this is the only tool where we can defeat the terrorist and activist who has been a threat to the globe, said Malala.
CM says that it is his govt. policy to educate every child in the province to get education up to class X – the reality went unearthed by the constituted team of high court judges who submitted their report about public primary and secondary school running in Sind rural and urban area about outnumbered school closures & reason of ghost schools etc. the report however further submitted to supreme court.
Sometime CM says that he will hold accountable & responsible to every single authority who received the budgeted amount allocated for schools to spend and spread the education in the province but it did not consumed rather misused the fund.
CM speech to ‘sell arms and buy books’ truly made the audience mesmerized & captivated who travelled in future of their children? Said by a housewife attended the event.
Status quo of Public Primary & Secondary schools are obvious, the debilitated condition of schools can been seen by anybody that how many schools are functional and dysfunctional in Rural and Urban what are the reasons of deactivation, said a headmistress of secondary school in Hyderabad.
Tendency to speak before the audience, sugar quoted words, do astronomical promises, painting rosy picture and representing himself/ herself as a true Messiah to get the masses free from all barriers and hurdles that has cropped into the way of progression & prosperity. Giving an ultimate impression that he/ she is the real crusader who can get the nation free from all frustration and depravity so that people can get a sigh of relief, can live with harmony, cohesion & undisturbed with no more grievances..
A chronic ailment amongst our leaders that’s becomes painful for a normal citizen of the country who trusts in, expects & looks confidently to get the required facility in place but it is aggressiveness, audacity & uncaring attitude of our leaders who though makes commitment but they don’t materialize commitment, the dream of brighter days remains unattended.
I was under no illusion that CM slogan ‘to sell arms and buy book’ would not be a rhetoric but would be ending in ‘reality’ as the landmark had been fixed by PPP govt. when they were in power, CM had said that ‘make education compulsory for every child living in rural and urban area of Sind’ but they reneged the ‘pledged’ during his tenure of govt. 2008-2013.
In one of the event held in Karachi addressing with students, CM quoted and recalled the saying of Country founder Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah urging students to adopt three principals i.e. Faith - Unity & Discipline for the solidarity and integrity of Pakistan that’s not only would shape your future but the Country itself would prosper if followed, said by CM.
Education at primary and secondary level are presenting very gloomy & depressive statistics where thousands of Public Primary & Secondary schools in Rural & Urban Sind have been closed due to lack of basic facility.
Ø  The report says that in 27 districts of Sind including 5 districts of Karachi there are 48,227 schools established by the provincial govt. to impart primary and secondary education to the children living there.
Ø  The number of Non-functional school are 6,721 wherein 4,540 school though it has a building structure on the ground but not functional.
Ø  And 2,181 are ‘ghost schools’ which does not exist initially but lies in the file and has been shown functional.
Ø  A worst example of leading corrupt[ton in school - The reports also claims that there are several school those have been converted into cattle pens and some are used as a ‘guest room from local landlords’.
Ø  524 school buildings have been encroached – And 17 schools are under litigation pending in the courts report says.
Ø  Moreover the report further highlights that govt. releasing funds for school regularly but it is not invested on school either on its construction or refurbishment.
Ø  Each district had received huge budgetary allocations last year but it did not spent even a single fills on school, report submitted by Sind High Court (SHC) to Supreme Court of Karachi clarifies.
Ø  Eye opener – The report discloses that most of the ‘ghost school’ are situated in Asif Ali Zardari Ex President of Pakistan’s district Benazir Abad.
Ø  Besides, there are 112 schools that have been encroached upon in the same locality. And Ex-President has no guts to get the school released.
Ø  Eye opener - In Dadu district, Ex Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq who was holding office in 2008 and followed now by his son in 2013. The constituency PS-74 there are 271 ghost school and from here Mir Mazharul Haq had won the election its own area and how callous he is keeping the generation illiterate? Said by group of people at open public forum discussing the terrible condition of school in Sind.
Ø  Eye-opener 2013 President Asif Ali Zardari on the eve of Malala Yousef Zai birthday celebration organized at UNO, showing his enthusiasm he announced at electronic media to honor global initiative ‘to educate all girls by the year 2015 and set up a fund in the name of Malala Yousef Zai and generously donated $10 million dollar but what happened next, it looks that when night is over then it does not follow with a day. 
Ø  People does not see induction of any new school or any renovation of school even in Asif Ali Zardari own constituency. 
Ø  There are 6000 schools in Ex-president constituency and all are closed.
Ø  And CM was boasting in one of his press conference with media that Sind govt. among provinces has taken a lead, complying Article 25-A in the constitution declaring primary education has been compulsory for children between the ages of 5 & 16 really a rhetoric, said by a university professor debating the appalling condition of our schools in urban and rural area of Sind.
Ø  2010-11 - Report published by (NEMIS) National Education Management information system.
Ø  The report says that in Sind province there are total number of 48,914 institutions in public sector of education (primary and secondary level). Out of this 5,765 are located in urban areas and the remaining 43,149 are in rural areas.
Ø  The total enrolment for the province is 4,402,993 - Urban areas have an enrolment of 1,262,716 whereas the rural area’s share is 3,140,277.
Ø  The total number of teachers is 144,610, of these 55,356 are teaching in Urban area institutions and 89,254 are teaching in Rural areas of the Province.
In the last CM should abide by his word what said during 22nd parents day event held in Cadet College Larkana that “sell arms and buy books” such a marvelous & spectacular feeling and words he should mean it, said by a professor sitting in the event.

Jan 12, 2014

Aam Aadmi (a common man) is nothing to do with Musharraf trial or his safe exit.

Aam Aadmi (a common man) does not have any relation or needs to go in depth that what’s exactly govt. of Pakistan plans to do with Musharraf whether he will be prosecuted or govt. enables him for his safe exit.

It’s the best tactics and feasible strategy of the govt. who has kept the masses busy and even the whole media to involve in the discussions of Musharraf trial so that govt. may move quietly and calmly to materialize its hidden agenda and no one may know immediately or can raise finger on its obscurantism.
Aam Aadmi says that when we open TV we see the discussion continued on ‘Musharraf and Musharraf’ so what we have to do - why don’t govt. see towards us, we are sustaining, our survival has become an issue, the restless majority are complaining for the callousness of the govt. who designedly are not paying attention to our needs, said by the leader of a procession demonstrated rally in the city for ‘Rising Prices of Livelihoods’.

Aam Aadmi even does not know the viability & non-viability if Article # 6, is implemented & attainable to govt. motives or getting the court hearing start from 12th Oct 1999 or strict only to implicate Musharraf from 3rd Nov 2007.

For Aam Aadmi whether the honorable court issues summon to the abettor, collaborator, endorser, facilitator, recommender & aider who agreed, attested & validated the action taken by Musharraf on 12th Oct 1999 & or is ready to reprimand from 3rd Nov 2007.

Before Aam Aadmi whether to call Ex-Chief Justice of Supreme Court & Ex Chief of Army staff being their validation they did for 12th Oct 1999 and Chief Justice particularly who invalidated the step of 3rd Nov 2007 Musharraf action that’s became the reason of his trial & that’s got pampered further by the current govt. PML-N.
 Aam Aadmi only needs to see why govt. is not sincere to ensure drastic action against the ‘retailers’ selling goods at exorbitant prices and Aam Aadmi has no strength or financial ability to fulfill their necessities of life, ways and means keeping livelihood continue;

v  for their employment how easily they get employment

v  whether they have hospitals in their area

v  whether they have electricity, water and fuel accessible

v  do they have gas in their ovens

v  do they get clean drinking water

v  do they have proper sanitary system

v  do they have concreted road in their locality connecting to city

v  do they have a good primary and secondary school

v  do they have hospitals and clinic in their area so that they can be treated and approach whenever they need

v  can they get medicine at affordable prices

v  do they have proper transportation from their locality to the big cities

v  do they have govt. offices in their locality to redressing if any crimes exist

v  do they have concerned govt. department so that their complaints related to socio economic may be attended and resolved timely and effectively

v  do they have police station

v  do they have court in their locality to avoid of travelling 200-300 kilo meters to sort out any legal proceedings if happens

v  do they have any college for normal & advance studies

v  do they have any training centers for male and female students or house wives

v  do they have small scale industries enabling them to get easy employment

v  do they have market in their locality to sell out their handmade materials

v  do they have telecommunication facility in their area

v  do they have television transmission and cine theatre for entertainment

v  do they have clean parking facility to get their children enjoy on weekly holidays

v  can they get low cost houses

v  can they start small business

v  can they get loans to start their business on soft and bearable instalments etc. making the documentation process easy

Unequivocally these are the basic amenities and mandatory needs of Aam Aadmi which they want from Ruling elites & Treasury benches to provide them which is still beyond access of Aam Aadmi & they are looking towards Govt. to have above stated facility implemented instead to cry day and night Musharraf & Musharraf trial.
Aam Aadmi does not want that what’s going to be happened with Musharraf they don’t care, said by a majority of disgruntled, frustrated and disappointed people demanding to the govt. to intervene (for God sake) that why our life have been miserable & crippled due to skyrocketing prices of groceries & ROTI - KAPRA & MAKAAN (Bread, Clothes and Shelter).

Aam Aadmi doesn’t have capacity to buy 1 kg meat, 1 kg rice, 1 kg flour 1 kg vegetable, 1 kg cooking oil, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg pulse, 1 kg peas, 1 kg lentil.

And in such a dearth days it has been extremely difficult for us to nurse & nourish one baby said by a father who was buying 1 kg milk for his kid that being sold at Rs.80/= per kg and cost of one Roti Rs.8-9/=

Due to soaring prices parents are selling their children, mother throwing their kids into the river, father is slaughtering his children and killing himself later are the recent examples happened in different cities of the country, reported in press.

Aam Aadmi, unapproachable or unbearable rising prices of livelihood have compelled the girls to join beauty parlor and massage centers where they are selling themselves and have joined prostitution, electronic and print media reported.

Street crimes have gone manifold because of costly life which seems not possible for Aam Aadmi to continue.

And it’s a govt. obliviousness that instead to look and control the prices transacting in the market, they use to create surprises, uniqueness & develops quite a new thing to divert the attention of Aam Aadmi from the most compelling issue so that govt. may continue its vandalism. a general perception about the current govt. who has failed to rein the unbridled prices of livelihood.

During haphazard Aam Admi did not notice that how smartly govt. floated PIA (state owned industry) shares in the market, and how other sick units have been streamlined to sell out.

Aam Aadmi does not know what is IMF and why Govt. begging always instead to reform and revamp country's economic condition - why don't sick industries are restructured instead to sell out at peanut price. 

Aam Aadmi are hungry they are busy that how to earn so that they can get one time food for their family instead to sit before television & read newspaper about Musharraf trial.

This has been govt. practice to diverting public attention towards other surprises to get them a new discussion instead any serious issue spanning around Aam Aadmi.
It refers the case of Musharraf all of sudden emerges when Rawalpindi had a killing of 10 people during 10th Muharram-Ul-Haram & Interior minster announced to start treason trial against Musharraf,  requested Ex Chief Justice of Supreme to form the team of judges what a mockery really - CJ who should had been impartial being asked by the govt. to appoint judges of their choices to implicate Musharraf in the case, how smartly it is being ridiculed on the name of justice.

However Aam Aadmi has no concern at all they need ROTI (Bread) to get them easy access on reasonable rates, so govt. should establish check and balance for consumer products to put a rein on selling prices being charged by Aam Aadmi.

Jan 2, 2014

Why “Treason trial” for Pervez Musharraf Ex-Chief of army staff (COAS) & Ex-president of Pakistan’s is known as personal grudge and desire of vengeance of sitting PM Nawaz Sharif & Retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry are the talks of the town.

The treason trial against Pervez Musharraf is a one-man show & reflecting personal animosity, hatred and hostility of PM Nawaz Sharif who wants to take revenge against Musharraf & to see him in handcuff, electronic media reported.

Nawaz Sharif loathing for Musharraf started when then next army chief on the ground had toppled Nawaz Sharif (NZ) Govt. on 12th Oct 1999 because of NZ own errors & of course it was an obvious treachery & NZ too should have been trialed for high treason as he is dragging Musharraf in high treason case, said investigative political analyst.
The story takes us back in 1999 when NZ wanted to sack Musharraf, a formal suspension order had been issued and notification for Musharraf suspension were to air through national Television & Radio in absence of Musharraf when he was in Colombo on official visit.

NZ govt. was dethroned by then army in a bloodless military coup when Musharraf plane was on the air & he was returning from Colombo the plane was scheduled to land at Karachi airport but pilot was not allowed.

Despite pilot constant communication with control tower at Karachi airport informing that the plane rounding since 45 minutes and its fuel had come down at critical level, including Musharraf 198 passengers were also on board & it had been potentially fatal if the plane would not have landed.

The pilot however was communicated by control tower not to allow Musharraf plane in Karachi followed with NZ instruction and divert the plane ‘wherever you want or take the plane to India’ said the control tower.
When pilot shared this message to Musharraf (on board) he told my foot and forcibly the plane was landed in Karachi. And that was the time when army (on the ground) took over control of the country toppling NZ govt. on 12th Oct 1999.

So Musharraf trial as such has been converted into a personal vendetta & initially based on maliciousness, a retaliation for the military coup in 1999. Similarly Retired Chief Justice (CJ) Supreme Court of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary also has been a party in Musharraf case.

CJ episode starts from the action taken by Musharraf when he proclaimed emergency in the country on 3rd Nov 2007, though CJ had endorsed Musharraf action of 12th Oct 1999 but refused to validate the step taken by Musharraf on 3rd Nov 2007.
Terming 3rd Nov 2007 Musharraf action invalid, abrogating the constitution of Pakistan & imposing emergency in the country falls under ‘treason’.

Musharraf kept the constitution in abeyance hardly 30-40 days. In the meantime he created an environment to conduct ‘General election’ in the country.

Through NRO he enabled the politicians to come forward for general election, established a reconciliation process so that all political parties may participate in 'General Election', a conducive environment in the country developed.
The motive behind Musharraf efforts was to restore democracy in the country, he shed off his COAS uniform and in capacity of President of Pakistan conducted general election in the country on 18th Feb 2008.

An exemplary electoral process started across the country, election held and as such the assembly handed over to the winning party PPP who formed the govt.
It was Musharraf who took the oath in 2008 from newly elected Prime Minister and President of Pakistan of PPP the election winning party, certainly due to Musharraf political dynamism & positive approach who realized the democracy is the only source to run the helm of state through a political process not by a military ruler. It was his political attitude to handover the power through election in the country which Musharraf did.

As per Musharraf lawyer, the imposition of emergency was an institutional action & not in personal capacity, an empowerment by the law to the President of Pakistan which Musharraf had before 18th amendment order.
Musharraf action was endorsed, acknowledged, approved and recommended by then cabinet of National assembly, MNAs, then Chief of 3 services, Prime Minister, Governors of 4 provinces and Judiciary too.

Being an executive of the country Musharraf & his cabinet deemed fit, aided and abetted Musharraf to use his authority to proclaim emergency which was the need of the day to steer the state affairs considering political crisis, clashes among the institutions and judiciary involvement & its regular onslaught in parliamentary affairs were the persistent barriers obstructing to handle day to day business of the country.

One thing to note that President alone is nothing, he/she is supported and fed by the cabinet and allied govt. functionaries. Basically in a democratic set up cabinet members are the tools and strength to run the state's affairs, any action of the President certainly are attested by his abettor, collaborator & facilitator.

It’s not a Kingship or Roman Empire where the word of king or queen come out from his/ her mouth & that's becomes the last word without knowing the consequences.
So why the primary benchmark & essence of democracy is not sensed by the blind judiciary who are biased and partial, has engulfed Musharraf in fictitious cases, said by one of the livid audience discussing at public forum about “Musharraf trial”.

So if Musharraf is trialed for abrogating the constitution which he did not. As per Article # 6 & its sub clauses are lucid that all forces who abetted, collaborated, facilitated, endorsed, attested, aided and recommended to impose emergency are also accountable & needs to be interrogated.

It instances the Article # 302 of the constitution where if someone murders or he is given instrument to kill someone being abettor & supporter, killer and supporter both fall under the category of Article 302, Musharraf lawyer Mr. Kasuree shared with media. 
In reprisal, CJ asked Federal govt. to send a formal request to Supeme Court of Pakistan to frame Musharraf in high treason case. National assembly as such through its lawyer submitted petition in Supreme Court to prosecute Musharraf and CJ formed a special court nominating a team of three judges of his & NZ choice to proceed the treason case against Musharraf, said by Musharraf lawyer.

Musharraf lawyer however had challenged in Islamabad high court stating that the team of judges constituted by CJ & NZ are either immediate relative or are staunch supporter of PMLN group as per previous instances associated with Musharraf cases.
The lawyers has communicated their distrust as credibility of the proceeding will go eclipsed & suspicious and asked the court to form an independent, impartial and unbiased judges to maintain the essence of the justice.

The revenge being taken by NZ & CJ comprised on (i) Toppling NZ govt. on 12th Oct 1999 and (ii) confinement CJ of supreme court of Pakistan in his house on 3rd Nov 2007 and proclaiming ‘emergency’.

Suspending the constitution for 30-40 days as has been claimed in 'treason case', otherwise Musharraf had already been released granting him bail in four cases, what he faced the hearing at different location in the country that kept Musharraf seven months continue with the court, the earlier trial were
a)    Judges confinement & house arrest abstaining to perform judicial duties  
b)   Attack on Islamabad Red Mosque where Abdul Rashid Ghazi & his mother was killed during military operation in 2007
c)     Assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007 and
d)    Killing of senior tribal leader Nawab Akbar Bugti in a 2006 military operation

Even though Musharraf had been released granting him bail in all the cases and he was likely to go Dubai to see his ailing mother 95 but Musharraf’s name was on Exit Control List (ECL) that’s why he could not move, Musharraf lawyer said.
When Musharraf lawyers submitted petition asking the govt. minister of interior (Chaudhry Nisar) to remove his name from ECL, the chapter of high treason case opened against Musharraf initiated, submitting petition from federal govt. lawyer to Supreme Court of Pakistan for repealing Article # 6 by Musharraf on 3rd Nov 2007. If the trial executed it can be concluded either life imprisonment or death penalty as the constitution implies.

In Pakistan 67 years of its history, first time an Army chief who had been holding dual post i.e. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and Ex-President of Pakistan being trialed for high treason case.
The whole nation are in state of panic asking a lot of question, a warm discussion continuing in print and electronic media that why Musharraf being tried for high treason & will it be a show off or conclusive?

A big dismay among civil society, intelligentsia, business magnates, bureaucrats, even in law enforcement agencies at police and military level. Not only in national media but International media also highlighting in their dailies for Musharraf treason trial.

Someone termed it as ethnic because Musharraf belongs to Urdu speaking and he lives in Karachi and why big province Punjab always has been dominating to small Province, media reported. In Pakistan quoting example of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was hanged.
Why Musharraf is being humiliated – does it not impact and affects the credibility of Pakistan army which has a big respectable name, maintain high sense of responsibility, well-disciplined, true patriotic upon whom the nation trust and we are proud on our army, said by one of the debater discussing in TV Talk show.

Musharraf has been our soldiers how he can be a tailor? - he fought three wars and always proved a best soldier of the country, saved Pakistan at every fronts without compromising & always preferred national interest, securing regional & territorial integrity the first and foremost saying ‘First Pakistan’ said by business magnate at the seminar held in the city.
Musharraf returned Karachi on March 24th 2013 after four years in self-exile to contest in General election to be held in the country on 11th May 2013 from his own party All Pakistan Muslim League but the Election Commission of Pakistan had disqualified him.

Musharraf was placed under house arrest on April 19 following police interrogations over allegations he overstepped his powers while he was in office from 1999 to 2008. Soon after landing in Karachi he was prosecuted through a series of trial mentioned above. Nobody or any institution in the country asked him to come Pakistan, he wanted to clear the allegations leveled against by then govt. and even his name had been given to Interpol to arrest him. Musharraf said while interviewing with overseas private TV channel.

But now a high treason case has been instituted where his lawyer has asked the court to change the team of 3 judges those had been nominated by CJ and NZ upon whom Musharraf lawyers don’t trust.

Why don't the people see in its right perspective instead to ignite and inflame in fictitious cases which has lost its strength either. The shortest time of emergency imposed on the emergency proclamation, resulting in the suspension of the constitution, was made on Nov 3. Musharraf shed his uniform on Nov 28. The emergency was lifted on Dec 15.

An election date had already been announced, the shortest emergency in Pakistan’s history and it led to two immediate outcomes: an army chief relinquishing his command and the country moving towards elections, said by Ayaz Mir a columnist.
What made this sequence of events possible? The Nov 3 emergency, now being touted as an act of treason and for which Musharraf is set to go on trial. Treason is subversion of the constitution. In the given circumstances, the emergency seems more like protection of the constitution.

Article Six of the constitution which deals with treason was really flouted, and brazenly so without any corresponding benefits, on Oct 12, 1999.
But regarding that event, Musharraf’s real sin, we have the eternal silence of the mountains…not a word, not even a lame explanation for this silence, because the giant-slayers themselves, all of them, with an alacrity that the new military commanders could not have failed to notice, had struck a resounding gavel, no questions asked, on behalf of that transgression.

From the Chaudhry-led court there was no humility or sense of contrition for this endorsement, just fire and thunder and sustained volleys of self-righteousness, Ayaz Mir further stated in his column.

The political leaders should understand that army is not power-hungry, this is you who have been compelling army to take over the govt. because of your transgression, your ill motive.
Your inability to run the state - your incompetency where you push the country towards the brink of bankruptcy - you are not loyal, sincere and honest neither with the nation nor national.

You come into the power & treat election as a gateway to enter in the assembly to rob the state - its money - you loot national exchequer - plunder national wealth - you don’t pay taxes - you don’t pay utility bill - you first satiate yourself and misappropriate national account - takes loan from the banks and don’t think to pay off but get the whole sum written off - so your leadership push the country in such a crippling way where the economy goes precipitated awkwardly.
Concept of welfare state goes collapsed - except loan you rely on bailout package instead to think how to groom the economy for the betterment and advancement of the masses and put the country with more loads of loans, said by group of people who were discussing the role of our politician in the country & govt. approach to prosecute Musharraf in treason case.

The political leadership wants to weaken Pakistan army and basically giving the message that no army should intervene further in country’s affairs and that’s why you did 18th amendment so that no one can ask about your mischievous act, terrorism & corruption you are doing in the country said by group of students attending a debate on Musharraf trial publicly.
How the nation can make you accountable if there is no check & balance, if you do mountains of crime then how the people of the country can clutch you and get you dragged out from the assembly who sent you in the assembly.

The news also spreading in the media that PML-N wants to reduce the army strength in terms of its size if this is the case what message PML-N conveying to the army and people of the country.
Is it a signal that alerting the army in the name of democracy the two political leadership spanning around PPP & PML-N will complete its 5 year terms without any accountability, and each one will be waiting for its turn, they will do whatever seems them good not for the people but for them, asserted by political analyst.

It is because of politicians’ inability that army has been interrupting in national affairs since its freedom. If we compare the economic condition during army tenure with the political leadership period, the nation gets a very groaning & thorny picture of national economy where every sector of economy have been deteriorating terribly.
Moreover the word used by PPP ex-president Asif Ali Zardari during his wife Benazir Bhutto death anniversary “that Billa who has now been trapped in the law will face the legal terms and if executed no other Billa will dare to intervene in political affairs of the country” what does he mean?

Is he not terming Billa to Pervez Musharraf and giving messages to the current COAS that keep yourself away from politics – otherwise be ready to face trial like Musharraf? Does it not refer to deep seated prejudice? Reported by private TV channel.