Jan 12, 2014

Aam Aadmi (a common man) is nothing to do with Musharraf trial or his safe exit.

Aam Aadmi (a common man) does not have any relation or needs to go in depth that what’s exactly govt. of Pakistan plans to do with Musharraf whether he will be prosecuted or govt. enables him for his safe exit.

It’s the best tactics and feasible strategy of the govt. who has kept the masses busy and even the whole media to involve in the discussions of Musharraf trial so that govt. may move quietly and calmly to materialize its hidden agenda and no one may know immediately or can raise finger on its obscurantism.
Aam Aadmi says that when we open TV we see the discussion continued on ‘Musharraf and Musharraf’ so what we have to do - why don’t govt. see towards us, we are sustaining, our survival has become an issue, the restless majority are complaining for the callousness of the govt. who designedly are not paying attention to our needs, said by the leader of a procession demonstrated rally in the city for ‘Rising Prices of Livelihoods’.

Aam Aadmi even does not know the viability & non-viability if Article # 6, is implemented & attainable to govt. motives or getting the court hearing start from 12th Oct 1999 or strict only to implicate Musharraf from 3rd Nov 2007.

For Aam Aadmi whether the honorable court issues summon to the abettor, collaborator, endorser, facilitator, recommender & aider who agreed, attested & validated the action taken by Musharraf on 12th Oct 1999 & or is ready to reprimand from 3rd Nov 2007.

Before Aam Aadmi whether to call Ex-Chief Justice of Supreme Court & Ex Chief of Army staff being their validation they did for 12th Oct 1999 and Chief Justice particularly who invalidated the step of 3rd Nov 2007 Musharraf action that’s became the reason of his trial & that’s got pampered further by the current govt. PML-N.
 Aam Aadmi only needs to see why govt. is not sincere to ensure drastic action against the ‘retailers’ selling goods at exorbitant prices and Aam Aadmi has no strength or financial ability to fulfill their necessities of life, ways and means keeping livelihood continue;

v  for their employment how easily they get employment

v  whether they have hospitals in their area

v  whether they have electricity, water and fuel accessible

v  do they have gas in their ovens

v  do they get clean drinking water

v  do they have proper sanitary system

v  do they have concreted road in their locality connecting to city

v  do they have a good primary and secondary school

v  do they have hospitals and clinic in their area so that they can be treated and approach whenever they need

v  can they get medicine at affordable prices

v  do they have proper transportation from their locality to the big cities

v  do they have govt. offices in their locality to redressing if any crimes exist

v  do they have concerned govt. department so that their complaints related to socio economic may be attended and resolved timely and effectively

v  do they have police station

v  do they have court in their locality to avoid of travelling 200-300 kilo meters to sort out any legal proceedings if happens

v  do they have any college for normal & advance studies

v  do they have any training centers for male and female students or house wives

v  do they have small scale industries enabling them to get easy employment

v  do they have market in their locality to sell out their handmade materials

v  do they have telecommunication facility in their area

v  do they have television transmission and cine theatre for entertainment

v  do they have clean parking facility to get their children enjoy on weekly holidays

v  can they get low cost houses

v  can they start small business

v  can they get loans to start their business on soft and bearable instalments etc. making the documentation process easy

Unequivocally these are the basic amenities and mandatory needs of Aam Aadmi which they want from Ruling elites & Treasury benches to provide them which is still beyond access of Aam Aadmi & they are looking towards Govt. to have above stated facility implemented instead to cry day and night Musharraf & Musharraf trial.
Aam Aadmi does not want that what’s going to be happened with Musharraf they don’t care, said by a majority of disgruntled, frustrated and disappointed people demanding to the govt. to intervene (for God sake) that why our life have been miserable & crippled due to skyrocketing prices of groceries & ROTI - KAPRA & MAKAAN (Bread, Clothes and Shelter).

Aam Aadmi doesn’t have capacity to buy 1 kg meat, 1 kg rice, 1 kg flour 1 kg vegetable, 1 kg cooking oil, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg pulse, 1 kg peas, 1 kg lentil.

And in such a dearth days it has been extremely difficult for us to nurse & nourish one baby said by a father who was buying 1 kg milk for his kid that being sold at Rs.80/= per kg and cost of one Roti Rs.8-9/=

Due to soaring prices parents are selling their children, mother throwing their kids into the river, father is slaughtering his children and killing himself later are the recent examples happened in different cities of the country, reported in press.

Aam Aadmi, unapproachable or unbearable rising prices of livelihood have compelled the girls to join beauty parlor and massage centers where they are selling themselves and have joined prostitution, electronic and print media reported.

Street crimes have gone manifold because of costly life which seems not possible for Aam Aadmi to continue.

And it’s a govt. obliviousness that instead to look and control the prices transacting in the market, they use to create surprises, uniqueness & develops quite a new thing to divert the attention of Aam Aadmi from the most compelling issue so that govt. may continue its vandalism. a general perception about the current govt. who has failed to rein the unbridled prices of livelihood.

During haphazard Aam Admi did not notice that how smartly govt. floated PIA (state owned industry) shares in the market, and how other sick units have been streamlined to sell out.

Aam Aadmi does not know what is IMF and why Govt. begging always instead to reform and revamp country's economic condition - why don't sick industries are restructured instead to sell out at peanut price. 

Aam Aadmi are hungry they are busy that how to earn so that they can get one time food for their family instead to sit before television & read newspaper about Musharraf trial.

This has been govt. practice to diverting public attention towards other surprises to get them a new discussion instead any serious issue spanning around Aam Aadmi.
It refers the case of Musharraf all of sudden emerges when Rawalpindi had a killing of 10 people during 10th Muharram-Ul-Haram & Interior minster announced to start treason trial against Musharraf,  requested Ex Chief Justice of Supreme to form the team of judges what a mockery really - CJ who should had been impartial being asked by the govt. to appoint judges of their choices to implicate Musharraf in the case, how smartly it is being ridiculed on the name of justice.

However Aam Aadmi has no concern at all they need ROTI (Bread) to get them easy access on reasonable rates, so govt. should establish check and balance for consumer products to put a rein on selling prices being charged by Aam Aadmi.
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