Jan 20, 2014

Eye-opener - Lesson for Girl students studying in College & University

A University Girl student is raped by her Boyfriend (classmate) along with his three friends in Lahore, story highlighted & spotted by private TV channel in its program “Sar-e-Aam”.
Even though three rapist out of four have been arrested with the LAPTOP and USB drive where the rape scene had been stored by the gangster and was to be uploaded on the net but because of TV channel’s timely interruption & getting the help of law enforcement agency such mischievous plan could not be possible said by the TV channel.
It’s really very shocking, agonizing & shameful for the Boyfriend who cheated, deceived & crippled the trust established with his Girlfriend.
The boyfriend who assured the girl, vowed & swear to God putting his hand on the holy Quran before the girl, a solemn affirmation to marry her but he abused her chastity & damaged virginity not him only but called his friends, media reported.
A lesson for Female student studying in University & College that don’t trust in your boyfriend – don’t involve in love – Parents send you for education - don’t spoil your time sitting with your boyfriend instead to attend the class or discussing your academic subject during your leisure time - Once you lost your virginity you can never ever retrieve it.
I am not against ‘love’ but in most of the cases love could not fruitful rather ended fruitless - we trust in our parents who trusts upon us so why we should disappoint them - It’s very rare & less in number where love has been proved fortunate for the couple, said by a girl student studies in the university.
They think for us for our radiant future, betterment and advancement and they endeavor for us, for our progression and prosperity till their lifetime so why we should make them disgrace. Its mater of family prestige, self-dignity & self-esteemed as well so why waste the time in love, commented another girl students discussing about the program aired.
Be careful always as you (Girl students) are living in men dominated society, there are wolf roaming here and there with illusory & sugar coated words, your boyfriend will be alluring you, enticing & persuading you, fascinating & mesmerizing you with imaginary life, convincing you for so-called marriage & painting rosy picture, flattering & raving you, hailing you with nice words about your personality, charm and glamour, about your family & ambition, about your smiling, hair, & eyes etc. with the only motive to gain your trust and confidence & that’s becomes the edge that your boyfriend has achieved his target to get him close to you for obscenity - why don’t we take it serious where electronic and print media have been highlighting such obscenity mushrooming around us, said by a retired professor.
Your determination, willpower, firmness and solidity of your mind and attitude that’s can keep you away from so called love. And it is in your benefit to keep yourself away from such notorious and mischievous act - so don’t involve in love he further added.

Trust in your parents who always believe in you after Al Mighty Allah - when you go college or university your parents pray for your safety and security from all evil elements, hands you over with the faith of God and divine Mercy.
Efforts made by the TV channel no doubt is appreciative and praiseworthy - of course a lesson for other female students who trust in their boyfriend & don’t realize that their boyfriend are not trustworthy - they can blackmail you - they can cheat you and can destroy your life - so don’t let you leave on such distrusted people.

By doing this not only you will save yourself but also will be saving the respect and dignity of your family, your parents impression & image among your family and society where you live - trusts of your brother who does on his sister said by a housewife watching the channel.
Be careful always - your parents send you to study in the college & university, the basic aim and objective before you is to attain the education, finish your graduation and masters and enter in practical life.

The life what seems you good and where maturity allows you to see with open eyes that what is wrong and what is right and that’s the stage where your rational approach and analysis makes you mentally competent, power to judge and foresee the things in its real essence and meaning instead to involve and fall in love with someone at your initial stage where only the ‘emotion’ works not your sense and ability for appraisement & assessment capability to weigh other’s nasty desire.
Don’t involve in love, as history says that on the name of love hundreds of female students have lost their life so before crying, do compromise later or feel repentance, it’s better to avoid off others involvement in your life - understand that once chastity goes lost it can’t be recollected and restored.

Its good the media shared this crime public for awareness of girl students studying in college and university. One of the culprit who was the boyfriend of the aggrieved girl, the principal accused could not nab by law enforcement as he was out of town, channel reported.

However he also will come to the task and our court will take punitive action to establish an exemplary punishment so that others may not dare to allure the innocent girl studying in university.

Severe punishment indeed is the only solution if we follow Islamic principle, very candidly it has prescribed in the Quran.
And do not come near zina; indeed, it is an abomination and an evil way, (17; 32) is just and true. It says that “Nor come nigh to adultery; for it is a shameful (deed) And an evil, opening the road (To other evils)”.

It is not surprising that all revealed religions have prohibited fornication and adultery (zina) and have fought against these crimes against society.
Islam the last of the divinely revealed religions, is very strict in prohibiting zina, for it leads to confusion of lineage, child abuse, the breaking up of families, bitterness in relationship, the spread of venereal diseases and a general laxity in morals; moreover it opens the door to a flood of lusts and self-gratifications. Assuredly, the command of Allah Ta’ala,

As we know when Islam prohibits something, it closes all the avenues of approach to it. This is achieved by prohibiting every step and every means leading to the haram.
Accordingly, whatever excites passions, open ways for illicit sexual relations between a man and woman and promotes indecency and obscenity, is haram (extracted from the book “The lawful and prohibited in Islam page 149”
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