Mar 4, 2014

A sharp pang of Jealousy & resentment observed when looking for employment

A sharp pang of Jealousy - It has been in the experience while hunting employment whenever personally went to either drop CVs or went for interview the man at the counter or the member of Human Resource (HR) Department conducting interview when they heard or read out the paragraph in the CV that the applicant had been in ‘overseas employment’ for good time such narration got them shocked, remorse & upset.

Instead to ask the relevant questions or talk about the past experience, performance, area and portfolio of the candidate, very silly, un-useful and the question not relating to the job had been asked. Such unexpected behavior undoubtedly made the candidate very sad and unpleasant.

The questionnaire however came across to the candidate either by reception office, relevant department or from HR member really had been very discouraging. However few question that had been put to the candidate are mentioned below;

a)    if you spent decades long in abroad then why you came here & what for you returned?

b)   why did you spend more time there?

c)    what were the reason that compelled you to come back?

d)   if you worked for good time in overseas then how the market would be accessible if you had been away?

e)    if you are not doing anything (as said) then how you are running your house?

f)     it means you earned a lot

g)   does your wife work?

h)   What is your expectation & we can’t give the level you got in overseas etc.
And even not a single question had been asked stating the past history, competency and caliber remained associated with the candidate’s job & achievements or conformation with the job candidate applied or appeared for interview did not come into discussion at all.

And initially it was not all about but something else, irrelevant conversation had been put to the candidate that’s of course negated to support even candidate’s candidacy.

A typical unwanted environment developed that’s agonized the candidate, and the impression he got that why he was shortlisted if such stupid and nonsense question were to ask by the interviewer or the staff who had been posted to sit at Reception office to receive CV.

Do you understand that the above question were relevant to the candidate who applied for job? It’s nothing but a feeling of being jealous & deep resentment, a sick mindedness to entertain the candidate who came from overseas and looking for employment in his hometown or country, a frustrated candidate shared with me.
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