Mar 30, 2014

Disappearance of the Malaysian Flight MH370 creates multiple questions

Disappearance of The Malaysia Airlines apparently has been unsolved mystery. Even though the Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed in his last speech with the nation that it’s about more than two weeks but we could not find the plane and it is probable that the plane might have been crashed in the southern Indian Ocean said Monday March 24, 2014.

Referring the analysis of Britain Satellite analyst that Flight MH370, with 239 people on board, was last seen in the middle of the Indian Ocean west of Perth Australia.
Australian navy ship who mounted number of sightings from its jetliner found possible debris & floating objects that are believed to be the parts of the plane.

The objects, described as a “grey or green circular object” and an “orange rectangular object”, were spotted, said Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
We on this profound grief share our sympathies & extend condolence message to the bereaved family, expressed by Malaysian and Australian Prime Ministers.

The chapter of this tragic event does not close here but establishes multiple question, people are uncomfortable, apprehensive, uncertain, suspicious mind, and even grieved family are not satisfied from the assumption shared by the PMs, seems unconvincing and unbelievable.
How the plane can vanish, goes un-squared or unnoticed with the clutches of heavy stretched networks of smart and advanced technologies around the globe that’s equipped with ultra-modern technologies where the satellites take the picture of the grass on the earth - movement of mercenaries or fighters in the war torn area - movement of Osama bin laden & his aides in rugged and snowcapped mountains - pictures of training centers - movement of men and animals in a particular area are focused and shoot by the satellites.  

The missile & drone hit the target accurately, controlling and monitoring the prey and its movement very closely without single error while sitting at remote distance so how a flying plane boarded with 239 passengers can go unsnapped.
The airport from where the Flight MH370 took off is surrounded by 634 airports and even not a single airport noticed about this unfortunate flight. All the Radars & sophisticated Satellites went un-captured and the movement of the flight towards them or close to them could not print its image on Radar, how?

We see the world on our finger tips & we are talking about Mars and our horizon goes behind the scenes at NASA to discover how it is preparing for its most ambitious and daring mission: to land men - and possibly women - on the surface of Mars.
It's over 40 years when Neil Armstrong in 1969 made the first human footprint on the moon but getting to the red planet would involve a journey of at least three years. The scientists and engineers are designing new rockets, new space suits and finding ways to help astronauts survive the perils of this long voyage.
We are living in 21st century where our lives have been squared, envisioned & shielded with technologies, we eat technology, we talk technology, we sleep technology, we are surrounded by technology, we walk for technology, we work and we plan for technology and even our loves are backed by technology.

Inter alia, Our survival is the technology – our groom and groan are dependent & indispensable to technology - Any deficiency and inability are surmounted or corrected with the use of technology - Our existence, radiance and serenity demand technology – our family & children use technology whether they are at home or out of the home. We put technology in our pocket and navigate that where we are? We are guided and supported by the technology.

From most advanced satellite we capture the movement of fighters living at the ground, we shoot the scene of wanted area or what exists at the ground/ earth.
Our bed room are not safe we have been unveiled, our privacy have been compromised by the close monitoring of technologies. We can’t say that we are in safe hand no not at all - we have been x-rayed well - every things of our lives are being screened by the advanced technology.

So how we can say that Flight MH370 went misplaced, vanished or drowned in the Ocean, what’s the problem to unearth it? Asked by group of mourners gathered at the airport, checking the list of the passengers, who bore constant mental agony for two consecutive weeks and lastly Malaysian PM said sorry we could not find the plane and possibly to have it lost in the Indian Ocean.

Is it an adequate reply of the Malaysian govt. to reduce the anxiety of anguished people who are passing through the painful ordeal of their life? They can’t say that their loved one have left them or they are somewhere either at any dry-land or on unending stretched-water-world where Malaysian govt. seems unreachable or helpless to locate?
And should this weakness be associated with the slackness or exhibits lack of technologies or giving a sign of an embarrassment of some political issue that’s have made the Malaysian authority un-replied or reluctant before the mourners.

How the fate of 239 passenger or their death news can digest - people are extremely angry and annoyed to have a satisfactory reply from the govt. they want to see something as a proof in their hands that can get them appease & enable them to accept the reality that their kith and kin are no more asked by a sobbing mother who has been awaiting for his son.
It is the technology which identifies and detects the presence of submarine into the ocean so how a drowned flight cannot be unearthed.

How just some pieces of gray or silver color object in triangle and round shaped can determine that these are the debris of the lost Flight MH370 - how the Britain Satellite analyst can say with certainly that those debris found floating on the ocean belongs to the lost Malaysian flight.
If it crashed with the ocean-water why did the flight not split into two as we have witnessed the Titanic – when it collided with the hidden iceberg in the deep ocean - the Titanic divided into two pieces - all the men and materials were floating on the ocean that’s were visible from far that’s made the rescue team to save the life of the people who either were fighting with the ocean water or had drowned into the water.

The flight capsule which had 239 passengers in its stomach should have been split or someone from inside the flight could break the emergency door and could come out but we don’t get any such thing, it’s a human nature that before dying he/ she applies full strength and efforts to save the life, in the flight anyone could be a swimmer so why don’t he/ she came out.
How in acute suffocation as the flight drowned into the deep sea and 239 passengers’ preferred to die calmly without doing any struggle and even after laps of 20 days no one is seen floating - no one still notices that there is engulfed flame of the flight or the blast sound when the flight stroke at the very first day and divided into two pieces with the ruthless ocean bed….. God knows better where 239 passengers are?
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